The Enchantment of Lily Dahl

The Enchantment of Lily Dahl The protagonist of Siri Hustvedt s astonishing second novel is a heroine of the old style tough beautiful and brave Standing at the threshold of adulthood she enters a new world of erotic adventure

The protagonist of Siri Hustvedt s astonishing second novel is a heroine of the old style tough, beautiful, and brave Standing at the threshold of adulthood, she enters a new world of erotic adventure, profound but unexpected friendship, and inexplicable, frightening acts of madness Lily s story is also the story of a small town Webster, Minnesota where people are broThe protagonist of Siri Hustvedt s astonishing second novel is a heroine of the old style tough, beautiful, and brave Standing at the threshold of adulthood, she enters a new world of erotic adventure, profound but unexpected friendship, and inexplicable, frightening acts of madness Lily s story is also the story of a small town Webster, Minnesota where people are brought together by a powerful sense of place, both geographical and spiritual Here gossip, secrets, and storytelling are as essential to the bond among its people as the borders that enclose the town.The real secret at the heart of the book is the one that lies between reality and appearances, between waking life and dreams, at the place where imagination draws on its transforming powers in the face of death.

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The Enchantment of Lily Dahl

  1. Hustvedt was born in Northfield, Minnesota Her father Lloyd Hustvedt was a professor of Scandinavian literature, and her mother Ester Vegan emigrated from Norway at the age of thirty She holds a B.A in history from St Olaf College and a Ph.D in English from Columbia University her thesis on Charles Dickens was entitled Figures of Dust A Reading of Our Mutual Friend.Hustvedt has mainly made her name as a novelist, but she has also produced a book of poetry, and has had short stories and essays on various subjects published in among others The Art of the Essay, 1999, The Best American Short Stories 1990 and 1991, The Paris Review, Yale Review, and Modern Painters.Like her husband Paul Auster, Hustvedt employs a use of repetitive themes or symbols throughout her work Most notably the use of certain types of voyeurism, often linking objects of the dead to characters who are relative strangers to the deceased characters most notable in various facits in her novels The Blindfold and The Enchantment of Lily Dahl and the exploration of identity She has also written essays on art history and theory see Essay collections and painting and painters often appear in her fiction, most notably, perhaps, in her novel, What I Loved.She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband, writer Paul Auster, and their daughter, singer and actress Sophie Auster.

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  1. This is a weird book There s no other way to describe it it s extremely strange It s one of Siri Hustvedt s earlier novels, originally published in 1996, seven years before her masterpiece What I Loved What surprised me the most about The Enchantment of Lily Dahl is how different in tone it is to What I Loved and Hustvedt s subsequent novels It doesn t quite feel like it was written by someone else there s a discernible similarity in style, particularly evident in the constant pervading sense of [...]

  2. SEXY and EERIE.For a grown up man like me, what a way to celebrate Halloween This book has that eerie feeling that one gets by reading Emilie Bronte s Wuthering Heights and at the same time watching an R 18 movie with frontal nudity Lily Dahl, this novel s main protagonist, is a 19 y o county girl who is a waitress in a highway side cafe in a small sleepy town in America, Webster, Minnesota She is dreaming for a better life as an actress by going to New York So, aside from working as a waitress, [...]

  3. Despite early reservations, I kept reading The Enchantment of Lily Dahl, but I wouldn t necessarily say that I loved the novel in the end It s a strange book populated by a cast of characters so odd it seems impossible that they should all end up in the same story.There s Lily, the 19 year old waitress who worships Marilyn Monroe and dreams of becoming an actress There s Mabel, her elderly next door neighbour, who can t sleep and spends her time writing the story of her life There s Dick and Fra [...]

  4. An unsettling tale set in small town America Centred on 19 year old Lily Dahl, a waitress and aspiring actress, it is part rites of passage and part psychological thriller, populated with a memorable cast of eccentric misfits Probably not the best starting point for anyone who has not read any Hustvedt, but still interesting, enjoyable and well written.

  5. Erst dachte ich dieses Buch wird so ein naja sooo toll isses jetzt nicht Buch, aber die zweite H lfte des Buches hat mich berzeugt Da war f r mich ein Handlungsfaden drin und ich konnte der Protagonistin Lily Dahl auch emotional folgen Es ist nicht mein liebstes Hustvedt Buch, aber allumfassend hab ich es dann doch gern zu Ende gelesen.

  6. The book drew me in my its seductive descriptions of Lily s attraction to Ed an artist painting in the street I liked the descriptions of their erotic world very much it was understated and honest There was a surreal quality to the book, at one point in the narrative I wondered whether the strange events were occurring only in Lily s consciousness The enchantment of Lily occurs on a number of levels she enchants others her ex Hank and the disturbed Martin and Ed and the creative life in Lily s c [...]

  7. I usually need about 50 pages to get drawn in by siri but unfortunately this didn t happen with this book Thematically there were many similarities to What I Loved but they were much engagingly and intriguingly explored in What I Loved, particularly the themes of changelings, memory and identity I found it a struggle to finish this book and therefore wouldn t recommend it.

  8. Twelve pages into this book and you realize two things first, Siri Hustvedt has so many hooks that if this were an album you d be singing along by the third time you heard it Second, there s a spiritual connection between this book and Sherwood Anderson s odd masterpiece, Winesburg, Ohio, in both its small townness and the entwined themes of identity and sexuality.A little further into the book and you may also be thinking of Edward Hopper s paintings of American loneliness There are times when [...]

  9. It s interesting to me that other reviews have discussed the notion of mystery in this novel, as if this is the central core I agree that there are mysterious things happening, but they seem to me to simply be the sum total of life in a small town where idiosyncrasy can often reign This novel is well written and thoughtful, it creates a series of slightly, but well drawn characters who bring and overall sense of truth to the story Hustvedt s skill always seems to me to be foremost in her underst [...]

  10. There were some good nuggets in there but as with her other novels, I find the story so creepy and the characters so wildly unlikable except Mabel that it wasn t worth the read So over Siri Hustvedt.

  11. Goodness She writes about Baliwan episodes in all of her novels, but she keeps the voice different and very much independent across all of her works This gave me a rollercoaster of emotions, especially when the novel is nearing its end.Mahal kita, Tita Siri Hello from an avid fan Hopefully I ll have the chance to meet you when I made a sidetrip to US as part of my PeruperuChicken2019 adventure.

  12. I tr d med Hustvedts andre romaner v kker fort llingen om Lily Dahl sp rgsm lene om, hvordan noget overhovedet kan defineres som rigtigt og virkeligt og om ikke alting altid afh nger af jnene der ser Perception synes at v re et gennemg ende tema for Hustvedts forfatterskab, men trods fokusset p perception og gensynet med b de karakterer Barometeret n vnes ganske kort og kunstneriske skabelser fort llekasser , var det sv rt at genkende hende i fort llingen Jeg vil s dvanligvis betegne mig selv so [...]

  13. Lily is a cafe waitress with acting ambitions, who during the rehersals of a local production of A Midsummer Night s Dream unwittingly arouses the attentions of fellow actor and childhood friend Martin He seems to want something with Lily that can t be stated outright and which is linked to their past, but Lily only has eyes for new in town artist Edward They embark on an affair, but the small town gossip suggests Edward is not all that he seems and as the story unfolds Lily s behaviour becomes [...]

  14. While most of this story was thoroughly engrossing and washed you in the depths of a dream world, I did not find the end satisfying Endings in many books are ambiguous, and leave the reader asking questions and thinking what exactly the story meant The same story can mean many different things to many readers I wanted to be able to feel this way when I finished the book, because it was beautifully written, but I didn t know the right questions to ask at the end of this one I felt like the writer [...]

  15. This was a strange little book that I am finding hard to categorise, it wasnt exactly a mystery or a thriller but it contained elements of suspense it wasnt exactly magic realism but the lines between illusion and reality were blurred I loved the authors attention to detail and her recording of the small details of life I also love stories that contain bizzare characters in small towns but the authors blending of fantasy and reality was confusing at times I also found the character of Martin Pet [...]

  16. I enjoy Hustvedt s writing Her writing is sophisticated and often has the arts world literary world as a backdrop.I read What I Loved A Novel, and was hoping I d be as much into Lily Dahl as I was What I Loved, set in NYC, which was intricate in terms of character development and the relationships between the characters The setting for Lily Dahl was Webster, Minnesota Either Hustvedt spent some time living in small town Minnesota, or she did some solid research It seemed fairly spot on I didn t [...]

  17. I loved some of the characters Lily s neighbor, the unwashed brothers, the owner of the cafe where she works I had mixed feelings about her romantic relationships.

  18. I really liked this And I found some of the reviews really weird I kept looking for the unfathomable ground in the middle of the book where Lily cannot make head or tail of strange happenings It reads quite a lot like a fairly typical murder mystery in this middle section I think it s supposed to encapsulate all things stereotypical of small town communities poverty, gossip, inbreeding, narrow horizons but Hustvedt breaks these images the wise words from Filthy Frank, the tolerant views from Dol [...]

  19. I ve heard of this author previously and I ve always wanted to try reading a work from her Especially since she seems to be known for her beautiful prose When I chanced upon a book from her in booksale, I couldn t let it pass I m glad I gave her a try I definitely loved her fluid writing and how vivid her characterizations are The topic and how the story when suddenly to a mystery thriller type was just not my cup of tea, because I hadn t expected it so I guess I was caught off guard and it took [...]

  20. She had been watching him for three weeks She Lily Dahl A young girl staring at a painter across the street.It s no surprise that a love affair follows I liked the writing, I could relate to the main character though I m old enough to be her mom An interesting setting, an atmosphere full of mystery A coming of age novel, in a sense A relatively simple and short book that touches on many vital topics, such as love, lust, loss, loyalty, pregnancy, friendship, art and life in a small town I will de [...]

  21. J ai fini le livre 4 5 mais une semaine apr s il m envo te toujours autantCe livre est le r cit d une jeune femme sensible ce et ceux qui l entourent Et je ne cesse de trouver encore du sens tout ce qu il s y est pass J ai le sentiment d avoir rencontr quelqu un d exceptionnel sans qu elle n ait pourtant rien d extraordinaire si ce n est une me clatanteJ ai retrouv la tendresse un peu cruelle que Siri Hustvedt arrive conf rer ses personnages.

  22. Ihastuttavan kummallinen hahmokavalkadi muistutti John Watersin elokuvista ja toisaalta keskil nnen pikkukaupungin salaper inen tunnelma oli kuin suoraan Twin Peaksist Romaanissa oli kiinnostavaa pohdintaa identiteetist ja sen h ilyvyydest , mutta loppuratkaisu ei oikein tuntunut sopivan muun kirjan tunnelmaan tai logiikkaan.

  23. Although Hustvedt has not reached her stride in this early novel, she has already mastered her wonderful ability to speak in the different voices of her characters.

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