The Capture

The Capture It was really bad when Jake found out his older brother was one of them It was even worse when Tobias stayed in his morph too long But nothing compares to the horror the Animorphs are about to face No

It was really bad when Jake found out his older brother was one of them It was even worse when Tobias stayed in his morph too long But nothing compares to the horror the Animorphs are about to face Nothing.Jake and the other Animorphs have a feeling they know where the Yeerks new base is located And they ve found out how to get in how many people will really noticeIt was really bad when Jake found out his older brother was one of them It was even worse when Tobias stayed in his morph too long But nothing compares to the horror the Animorphs are about to face Nothing.Jake and the other Animorphs have a feeling they know where the Yeerks new base is located And they ve found out how to get in how many people will really notice a few flies on the wall But they never figured that they might get caught Or that Jake could fall into the Yeerk pool That Jake could become a human Controller A Yeerk The enemy.

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The Capture

  1. also published under the name Katherine Applegate

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  1. The introductions to these characters are over, so now it s time to get real, I guess With POV books from all the characters excepting Ax in the bag, these kids are now all in on the fight against the Yeerks, even if they re not really sure what that means at this point Sure, they ve had some harrowing experiences this whole thing was started with an alien brutally murdering another in front of them, after all , but they re kids, and so they don t yet know what it really means to fight a war, es [...]

  2. The major story stuff doesn t start until halfway through the book, but man, this book gets a bit dark It looks at what it s like to be enslaved by a yeerk and it totally raises the stakes of the series All the characters are just so on point and I love this series

  3. Are you ready for this Guys, are you ready for this It doesn t matter what you answered You are not ready for this None of the preceding five books could prepare us for The Capture.See, the Yeerks have built a shiny new hospital that they have staffed with Controllers That way, they can infect the people who go there for treatment including powerful people, like the state governor, who might one day be the President of the United States Yikes So the Animorphs come up with a plan to infiltrate th [...]

  4. Wow, this one was so creepily claustrophobic When Jake got infected by the Yeerk, well, I had a hard time reading this as an adult, the feelings of futility and powerlessness, I can t imagine how scary this would read to a 10 year old Or maybe the reality of those things is blunted

  5. Brought to you by The Moonlight Library In Animorphs Book 6 The Capture, Jake and the Animorphs find out that the Yeerks are taking over a local hospital in the hopes of infesting the future President of the United States They decide to shut the operation pun HA HA down but in doing so, Jake gets infested with a Yeerk and becomes a Controller.Jake doesn t actually get infested until well past the half way mark The Yeerk who infests him is pretty damned stupid and or arrogant and thinks he can ta [...]

  6. Jake gets taken by a Yeerk I ve been reading too many romance novels and am uncomfortable about how I phrased that Ever since The Worst Bestsellers pitched the idea for a gritty Animorphs Netflix reboot, I keep picturing how I would write scenes and plot points for this TV adaptation no one has hired me to do and that doesn t exist.To start with, I was disappointed that view spoiler everyone figures out so quickly that Jake is be Yeerked I guess this had to be the case, because if the Yeerk were [...]

  7. Oh, gross, the one with the roaches and the flies, and the Yeerk in Jake s head That s really the most interesting thing about this book getting a glimpse of the Yeerks from the inside, in a way Jake learning all about the Yeerk as he dies It s one good way, along with having an Andalite on the team, to have them learn about the enemy, another good way for them to learn what to do And something like this was bound to happen sooner or later, and sooner or later it d have to be dealt with.The othe [...]

  8. In this book, the Animorphs learn that the Yeerks have taken over a hospital and are infecting everyone that checks in there They re spurred into action when they discover that their state s Governor, a future presidential candidate, is checking in for surgery there next week When the Animorphs attempt to destroy the hospital s Yeerk pool, Jake falls in and is infected Fortunately the Animorphs quickly realize what s happened, and hold him captive for three days until the Yeerk dies of Kandrona [...]

  9. Close encounter of the Yeerk kind here This one really showed what exactly they were fighting for, and what it s like to be a Controller The Yeerk s death was rather creepy, though there is no real humanity to them as of yet More really good descriptions of the morphs and the animal senses and instincts Some growth, as they are starting to plan and think big, and actually try the morphs first Some signs of stress and strain from everything they have gone through as well More grades slipping, nig [...]

  10. Another one that I remember so, so vividly I can t believe how great these early books are, and the places they go so early on because the premise is just so chilling and great Congrats, kids your main character and the very leader of your resistance has been infested with a Yeerk The last part of this book is so focused on interiority, for obvious reasons, as Jake becomes a prisoner in his own head And it also bowls me over with Jake feelings, Tom feelings, and freakin Yeerk feelings, as you le [...]

  11. Awww, heck Let s call this one a high 4, low 5.It punches you right in the feels.Or, it punched me right in the feels And I don t generally get affected like that by books I ve got a cold, robot heart.Compared to the previous books, the story doesn t progress very far This book really just focuses on one event But it s just handled so well Sidenote You reference The Fly, but not Metamorphosis Wasted reference potential there, book I mean, I guess the target audience wouldn t really know Franz Ka [...]

  12. I have to say K.A Applegate does such a masterful job coming up with different suspenseful situations for these kids to get into This one is one of my favorite situations so far.

  13. Well, we ve always known there s a lot of danger to the missions the Animorphs take on but never has it hit quite so close to home If Jake, or anyone else for that matter, had any doubts left about if what they were doing was worth it, I would say that this squashes them like a bug No, no Animorph bug squashing actually happened, thankfully It was interesting to get to see inside the head of a Controller, and see just how the Yeerks may interact with their host In a way, it almost humanized them [...]

  14. 6 is just too horrifically gross to enjoy it s animorphs, though that happens sometimes it s fine but there IS this I realized then that there is a very basic difference between Yeerks and humans.A human will fight even when he knows he can t win Maybe our species is just a little crazy But human history is full of cases where a handful of guys would fight an entire army They d get stomped, but they d fight anyway.That s not the way it is for Yeerks They are ruthless They will do anything, absol [...]

  15. I only have vague memories of some of the plots of these books This one I did remember was about Jake being infested by a Yeerk, but, as always it seems, there was tons going on in this book that I had completely forgotten In my memory, Jake was taken over about a quarter of the book in and the rest was his struggles, but nope That only happens about halfway through the story and considering how short these things are, you do the math on how much page time that means this plot line actually get [...]

  16. During a mission to hinder the Yeerks plan, something goes awry that puts the Animorphs in jeopardy a Yeerk gains control of Jake Now they must fight the Yeerk that controls their friend and leader.PlotAfter discovering the Yeerks newest plot to gain power on Earth, the Animorphs rush in to stop them, but this time with some complications.I really liked The Capture, if my five star rating was any indication, and it was for the plot Specifically, the section where Jake has the Yeerk in his head N [...]

  17. WOw i adooored this book, was amazing, i loved the whole plot of Jake becoming a controller, i mean whe i first started reading the books i thought the animorphs had some sort of inmunity to yeerks, turns out they didn t and are as exposed to being infected as everyone else in the story, that makes everything difficult yet cool ALso i learned of this book that ALL animorphs are neccesary to acomplish the missions, if it weren t for Ax and i loved the Resolution, it was so baddas of them, they [...]

  18. Pretty awesome moment in Animorphs this is the first glimpse we get into the minds of the Yeerks It s got a completely different format from the previous books there is no final mission, or even a traditional climax , which is unique and interesting Ultimately I was a little disappointed by the end result Applegate has always stopped short of showing the true darkness of the world it is a kid s book after all but this time I really felt like there was a major plot hold that went unaddressed view [...]

  19. So many species on this planet So many balances and connections Everything preying on everything else Every power is checked by some other power Every advantage is canceled by some disadvantage Great book about the risks everyone herein is going through to protect the planet And awesome way for the gang to cover the entire operation up, and to band together and attempt to overcome the incident.

  20. Jake gets stuck in a roach motel alone, because he is an idiot And then he almost dies from bug spray when they infiltrate a secret meeting of the Sharing Everyone morphs flies to stop the Yeerks from infesting everyone and a politician in a hospital Jake gets a Yeerk in his ear, because he is an idiot Well, it s not his fault Also, it s the Yeerk that used to be in his brother Tom Anyways, Jake has to be put in quarantine for three days to kill the Yeerk, and Ax takes his place.

  21. This is a very good addition to the series with several sadly missed opportunities The actual meat of the plot only occurs in the back half of the book, and what could have been three very interesting days get mostly skipped over after the first day Also, the potential for some AMAZING Ax antics was totally wasted.The idea is somewhat better than the execution but it s a hell of an idea.

  22. AKA the one where Jake becomes a Controller Was that the Ellimist at the end Kind of dreading the part of the series where the ghostwriters take over Everything s been very solid so far.

  23. Currently rereading these in my late 20s, and this has been the BEST one so far Held up just as powerfully as I remember.

  24. I read this to get a feel for what some of my students were reading It was different I can see why fourth and fifth graders like Animorphs Me, not so much

  25. Finally HAHAHA Jake gets captured by the Yeerks That one is AWESOME It s great how this book will go where you think it won t whenever something terrible happens in a kids book, you start to respect the author and realize none of your favorites are safe just because this is kiddie lit Notable moments and inconsistencies This book contains an inconsistency Jake s narration refers to Chapman as the most important Controller we know, but considering in the previous book they discovered that Visse [...]

  26. Jake 1Visser Three 0Narrator JakeHere we see Jake s character depth And my respect for him is now higher than ever.The Animorphs had started to discover that they aren t just fighting for humanity Some of them had personal reasons now Marco, who was at first very against this whole business of saving the earth, had discovered that his mom s Visser One And then Jake, has a brother who was taken in by the Yeerks as a controller.Jake had a lot of sacrifices in this part First, he turned into bugs h [...]

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