The Half Brother

The Half Brother This Nordic Prize winning novel a truly gripping epic relates the lives of four generations of a unique and strange family with touching intimacy and surreal comedy Traces four generations of a fami

This Nordic Prize winning novel, a truly gripping epic, relates the lives of four generations of a unique and strange family with touching intimacy and surreal comedy.Traces four generations of a family marked by the untimely birth of Fred, a misfit and boxer conceived during a devastating rape who forges an unusual friendship with his younger half brother, Barnum.

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The Half Brother

  1. Lars Saabye Christensen is a gifted storyteller, a narrator who is imaginative, but equally down to earth His realism alternates between poetic image and ingenious incident, conveyed in supple metropolitan language and slang that never smacks of the artificial or forced His heroes possess a good deal of self irony Indeed, critics have drawn parallels with the black humour of Woody Allen But beneath the liveliness of his portrayal melancholy always lurks in the books.Since his d but in 1976 Saabye Christensen has written ten collections of poetry, five collections of short stories and twelve novels His great break through came with the novel Beatles in 1984 The book store sale of over 200,000 copies of the Norwegian edition has made this one of the greatest commercial successes in Norway, and it was voted the best novel of the last 25 years by Dagbladet s readers in 2006.

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  2. Terrific novel about failure Some of the scenes will stay with you for ever I promise you will not be able to look at a discus again in the same way I don t really know Norwegian, but I persevered and got through it in the original He has a wonderful style.

  3. Lars Saabye Christensen n 1953 Meio Irm o do noruegu s Lars Saabye Christensen n 1953 uma hist ria assombrosa de quatro gera es de uma singular fam lia norueguesa numa narrativa filtrada pela mente de Barnum Nilsen.A hist ria que tem in cio em 1945, no final da 2 Guerra Mundial, na cidade de Oslo, narrada por Barnum, o membro mais novo da fam lia Nilsen, em que ficamos a conhecer Vera, a sua m e, Boletta, a sua av , e a Velha , a sua bisav tr s mulheres, com rela es m tuas inesquec veis e viv nc [...]

  4. Just about the time when Scandinavian mystery novels were starting to set the world on fire, a regular old non mystery and therefore under the radar Norwegian novel, The Half Brother was published here in the U.S This wonderfully chubby really it s uber chubby at almost 800 pages novel, winner of the 2001 Nordic Prize, is the story of 4 generations of an extended Norwegian family The Oslo s are a family of drunks, con artists, mutes and charmers all able to stumble through life seemingly only be [...]

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  6. Pi libri cos , per favore Una gigantesca epopea famigliare ambientata in Norvegia tra il 1945 e la fine degli anni novanta Temi fondamentali sono il tempo, l assenza, i luoghi d appartenenza, i rapporti famigliari, la menzogna Barnum Nilsen, protagonista e narratore, infatti, uno sceneggiatore, uno che con la fantasia ci lavora per professione e in quanto tale estremamente inaffidabile Spargo la polvere del racconto e lascio che fiorisca nella bocca di tutti come un bouquet fiorito della menzogn [...]

  7. I really enjoyed this one To me it was an intelligent The World According to Garp.A book of mysteries, men missing, strong women, brutal men, boxing, alcoholism, coincidences, bullying, black humour, film, books and people who have physical challenges fat, short, disfigurement It s a long book, with long paragraphs and with immense imagery I ll miss the world that the author produced.Barnum the narrator, his con man father, his brooding brother, his loving mother, grandmother and the Old One who [...]

  8. I have a distinct penchant for long novels in the last six months, I have read The Luminaries and The Goldfinch and reread Middlemarch , but I m not sure I ever remember reading a novel that felt quite as long as The Half Brother By the end I felt as if I had lived through the childhood and adolescence of the protagonist, Barnum Nilsen, in real time That s not at all to suggest that I didn t enjoy this novel It s an easy and pleasant read for the most part, and often very striking, though it sla [...]

  9. This is an astonishing and generally underrated novel set up in post World War II Oslo Before the discovering of oil in the North Sea Before Statoil came Before Norway became a rich and wealthy country.The Half Brother may be considered the Norwegian answer to The Tin Drum.Lars Saabye Christensen is masterful in narrating the growth of the two brothers Barnum and Fred the last one meaning peace in Norwegian The dislessical, pugnacious Fred is a marvellous negative character who takes his strengt [...]

  10. Considered by some a masterpiece, this book is tough sledding to read Huge in pages, it chronicles the disjointed activities of one very eccentric Norwegian family over several decades, beginning with a rape in 1945 The epicenter of the Nilsen family hurricane is the passive, yet taut relationship between the two half brothers, Fred and Barnum who is also the narrator The book is often chronologically incoherent, and frequently borders on the surreal However, there is a tension that compels the [...]

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  14. This review originally appeared in Issue 12 of The Cambridge Book Review Winner of the 2002 Nordic Prize for Literature, Lars Saabye Christensen s epic about a Norwegian family living in Oslo in the wake of Nazi occupation, has achieved major critical acclaim and commercial success wherever it has been published Having conquered than twenty countries to date, Christensen s The Half Brother translated from the Norwegian by Kenneth Steven is now poised to take North America in true Viking fashion [...]

  15. I liked this book at the very beginning, with the minute telling of the women s story, then on to Arnold s story, but then it went on to Barnum s story, and on and on and on and on Barnum had the longest childhood of any character I can remember, and, as his story progressed, I liked him less and was interested in him less I was disappointed in the ending because it left so many things hanging view spoiler I assume Fred was the father of Vivian s child, though that was never confirmed And, am I [...]

  16. Major themes here are fraternal love and friendship the story takes place in Oslo Norway between 1945 and late 70s, within a family which goes through a series of dramas that statistically are not likely to happen in a single household.Overall, I liked the characters, but I found the story too unrealistic But the thing that annoyed me was the writing style, that I found too wordy and prolix Even minor details are depicted with a depth that I found sometime irritating.If the author had kept it to [...]

  17. On every page this writer creates hope and believe in my heart And because of this I could never be sure, even though I knew from the first page I loved it

  18. De Halfbroervan de Noorse auteur Lars Saabye Christensen is het verhaal van de twee halfbroers Fred en Barnum De verteller van het verhaal heet Barnum Die naam vond de dominee zo raar, dat hij hem niet wilde dopen Maar Barnum s vader heeft een goede reden voor zijn keus Als jonge man verliet hij zijn huis op de Lofoten en ging werken bij een circus Hier leerde hij van de circusdirecteur een grote wijsheid Barnum maakte de wereld tot zijn circus Hij wilde de wereld laten lachen en laten dansen en [...]

  19. Christensen tegner et godt bilde av en familie p femti tallet Stemningen er god, man simpelthen kjenner lukten av t rkeloft og gamle vegger, og bildene Christensen maler er klare som krystall Likevel er historien mangelfull p viktige punkter Hva er det egentlig Christensen nsker fortelle Hvor er det han vil Historien vikles inn i tr der som sant nok gir romanen liv, men som likevel dekker til den r de tr den.

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