White: The Great Pursuit

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  • [PDF] White: The Great Pursuit | by ✓ Ted Dekker
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White: The Great Pursuit

  1. Ted Dekker is known for novels that combine adrenaline laced stories with unexpected plot twists, unforgettable characters, and incredible confrontations between good and evil Ted lives in Austin with his wife LeeAnn and their four children.

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  1. Unfortunately I had a tough time with this book In the beginning, I was pretty bored It felt so similar to the second book in the series I was hoping for it to make a big change, like between the first and second book, but it didn t Then, when things started happening, it got worse The instalove, and accompanying melodrama, was just too much It was so ridiculous, and it made it difficult for me to focus on anything else I was hoping the ending would salvage it and bring my rating up to three sta [...]

  2. Wow Took me a long time with school and such BUT THAT ENDING AHHHHH LIKE WHAT SO WOW WOW WOW I DONT EVEN know what to say

  3. The Circle starts out as a flawed due to Dekker s poor characterization but enjoyable fantasy epic with a powerful allegorical message about God s love for His people, but as the trilogy progresses, Dekker s story increasingly falters, and by the end it unravels on itself, leading two very good volumes into a disappointing conclusion.Once again, Dekker fails to resolve his story in a meaningful or concise manner, and a promising trilogy ends on a disappointing note The novel in itself is not ent [...]

  4. It s rather dissapointing when you invest enough of yourself into a story to read than one installment, just to find out it gets progressively worse You get a really bad feeling that s too close to I lost my time to feel confortable I m not going to make this long, there s no need to even try Summary It started off well, then lost it Maybe it was the actual writing, or maybe I just didn t feel the magic any.

  5. WellI finished the trilogy though now a book titled Green is out so I guess it s no longer a trilogy, even though this one ties up the existing story line This one is in my opinion better than the second in the series and I give it a good solid not bad There is however a but But.ese books could have been far better than they are The way they are plotted the way the characters are presented even the way the story is told, all are a bit stilted In an effort to be, I suppose meaningful and to tie t [...]

  6. Reads final page Blinks Reads final page again Rushes over and yanks copy of Showdown out of bookshelf to verify statements on final page THAT S how Thomas ended up in the black forest ButbutI don t evenO_OThis whole series is a time paradox I love it.

  7. Well, it s over I guess that s good It feels bad to slam on a book series that so many other people evidently love from reading other reviews here on I guess I just can t let religion trump realism or logic or frankly, good storytelling I suppose folks appreciative of this trilogy would say that s my problem I feel like there was real missed potential here The author keeps the plot moving quickly with good action and set pieces Unfortunately everything else is sacrificed along the way All the l [...]

  8. A Great Finale to a Fantastic Trilogy,Dekker really finishes off the Circle Trilogy with style.This book was by far the best of the 3 and, although you really must read the first 2 to truly understand this book, Dekker does not dissapoint with the conclusion to this very long trilogy.The story, including the metaphors of Christ s sacrifice for mankind, is brought home and shows the truly great talent that Dekker has for writing.In this final installment, we are shown how the virus from this worl [...]

  9. 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful 5.0 out of 5 stars If you hated the ending you missed the point April 21, 2006Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about a book What grabs one leaves another flat But those who chided Dekker for weak storylines in this third book of his trilogy missed the point.In fairness let me say that I felt the same way at first In White it seemed like the things going on in our world ended in a very anti climactic way Thomas Hunter s blood saves everyon [...]

  10. He was riding into insanity to fetch a woman who despite his misguided assumptions did not love him And Susan was enabling him because she knew that once Thomas of Hunter put his mind to something, he always saw it through That, and the romance in her own spirit, was cheering him on All fine and good, but what if he didn t come back He d drawn her along with his infectious passion but what if it all went badly If Thomas was dead by morning, she would share the blame Be careful Thomas, it will be [...]

  11. I am not the sort of person who reads stories, let alone Christian novels I like to pretend I m better than books such as White, but after reading the entire trilogy, I can say that Dekker s writing style both surprised and pleased me.I m not sure if White was better written than Black and Red or if I simply got used to Dekker s once annoying prose and fragmented style Either way, it seemed as though White was less fragmented than the previous books and the prose seemed to be about the love sto [...]

  12. A Great Finale to a Fantastic Trilogy,Dekker really finishes off the Circle Trilogy with style.This book was by far the best of the 3 and, although you really must read the first 2 to truly understand this book, Dekker does not dissapoint with the conclusion to this very long trilogy.The story, including the metaphors of Christ s sacrifice for mankind, is brought home and shows the truly great talent that Dekker has for writing.In this final installment, we are shown how the virus from this worl [...]

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  14. First of allWow I would not have thought it possible, but Ted Dekker has managed to make, White, even amazing than Black or Red What an amazing journey What an amazing story I am always in awe of an author that can create a story, a world of such magnitude as this But to create two This third installment was everything that the first two wered The action, the adventure, love story enveloping these two worlds I am truly left speechless.Ted Dekker is a master at creating a world of true good vs [...]

  15. A great wrap up of the Circlu trilogy by Ted Dekker Keeps you hooked from the moment you pick it up.Publisher s SummaryIn this final installment of Ted Dekker s groundbreaking Circle Trilogy, Thomas Hunter has only days to survive two separate realms of danger, deceit, and destruction The fate of both worlds hinges on his unique ability to shift realities through his dreams.In one world, a lethal virus threatens to destroy all life as scientists and governments scramble to find an antidote In th [...]

  16. After investing over 1,000 pages in these three books of the original trilogy, I am happy to have spent hours reading of the Great Romance These three books greatly display what it means to be a Christian and what it means to be loved and pursued by a Creator who sees you as perfect I struggled with the first book Black because to me it felt too overdone with romance As the series continued it all began to flesh out and make sense Since the release of the trilogy, Ted Dekker published, Green, a [...]

  17. Book three of the Circle Trilogy finds Thomas still caught between two worlds In one world the virus still threatens to destroy all life as everyone in the world scrambles to find an antidote In the other world a forbidden love threatens to destroy everything Thomas has worked so hard to keep safe Thomas can bridge both worlds but may not be able to save wither The fate of both worlds comes down to the choice of one man Everything will be transformed by the choice this man will make in the final [...]

  18. In this mind bending adventure, Thomas Hunter must find a way to rewrite the history that will affect the fate of two realities He navigates a whirlwind of emotions and events surrounding the pending apocalypse The Fate of these worlds come down to one man s choice Life, Death, Love, nothing is as it seems All will be transformed by Thomas s decision in the final hours of the great pursuit I am just blown away by this series I just love complex, intricate, thought provoking plots and Dekker deli [...]

  19. Review coming soon stay tuned Update Yeah bitches I finished the Circle series, and I m damn proud of myself for having done so White The Great Pursuit picks up where Red The Heroic Rescue left off I had read some other unrelated books in between, but once you read Ted Dekker, you don t forget where you were when you begin the next book I enjoyed the fast pace of the series and the unpredictability of events leading up to the closure Very good ending as Thomas of Hunter comes full circle

  20. Esperaba mucho m s Un final mejor, no tan milagrosamente raro La saga logr atraparme a pesar de su clara tendencia religiosa y mis prejuicios debido a esto, y me entretuve bastante, pero en cada libro el final lograba convertirse en una suerte de sistema evangelizador y la tercera y ultima entrega no est lejos de sus predecesores, siendo incluso menos sutil al momento de abordar los temas biblicosY el final, pens que ser a espectacular y no lo fue Lo pas bastante bien con la saga, pero no la vol [...]

  21. This review is being written four years after the fact My father recommended this series, otherwise I would never have picked it up I enjoyed it at the time, though a lot of stuff bugged me namely, that the real world plot was pretty unbelievable, and the alternate world plot got fairly heavy handed with Christian allegory.That said, four years later, a lot of the imagery from this series has stuck with me If I thought it a bit hokey back then, now I d say it s enjoyable in hindsight, and maybe [...]

  22. The conclusion to the circle trilogy does a decent job at ending this wonderful adventure The series as a whole is much better than this final volume which seemed to stall from time to time It also left a few too many unanswered questions and took too many liberties to truly be great As a trilogy Dekker has created a beautiful story that is filled with symbolism, faith, and religion This in no ordinary tale of good versus evil I would give the trilogy 4 to 4.5 stars as a whole tale rather than t [...]

  23. So I loved the first two but this last one was way too over the top with the Christian metaphors that weren t so metaphorical My faultI should have read some reviews before committing to the trilogy Just unprepared All in all, entertaining with good character development Like his writing style, but I do dislike someone who makes the assumption that I haven t read the previous books and need to be reminded of the plot line Not as bad as Goodkind or anything But these books were all released in th [...]

  24. Of the trilogy, this book culminates in a graphic portrayal of a relationship with Elyon God Being emotionally drawn into the story, one can almost feel the surreal arms of God The reader s presuppositions about Christianity and God Himself will be challenged through the pages Mine were altered dramatically, in that, I actually left the religious cult of which I had been a part for 20 years.This is one of 5 novels that I always keep on my personal bookshelves Others may come and go, but this one [...]

  25. Estoy sin palabras Quiero llorar, de verdad que voy a estallar en l grimas.Tengo el coraz n con muchos sentimientos, pues este libro, me parti.el coraz n, no porque estuvo mal la historia, es porque simplemente estuvo FASCINANTE.No tengo palabras para describir el libro, pero me encant.Me dio l stima el final de Thomas, pero fue para bien de la humanidad.Quiero agradecer a mi hermana por insistirme para que lea esta serie Ahora tengo una nueva serie favorita de libros Espero leer el libro cero, [...]

  26. The last in the trilogy, it wasn t till the end in which the parallel between Thomas Hunter and Jesus Christ was made abundantly clear that I bawled my eyes out I ve never reacted that way over any other work of fiction before or since, but there was something about this particular fictional story that made me realize the reality and beauty of the Gospel in a profound way Kudos to Ted Dekker for his ability to craft such a powerful story I consider this trilogy his masterpiece.

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