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A Kiss Before Dying A Kiss Before Dying not only debuted the talent of best selling novelist Ira Levin to rave reviews it also set a new standard in the art of mystery and suspense Now a modern classic as gripping in i

A Kiss Before Dying not only debuted the talent of best selling novelist Ira Levin to rave reviews, it also set a new standard in the art of mystery and suspense Now a modern classic, as gripping in its tautly plotted action as it is penetrating in its exploration of a criminal mind, it tells the shocking tale of a young man who will stop at nothing not even murder to gA Kiss Before Dying not only debuted the talent of best selling novelist Ira Levin to rave reviews, it also set a new standard in the art of mystery and suspense Now a modern classic, as gripping in its tautly plotted action as it is penetrating in its exploration of a criminal mind, it tells the shocking tale of a young man who will stop at nothing not even murder to get where he wants to go For he has dreams plans He also has charm, good looks, sex appeal, intelligence And he has a problem Her name is Dorothy she loves him, and she s pregnant The solution may demand desperate measures But, then, he looks like the kind of guy who could get away with murder Compellingly, step by determined step, the novel follows this young man in his execution of one plan he had neither dreamed nor foreseen Nor does he foresee how inexorably he will be enmeshed in the consequences of his own extreme deed.

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A Kiss Before Dying

  1. Levin graduated from the Horace Mann School and New York University, where he majored in philosophy and English.After college, he wrote training films and scripts for television.Levin s first produced play was No Time for Sergeants adapted from Mac Hyman s novel , a comedy about a hillbilly drafted into the United States Air Force that launched the career of Andy Griffith The play was turned into a movie in 1958, and co starred Don Knotts, Griffith s long time co star and friend No Time for Sergeants is generally considered the precursor to Gomer Pyle, USMC Levin s first novel, A Kiss Before Dying, was well received, earning him the 1954 Edgar Award for Best First Novel A Kiss Before Dying was turned into a movie twice, first in 1956, and again in 1991.Levin s best known play is Deathtrap, which holds the record as the longest running comedy thriller on Broadway and brought Levin his second Edgar Award In 1982, it was made into a film starring Christopher Reeve and Michael Caine.Levin s best known novel is Rosemary s Baby, a horror story of modern day satanism and the occult, set in Manhattan s Upper West Side It was made into a film starring Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes Ruth Gordon won an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance Roman Polanski, who wrote and directed the film, was nominated for Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium.Other Levin novels were turned into movies, including The Boys from Brazil in 1978 The Stepford Wives in 1975 and again in 2004 and Sliver in 1993 Stephen King has described Ira Levin as the Swiss watchmaker of suspense novels, he makes what the rest of us do look like cheap watchmakers in drugstores Chuck Palahniuk, in , calls Levin s writing a smart, updated version of the kind of folksy legends that cultures have always used Ira Levin died from a heart attack at his home in Manhattan, on 12 November 2007.

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  1. I have loved Ira Levin ever since I watched a movie in 1982 Deathtrap based on his 1978 play It is a must see for mystery lovers, and A KISS BEFORE DYING Levin s first novel written in 1953 is a must read The story starts out like many stories doPoor boymeets Rich girlPoor boy and rich girl start datingRich girl gets pregnantd this is where things get a little interesting Poor boy is actually a psychopath only dating rich girl so he could marry her for her money Now that his plans are ruined, he [...]

  2. You re crazy, he told himself aloud one day, looking at the list You re a crazy nut, he said affectionately He didn t really think that he thought he was daring, audacious, brilliant, intrepid and bold 1956 movie version of the book I remember it being really good.I can t even tell you his name because he didn t tell me until I was a of the way through the novel I thought I knew who he was, but I was wrong You will be wrong, too, and I want you to be wrong because I want you to be as unnerved as [...]

  3. Oh My Goodness A KISS BEFORE DYING is Excellent I like Levin I like his easy to read style of writing I like the suspenseful way he plotted the route of the evildoer, and I like that he kept me guessing.I have to be careful here as I do not want to give anything away, but will say MURDER is the name of the game, and the story is set in the year s between 1949 1951 when tips were a quarter and young women were naive and gullible.Forbidden to attend the same college as her older sister Ellen, a sh [...]

  4. If A Kiss Before Dying were to come out tomorrow, I might use words like predictable to describe certain aspects of it However, Ira Levin published this his first novel in 1954, which gives it the sort of satisfying, but olden timey thrill I remember getting from watching the likes of Double Indemnity and Wait Until Dark in my grandparents home as a kid There s something different about witnessing 50s characters unwittingly fall prey to the machinations of a seemingly swell guy After all, not ha [...]

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you to my friend Delee, who recommended this humdinger of a novel Ira Levin, best known for his terrifying Rosemary s Baby, wrote A Kiss Before Dying as his first novel The novel won the 1954 Edgar Award for Best First Novel, and readers will marvel that this suspense filled thrill ride of a book could possibly have been written by a first time novelist, one just 24 years old.Levin packs surprise after surprise into this novel, a book that will leave you exhausted whe [...]

  6. If at first you don t succeed, get rid of the bitch and move on to the next sister.A Kiss Before Dying is a taut little thriller about a sociopath who conceives an ingenuous plan to seduce the daughter of a wealthy copper baron Except she goes and gets pregnant before his plan can come to fruition Since Daddy is the moralistic disinheriting type, he figures a kid before they are properly married and he s had time to work his charms and soften the old man up will just ruin everything When he can [...]

  7. This book is an underrated gem, buried under the famous The Boys from Brazil and Rosemary s Baby But of the three, I found this to be the most suspenseful The mystery is very well hidden yet it s not a whodunit The big revelation comes in the middle of the book from then onwards, pure suspense carries it through.Challenge for Indian readers identify the Bollywood blockbuster based on this novel.Read it

  8. Impressed I am utterly impressed How on earth How on earth did Levin manage to produce this Oh my gosh I might write an essay on this book for university in the upcoming academic year Yes I might I really might Perhaps I might even consider writing a dissertation on this

  9. Everything begins like a fairy tale with one exception Here prince charming is ambitious though as poor as a church mouse and princess is a daughter of a millionaire Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances she has to be killed I don t reveal anything at this moment you can read it on the blurb.Despite this, career and money are still at fortune hunter s hands because as luck would have it on the horizon appears the sister of the murdered girl But by a strange twist of fate she either must [...]

  10. The title A Kiss Before Dying conjures up, for me, an image of a 1950s pulp thriller with a fabulous, stylish cover featuring a woman who looks like the hourglassy one from Mad Men and a man in a fedora concealing a gun And indeed, that s pretty much exactly what A Kiss Before Dying is, on the face of it it s a crime novel published in 1953 about a handsome psychopath who preys upon a series of rich young women in a bid to secure a stake in their father s fortune.And yet, while A Kiss Before Dyi [...]

  11. I m going to mention that when you read this you will undoubtedly well unless you ve just started reading books or watching movies and TVor I suppose have been in a long coma have come across the idea, the plot, even the characters before It would not be fair to hold that against the book however because the book was written in 1953 and probably originated many of what are now stereotypical ingredients to some thrillers.If you can let the book or if you really aren t familiar with books, movies, [...]

  12. I felt as though Ira Levin really got into the characters heads, especially reformed party girl Ellen and spinster in training Marion, although it could be that their relative depth was a relief after lovestruck wannabe wed Dorothy The novel was peppered with newspaper items relating to the various crimes of the story They were all pretty tongue in cheek and served as nice palate cleansers between the point of view changes The thing that sets this book apart from other, similarly plotted suspens [...]

  13. This is the story of what happens when a girl gets pregnant and the boy will do whatever he can to make sure she s not a burden on him.Boys will do anything for the nookie And money.I recently watched the 1956 movie based on this book, the one with Robert Wagner and Joanne Woodward, the one I had never connected to this book I watched it anyway but picked up the book from the library afterwards, thinking there might be some differences There really weren t any What you see in the movie is almost [...]

  14. It always amazes me how many people have never heard of Ira Levin Ira who Never heard of him You saw the movie The Stepford Wives or Rosemary s Baby Well, Levin wrote those Yup, everyone saw those movies but still they don t recognize Levin s name It s a shame really because he was a brilliant writer with an amazing gift at storytelling In fact, A Kiss Before Dying was his first and it won an award It was written over six decades ago but it s an easy to read Not nearly as dated as you d think.It [...]

  15. I enjoyed and loved this book so much I haven t had such a smooth and fab reading experience in a long time Fun, funny, dreadful, upsetting, really , No way what , twists and turns, boo boos here and there, but so worth every second of my time I don t know what genre this really fits into it fit me in so many ways that I don t care what genre it is typically put in What I know is that I was so sad when I read the last page I could easily have read another 500 pages Some might criticize it s endi [...]

  16. Amazing suspense and unpredictably Levin wrote this when he was 23 in 1953 , then was a very successful playwrite among other hits, he wrote the popular Deathtrap He didn t write another novel until Rosemary s Baby in 1967.

  17. This was just deliciously trashy I loved every page and can t believe how well it has aged It s one of those rare finds a literary novel with a pulp sensibility Great fun.

  18. 106 A KISS BEFORE DYING 1953 Ira Levin .Ira Levin 1929 2007 was a popular and prolific writer This was his first novel, and won an Edgar Award for Best First Novel He had a couple of blockbusters after this, notably Rosemary s Baby, and The Boys From Brazil In this novel he invents a male gold digger who climbs his way up the ladder of a family fortune by killing off the eligible women in the family by turns His protagonist is a handsome young man, very appealing, very charming He is the kind of [...]

  19. This book won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel for author Ira Levin in 1954 and he was on his way to being one of the most popular authors of the middle late 20th century It was quite a beginning as he weaves the tale of a truly horrible, greedy, and remorseless young man who has his eye on getting ahead by any method What better than finding a girlfriend whose father is filthy rich She throws a monkey wrench in the works by getting pregnant.nce this was written in the 1950s, that situation [...]

  20. I don t read a lot of mysteries I shy away from murder mysteries I run from mysteries with multiple murders But I was in the mood for something really compelling So a GR friend s review of this book popped up at just the right moment and since I had enjoyed Levin s Stepford Wives, I decided to give it a whirl Perhaps I liked this because it takes place in the early 50s There s no surveillence cameras, email, or mug shots on the web Communication is by telephone and long distance travel is largel [...]

  21. As usual, I don t like to go in to many details about plot, especially in a book like this, where part of the appeal is the suspense, and not knowing what is going to happen next The book is classified by a lot of people as mystery thriller, but that is a mistake, in my opinion We know who did it There is no mystery for the reader Yes, there are thrills to be had The time period is noir ish, and there is a murder That is where the similarities with Hammet and Chandler stop.This, like a lot of Le [...]

  22. somewhere between Jim Thompson and An American Tragedy minus the fun and terror of the first and the weight and scope of the second i don t really get what ira levin s all about like Rosemary s Baby and The Stepford Wives, this book is ingeniously designed and executed but never feels like a damn thing.

  23. I listened to the downloadable audiobook version from the library, so this isn t really a book read read Still, I finished listening to it I ve always loved the 1991 movie based on the book, but the novel is even better.

  24. A Kiss Before Dying by Ira Levin is a prime example of how mysteries were written Before CSI and the overload of forensic science became the norm for a good crime mystery This tale is as much about the drama of the characters as it is about the crimes themselves His plans had been running so beautifully, so goddamned beautifully, and now she was going to smash them all Hate erupted and flooded through him, gripping his face with jaw aching pressure That was all right though the lights were out A [...]

  25. A KISS BEFORE DYING is an Edgar Award Winning classic mystery that, arguably, was the beginning of the modern psychological mystery thriller This is a classic tale of murder for money, but it s the brazenness of the criminal that becomes the shocker Young handsome college student meets beautiful young coed They plan to marry, but for all the wrong reasons Our handsome hero is anything but the hero We get to experience all of his thinking as he plans out his wonderful life that just need lots of [...]

  26. Stephen King gives a shout out to this book in his homage to horror, Danse Macabre, as follows Levin s first book, which is unfortunately not much read these days is A Kiss Before Dyinga gritty suspense story told with great elan rarity enough, but what is even rare is that it contains surprises that really surprised it is relatively impervious to that awful, dreadful goblin of a reader, he or she WHO TURNS TO THE LAST THREE PAGES TO SEE HOW IT CAME OUT.King then dilates on the sins of such a p [...]

  27. A tale of betrayal and retribution, set in he mid 20th century This is the story of a handsome young sociopath who wants to become Insta rich by opting out the easiest way of marrying riches For this, he befriends Dorothy, the youngest daughter of a copper tycoon But riches are nor easily come across.Enjoyed this tale with predictableists.Am amazed to know that this is the first book written by Its Levin, When he was barely 22 as it doesn t seem to be he work of a young novice.Highly recommended [...]

  28. This was my first book by Ira Levin I don t know how I ve missed out for so long, but I plan to make up for it.This one was pretty suspenseful, although it was hard not to try to shake some sense into some of the characters But that s probably because I ve read a lot of mysteries, and I just hate to see them make mistakes I easily recognize The main problem was that the women believed everything they were told by a stranger, mainly because they wanted to believe it.The main character in this boo [...]

  29. A young college man is dating Dorothy, the daughter of a wealthy copper tycoon, hoping to marry her and eventually inherit her father s money His plan hits a roadblock when Dorothy tells him that she s pregnant and they must marry right away Not only that but her father will disown her for getting pregnant out of wedlock that means no money for the young man The only way the man can get out of this predicament is to kill Dorothy If only that was the end of his problemsA Kiss Before Dying, first [...]

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