The Book of Five Rings from SmarterComics

The Book of Five Rings from SmarterComics What can you learn from a th century samurai Plenty if that samurai happens to be Miyamoto Musashi the master strategist who started fighting at age and never lost a fight in his sixty match ca

What can you learn from a 17th century samurai Plenty, if that samurai happens to be Miyamoto Musashi, the master strategist who started fighting at age 13 and never lost a fight in his sixty match career His insights on how to defeat any opponent are still relevant 400 years later in a world where winning isnt just a resume builder, but an absolute necessity Musashis eWhat can you learn from a 17th century samurai Plenty, if that samurai happens to be Miyamoto Musashi, the master strategist who started fighting at age 13 and never lost a fight in his sixty match career His insights on how to defeat any opponent are still relevant 400 years later in a world where winning isnt just a resume builder, but an absolute necessity Musashis expertise extends beyond the technical how to of swordplay into the deeper philosophy of successful combat His emphasis on mastering not only your environment but yourself ultimately empowers you in all aspects of life Success is not a fluke it is a way of being No matter what obstacles you face or enemies you encounter, youll be able to emerge victorious once you understand that conflict isnt just about crossing swords its about matching wits and following through on a larger plan A favorite among generals, businessmen and other contemporary warriors, the lavishly illustrated SmarterComics edition of The Book of Five Rings is a guide to the underlying principles of triumph Whether youre dueling with corporate accountants or muscled muggers, this book teaches you that a great strategy trumps any cutting remark or hollow tipped blade.

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  • The Book of Five Rings from SmarterComics Best Download || [Miyamoto Musashi D.J. Kirkbride Mark Dos Santos Cullen Bunn]
    269 Miyamoto Musashi D.J. Kirkbride Mark Dos Santos Cullen Bunn
The Book of Five Rings from SmarterComics

  1. Miyamoto Musashi D.J. Kirkbride Mark Dos Santos Cullen Bunn says:
    Miyamoto Musashi , c 1584 June 13, 1645 , also known as Shinmen Takez , Miyamoto Bennosuke or, by his Buddhist name, Niten D raku, was an expert Japanese swordsman and r nin Musashi, as he was often simply known, became renowned through stories of his excellent swordsmanship in numerous duels, even from a very young age He was the founder of the Hy h Niten Ichi ry or Niten ry style of swordsmanship and the author of The Book of Five Rings Go Rin No Sho , a book on strategy, tactics, and philosophy that is still studied today.

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  1. Full Disclosure I won this as a GoodReads giveaway The purpose of this SmarterComics series is to take the written works of old masters, in this case Miyamoto Musashi s Book of Five Rings, and spin it anew with illustrations to make the works accessible to the public However, while I appreciated the concept behind this comic, I m afraid the execution made me give it 1.5 stars The art was simple and generally clear, but the color scheme was a bit dull, especially for the action scenes, while a [...]

  2. This graphic novel shows the strategy lessons of Musashi, a master undefeated Samurai of the 17th century, both as they were initially envisioned and as they have been adapted to modern life situations by the illustrator Mark Dos Santos I particularly liked the illustrations on pages 45 46 of two methods to forestall the enemy from the Fire Book The first was a series of shots in a ping pong game, and the second a mother bird drawing a cat away from the egg in her nest My favorite quote is from [...]

  3. I received this book in a giveaway and it was a great win The art is colorful and well drawn The story is timeless, and retold wonderfully in this graphic novel comic Fans of ancient arts, classic literature and comic books will all enjoy this read received the book for free through First Reads

  4. SmarterComic s adaption of the Book of Five Rings is a quite good introduction to this important Japanese work The art flits between samurai and other, mostly modern, imagery to show the universal nature of the advice but it it also somewhat distracting Still, a very good effort and an excellent way to introduce younger readers to Miyamoto Musashi s philosophy.

  5. This is a great comic book There are real world lessons set in a comic book atmosphere Very entertaining and fun My son will love it for Christmas Thank you very much for letting me read it.

  6. An illustrated version that summerizes the Book of Five Rings and makes it easy to follow the concept I can totally see how you could apply this to work situations.

  7. This is as good as it gets for an entertaining introduction to a classic text that you know you wouldn t read otherwise The Book of Five Rings was a fad underground classic for businessmen in the 1990s or maybe the early Bush years To make its lessons work for business, you need to imagine your competitors as your enemies, and your first goal, upon picking up your long sword, is to cut them A worldview that may or not benefit the world, eh Other titles from SmarterComics are The Prince, by Machi [...]

  8. I received two books from SmarterComics through the firstreads program I read them both, back to back, and they perfectly lend themselves to being compared For this reason, the reviews reference one another and both can be found in a single post on my book review blog on Friday, 12 January 2012.The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi as adapted by Cullen Bunn, with illustrations by Mark Dos Santos, is also a look at a classic martial arts text contextualized in contemporary and real life situ [...]

  9. As a martial artist sort of , this was especially interesting to me I ve learned a few pointers myself that I will definitely keep in mind Anyway, as a comic book, the pictures were crisp and beautiful The writing was concise and very clear What wasn t as great was the attempted application to everyday life Some of them work but there were a few that could ve had a better example or didn t make sense One of the examples was a student yawning which passes on to the teacher making her yawn And the [...]

  10. I won this book in a Giveaway.To be honest, I don t even remember entering to win this book I have a feeling I was trying to enter one above or below it, and hit the wrong button But whatevs, I won and read it.It is a strategy guide for younger teens, at least from my perspective, because even though most of the illustrations featured adults, it was very simplistic and youthful I appreciated it for what it was, which was a reimagining of Miyamoto Musashi s original essay about strategy and fight [...]

  11. In general, I was expecting much from this From the first page of the introduction, what should be a razor sharp katana becomes a dull butter knife Musashi killed an accomplished swordsman at the age of 13 The illustrations have him breaking his opponent s shinai and leaving him prostrate but not dead in a dojo match As someone who has studied Musashi for years, I would have appreciated respectful research and representation There are other illustrations with blood, a bit of gore, and death, s [...]

  12. This is a graphic novel approach to the perennial classic of strategy Illustrations are used to show the parallel between Mushashi s ancient words and modern day sports, business, and combat While some of the analogies can be a little strained, overall this was an excellent approach Each illustration helped drive home Musashi s points, often in multiple ways.I found a single proofing error in the book, and like I said, sometimes that parallels are a little exaggerated, otherwise I would instantl [...]

  13. Having owned a traditional copy for years and years, I was pleased by the arrival of a graphic novel adaptation from Smarter Comics This edition emphasizes the modern applicability and timeless grace of Musashi s practice through the thoughtful juxtaposition of ancient words and modern images I would reccomend this to everyone whether or not the reader is familiar with Musashi It s a great introduction to his work, and it s also a beautiful reinterpretation for the 21st century Also, I won this [...]

  14. What a great concept Making a book like this that appeals to my teenage son I read it and then put it down on the counter and my son picked it up, and came in to discuss it with me A book discussion with my teenager WOW Okay, actual review of the book I enjoyed the way the concepts that he used in the battles transferred over to actual 21st century jobs And the graphics made some of the harder to grasp concepts understandable I really enjoyed this book and will definately look for GreaterComic [...]

  15. For people who are disinclined to sit down and read an entire book based upon the strategies of success and winning, SmarterComics illustrated version of The Book of Five Rings gives a concise summary of the principals that Miyamoto Musashi believed in and abided by in order to have a completely undefeated streak in his life The principals discussed can be applied to any situation in life and it is a good way to strive towards success Recommended for people who want advice on success but don t w [...]

  16. This book wasn t bad at all You should be into the way of the samurai or at least into comics to really appreciate this book The actual book of the five rings is really popular in Asian culture and Miyamoto Musashi is a legend This comic is drawn nicely and it explains the way of the samurai in a way close to parables Don t expect to only read about Musashi The comic shows his teachings in a modern light Meaning that he compares the time of then to the time of now and it gives you new meaning to [...]

  17. giveaway This may be the first comic book I ve ever read from cover to cover I am not a fan of cartoons in general, but I was willing to try this Ultimately, I did not enjoy it The book tried to take a deep topic and make it simple The graphics tried to relate samurai concepts to today and with the simplistic writing of a comic it didn t succeed very well The writing itself was very low level and not the Smarter Comics that its brand portrays My husband took a look at this who does read comics a [...]

  18. Won this book through First Reads giveaways Mediocre I anticipated either a in depth description of fighting techniques or, barring that, some kind of story In reality, this provided neither It gives some vague platitudes and basic tips about fighting, then makes obvious and sometimes forced parallels to modern day Ultimately, I found it lacking substance and somewhat tiresome to read Look for it in a used bookstore near you, because that s where my copy is going.

  19. I won this book as part of a giveaway.I thought this book was interesting, but not as helpful as I thought it would be I was expecting something different However, the drawings are lovely and it gives an interesting glimpse of Japanese philosophy I watch a few anime shows, which helped me relate to this book and understand what it was talking about if I had not already been somewhat familiar with Japanese culture, I don t think this book would have made much sense at all to me.

  20. The art in this book is awesome, and I found myself reading something that I probably would not have picked up in traditional format I did have to fight my teenager to get to this book It was a quick read, and a book that can be read many times I want to read other books from this publisher Love the comic book medium

  21. Won this from a giveaway a long time ago Seems like something teenagers should read I liked the illustrations that have short scenes that compared a specific example scenario in two different time periods.

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