Finale Will love conquer all Nora and Patch thought their troubles were behind them Hank is gone and they should be able to put his ugly vendetta to rest But in Hank s absence Nora has become the unwitting

Will love conquer all Nora and Patch thought their troubles were behind them Hank is gone and they should be able to put his ugly vendetta to rest But in Hank s absence, Nora has become the unwitting head of the Nephilim and must finish what Hank began Which ultimately means destroying the fallen angels destroying Patch.Nora will never let that happen, so she and PatcWill love conquer all Nora and Patch thought their troubles were behind them Hank is gone and they should be able to put his ugly vendetta to rest But in Hank s absence, Nora has become the unwitting head of the Nephilim and must finish what Hank began Which ultimately means destroying the fallen angels destroying Patch.Nora will never let that happen, so she and Patch make a plan lead everyone to believe they have broken up, and work the system from the inside Nora will convince the Nephilim that they are making a mistake in fighting the fallen angels, and Patch will find out everything he can from the opposing side They will end this war before it can even begin.But the best laid plans often go awry Nora is put through the paces in her new role and finds herself drawn to an addictive power she never anticipated.As the battle lines are drawn, Nora and Patch must confront the differences that have always been between them and either choose to ignore them or let them destroy the love they have always fought for.

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  1. Becca Fitzpatrick grew up reading Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden with a flashlight under the covers She graduated college with a degree in health, which she promptly abandoned for storytelling When not writing, she s most likely prowling sale racks for reject shoes, running, or watching crime dramas on TV She is the author of the bestselling HUSH, HUSH Saga Her new book BLACK ICE arrives in bookstores everywhere October 7, 2014.

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  1. UPDATE 2Wow There has been alot of hate going on for the series books with all the hate review going on and I totally respect all or your opinions since there is something called freedom of speech and voicing your opinion I totally get that and I don t have anything against you guys but some people are not just voicing there opinions, they re straight out bashing the books and the author There s also one thing i do not understand, some people claim the books wasted their precious time and believ [...]

  2. I simply loved this series I will miss you Pat h PEOPLE T A GRIP YOU ARE COMPLAINING BECAUSE A PUBLISHING COMPANY IS PUBLISHING A FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT THAT IS SELLINGD BY THE WAY, HERE IS THE KICKER Free Will YOU have the choice to by it or not If is sucks so bad to you, WHY do you buy the first 3 and read them ALL Books I do not like, I stop reading and toss them, then GUESS WHAT.I do not by the next in the series WOW, What a concept.The worst thing about another Hush Hush book is that we have [...]

  3. Seriously, Fitzpatrick Seriously I justI just can t understand First Adornetto, then Kate, and now you not only once with your freaking graphic novel, buttwice See, you re even makingDean my dearest Mocha s husband cry This madness has to end All of the authors I ve mentioned so far are not doing this to advance the story, in any way, shape, or form Hell, all of these series could have been done in half the amount that there are currently all of these authors are doing it for one reason only the [...]

  4. I swear to you, Nora Grey, on this day, from now and forever, to give myself to you I am yours My love, my body, my soul I place in your possession and protection He held out the ring, a single offering, a binding promise You dress to impress, I said approvingly No, Angel He leaned in, his teeth softly grazing my ear I undress to impress I have so many feelings right now It was perfect There were many unexpected things and I feel happy and sad at the same time view spoiler 1 I loved Nora and Pat [...]

  5. WOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAA That is some stuff right there Seriously, I can t even fathom Actually, I m not even going to try tonight Its my bedtime, and honestly if I try to write a review for it now, it ll be just a jumble of words that wouldn t really live up to my rating STAY TUNED I think its a necessity that on every cover in this series Patchhas to have his shirt off Not that there s anything wrong with that Tee hee Finale WHAT I thought this was a joke.cially since when I first saw this name it [...]

  6. Oh, my damn Now it has a pseudo cover with random scattered black raven s angel s feathers OMFG I thinkI think I mgonnabesick

  7. It Is Over.I did it.I read the entire Hush, Hush series.And I came out alive.Just.When I started reading the very first book, I had no idea what I was getting myself in for.I believed I was in for a paranormal romance treat.I didn t heed anyone s warnings.So allow me to attempt to warn you Please God, let me help.I have read every book in this series and I have reviewed each one.But I can sum up the entire series in one f Buckle up, kids I am posting my final review of this hunk of rectal sputum [...]

  8. May 13, 2012 Edit I m deleting my old review because, as I ve stated before, I don t like making assumptions about books before I read them I will not simply expect this book to be terrible, because if I do, I ll automatically believe it as terrible even if it is not And the old review was kind of uncalled for Will love survive the ultimate finale So, you want to talk about love, eh Let me tell you something upfront before I go into detail What Patch and Nora have is not love In fact, I don t th [...]

  9. DNF.HAHA the cover models look like R Patz with Bruno Mars hair and K Stew with a bit of a fro going.How fitting.Finale Really What an anticlimactic title.C mon, guys Really We all know Becca could ve summarized the three things that happened in SILENCE in the beginning of this book and kept it a trilogy Things would ve worked much better that way.F Really She really can t stop at number 3 I seriously doubt I m going to read this She really couldn t finish in Silence It really bugs me when autho [...]

  10. My book blog yumyabooksMy Summary This is the fourth and final book in the bestselling Hush, Hush series In the previous book, Silence, Nora swore an oath that if Hank Miller aka The Black Hand and her dad died, she d take his place as leader of the Nephilim race And, naturally, he died so she became the leader So in Finale Nora is to lead the Nephilim army to war against the fallen angels, which also means against Patch aka fallen angel and love of her life.Naturally, she doesn t want to do thi [...]

  11. The last book of the Hush Hush series, so many wonderful memories, so many unforgettable scenes, so many tears, laughs, and shocksI will never forget this series for all it was worth My journey with this series was one I enjoyed very much and I hoped would last forever, but alas, all good things have to come to an end.but at least Becca Fitzpatrick knew how to make a lasting impression with her fourth and final book It was the perfect ending I was completely hooked on every single word and somet [...]

  12. All I see is people bitching about this book I have a simple solution DON T READ IT IF YOU RE THAT UPSET OVER THERE BEING A FOURTH BOOK.I would have been pissed if she ended Silence the way she did without there being this book to tie things up I don t know how people would have been satisfied with that ending.But it seems a lot of people hate the series and keep reading That makes no sense to begin with Just finished the book and lol I made a WTF face a lot, especially towards the end But I m g [...]

  13. Oh, god Okay, so, Hush Hush is kind of quiet.Crescendo is really loud.Silence islent WHAT CAN YOU POSSIBLY CALL THIS Semi Sorta Loud Stormy Angsty Silence And by the wayOH, SO NOW IT S A SAGA It started with the Twilight saga And now the Fallen saga Then the Beautiful Creatures saga And nowI can just picture B Fitz s conversation with her publisher.Fitzpatrick Look, looky here I ve finished Silence I can finally stop writing and sit on my piles of dough in peace Publisher Now, now, dear Remember [...]

  14. A good conclusion but I am so upset about my favorite character view spoiler Scott RIP I loved him hide spoiler I m with everyone else when I say WTF 4th book in the Trilogy After reading Silence there is a lot still open but I thought that was the last book I can always use some Patch and Scott though.

  15. Okay, everyone has now expressed how infuriated they are that there is a fourth book to this series, now I am going to put in my opinion Yes, I am ecstatic, in fact it is taking a lot of physical restrain to type this in but, by god, when I realized that there was a fourth book I screamed so loud I think my neighbours have call the police Of course I found out about 3 minutes after finishing Silence so I was very deflated that the book had ended like that with so many gaps and questions but I kn [...]

  16. You know what This is a really amazing series Everything about it is enticing and intense I find myself pushing these books to the top of my to read next pile, and when I open them up to read at night, I can t seem to stop thinking I ll just read for another half hourSo when I was checking out the page for Silence and under the Books by Becca Fitzpatrick thing, I saw FINALE HUSH, HUSH 4 I think I probably started screaming my head off with joy But when I click on the link, thinking everything s [...]

  17. For anyone that wants to read my melt down before the book came out, click the spoiler view spoiler Okay first of all Why are people that hate Hush,HUsh books here Because they secretly love the books im telling myself Second.I think the cover is great The cover resembles how Nora has to choose between the angels and nephilim War or no war Promise or no promise She wants to be with patch but will that effect her choise Yes im guessing that She just killed her father but the promise still lies th [...]

  18. Oh my God BEFORE READING Dante said, I tried talking Nora into a ride, but she keeps blowing me off That s because she has a hard A boyfriend He must have beenhomeschooled, because he missed all those valuable lessons we learned in kindergarten, like sharing He finds out you took Nora for a ride, he ll wrap this shiny new Porsche around the nearest tree some of the quotes i love of Patch And I need you, Angel More than I think you ll ever know Silence You re mine, Angel, and don t you forget it [...]

  19. You know what s annoying The fact that all of these people waste they re time posting on here about how much they hate the series and blah blah blah Obviously you like it enough to read every book they publish, and then even to log onto this website and write 9 paragraphs about how much you hate it THEN search to see the next book, and write a review about how much it s going to suck Let me help you all out NO ONE CARES I don t wanna see that you think the series is dragging out I am actually s [...]

  20. Spoiler Free Review4.5 STARS out of 5Genre YA Paranormal RomanceSeries Book 4 in Hush Hush Series Scott didn t like the answer he kept coming back to If Nora had done this If Patch had helped her It didn t matter how carefully they d covered their tracks They d miss something Everyone always did It was only a matter of time Inner monologue of ScottFinale starts with Nora stepping up as leader of the Nephilim Well trying to at least, she is met with heavy opposition Not only is it widely known th [...]

  21. This started out good, but the pace really killed it.Nora was both strong and weak in this book Strong because she was intent on finding a way to please both the angels and the Nephilim, and weak because she ended up with a bit of a drug addiction.The storyline in this was about Nora trying to fulfil her oath to lead the Nephilim, whilst still dating Patch, and trying to keep that a secret The pace in this was really slow, and while it was good in places, the pace really killed it for me, and I [...]

  22. My opinion on Nora during this entire book Go ahead, Nora Ignore everyone s advice Drink of the evil demon magic potion and screw everything up Go ahead SEE IF I CARE.________________ The WHEN I FINISHED REVIEW I finished Finale I reached the end Fortunately, there is no Encore.But now I have finished it in one sitting I realised that it sHOLY MOLY IT S ALMOST ELEVEN O CLOCK Sleep calls.Dreams call.And Patch will hopefully be in every single one of them.Adios and sweet dreams I ll review this e [...]

  23. Wow It s actually over sighs What a journey.The first time I read Hush, Hush back a couple years ago, I fell in love with it Over the years, we ve had our ups and downs, but I can honestly say that this series is my favorite paranormal romance out of all It may not be the best, but I loved it And to see it end really saddens me.The previous book, Silence, kind of disappointed me so I was really hoping that the last book would be better And it was There were a lot of shocks and many secrets were [...]

  24. I haven t yet read the third, but I m kind of hoping Patch has already drowned Nora in the ocean at this point otherwise the cover has lied to me.In that case, since this does not yet have a title, this book should be called Sunk You know, after Nora s ass UPDATE 27 4 12So the summary is out Nora is certain than ever that she is in love with Patch Fallen angel or no, he is the one for her Her heritage and destiny may mean that they will always be enemies, but there is no turning her back on him [...]

  25. OkayoPATCH IS BRILLIANT AND THAT S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW SO GO READ THIS SERIES Jk This book was an amazing finish to this epic series Can t say anything about it Literally, I was praying to dear god to delay my heart attack until AFTER I was done reading The characters werejust brilliantly awesome Some were bastards, of course , but most of them you can tolerate Except for Patch He s half dickhead, half sweet.No, silly, he s a fallen angel I KNOW for sure he rocks cupid wings and a halo.This bo [...]

  26. I can t wait to see how this finally ends This better be the best book in the series And Patch better be on every single page.

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