Mona Lisa Craving

Mona Lisa Craving Dante the warrior son of a healer was cursed by a high priestess to endure a never ending cycle of life and death Someone shares one of his past lives Back then she was his victim Today she is his

Dante, the warrior son of a healer, was cursed by a high priestess to endure a never ending cycle of life and death Someone shares one of his past lives Back then, she was his victim Today, she is his savior Her name is Mona Lisa.

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Mona Lisa Craving

  1. A family practice physician and Vassar graduate, Sunny was finally pushed into picking up her pen by the success of the rest of her family Much to her amazement, she found that, by golly, she actually could write a book, and that it was much fun than being a doctor.As an author, Sunny has been featured on Geraldo at Large and CNBC, and has won many awards including the prestigious PRISM Award When she is not busy reading and writing, Sunny is editing her husband s books, literary novelist Da Chen, and being a happy stage mom for her young actor son.

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  1. MONA LISA, SEEMS TO BE GIVING OUT MORE THAN HER SMILE 3.5When I started this series, I freaking loved it It was a different kind of PNR, and the writing was so fresh and clean Now, I think this book has taken on a completely new theme How many men can Mona Lisa sleep with in each book I am saying this woman is open like a 7 11, coming from the same woman who preached humanity with I was raised human soooooo I can only have one lover Girl you preaching to the wrong church.A quick run down, this s [...]

  2. Mona Lisa returns to her people from her high council meeting with new discoveries of herself and what she is becoming After finally starting to come to terms with that, she, in true Mona Lisa form, finds troubleor, should I say, trouble finds her This is where Dante is introduced into the story Apparently, they have a past that she isn t able to remember But it s a disturbing one that leads to drama, and love, and pain, and hope.Mona Lisa Craving is my unexpected shocker of the year It took m [...]

  3. I was pulled to this series because it was dark and erotic But I feel that it has become too much The darkness has taken over and there is no joy Just one sex scene followed by violence, then another sex scene Or another kidnapping I have lost count of how many time Mona Lisa has been takken against her will I was so sad after Mona Lisa s lover was killed in Mona Lisa Blossoming, that I took a break from the series I read some sweet loving HEA style books to pull me out of the dark work Sunny d [...]

  4. This third book was much exciting than the previous two, because of one thing Dante Once he came on the scene which was early on, thankfully , things really heated up and got interesting Mona Lisa was a bit annoying in this one, because I cared about her decisions and she wasn t making good ones Her character got sidelined, in a way with a strong, Alpha male as Laura would say around, she seemed to become a bit vulnerable and less resourceful But I still really enjoyed it and it s made me wan [...]

  5. This is the first book in the series that I ve read and I liked it I don t usually start series in the middle but this is the only one I had on hand when the mood struck me to read them I think the writing is good and I like Mona Lisa and the majority of the characters The character I didn t like was Dante Not because of what he did in his other lifetime but because of what he did to Lisa in this book and how blood thirsty he was I can t get past his actions I also don t find him a believable ch [...]

  6. This was another winner in the Novel of the Monere series We are introduced to another character, Dante, and I wasn t sure about him butn t say Mona Lisa is just as remarkable as in the previous booksis one won t disappointgo for itI know you ll it I love this series so much that I go to bed thinking about Mona Lisa and waking up thinking about her and men Highly recommend.

  7. A quick read but still drew me in immediately and I was sad to see how fast it was all over I wanted immediately This series, while different, is definitely a fun raunchy read that keeps you interested in not just the sex but the story.

  8. Love this series It s just too bad that the author has discontinued being a writer, so the series was left hanging I was rather upset that one of the male love interest got killed Good thing he didn t stay dead for long, though The last arch of the series was fantastic Note I read all 5 books in one go.

  9. Why does Mona Lisa seem so brainless in this one I like the idea behind this series but it leaves me feeling disappointed in the heroine.

  10. Okay, I wasn t going to read any of this series lowers head in shame , but kept wondering what happened and curiosity got the better of me This is actually my favorite book of this series Mona Lisa did get captured again but at least she wasn t chained naked anywhere I still don t recommend this for someone who loves a true romance This lady has multiple partners, although not all at the same time but has several at any given period of time Was worried where the story line was going with her bro [...]

  11. I had trouble finishing this book The first four books of the series were solid the main character is thrown into a role of leadership in a sexualized society With human conceptions she has two lovers but is totally devoted to them and sees all others as family In the last book one of her lovers dies but is replaced with a character you thought may take his place Each of her relationships are built on respect which supports her challenge as being considered second rate citizen and strong belief [...]

  12. This is the third book in the Children of the Moon series by Sunny It was okay, nothing special In fact I think I liked the second book a bit .In this book Mona Lisa continues the mindless wandering of the second book She ends up kidnapped and this circumstance winds up leading to a number of interesting consequences That is really all I can say without giving away some major plot points of the book.Initially it appears that Halcyon is going to feature prominently in this book, which made me ver [...]

  13. I have to say thisNALLY I was to the point of saying thank god this series is almost over when Mr Dante walked on the scene Ty Sunny for that breath of fresh air After too many let downs especially halcyon , horrible wrapping up of books and short stories that were less than savory u have finally delivered had it not been for dante this book would have warrented 3 stars as well and only because I have a read far worse books but not by much I was so hoping this series would turn around and I may [...]

  14. This book was a hard one to rate I was going back between a 3 and 4, so I am going to say it was a 3.5The story continues on with Mona Lisa still lingering over the loss of her first love Grphyon However, it seems if you do not read the anthologies in between the books there are some gaps However, the one constant that Sunny has in her writing is reiteration And boy does she reiterate, sometimes I feel the book is remembering what happen in the first few books versus the storyline Once again Mo [...]

  15. me gusto bastante ya que conocimos un poco mas de historia y explicaron mejor lo que le estaba pasando a Mona Lisa y en lo que se estaba convirtiendo y el por que.en el libro pasado vimos que solo faltaba uno para convertirse realmente en su amante El Principe del Infierno y este lo hizo con creces pero no hablo del sexo sino que se anunciaron publicamente como compa eros, los Mon re son una raza anticelos, jajajaja bueno al principio puede ser cuando no son tomados en cuenta pero ya cuando se d [...]

  16. SERIOUSLY When can Mona Lisa get her HEA Arrrrrggghhhh This bk get s 4 1 2 stars from me i thought it was pretty good except for the fact that Mona Lisa can not seem to get peace for than 10seconds.This bk intorduced Dante a new warrior lover of Mona Lisa And let me tell you this guy was a true WARRIOR in every way he was also a virgin.LOL Mona lisa also discoved that she knew Dante in a pass life and as an enemy and that he was not a force to be messed with I enjoyed this concept as well as th [...]

  17. The third book in the Monere series, and definitely a steamy one I like the characters, but I feel sometimes my least favorite character is Mona Lisa I want her fleshed out I also wish she could commit to someone or at least the same few someones Are we just going to keep seeing her discover new men she wants, only to discard the previous ones It also seems like Amber is becoming less of a character and getting pushed further out He seems very 2D when he does make an appearance One particular t [...]

  18. The book was my least favorite in the series and that includes the Over the Moon excerpt with Dontaine which I found utterly ridiculous There was way too much going on in this book The main character is all over the place I still LOVE Amber wish he wasn t in Mississippi and see that love story but Halcyon and Dontaine ally It has slowly gone from paranormal romance to paranormal orgy I did really like the Dante, baby, past history thing and had hoped that we could build on the romance between th [...]

  19. Fantastic A new dark and tortured soul Admissions of affection Steamy moments and great terrifying moments that left me breathless I read this entirely too quickly I find that I wish Sunny s books were longer Mona Lisa has a right to fear herself A fear of what she is becoming Her ancient past catches up with her as she is, again, kidnapped although this time the cause is noble To save a life The life she saves has an awful secret to hide His name is Dante In a past life he obliterated those she [...]

  20. I actually managed to like this book of the Monere series As this particular part of Mona Lisa s story gives us a in depth look at who she is as a character Her past life and her present are actually discussed and carefully revealed to her and her men when she is kidnapped and brought to a young man that is afflicted with Lunar madness do to not having ever taken in the moon s light before Whom she and the rest of her men discover is the same man in her previous life that had killed her So this [...]

  21. Well this book was a bit over the top There was an actual story line to follow and of course there is the usual lust, sex, fighting, kidnapping, killing, lust, sex, fighting, killing But Mona Lisa is now a pregnant Living Demon , Mixed Blood Monere Queen, mate of the Halcyon Demon Prince of Hell She is pregnant from a Monere Warrior from a previous life who murdered her in cold blood but not before she cursed him for eternity d now that she is pregnant by him, she is out to break the curse It wa [...]

  22. My least favorite of the series so far.I hadn t read Lucinda, Darkly before reading this book and it felt like I had missed episodes, which I had, since Mona Lisa s story apparently continues there Maybe that was why I found her a bit annoying than usual in this story and couldn t justify her attitude as much as in the previous books.Apart from that, Mona Lisa s past life has come to haunt her, along with a new and exciting man named Dante A lot of things have changed about her and the way she [...]

  23. I read four books by this author this week the whole series to date, and I enjoyed them If you like the polyandry angle in the Anita Blake series, you might like this series too In this third book, Mona Lisa saves a young man named Dante from moon madness by sleeping with him and finds herself pregnant She s got a weird sense of deja vu about him Eventually she learns that he is cursed to reincarnate with memory of his past lives until his bloodline dies out because he savagely murdered a queen [...]

  24. I m Craving Dante, the warrior son of a healer, was cursed by the high priestess to endure a never ending cycle of life and death, born and reborn into an ever diminishing bloodline Someone shares one of his past lives Her name was Mona Lyria Back then, on the moon in another world, she was his victim Today, she is Mona Lisa, and this time, she is his savior Dante s wish is to die by her hands to end his cursed existence, but she feels fate has given them both a second chance For even stronger [...]

  25. Mona Lisa Craving begins with the return from High Council and Mona Lisa explaining her role in the death of Mona Louisa She doesn t mention the fact that she has sucked the essence of Mona Louisa into her, along with the demon essence Mona Lousia drained from Halycon Halycon explains the condition ML now faces Damanoen, demon living, in addition to being Mixed Blood He wants to announce her as his mate to ease any curiousity as to how she came to be Damanoen.The familiar scenario of a Queen ove [...]

  26. After submerging myself into the world of the Monere with these three books, I ve really come to love Mona Lisa Holding steadfast to her human traits really makes this character what she is strong, independent and loveable.I have to say, I was disappointed with the ending of this one, not because it ended on a sad note, goodness knows, I love a good sad ending I was hoping Mona Lisa would see the light no pun intended and take a chance with Dante, before things ended badly I hope Sunny doesn t l [...]

  27. 4.67589 I think this is the beginning where I was like HOLY CRAP AMBER YOU HOT FUDDGY THING Mmm Gorgeous sexy hottie but since Mona Lisa has so many guys on her plate and in her bed some guys are slowly eroding away, at least their personalities and presences fudge that crap psshh Amber stay Oh btw, over the nxt books her brother is almost nonexistent and the people in her household s barely there I also really like Chamy so I hope he finds a girl soon, someday This is proably the last book, may [...]

  28. I was really loving this series until now but it was hard for me to give this one even the 3 stars I don t know maybe I ve missed something because I have not started the Lucinda series but this book just didn t do it for me I have read a lot of similar reviews that you really need to read the other series in between so I will try that before I move on to the next I liked it enough to finish it and start searching for the next one but it is starting to get repetitive Mona Lisa does something stu [...]

  29. Finally, we meet a true Alpha Male in Dante A man who seems like he can be even powerful than Mona Lisa I gave the book three stars for Dante alone I found Mona Lisa even annoying in this book Once again she justifies sleeping with the men in her life by convincing herself that she is in love with them instead of just chalking it up to good sex I found the ending both disappointing and satisfying Dissappointing because I just find the book to be a little tedious in parts and satisfying because [...]

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