The Secret of the Indian

The Secret of the Indian The adventure deepens In The Return of the Indian Omri found he could transport himself and his friend Patrick back in history to the dangerous days of his miniature companions Now in the secret of

The adventure deepens In The Return of the Indian, Omri found he could transport himself and his friend Patrick back in history to the dangerous days of his miniature companions Now, in the secret of the indian, Patrick time travels back to the rough and tumble frontier age of his cowboy friend, Boone When he returns to the present day, he s accompanied by a disastThe adventure deepens In The Return of the Indian, Omri found he could transport himself and his friend Patrick back in history to the dangerous days of his miniature companions Now, in the secret of the indian, Patrick time travels back to the rough and tumble frontier age of his cowboy friend, Boone When he returns to the present day, he s accompanied by a disastrous bit of Texas weather that devastates half of England.

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The Secret of the Indian

  1. Lynne Reid Banks is a British author of books for children and adults She has written forty books, including the best selling children s novel The Indian in the Cupboard, which has sold over 10 million copies and been made into a film.Banks was born in London, the only child of James and Muriel Reid Banks She was evacuated to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada during World War II but returned after the war was over She attended St Teresa s School in Surrey Prior to becoming a writer Banks was an actress, and also worked as a television journalist in Britain, one of the first women to do so Her first novel, The L Shaped Room, was published in 1960.In 1962 Banks emigrated to Israel, where she taught for eight years on an Israeli kibbutz Yasur In 1965 she married Chaim Stephenson, with whom she had three sons Although the family returned to England in 1971 and Banks now lives in Dorset with her husband, the influence of her time in Israel can be seen in some of her books which are set partially or mainly on kibbutzim.

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  1. These books are such fun I like that they make kids think about responsibility and putting others first, but never become preachy.

  2. The Secret of the Indian, the third book in the Indian and the Cupboard series, was good It was exciting than the second book, The Return of the Indian, but was not perfect There is drama and excitement, at least a sufficient amount for me to continue reading the series, yet the book started slow and often described past events in the previous book While this could be helpful, it is unnecessary since almost all readers read the first two books before this one.

  3. With our family an ocean away from what was once home, it is entertaining to see what books made it into our suitcases this past September The Secret of the Indian was just such a book I grew up being fascinated with the first installment in this series, but I had not realized there was a string of them It was even entertaining to realize that we had brought a book to England that had been written by a British author All of the phrases that we now recognize as so British were peppered through L [...]

  4. Picking up exactly where Return left off, The Secret of the Indian has a lot happening Patrick, typically, muddles things up by demanding and, bizarrely, succeeding in getting a chance to travel back to Boone s American West while the fallout of the last book s adventures plays out including a suspicious headmaster who glimpsed Little Bear and Boone in the first book.Though satisfying than Return, Secret by continuing the adventurous side of things, isn t as intellectually stimulating as I kno [...]

  5. This book takes up exactly where the previous book, The Return of the Indian left off Omri s parents come home, and Omri and Patrick tell of the attempted burglary Meanwhile, the injured Indians from the previous book s misadventure require expert medical care than their nurse figure can provide Patrick s cousin Emma is let in on the secret and helps to obtain surgical figures from her twin sister In this book, Patrick travels to Boone s time in the Old West and is rescued by Ruby Lou When Patr [...]

  6. I love this book The author keeps the suspense the whole book every time Omri s about to get caught by one of the adults The author keeps the suspense in a good slow way Especially at the climax of the book.The author explains what Omri s and Patrick s feelings are Together author doesn t doesn t just say what they are thinking She says what they see and physical feelings of pain and relief As the air does that it shows what the other person is feeling in a inferring way from the main character [...]

  7. It really feels like this book should have been combined with Return of the Indian It s short, not much happens, and what does happen is pretty much all a direct result of the events of the previous book In that it begins about six hours after that book ends, and completes the plot of the Iroquois injured in Little Bear s battle The only reason I can imagine that they re not combined is that the books were published four years apart, so perhaps Banks hadn t intended to write a third, but, but th [...]

  8. Not as much fun as the previous two books although we loved meeting Ruby I m not sure what part of Texas the author was describing, but it sounded like the deserts of Arizona or New Mexico than the rolling hills of Texas that I m familiar with.A good fantasy makes it seem like what the author is describing COULD be possible, because the rules are consistent Now the rules for the magic cupboard and chest are starting to get muddy Still, this series has been a great discovery for my 9yo son He s [...]

  9. A strong close to the opening 3 stories This featured a return on the warmer and uplifting motifs which I enjoyed so much in The Indian in the Cupboard, and avoiding entirely the overly dark themes of The Return of the Indian.

  10. Hello this is what i think of the secret of the indiansOne of the main charactrers is a kid named Omri and itis mostly about the indians or Native Americans their secretalso this book feels real becaus native americansdid actually exist and this could be based on to real facts overall i enjoyed it.

  11. The Secret of the Indian The Indian in the Cupboard 3 by Lynne Reid Banks Avon Books 1989 Fiction In this installment, Omri must transport into the Indian s world to save England My rating 4 10, finished 2005.

  12. I liked it In this book of it, they have to hill a lot of the Indians that died in the second book and even when the key can bring back everything So Omri got Patrick back cause Patrick went to Texas, he brought back a Tornado to and they have to do it.

  13. I loved this story I even laughed after the cyclone tore through Omri s house The headmaster got what he deserved Omri decides that it is safer to lock the key away, but since there are 2 books in the series, I can t wait to see what kind of adventure will happen next.

  14. I was a bit disappointed with this book There was a lot fluff than action and it was quite repetitive The author dedicated an entire chapter to retell what had happened in the first two books and continued with this throughout the entire book.

  15. This book was a little boring in the first few chapters but then it got interesting I like this book I wish I had a magical key like the one Omri had D

  16. This was actually my favorite of the series so far We see growth from Omni and Patrick, meet Patrick s cousins Tamsin Emma, and finally see the previous remarks about Natives as savage addressed and corrected, Omni standing up to his school headmaster to do so I do love that the experiences Omri, Patrick, Emma have with Little Bear Boone, Bright Stars Matron, Ficketts Ruby, lead the three kids to further their own knowledge about historical events And yet, they still manage to be kids, screw up [...]

  17. This book is really fun because Patric goes back to bones time And that Patric tells Emma about the Indians I also like it because it starts with the ending on the second book It is funny how Omari tries to give the thing back to the Skin heads but they say it will explode if they touch it.I got this book from Santa

  18. I read this book growing up and loved it and all the sequels I chose to read it aloud to my almost six year old I gave it three stars only because of the fact that it has some lying secret keeping from adults as well as some other themes I chose to skip over as i read it aloud I still think the ideas of this book are truly imaginative.

  19. Pretty fun However, in the first book, Mr Johnson the principal was a not unsympathetic character But now he s a bigoted, vain bully I liked Ruby.

  20. My boys still love this series, but I had a couple of reservations about this one based on the ages of my boys Might come back to the last two books another time.

  21. My favorite of the series so far This book had several laugh out loud moments and kept us in suspense on several occasions.

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