Marine Biology

Marine Biology A short tale of seduction selkies and sushi Alex is a werewolf with problems he s unexpectedly alive he s quite definitely gay and he s been ordered into a partnership with one very flirty merman

A short tale of seduction, selkies, and sushi.Alex is a werewolf with problems he s unexpectedly alive, he s quite definitely gay, and he s been ordered into a partnership with one very flirty merman In this LBGTQ sweet short love story, New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger brings her comedic voice to contemporary fiction and m m romance Explicit language waA short tale of seduction, selkies, and sushi.Alex is a werewolf with problems he s unexpectedly alive, he s quite definitely gay, and he s been ordered into a partnership with one very flirty merman In this LBGTQ sweet short love story, New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger brings her comedic voice to contemporary fiction and m m romance Explicit language warning but very little erotic content 11,000 words 43 pages First published in The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2 August 26 2010.Warning Contains confused lovelorn werewolves and very pretty ex Goth mermen who are exclusively interested in each other May also contain fish, Irish mafia, and a shocking lack of tea.

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Marine Biology

  1. Author also writes as Gail Carriger

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  1. Cute little shorty This was cute for what we got of it Too short to be fully fleshed but the characters were likable and the dialogue was snappy Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

  2. I was skeptical because I m so used to the Parasol Protectorate world However, even with the slightly darker tone, this world seems to be just as fun and as amusing I m in love with the ongoing bantering among the characters Also, I am interested to see how might this magical world develop with its many species So far, it has been intriguing.Also, yay for LGBTQ representation I like it I ship it It is a short love story, but I m happy with it Alex is adorable and reserved, and Marvin is outgoin [...]

  3. At first, I m REALLY annoyed with the use of italics on this one Almost all of the internal thoughts are in italics and it s grating on my nerves However, I m powering it through, since it s a short story only around 11,000 based on Smashwords info And in the end, I m pretty entertained It s quite a fun idea Alec is a werewolf marine biologist I specialize in microorganisms not fish He is asked by his Alpha to work with a couple of merfolks We are NOT fish to follow a white collar crime a couple [...]

  4. What a delightful new set of characters and scenery I really hope we get to hear of Alec and Marvin, or others in this world.

  5. Fairly silly little story More of an intro piece or a teaser to a series than a serious attempt at a short story Cliches abound Found the monkey business a little off putting Might pick up another books in this series, if it came cheaply.

  6. Oh Ms G.L Carriger you make me chuckle all the while, what a charming little tale with just a wee bit of naughty.

  7. This is the same New York Times Bestselling author who writes the great PNR series, The Parasol Protectorate I can t resist when these well known mainstream romance authors dabble in m m romance.This is a fascinating and otherworldly story of werewolves, mermen, selkies and the mafia Alex is a closeted in ways than the obvious werewolf His alpha forces him to aid a strangely familiar merman to bust the white collar crime racket of some underworld selkies.GC s skill with creating a wonderful and [...]

  8. Okay, too short for a 4 star rating, BUT it was freaking hilarious AND made me buy the next one immediately, and any book that can make me do that, is a hit Also no smexy times, but was promised lots of it in the next one, and boy oh boy does that one deliver.

  9. Das hat Spa gemacht zu lesen Es ist eine ganz andere Art von Werwolfsgeschichte als aus den Parasol Protectorate B nden gewohnt, aber trotzdem erkennt man den Witz und Charme von Gail Carriger Ich bin gespannt auf Band 1 der Reihe

  10. Urban Fantasy Werewolves, Mermaids Mermen, Selkies M M romanceDelightful comic short story Gail Carriger s recent re releases of earlier short stories are such treats She does an excellent job developing the characters, story and plotlines in this format.Alec is a werewolf with problems He s a mild mannered marine biologist who enjoys reading literature His father and brothers are beer guzzling, rowdy, manly werewolves Alec tries to fit in as best he can, but it s not easy And he s gay and in th [...]

  11. Because I m smart I totally waited a couple months after reading The Sumage Solution to read the prequel Because why would you read books in order Anyways, it was cute and quick A nice introduction to some of the characters and world building that leads up into Sumage Solution, but still a good story on its own Don t know what else to say about it I enjoyed it Though if anyone has an explanation as to why the kindle book was written in blue ink, I d love to know Because, wtf

  12. I like this Gail Carriger short story series Always appreciate a little diversity in my romance and this fit the bill

  13. A Joyfully Jay review 3.5 starsThis is a cute, humorous short story that is a prequel to the San Andreas Shifters series It appears to have been originally written back in 2010 under the name Gail Carriger and now re released and recovered with the publication of the first book in the series The story features Bryan Biff s brother, Alec, and explains how he came to be the alpha and why the pack moved to California Although it is not necessary to read before the series, it does provide some cute [...]

  14. Marine biologist Alex is a werewolf with secrets and the fact that he s gay is the least of them He just doesn t fit in with the other werewolves in his pack and that makes life extremely difficult for him They don t understand his love of fish over steak and he s never going to enjoy drinking and partying the way they all do When the wolves are approached by some merfolk who need help investigating the illegal activities of the selkie mafia Alex is given the job of liaison His family are hoping [...]

  15. I love to pieces the first book in this series and was really excited to learn that there was a pre equal with the brother s romance Meh The world is built just a little and it is funny in place but the romance doesn t feel deep and the sexy times are off page which is out of tone with what happens in the next book I am glad I read it but if I read this first I would have no idea of how amazing the next book is And it is amazing.

  16. Cute story about a gay werewolf who doesn t fit in with his family, who are all hairy, grunting, biker werewolves Ms Carriger s usual deft hand with the humour makes this short story novella an entertaining read.

  17. Fun short storyEnjoyed this short story and plan to read the next one in the series Loved all the snarky characters and can t wait to read .

  18. Oh my word fans herself This was a delightful little novella, and I wouldn t mind Merman x Werewolf stories.I decided to check if Gail Carriger wrote any books like Romancing the Inventor and Poison or Protect The adult books of hers I finally found this one, the cover is a bit hilarious though the guy himself is definitely yum , and then I saw it was going to be merman x werewolf I just had to read it I never seen that combo in books, so I was curious how this coupling would work out Two dif [...]

  19. Marine Biology was originally published in a paranormal romance collection, and has just been released as an ebook single This is the first story of Gail Carriger s that I ve read that s set in the modern world, rather than the Victorian era It s also shocker set in the US Not a single cup of tea throughout Marine Biology is a cute, light love story involving a reluctant werewolf hiding his sexuality and a few other key points from his he man pack When he and a gorgeous merman are thrown togethe [...]

  20. Being born into a rabidly macho family of werewolves keeps Alex, who has known forever that he s gay, way inside the closet What would the pack think And what would his mindlessly brutal father do Given his proclivities he can t believe he survived the transformation from human to wolf and now Alex keeps his head down as much as possible, working at a marine biology lab by day Because of this vague connection to the sea, his pack s alpha wolf picks Alex for a special undercover mission with 2 me [...]

  21. Although I haven t read Gail Carriger s non male male stuff, upon seeing that she had a new male male book out and this prequel I naturally had to check it out I also downloaded The Parasol Protectorate for good measure, as the ebook was on sale this month I m not going to judge the first novel by this prequel short story, because it is a short story, but there were so many different threads and ideas that weren t really fully explored There was the family and the main characters place in it, be [...]

  22. Cute Short Story2 1 2 stars.Cute Short story It is an intro to a new series that as an interesting premise I eagerly anticipate reading the upcoming story The rating is not an indication of the author s skill at writing It is because this was a tease for future books in the series and not a complete story in itself I enjoyed this set up for the new series The author seems to be creating a fascinating world with unusual paranormal characters I eagerly anticipate this series.

  23. Rating 3 starsThis is an extremely short story that is the prequel to The Sumage Solution I enjoyed it okay Both Alec and Marvin were good MC s Basically, this is just a bit of background to the next book in the series There was very little romance and the whole part with the selkies was a bit confusing Not having read the next book, I can t really judge if this is worth reading or not On its own, I would say probably not In conjunction with the series ybe.

  24. Review Taken From The Pewter WolfIn this novella, Alec is a marine biology with secrets He s a werewolf that doesn t fit in with his fellow pack members and he s gay But when his Alpha asks him to liaison between two merfolk over a possible criminal activities due to the selkie mafia, he can t exactly say no And with one of the merfolk being Marvin, an outrageous flirt, Alec might have his work cut out.This is a easy, fun, cute M M read It s not too taxing and I was smiling while reading it Beca [...]

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