Morning Cup of Murder

Morning Cup of Murder After a disastrous few years trying to make it on her own Lacy Steele returns to her tiny hometown Feeling like a failure she moves in with the one person guaranteed to make her fat her beloved gra

After a disastrous few years trying to make it on her own, Lacy Steele returns to her tiny hometown Feeling like a failure, she moves in with the one person guaranteed to make her fat, her beloved grandmother a woman who uses food as love As if to make her already depressing life confusing, she reconnects with Jason, the former Adonis of their high school Now a coAfter a disastrous few years trying to make it on her own, Lacy Steele returns to her tiny hometown Feeling like a failure, she moves in with the one person guaranteed to make her fat, her beloved grandmother a woman who uses food as love As if to make her already depressing life confusing, she reconnects with Jason, the former Adonis of their high school Now a cop, Jason seemingly doesn t remember the frizzy haired band geek Lacy was Instead, he sees her as a potential problem, especially when someone she loves is arrested for murder Lacy won t stop until the murder is solved, even if it means putting herself in danger Somehow, Lacy is determined to clear a name, put her life back together, and heal old hurts But than anything she s determined not to fall in love with Jason Cantor.

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Morning Cup of Murder

  1. Vanessa Gray Bartal is an avid reader who also loves to write She has written over forty novels, ranging from young adult to coming of age adult stories, including several series She is a full time mother to her young daughter as well as an accomplished baker for which her astoundingly handsome husband is truly grateful.After spending two years at Olivet Nazarene University, Vanessa transferred to Mount Vernon Nazarene University, where she graduated with a degree in communications During her time at Olivet, Vanessa developed a love for big cities and the cultural kaleidoscope each provides She currently resides tucked away in the Ohio countryside, but she enjoys traveling Vanessa is a bit of a foodie and loves searching out the hidden gems in each place she visits.She would love to hear from you Check out her Facebook author page for upcoming new releases, and drop her a line while you re there

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  1. I really enjoyed this book It s a pretty fast read and makes for a quick cozy mystery The main character is Lacy Steele A writer who has left New York to move home with her grandmother Grandma is arrested for murder and Lacy sets out to prove her innocence Definitely recommend especially for rainy day mystery reads.

  2. A fun to read cozy mystery Lacy Steels grandmother arrested for murder No way this sweet Christian lady hurt anybody Lacy has to find evidence to free her grandmother New Pastor and old friends help her I would like to read of Lacy Steele This is first of series.

  3. Lacy reminds me a bit of Calamity Jane She, Jason and Tosh make a great little triangle I like the story and quickly moved on to the 2nd.

  4. Wow Excellent writing I enjoyed this book so much The characters had such depth that I can t decide Whois my favorite I loved them all Vanessa Gray Bartel, you have become my favorite author.

  5. Very good bookThis is an amazing story filled with a lot of mystery, with someHim or and s shocking reveal that catches the reader off guard Loved this book

  6. Predictable The plot was interesting but the characters were almost stereotypical They behaved and spoke as would be expected by any reader

  7. Lacy Steele returns to her hometown after a bad breakup with her ex who strangely enough gets together with her sister, Riley Things don t get better in Mudville when Lacy s grandmother is arrested for murder Lacy can t understand why the detective of the police force is trying so hard to implicate a little old lady for such a murder Lacy decides that it is up to her to solve the mystery along with her classmate He was the school jock and most popular guy in school and cop, Jason and new pastor [...]

  8. This is another cozy mystery series that I intend on pursuing further Ms Gray Bartal s first offering was well written, humourous and kept me guessing until the end I thought at one point that I had the mystery, murderer and motive all figured out, but I was wrong The ending surprised me, which is a good thing, in my opinion, even though it did seem to come out of the blue a little bit I love these kinds of mysteries full of small town quirky characters and dark secrets, and the author has manag [...]

  9. A woman is stabbed to death in her home and Lacy Steele s Grandmother is arrested and held for the murder Lacy is living with her grandmother since moving back home from New York after a devastating breakup with her fiance When her Grandmother is arrested one of the police officers is a guy she went to high school with, the all American jock and the guy everyone wanted to be associated with Even though they had gone to school together he barely new her and she trys to explain to him that her gra [...]

  10. Bubblebathbooks review of Morning Cup of Murder by Vanessa Gray Bartal Sissy, although, historically negative about cozy murder mysteries, says forget the past, forget the unreality of the same person constantly finding dead bodies in their small town, just read the book because it is that good Bubby says I am so glad to have found an author as entertaining as Vanessa Gray Bartal A few weeks ago on American Idol yes, I m addicted to that, too the song category was songs you wished you had writte [...]

  11. Cosy mysteries are a bit weird, imagine people dropping like files all around you It makes me wonder if I d be inclined to stick my nose in everywhere and then manage to survive Lacy Steele returns to live with her Grandmother after having her heart broken Jason the local cop and Tosh the local pastor enter her life after her grandma is arrested for murder Lacy proceeds to blindly tie them both in knots which doesn t seem to bother either of them There are secrets and of course the murderer goes [...]

  12. This is the first book in a great series I started reading these books and I think they are wonderful For everyone who likes cozy mysteries this is a great series Lacy Stone moves in with her grandmother after being cheated on by her fianc with none other than her own sister Soon after moving in with her grandmother, Lacy answers the door to find the police They arrest her grandmother for murder This is the first murder that Lacy solves.Lacy is a very believable character You will enjoy reading [...]

  13. This was really a fun read A good story about Lacey Steele, who is a writer who lives with her grandmother in the same small town she grew up in She had moved back from New York City after a failed relationship The story is about her grandmother being arrested for murder, which is so unbelievable because she is this sweet old lady It has some love interests with a new preacher and the boy from high school who was out of her league but now is the towns policeman Very good no swearing, sex or viol [...]

  14. Very easy reading Keep my interest as each character offered to the story The mystery and secrets were kept to the end, just when I thought I figured it out, I was wrong I could fall into the small town feeling while reading, and sometimes wished a town could be that close Realizing, every town has its gossip, mean, and sweet people I just wanted to keep reading cozy with a blanket wrapped around me and tea I will continue with the series, hoping the characters grow and keep me interested.

  15. Lacy Steele lives with her grandma, since returning home after her heart is broken and she feels betrayed Jason the local cop and Tosh the local pastor enter her life after her grandma is arrested for murder Lacy is determined to learn the truth about the dead woman and uncovers than she expected The secrets come out and the reason for the woman being killed You never see it coming as the murderer goes for Lacy Its a fun read with interesting characters Each secondary character has their own se [...]

  16. The pages turned right from the start and never paused until the end You got to know the people in the town and some interesting things about them as Lacy valiantly fought to stave off the attentions of her suitors The mystery of why the murder was committed was a really surprising twist and who did it was even of a surprise, both not revealed until the last chapter without a hint throughout the book.It was a well done murder mystery and will look out for in the series.

  17. While not overt, this falls squarely in what I would categorize as faith based fiction Any time a young minister although in my lifetime as an Episcopalian I have never heard one refer to himself as a Protestant Pastor shows up as a main character, it s a pretty safe bet there will be no swearing or premarital sex to be found.That being said, the characters are reasonably complex, not overly preachy and generally likeable.

  18. It s possible to read the whole thing in one sitting if you do what I did, and keep desperately skimming to try and find the parts of this murder mystery that actually have to do with a murder mystery The novel is 70% romance, which some may find appealing, but I found off putting it undermines the mystery solver because she spends time thinking about her love life than trying to prove her own grandmother innocent of murder.

  19. Decent mystery, there was the whodunit and a secret to figure out The author did well on the secret, giving clues so you could figure it out, but didn t broadcast it so much that you couldn t miss it A bit less successful on the whodunit, howeverere wasn t really any clue to guide you to solve the murder I liked the characters, they were fairly believable, and room for further development if she carries on with them in further books Worth reading.

  20. This book kept me guessing.I enjoyed the way I did not follow anything to know who did it.I like the fact the Lacy was trying to make it living with her grandma She paid her grandma so much for living with her, but she did not have a car so she used her grandma s.She lost the guy she cared for to her sister.She moved from NY back to her hometown.They kept me guessing and I like that kind of boo.Way to Go

  21. This was pretty darn good I had figured out most of the plot points by the middle of the book, but there were still a few surprises for me in the end I had planned on reading a different series before I finished this one, but the other series has 5 books and this has only 3 at least that we own The other series can wait.

  22. I loved this first book It was a great cozy murder mystery book Lacy s first murder I thought the book was a nice change from language and smut as most mystery books contain This was a very good easy read I look forward to reading the rest of the series

  23. Really good book This is number one in a series and I ve already downloaded 2 to read on my kindle I hope it s as good It stuck to the story without a lot of other meaningless chatter, and excessive dialogue.

  24. Extremely EntertainingAn exceptionally well written book that reminds me of the Nancy Drew mysteries from my childhood I enjoyed those and thoroughly enjoyed reading this book There is no obscenity and no torrid love scenes Just well written entertainment Excellent so enjoy

  25. A Surprise I didn t think this book would be as good as it was Lacy sure had a lot of insecurities, but still managed to be a grown up How she kept her head with her grandmother in jail is amazing Good story line and characters.

  26. Cheap Kindle book Very predictable Lacy Steele returns home, a woman is killed, her grandmother is accused of murder, dead woman her real grandmother, leaves everything to her, waitress murderer, former high school principal her real grandfather.

  27. Nice easy read Main character seemed a bit naive at points and I was a bit disappointed in the ending, but I think the author is setting up for a sequel.On the plus side, has some interesting plot twists.

  28. I was hoping to find a new cozy mystery to follow but this didn t quite make it for me I was surprised by the ending but most of the characters and the plot seemed silly I won t be reading any of this series.

  29. This was a thoroughly charming little story The characters were well fleshed out and interesting The mystery was very mysterious The romantic triangle was well done I really enjoyed this quick , fun little book I cant wait to see what Lacy gets into in the next installment.

  30. Kept me interestedI m not usually one for light fiction or romances, either one, but this book was pretty good considering it was both light and a romance It had a good plot line and likeable characters, and did keep me interested until the end.

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