The Gypsy Game

The Gypsy Game The kids from The Egypt Game are back What game will they play next The answer is Gypsies While April plunges in with her usual enthusiasm the Melanie learns the something seems to be holding her ba

The kids from The Egypt Game are back What game will they play next The answer is Gypsies While April plunges in with her usual enthusiasm, the Melanie learns, the something seems to be holding her back But it s Toby who adds a really new wrinkle when he announces that he himself is a bona fide Gypsy Plus he can get them some of his grandmother s things to uThe kids from The Egypt Game are back What game will they play next The answer is Gypsies While April plunges in with her usual enthusiasm, the Melanie learns, the something seems to be holding her back But it s Toby who adds a really new wrinkle when he announces that he himself is a bona fide Gypsy Plus he can get them some of his grandmother s things to use as real Gypsy props for the new game What could be thrilling Then Toby suddenly and mysteriously disappears, and the kids discover that living as real life Gypsies may not be as much fun as they thought How will they find Toby and rescue him from the very real problems that are haunting his life

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The Gypsy Game

  1. The recipient of three Newbery Honor Book awards for The Egypt Game, The Headless Cupid, and The Witches of Worm, Zilpha Keatley Snyder began writing books for children in 1964 when her first book, A Season of Ponies, was published Over the course of the career she completed 43 books, mostly for children aged 9 to 13, but also including two books for young adults, four picture books for younger children and a book of poetry.

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  1. Actually the story is not as grim as the review title implies, but one is reminded of the song, Gypsies, tramps and thieves Anyway, soon afer the Egypt Game has concluded the multi ethnic gang is back, but things are deteriorating in Toby s home and soon he goes missing Say, was he just pulling the kids legs about his Gypsy ancestry or is he really in danger of being kidnapped I felt the author was pulling one over on us besides the use of chapter flip flop, she filled out a skimpy plot with lit [...]

  2. I love the Egypt Game and I was amazed when after 15 plus years of rereading it, there has been a sequel all this time I was VERY disappointed.Things that irritated me The characters went from being in the 1960s to the 1990s the dialogue and word choices of the characters were complete different Toby clearly states in the first book that his parents are out at a party pretty hard to do since according to this sequel, his mother has been dead since he was a baby The characters all of the sudden s [...]

  3. Seems like the title just hangs on the coattails of The Egypt Game as the story isn t focused on the game this time around It s really quite a different book, and I wonder if it could have been done with all new characters You have to wonder about the huge gap between the publication of the books Did the author got so much pressure to write a sequel that she just finally gave in and did this It s an OK book, but maybe not such a worthy sequel.

  4. Not nearly as good as it s predeccessor The Gypsy Game lacks ingenuity, mystery, enchantment, character development, relationships and all those wonderful things about the first one A tolerable read, but disappointing.

  5. I expect superlative children s fiction from Ms Snyder, but this one was just okay Maybe I m too old for these games I remember being entranced by The Egypt Game.

  6. This review also appears on my blog, Read at Home Mom.Now that they have permission to play the Egypt Game, it doesn t seem as interesting to sixth graders April and Melanie After some consideration, they decide it might be exciting to shift their focus to gypsies instead The trouble is, before the Gypsy Game can truly get underway, real world problems intervene Toby, one of the Egyptians, has run away, supposedly to avoid being kidnapped by his gypsy grandparents April, Melanie, and their frie [...]

  7. I was a little disapointed with this book It was obviously written long after the first book so some of the language had changed the same language that had make the first one a little outdated but there were also some subtle modernization The first book was obviously set in time it was written so to have the book go from the 1960 s to the 1990 s was a little unsettling especially since I read them back to back Most children may not pick up on these things but as an adult reader it was a little d [...]

  8. It s hard to follow up something as awesome as The Egypt Game, and to a certain extent, Ms Snyder doesn t try to copy the formula that made that book so well cherished by myself, at least She does take the familiar characters and put them in a situation that sort of evolves naturally from April s final suggestion in TEG, and while it s good, solid story telling, the magic of the previous book is missing The story is still fairly compelling, but I think what this book mostly lacks is the charming [...]

  9. Too similar to its predecessor, but without the magic of the first book, this reads too much like an attempt to grasp at the popularity The Egypt Game must have enjoyed Because the book has the children helping their friend to run away from home, the book just seems a little absurd I recommend skipping this one.

  10. Having readThe Egypt Gamein fifth grade, I was excited to read the sequel, and utterly disappointed Decently written with a plot that occasionally manages to be engaging, but it never fully moves into the realm of the believable, or out of the admittedly enormous shadow of its predecessor.

  11. I didn t like this one nearly as much as The Egypt Game It felt like the issues were too adult for kids this age I mean, I know there are homeless kids out there But they all seemed to handle this surprisingly well And then at the end to come up with this new solution to turn the Gypsy Game into something else I don t buy it It s awful preachy.

  12. The first book Egypt Game, was incredible The details where to the point, and exact Something that made you want to read Sadly this book i can t compare with it I really hope to like this book, but it didn t attract me as much Recommend this not to everyone Since the ending for me was to weak And the plot lack mystery.

  13. I was tricked into thinking this would be like The Egypt Game and involve suspenseful, unexplainable events instead it was just a story I wanted to relive a bit of the supernatural thrill ZKS s books gave me when I read them as a child, but there wasn t any of that Oh, well.

  14. I didn t like this one as much as I likedThe Egypt Game It s much less game and much a story about what happens to Toby I wouldn t want it to be the same book, but it felt to me a little like the game bit could have played of a role in the story.

  15. The gypsy game was a good book, but it sort of dissapointed me a little I expected it to be better than The Egypt Game but it wasn t in my opinion It did continue the adventures of the Egypt Game when the kids created a new game, but it wasn t like anything that I had expected.

  16. Kids need to be reading of Zil s books and less Hairy Snotter She has been writing meaningful, entertaining books for over 40 years.

  17. The switch from the Egypt game to the Gypsy game is a little rocky within the narrative, and in the writing This book doesn t seem to capture the charm of the previous, and I think it s because it focuses a little less on April Still, overall, a fun, quick read that s a little bit darker than your typical children s fare.

  18. The Gypsy Game was a satisfying conclusion I enjoyed revisiting the kids and accompanying them on their latest adventure.

  19. I really liked this book I think this author is amazing I m so sad there is no third book I recommend this to anyone that likes the eygypt game

  20. This is the sequel to the incomparable Egypt Game by the same author, in which a diverse gang of kids recreates its own version of ancient Egypt in an empty lot My daughter and I listened to it recently on audio and she was so taken with it that she begged me to get the sequel, which isn t available on audio for good reason In this one, they switch to the subject of gypsies and it turns out that one of the kids is part gypsy He runs away from home and stays in the lot with a giant dog The kids a [...]

  21. Picked this up after putting Les Mes aside The story picks up after The Egypt Game Tired of the Egypt Game the children decide to play to try a Gypsy Game Problems arise when Meline realizes the sad truth of the Gypsy story and Toby who claims to be gypsy is in the middle of a tug of war with his family The book offers good insight into the truth about gypsy and homeless people It is also offers good tension and suspense as the children try to figuare what is really going on with Toby The book t [...]

  22. In The Gypsy Game a character named Toby runs away from home, but the reasons aren t known His friends, the Egypt gang, try to find him and understand the reasons he ran away Basically all the book is telling about how the Egypt gang tried to find Toby, and after he is found, to discover if the reasons are true or not I enjoyed the book but I enjoyed it less than The Egypt Game a book from the series because in The Egypt Game the whole idea was an imaginary game using the imagination In The Gyps [...]

  23. Um It was ok I guess, not really one of my favorites, but I appreciate the writing style and where the whole series was going I didn t like the confusion, many times I thought, Well just do ____ already and Ugh I know this is how ____ is shaping up to be, but throw something I didn t see coming in there So maybe this is just one of those, You didn t read the first one, and now you re off balance, things Anyway besides that, credit where credit is due, the book had an interesting story line, it d [...]

  24. It was good, but people tell me the first is better There was a mix up So I guess if I think this is good, the first will be even better WARNING THE REST OF THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERSSo here are these kids who have been playing a Egyptian game forever Then the book takes a big turn In just a few pages This in my point of view is not only unrealistic, but also crazy What kid takes such a turn like that unless forced too If you have kids, think of how long it took those children to let go of th [...]

  25. This book was very different from the first, but still very good It was about real life situations and problems and less about a game, which was a little disappointing but good for figuring out who the characters really were and seeing the development and the interactions between them Would I read by this author Yes Would I recommend this to others Yes.See the full review on my website, Awesome Book Assessment.

  26. I read The Egypt Game as a young girl and am re reading it right now, just for fun , and so I was delighted to learn about this sequel The Gypsy Game sees the same group of youngsters getting together in the storage yard, this time to learn about gypsies.All of the kids are surprised to learn that their friend Toby is of Rom descent, and he promises to tell them all about it.But then he disappears.As the kids unravel the mystery of Toby s whereabouts, they learn some valuable lessons about the n [...]

  27. Read this because it is a companion book to The Egypt Game though this one is not nearly as good and wouldn t stand up well on its own Characters are developed further but the game is non existent in this plot which deals mostly with the personal problems of Toby, a gypsy like character in his own right Ending is upbeat in talk of a community project to make things better for homeless in the community.

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