The Last Princess

The Last Princess A series of natural disasters has decimated the earth Cut off from the rest of the world England is a dark place The sun rarely shines food is scarce and groups of criminals roam the woods searchi

A series of natural disasters has decimated the earth Cut off from the rest of the world, England is a dark place The sun rarely shines, food is scarce, and groups of criminals roam the woods, searching for prey The people are growing restless When a ruthless revolutionary sets out to overthrow the crown, he makes the royal family his first target Blood is shed in BucA series of natural disasters has decimated the earth Cut off from the rest of the world, England is a dark place The sun rarely shines, food is scarce, and groups of criminals roam the woods, searching for prey The people are growing restless When a ruthless revolutionary sets out to overthrow the crown, he makes the royal family his first target Blood is shed in Buckingham Palace, and only sixteen year old Princess Eliza manages to escape Determined to kill the man who destroyed her family, Eliza joins the enemy forces in disguise She has nothing left to live for but revenge, until she meets someone who helps her remember how to hope and love once Now she must risk everything to ensure that she does not become The Last Princess.

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The Last Princess

  1. Galaxy Craze born 1972 in London, England is an actress and writer She moved to the U.S with her mother in 1980 and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY She appeared in a few independent films in the late 1990s, and wrote a novel, By the Shore, published in 1999 She is a 1993 graduate of Barnard College.Craze told an interviewer that she didn t say I wanted to be a writer, I just knew that s what I like to do Another interviewer described her beauty as a quiet, dreamy, and ethereal sort.

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  1. You know that moment, when you re reading a book, and an adorable little animal comes into the story, like a cat or dog You know, like this Awww, look at the little kitty And then, a couple pages later, the author is like And then you re like Yes indeed, my friends, The Last Princess is an example of those many many books where THE ANIMAL THAT IS RANDOMLY ADDED TO THE STORY JUST TO BE KILLED OFF And that is why I m not finishing this story after two animals were unnecessarily killed off The firs [...]

  2. I guess with the glut of dystopian recently thanks to the success of that one, eventually one book would emerge crammed with every single common dystopian trope that s ever been thought of, in an action packed mess that defies almost all logic Well, look no further than The Last Princess Unexplained global catastrophe that destroys modern society Check Wandering cannibals and other post apocalyptic dangers Check Some sort of power hungry villain whose motives are entirely unexplained Check I cou [...]

  3. Rating 3.5 out of 5 starsWhen you look at this book, you think of a dark, dreary, and dangerous dystopian set in a ruined London And while it is a dystopian set in England and can be very dark at times, it s also so much enjoyable and lighter than I expected You don t have to worry about being bored with this book The Last Princess is fast paced and engaging from beginning to end But sometimes it s a little too fast that it skims over details and shies away from world building, leaving so much [...]

  4. Me ha sorprendido bastante Tiene el t pico argumento de las pel culas de los domingos de sobremesa, con alg n aspecto predecible, pero con un toque t trico y tenebroso que le da originalidad.Es la primera distopia cruda que leo, y aqu la autora no se ha cortado un pelo con las descripciones sobre las matanzas, y dem s cosas tr gicas Cojea y mucho la parte rom ntica Yo la habr a quitado, porque no aporta nada.Se lee de forma muy gil y est narrado en cap tulos cortos que te incitan a seguir leyend [...]

  5. Friends, my honest opinion of The Last Princess by Galaxy Craze is that it was a god awful book On the upside, it is a super quick read only taking a few hours to get through However, this dystopian debut did not work for me despite how quickly I zoomed through it.You can read the rest of my review here

  6. This is going to be crazily difficult to write because, as I have said before and will reiterate again, I dislike writing negative reviews However, I cannot compromise my integrity so here s the thing, I found it impossible to like The Last Princess and I will list the reasons in the next few paragraphs.The holes in the logic made it very difficult for me to continue reading the novel without pausing to wonder about what was happening in the narrative For instance, in the very beginning of the n [...]

  7. 2.5 stars I love just about all dystopian, so this book didn t need a lot to please me I liked the story, and it was fast paced and full of action BUT I felt the book was really rushed, and because of that, I felt it lacked in so much.I felt everything happened TOO quickly, and the book just skimmed over a scene before jumping to the next First of all, I didn t get a good idea of what the setting, and the basic description was so vague that I had a hard time determining what the characters looke [...]

  8. This review was first posted on rubysreads.I don t know about you, but I m a total Anglophile I mean, I m not ready to start drinking my beer at room temperature or anything, but a reference to Mother England on a dust jacket always earns a second look from me You could write a book about fluffy bunny zombies which, let s face it, is no one s favorite genre but if the backcover blurb mentions how the Fluffy Bunny Zombies invade the Houses of Parliament, I won t immediately reject it Shallow Perh [...]

  9. 4 Stars THE LAST PRINCESS was a brilliant, and spellbinding adventure, that had murder, chaos, and destruction, all twisted around layers of hope, survival, and determination It was beautifully done, with addicting characters, and world building that kept me entertained for hours THE LAST PRINCESS was a highly entertaining story, with compelling characters, addicting world that was filled with dangerous situations, tragic events, a deadly dictator, and a forced army that was willing to do their [...]

  10. See this review and on my blog, LilybloombooksThe Last Princess caught my eye while browsing audio books to borrow from the library and kept going back to it It s relatively short, but since I am all for short audio books, I went ahead and downloaded.The Last Princess had a lot going for it and a lot to offer It has a dystopian setting, rebels, war, royalty, strong family bonds and a romance Not to mention just how bloody gruesome it was.Eliza really made this book for me She has a lot of growt [...]

  11. A finished copy was provided by the publisher for review.Wonderful start to this series I m saying series because I m not sure of it s a trilogy Holy Ever since Eliza s parents are murdered by Hollister, and her two siblings are kidnapped, her life changes in a blink of an eye She seeks revenge on the man who committed her family to such despair and I only wished she had training so she could be a soldier First, she s in deep with the enemy camp, and manages to find some humanity with Wesley, t [...]

  12. The Last Princess is a really cool concept There was so much potential for this to turn into something haunting and amazing The main problem was that it didn t go deep enough On the one hand, the plot wasn t bad It was fast moving and had a decent structure On the other hand, I don t think we ever really get to know any of the characters really well In the end I felt like both the plot and the characters were only skimming the surface of their potential Essentially the plot is that the world was [...]

  13. Another audio done This one was pretty good, and even though I tuned out a few little things, it all made sense in the end I found it a little unbelievable how view spoiler Caligula was a war horse, and yet and immediately grows towards Eliza and becomes her normal horse A little strange hide spoiler But so good of Wesley to view spoiler get that potion for Jamie and Mary Wonder how he managed all of that hide spoiler I find it so hard to believe that view spoiler the flu, or that sickness that [...]

  14. What a mess.I never had high hopes for this but I did have some hopesBut no.I do love my dystopians, but come on, what even was this Published in 2012 and obviously riding on the dystopia craze uhh, unintended pun, the irony , this features LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE dystopia trait Okay, let s be fair, there wasn t a lovetriangle and also no underground chase going on, but hey I never used to be someone to complain about a few plot holes or a bit of illogical stuff going on, but this was seriously t [...]

  15. I just want to let you know that when I realized I wasn t going to enjoy The Last Princess by Galaxy Craze, I let the Snarky One free and well, she had a lot to say about this freaking awful book But I DID attempt to enjoy it the first sixty pages made me turn into a cranky old witch.Right from the beginning it was horrible and not realistic if you were royal, would you accept food from a stranger Even if you WEREN T royal, would you accept food from a stranger No no no no NO.The entire novel fe [...]

  16. Wow Just wow.The Last Princess is as you can most like infer from the title the Last Princessof England Yep, years on from Diana and our very own Princess Kate, the royal family are stuck in a similar situation to the Romanovs and Marie Antoinette and her husband Louis The people want change, and they believe that the easiest way to do that is to go psycho, burn down villages, kill puppies and also kill off the royal family one by one.And this is the story of the Last Princess, who takes the Fat [...]

  17. I actually liked this book It was a quick, fast paced read I loved the premise of the story a dictator trying to overthrow the British throne in a post apocalyptic world I was slightly reminded of the movie, V for Vendetta I also loved the references to British culture Princess Diana, Princess Kate, Paddington bear, Peter Rabbit This wasn t the best book ever, but I did enjoy it.

  18. Me gusto mucho la idea del libro, creo que es una historia muy buena aunque me hubiese gustao que profundizar un poco mas en cada personaje principal ya que pasa todo muy rapido D pero lo recomiendo bastante para aquellos que les gustan los mundos distopicos.

  19. I liked the idea of this story but not the actual story I liked the characters, and there s a lot of action, but everything happened too quickly and without much explanation It was a quick read, though, and there s a mostly happy ending I thought that the very end should have been different There was no need to have a second book, in my opinion.

  20. I m tired of dystopian novels but it seems I went through a phase where I accumulated post apocalyptic books like nobody s business, and now I m stuck with it and have to read them all Luckily for me this turned out to be a surprisingly good book.The Characters I didn t really connect with any of the characters, because there wasn t much opportunity to really get to know any of them, other than making the distinction of which characters fought on which side of the battle lines The good guys were [...]

  21. Comments Is Anyone done with the heroes always sticking around now its time for heroines And this book blew my mind my heartbeat is up and down so crazily while reading this PLOT Her kingdom has been destroyed and she watched her family gets killed in front of her, she only wants revenge but then she met someone that give her hope once again.Characters ELiza she is the main character in this story and this girl is one of the best heroine I ever read, she is not strong at first but at the end she [...]

  22. Galaxy Craze s new YA is set, like many YA these days, in a dystopian future England is barren, food is short, the land is barren, oil has run out, and violence is imminent But instead of focusing on some poor guttersnipe, Craze s protagonist is no one less than a princess, Princess Eliza Windsor When the Tudor army, a faction of anti royalists and discontents storm the palace, Eliza s father is killed and her siblings captured Only Eliza manages to escape into the terrifying streets of London T [...]

  23. I really enjoyed this really unique dystopian novel based on the British monarchy It was action packed, kept my attention, and even threw in a little romance I was pulling for Eliza and really got caught up in her struggle I appreciated the fact that the author did not conveniently allow our heroine to escape unscathed It makes the story real and believable My only problem with the novel was the ending view spoiler If you want a happy, wrap it all up ending do it If you don t, don t do it I rea [...]

  24. 3.5 Stars.This started off shocking and ended shockingly I felt sorry for Eliza from start to end She lost so much and Wesley was the only stranger to show her any kindness I found it awesome who he was when it was all revealed and the only smile I managed was for poor little Jamie This book starts of very fast paced and it pretty much stays that way This book was quite sad and traumatic There was never any happiness only in fond memories It s kinda put me on a downer but the ending was the best [...]

  25. Esta es una distopia como pocas, tanto en el buen sentido como en el malo La idea general me parece bastante buena la corona inglesa siendo perseguida por un dictador y los intentos fallidos de la princesa Eliza por salvar a su familia La autora no se toco el coraz n en sus descripciones sobre matanzas y crueldad No son gr ficas pero logran transmitir demasiado Sobre todo las relacionadas con animales U La narraci n es fluida, los cap tulos cortos narrados por Eliza te hacen querer seguir leyend [...]

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