A Year in the World: Journeys of a Passionate Traveller

A Year in the World Journeys of a Passionate Traveller A CLASSIC FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF UNDER MAGNOLIAA Year in the World is vintage Frances Mayes a celebration of the allure of travel of serendipitous pleasures found in unlikely l

A CLASSIC FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF UNDER MAGNOLIAA Year in the World is vintage Frances Mayes a celebration of the allure of travel, of serendipitous pleasures found in unlikely locales, of memory woven into the present, and of a joyous sense of quest With her beloved Tuscany as a home base, Mayes travels to Spain, Portugal, France, the British Isles,A CLASSIC FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF UNDER MAGNOLIAA Year in the World is vintage Frances Mayes a celebration of the allure of travel, of serendipitous pleasures found in unlikely locales, of memory woven into the present, and of a joyous sense of quest With her beloved Tuscany as a home base, Mayes travels to Spain, Portugal, France, the British Isles, and to the Mediterranean world of Turkey, Greece, the South of Italy, and North Africa Weaving together personal perceptions and informed commentary on art, architecture, history, landscape, and social and culinary traditions, Mayes brings the immediacy of life in her temporary homes to readers An illuminating and passionate book that will be savored by all who loved Under the Tuscan Sun, A Year in the World is travel writing at its peak.

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A Year in the World: Journeys of a Passionate Traveller

  1. Frances Mayes s new novel is Women in Sunlight , published by Crown With her husband, Edward Mayes she recently published The Tuscan Sun Cookbook Every Day in Tuscany is the third volume in her bestselling Tuscany memoir series.In addition to her Tuscany memoirs, Under the Tuscan Sun and Bella Tuscany , Frances Mayes is the author of the memoirs Under Magnolia A Southern Memoir A Year in the World the illustrated books In Tuscany and Bringing Tuscany Home Swan, a novel The Discovery of Poetry, a text for readers and five books of poetry She divides her time between homes in Italy and North Carolina.

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  1. The author s tone was extremely annoying in this book, whose title is completely misleading, as this is a compilation of her trips mainly to Western Europe over 5 years, not one year in the world at all Admittedly, I quit halfway through when I got completely fed up with her staying in 5 star hotels and rented villas and eating in gourmet restaurants, without mentioning the price of anything, or how she can possibly afford it as a university writing professor I guess the profits from the awful m [...]

  2. I must confess that I haven t finished reading Frances Mayes A Year in the World I love travel books, and read a favorable review of this one.ewers sometimes exaggerate After a few running starts, the book wound up in the bathroom Listening to the tap drip was interesting, so I ve moved it to the side of my bed where I read it whenever I m suffering from insomnia, which is fairly often So I pick up A Year in the World, read it for a few pages of it s eternal present tense where Mayes layers on [...]

  3. I don t give low reviews lightly However, there were several problems with this book 1 It wasn t a year in the world, it was a number of separate trips, most of which weren t too far from the author s residence in Tuscany 2 Despite the slight differences in locales, the things she sought out were very similar, so the book became rather redundant 3 I don t like the word pretentious except when it fits and in this case it did Long after reading this book, one scene stuck with me a moment of horror [...]

  4. I am halfway through the book, the author still hasn t left Southern Europe I give up I would prefer adventure and fewer descriptions of luxury meals.

  5. I just couldn t read this book I was bored by the tone of a wealthy person going everywhere and doing anything that she wants without regard to the cost I couldn t relate at all.

  6. A lyrical and enchanting and excellent book about travels in Europe I was there with the author as she traveled, she is that descriptive and aware of the holy places Her descriptions of starry nights brought me to my knees in awe as well as her attention to detail architectural, holy places, holy encounters, books, nature, food Absolutely gorgeous in scope and detail and love and passion I want to go to the places she has gone, and rent a house for a while, and travel by private boat, and have a [...]

  7. This book was dismal It read just like a travel log Though the author was great at painting a picture and beautiful descriptive language, she simply wrote about what she did The author was also very narrow in her perspective and only talked about her own limited interests ie coffee, wine, and gardening , so those looking to read a book about various aspects of different countries will be sorely disappointed.I was also quite put off by her character The author comes off as a rich better than thou [...]

  8. Is there a decent travel writer who isn t a pretentious windbag It s fascinating to me how a woman who has made a career out of traveling to amazing places can be SO DULL Her disdain for most of the British Isles annoys me Sorry it s not your gorgeous Italy, but get over it Also, she called Wales England, which it is not England is one of my favorite places, and Frances Mayes managed to bore me to death because she wanted to explain the whole country through GARDENS Ok, maybe gardens are an impo [...]

  9. When I saw this book at the library one day and read the description I thought it would be a perfect book for mine and Tom s little book club It was my turn to chose the book and I thought we would both enjoy it.As I began to read I knew that this travel novel would provide us with a lot of tips and suggestions that we could take with us once we were able to spend A Year In The World.One passage that really stood out to me was, The need to travel is a mysterious force A desire to go runs through [...]

  10. If you are hoping to pick up this book and be whisked away into a foreign land by way of words, you will be sorely disappointed I ll admit that I did not come close to finishing this book because I found myself bored to tears by her descriptions of her Italian flavored Ritz Carlton hotel rooms and run ins with the locals see below.I see there is no need to write much as other reviewers have already expressed my frustration with this author and this book in many better words I believe this one r [...]

  11. I did enjoy some of the stories and travel insights but I found Mayes rude and judgemental when it came to tourists as if she wasn t one I understand that living in Italy has given her a local perspective but isn t she still a tourist in Morocco or Turkey I also don t like Mayes attitude to any person who doesn t have a perfect body or low body mass index, there is no need for asinine comments about the way other people look.

  12. I finally finished it A friend recommended the book because we both like to travel and I looked forward to reading it My friend later confessed she had never read the book cover to cover but only reads sections as she prepares to travel to the area I debated about purchasing a paperback or Kindle version I wish I had purchased the Kindle version to take advantage of the dictionary and highlighting capabilities for the passages I would like to refer back to I think a better title for the book may [...]

  13. Contrary to the somewhat misleading title, this is not a book about a single year long travel excursion Instead, it is a collection of tales of shorter trips, which add up to a year altogether Most of the destinations covered are not very exotic Italy, France, England, and the Greek Isles to name a few , yet the author manages to recount her experiences with such a great deal of charm that it doesn t matter these are places we ve read about many times before She focuses on uncovering the oft ove [...]

  14. A wonderful trip through Spain, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Scotland and places in between She really lives the culture and gets to know the people by tasting their food, learning their gardening habits, reading their poetry, swimming in their waters, and living in their homes by renting villas or apartments She and her husband do endure a few package trips a cruise through Greece, a small charter around Turkey which only highlight the pleasures of independent travel I loved this book and have my ba [...]

  15. I checked out this audio book from the library on a whim it came up on a search of keyword France where I am traveling this summer I listened to the first few chapters, enjoying her travels in Spain and Portugal, then skipped around a little bit looking for the very brief part on France I enjoyed it but didn t finish because I wasn t interested in food descriptions.

  16. Read this over the course of a summer trip of my own back to visit husband s family in Idaho and I enjoyed the armchair travel I especially liked the sections on southern Spain and Portugal because we had recently returned from a visit to the Iberian peninsula I have read several of Mayes books and, for the most part, enjoy her writing I like the way she is able to make personal connections with the places she visits and the way she ponders the meaning of home and how a place met for the first t [...]

  17. I love Frances Mayes writing style It is no secret that I loved Under the Tuscan Sun and this was just as good She has such a way with worlds I was able to visualize what she saw and taste what she ate See my full review on my blog.

  18. Travel releases spontaneity You become a godlike creature full of choice, free to visit the stately pleasure domes, make love in the morning, sketch a bell tower, read a history of Byzantinum, stare for one hour at the face of Leonardo da Vinci s Madonna dei fusi You open, as in childhood, and for a time receive this world There s the visceral aspect, too the huntress who is free Free to go, free to return home bringing memories to lay on the hearth p xix One of my favorite quotes from Lorca cam [...]

  19. It seems blasphemous to give a book which has been personally autographed by the author three stars instead of five Four stars seemed quite possible but considering that I skimmed the last couple of chapters, I m settling on three.I did have some of the same complaints about this book as other reviewers such as Mayes and her husband always staying in expensive places and even moving when the places did not meet their high expectations However, when I thought about it I realized that I have littl [...]

  20. I am thus far disappointed in this booke author is self righteous and contradictory, and writes annoyingly like someone who just wants to prove how rich and well read they are.It starts with her definition of adventurous traveling me, staying in 5 star hotels and eating at sit down fancy restaurants for every meal is a futile way to explore and understand a different land and culture To truly get a different country is to live as much like a temporary local as possibleaying in the low end hotels [...]

  21. First and foremost, Mayes is a poet, and she approaches her subjects with a poet s eye, looking for the magical, the sublime, and the relevance For some people, this amounts to self indulgent navelgazing of the worst kind, and it can distance a lay reader from the subject I see how some readers would feel that Mayes didn t give them the travel book they sought This is not a dressed up Fodor s.However, I approached reading this book as though I were one of Mayes acquaintances, someone she s comfo [...]

  22. An review I wish I d read before I bought this book summarized my opinion of Mayes travel writing the writer criticized the discrepancy between the title and the substance A year spent unmoored from home and errands and work and the ties that bind would have yielded a very different sort of book from this These trips house rentals, hotel stays, even a cruise represent a series of vacations, instead of the year long quest that the title promises In short, it s neither a year in the world nor a ye [...]

  23. After disliking the movie, I was encouraged to read Under the Tuscan Sun and loved it I found Bella Tuscany a couple years later and also enjoyed that read, so I had no problem buying A Year in the World for my Kindle For me, it was worth it We are travelers and have found every way of traveling imaginable so it was great to see another travelers perspective I love enjoying the food, coffee, and sites of another country but I also enjoy the days of sitting in an apartment and wishing all the oth [...]

  24. Being someone who considers herself to be passionate, a traveler and passionate about traveling, I love nothing than reading about someone else who shares these qualities I also love someone who, while writing about the sea off the coast of Sardinia, feels it necessary to quote D.H Lawrence Bliss, I tell you Pure, transportational bliss I ve actually started reading this book again, for the first time In its original incarnation into my life, this book was a gift to my mother And in typical for [...]

  25. This is a book I read on and off between others It soothes me when I finish my current batch of library books to know I have a back up read ready to go It s scary to have nothing to read I think I enjoyed this book than most of the reviewers because I read it in spurts rather than straight through Towards the last 50 pages I was feeling like lets finish this thing already The traveling was intresting but wareing too Yes, it is nice to travel and stay in homes rather than hotels and cook for you [...]

  26. If you hadn t noticed, I m a sucker for Frances Mayes I like how she writes, but mostly I just like the stories I like being able to roam around Tuscany and visit obscure villages all while sitting at home, wishing I was having my own year in the world For anyone who loves traveling, you ll enjoy this Don t expect anything profound I admit this book is beloved purely for its entertainment value and its ability to keep my travel sickness in check.

  27. wonderful book, going different places in Europe at all times of the year She does in England what I have wanted to do for years

  28. Every once in a while I pick up A Year in the World and read another chapter or two It s a little getaway of my own

  29. Mayes really embodies the highs and lows of travel writing At her best, Mayes s prose is vivid, evocative, and transportive, practically urging the reader to put the book down and start researching airfares But at other times, I found her a little tone deaf and even snobbish a bit of a jarring undercurrent in a book that otherwise embraces the unfamiliar Wherever she is, Mayes looks for beauty, particularly through art, food, and literature, which brings a continuity of perspective regardless of [...]

  30. This book should be titled, what I ate and where I stayed in my year in the world It was way too descriptive for me, literally over 3 4 of the book was talking about the luxurious cuisine they inhaled on their trip I was bored out of my mind I love traveling so I thought this would be neat, especially coming from the author of Under the Tuscan Sun but I was sorely disappointed I did enjoy hearing some parts of the book that were informative and memorable to me but overall blah blah blah it s a L [...]

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