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Complete Works Arthur Rimbaud is remembered as much for his volatile personality and tumultuous life as he is for his writings most of which he produced before the age of eighteen This book brings together his poet

Arthur Rimbaud is remembered as much for his volatile personality and tumultuous life as he is for his writings, most of which he produced before the age of eighteen This book brings together his poetry, prose, and letters, including The Drunken Boat, The Orphans New Year, After the Flood, and A Season in Hell, considered by many to be his Complete Works is diArthur Rimbaud is remembered as much for his volatile personality and tumultuous life as he is for his writings, most of which he produced before the age of eighteen This book brings together his poetry, prose, and letters, including The Drunken Boat, The Orphans New Year, After the Flood, and A Season in Hell, considered by many to be his Complete Works is divided into eight seasons Childhood, The Open Road, War, The Tormented Heart, The Visionary, The Damned Soul, A Few Belated Cowardices, and The Man with the Wind at His Heels that reflect the facets of Rimbaud s life Insightful commentary by translator and editor Paul Schmidt reveals the courage, vision, and imagination of Rimbaud s poetry and sheds light on one of the most enigmatic figures in letters.

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Complete Works

  1. French poet and adventurer, who stopped writing verse at the age of 19, and who became, after his early death an inextricable myth in French gay life Rimbaud s poetry, partially written in free verse, is characterized by dramatic and imaginative vision I say that one must be a visionary that one must make oneself a VISIONARY His works are among the most original in the Symbolist movement Rimbaud s best known work, LE B TEAU IVRE The Drunken Boat , appeared in 1871 In the poem, he sent a toy boat on a journey, an allegory for a spiritual quest.It is found again What Eternity It is the sea Gone with the sun from L ternite , 1872 Arthur Rimbaud was born in Charleville, France, as the son of Fr deric Rimbaud, a career soldier, and Marie Catherine Vitale Cuif, an unsentimental matriarch Rimbaud s father left the family, and from the age of six, young Arthur was raised by his strictly religious mother Rimbaud was educated in a provincial school until the age of fifteen He was an outstanding student but his behavior was considered provocative After publishing his first poem, in 1870, at the age of 16, Rimbaud wandered through northern France and Belgium, and was returned to his home in Paris by police.

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  1. English language poetry, excepting maybe the contributions of the Beats, has remained largely untouched by the Rimbaud phantasmagoria interestingly enough, his enfant terrible personality made him influential among protopunk musicians than poets However, anyone who s ventured even slightly into the realm of European verse has fallen beneath the vast shadow of Rimbaud.Considered the greatest of French poets by many, his verses were made even remarkable by the dangerous philosophy of the po te v [...]

  2. rimbaud is comfort reading for the soul i fell into reading him on accident, i was talking about poetry with a friend and he happened to mention that this was his favourite poet and he told me all about rimbaud s past, the tryst he had with paul verlaine, the religious upbringing he had and the curious fact that rimbaud stopped writing at 21 that he dropped everything to become a merchant and to run away from it all my interest was piqued there isn t any way that it couldn t be.what strikes me a [...]

  3. The influence of Bob Dylan, Patti Smith and many others This I a keeper book and one that will be re read many times over Another great French writer that left this world way too soon.

  4. I spent the summer of my 18th year in semi voluntary exile on a tiny isle in the Adriatic Of the few books I had room to pack I think two were different translations of Rimbaud and one was about him I passed those four months drinking a lot, listening to a lot of Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and T Rex, and reading Rimbaud constantly These poems are so tied up in my mind with that period of time that I still can t read them without being instantaneously transported back there Same with T Rex s Electric [...]

  5. Poetry has always been kinda dull to me Some poetry is pretty, but I ve never really seen the point to it.And then I discovered Rimbaud.The thing about Rimbaud is that you can t read his poetry without knowing at least some of his backstory His religious upbringing His frequent rebellions and escapes His affair with Paul Verlaine And then, most amazing of all, the fact that he stopped writing poetry before he hit 21.This collection is of everything that Rimbaud wrote, and he wrote it all at an a [...]

  6. All I can think about this is that Rimbaud s work must really sing in French Because this this is not good It is not remotely great This is the ranting of a teenage boy who did not want to grow up, did not want to be responsible He insults his mother, but he always runs home to her It seems to me that his reputation mostly rests on his shocking biography and his letters Of course, I recognize that timing is everything in literature when he wrote, much of this must have seemed new and startling a [...]

  7. In this moment of awakening, I had a vision of purity Through the mind we go to God What a crippling misfortune

  8. He has cruelly, wildly, savagely, and oh, so beautifullyscratched, ripped off his own flesh, his layersBloody, raw, completely blunt, pure,everything and nothingAll is clear in the violent redIn the blood, in the teeth, in the aggression, in the clawsHe has ripped away all his fleshuntil he reaches his heartAs he writesHe is savagely ripping, biting, tearing apart his very essence, his beating heartHe is dying and livingRipping and panting and breathing and biting There is bloodSo much bloodThe [...]

  9. I discovered Rimbaud in High School, and since then his tormented and garroulous spirit have inspired me and I find myself returning to his prose and poetry oftenis is a complete collection of his work, edited by Wyatt Mason and I still read this like it was new and fresh to me His words and wording bring up not just images, but an illusion that is immediately recognizable and relatable This book is divided according to periods of his life, but every piece could stand alone I find in his work, s [...]

  10. Rimbaud is one of those literary figures that I find myself coming back to from time to time and always developing a new fascination and affection for.

  11. Arthur Rimbaud is my favorite poet and I was looking for a book with all his work I was expecting it to be good I was not expecting it to be THIS good The interventions elaborated by the author made it easier to understand the artistic evolution of he poet, his youth and influences In the last period of his life Rimbaud gave up on poetry and the book is a biography composed of letter, business plans, pain and sickness view spoiler It was hard to read the letters where he was already giving up o [...]

  12. I have very fond memories of finding Rimbaud I was killing time in one of my favorite small bookstores before I was to meet friends and wound up in front of the poetry shelf on the second floor His name sounded familiar to me from all my reading on Bob Dylan, and the wonderful movie I m Not There where A.R is played by Ben Whishaw R I M B A U D , so I picked this volume off the shelf and started reading.An hour later I was still on the floor of the bookstore, late to my appointment, and was abso [...]

  13. It seems Fowlie sacrifices much of the music and intelligibility of the original for the sake of using the same punctuation and syntax as the author Notes are not useful and there are quite a few typos in the French version of the text.

  14. The best collection of Rimbaud s work I ve read Presents several translations of his work and justifies explains why and how the editor got to the one they chose Also includes some really great excerpts from Rimbaud s school notebooks, poems and little blurbs, that you won t find anywhere else.

  15. It is probable that if you mentioned the name Arthur Rimbaud to an acquaintance, in most social circles, they likely wouldn t know who he was Which is an apt scenario that would ve received approval from the man himself, given that Rimbaud, regarded as one of the greatest poets to ever have lived, wrote most of his work before the age of 18 and quit entirely by 21.Like most geniuses in the arts, it s difficult to know what he considered serious and what was a joke There are poems in his body of [...]

  16. So it turns out I ve been quoting Arthur Rimbaud before I even knew who he was Rimbaud is another key writer in the origin story for lots of twentieth century writers and it s easy to see why Like Baudelaire, Rimbaud is a key part of the transition from traditional to modernism I m going to focus on A Season in Hell because there s no competition it s his greatest work and is basically the bible and everything after it is the extended edition It reminded me of Inferno, it was Surreal before Surr [...]

  17. As always remarked, it s remarkable that Rimbaud wrote most of his poetry, almost all of it, in fact, before he was 20 years old, spending the rest of his life traveling the world and selling coffee Which is even incredible because he really is an outstanding poet, well ahead of his time and setting the groundwork for Surrealism and symbolism and all kinds of avant garde crap The puzzling thing is how, why But that hardly matters, since we ll never know.As for the poetry, it s brash and often d [...]

  18. I suppose I ll never tire of this perfect rebel or the purity of his abandon and passion Still the ultimate poet, in my heart.

  19. Rimbaud is definitely what Zarathustra envisioned when proclaiming his love for He who writes with blood Breathtaking stuff Rimbaud sublimates the intense angst of youth into staggeringly schizophrenic images the fecund verdancy and surreal scenic atmospheric aesthetic of Illuminations, the nightmarish hellfire of A Season In Hell, the waggish flirtations and puerile yearning for affection in A Heart Under a Cassock , the product of an explosion of igneous introversion On the technical side, Wya [...]

  20. Although I m far than fluent in French, the translation of this volume of Rimbaud s poetry is quite suspicious Again, to be fair, this is my first reading of the poet s works, apart from a reading of The Drunken Boat in a World Literature class, but right from the start the translator engages in a pretension of the worst kind This is my Rimbaud , he openly admits, and while such an admission is probably intended to elicit the reader s complicity, the purple prose of the translator grates as he i [...]

  21. You have to take your time reading Rimbaud, and remember that his creative writing happened between the ages of 15 and 21 This bilingual complete works edition which does not include his Latin poetry is translated by Wallace Fowlie and updated by Seth Whidden The translation clings closely to the original language and that is a definite plus The selected letters portion of this volume leaves great holes, I believe, in the time flow during the later period of his short life and, from them, it is [...]

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