I Brake for Yard Sales: High Style - Low Budget

I Brake for Yard Sales High Style Low Budget Good Morning America correspondent Lara Spencer is a self confessed frugalista with a passion for shopping at yard sales thrift shops and estate sales and for decorating her home and friends homes

Good Morning America correspondent Lara Spencer is a self confessed frugalista with a passion for shopping at yard sales, thrift shops, and estate sales, and for decorating her home and friends homes with her fabulous finds In I Brake for Yard Sales, Lara shares her secrets for bargain hunting and tells you where to shop, what to look for, how to pay for it, how to restoGood Morning America correspondent Lara Spencer is a self confessed frugalista with a passion for shopping at yard sales, thrift shops, and estate sales, and for decorating her home and friends homes with her fabulous finds In I Brake for Yard Sales, Lara shares her secrets for bargain hunting and tells you where to shop, what to look for, how to pay for it, how to restore it, and finally, where to put it in your house Looking for the newest arrivals at your local thrift shops After busy Saturdays and no pick up Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally the best days to shop for fresh items Peppered with wisdom from world renowned appraisers whom Lara knows from her previous work on Antiques Roadshow as well as contributions from well known designers, this book also features the house of comedienne and good friend Kathy Griffin, which Spencer herself refurbished and decorated.

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I Brake for Yard Sales: High Style - Low Budget

  1. Lara Christine Von Seelen known professionally as Lara Spencer born June 19, 1969 is an American television journalist She is best known for being the co anchor for ABC s Good Morning America She is also a correspondent for Nightline and ABC News Previously, she was the host of the syndicated entertainment newsmagazine The Insider from 2004 to 2011, and was a regular contributor to CBS s The Early Show Before then, she was the national correspondent for Good Morning America and spent several years as a lifestyle reporter for WABC TV She also hosted Antiques Roadshow on PBS for the 2004 and 2005 seasons, and Antiques Roadshow FYI, a spin off of Antiques Roadshow, during 2005 She hosts the show Flea Market Flip on both HGTV and the Great American Country channel.

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  1. I m a fan of Lara Spencer, so when I saw this at the library I quickly snatched it up TV Lara, the one that appears on Good Morning America and Flea Market Flip, is a down to earth funny girl, but in this book she comes off as a little pretentious Pretentious is not a term you would think of when a person is shopping at flea markets, auctions, garage sales, etc However, Lara uses the term blue blood ad nauseum, admits to having electricians, painters and upholstery people and shows pictures and [...]

  2. Like Lara Spencer, co anchor for Good Morning America and closeted antique dealer slash interior designer, I too brake for yard sales There is a thrill that comes with the unknown that garage sales, flea markets, and thrift shops present you never know, on any given day, what might be waiting there for you to claim as your own One gal s trash is another s treasure and all that jazz.But that s where the resemblance ends Unlike real people who bargain shop because they cannot afford retail, Spence [...]

  3. This is your standard flea market interior decorating re purposing vintage furniture with fresh paint new upholstery type book, only Lara Spencer writes in this totally breathless, heavily caffeinated fashion editor style that makes the whole thing really hysteric and than a little exhausting She uses the term blue bloods about 5,000 times, too, because a big part of her aesthetic is making cheap things look expensive I like seeing how people utilize their flea market finds, so I enjoyed the pi [...]

  4. The problem with books like this is the title is misleading Yes, there are many amazing finds in this book that you wouldn t believe she upcycled from yard sale finds However, there s also the uber expensive items she purchases from estate sales, etc, that people who do not have a Good Morning America funded budget could not possibly afford to buy I mean, a 50 lamp shaped like a crab That s great for someone with a fat paycheck to waste space and money on But how about the people who actually sh [...]

  5. Not exactly what Mackle is rapping about The topic interested me, but this book is a little misleading Finding a treasure at a yard sale or thrift shop is great should start hunting Lara Spencer s into and can afford full scale refurbishing Many of her finds have been totally recreated, at great expense She has a keen eye for trends and design but I found it to be overly pretentious The book is a how to for well off design aficionados who want to find things with good bones to reinvent I could [...]

  6. Colorful, retro trendy furniture is featured, multiple times, in different settings Photos of the author s home, plus those of two of her friends, are shown You can see the author posing at a flea market, and at home Read tips for better bargain hunting Learn a few decorating terms.But if you don t like the decorating style and, sadly, I didn t it s just a colorful vanity project Nothing particularly objectionable about this quick and easy book just wasn t my cup of varnish.

  7. Maybe I ve fallen too far down my socialist anarchist rabbit hole to exist in the real world any but any excitement I had about the cute title and bright pictures of this book faded by the time I saw the term blue blood bandied around for about the fortieth time by page 10 Like this woman is beyond proud of trying to garner the image of an aristocratic old money family, and I m just not down with it there s a difference between loving an old world style and wanting to emulate a class of people w [...]

  8. I really liked this book I now have a burning desire to run out and hit up all my local yard sales, flea markets and thrift shops Lara Spencer has some serious talent and incredible eye for potential treasures I have even photocopied some of the pages to bring around with me I especially appreciated her list of furniture makers to look for It is helpful to have those names handy My only suggestion would have been how to segments for those people who would rather reupholster their own furniture [...]

  9. like 2.5, but i m feeling generous just not really my style or my level of effort i am much too lazy to do a lot of what she recommends.

  10. I picked this up thinking it might be something interesting to page through while on the can I l.o.v.e.d this book and I am not sure why as I have no design bone in my body But I am a frugal garage sale junkie I m now convinced that my next house can be decorated via yard sales and the antique mall up the street with all the stuff in it from dead people But I m going to totally dig driving my husband nuts with this for the time being Some ideas I like framed wallpaper Never thought off it the ir [...]

  11. I loved this book I love to decorate but try to live on a budget It was great to see how you can decorate a great room and save lots of money I shop thrift stores, yard sales and have been know to use spray paint and a sheet to re do a chair or piece of furniture This book gave me ideas to look for Shared what is considered a good piece and worthwhile to buy and what is not How to share different periods in your rooms for a put together and interesting look How one or two high end pieces will he [...]

  12. While this book is a coffee table style book with pictorial ideas to inspire, it is definitely a quick read and does have some good tips for shopping flea markets, yard sales, and online auctions I enjoyed the different styles and while this author s style ideas would realistically be out of my price range a lot of the time spending 100 to have something professionally painted I did like looking at high end items mixed with low end She obviously has a great eye for style and what makes a room f [...]

  13. A Quickie ReviewBased on the title, you might think that this book is right up my alley However, Ms Spencer really talks about finding home decor and furniture at yard sales and such, whereas I usually buy entertainment Some of her tips ring true no matter what you shop for, and the photography is well donebut it isn t quite what I was expecting.Content Concerns Some profanity euphemisms a d word, freaking as well as a few crude expressions put on your big girl panties, etc The author herself is [...]

  14. As another review said, she does overuse the term blue blood and I find it obnoxious There is some okay advice in here but nothing too eye opening She has some amazing finds but it really isn t too down to earth for the average person to expect Also her savings is unrealistic I looked into reupholstering a family chair with good bones that I loved once and it was way too pricey you could easily just buy a new chair for the cost of re doing one Not worth it in my opinion unless it is something tr [...]

  15. I was hoping that this would be a fun book about a kindred spiritother lover of yard sales, estate sales, repurposing, and restyling diamonds in the rough I was hoping for a spark of inspiration and instead I was just annoyed and irritated.The book just didn t do it for me and that really surprised me since you would think that I would be all over this book and it s subject matter It was unrealistico pretentiousd I hate to say it but condescending I was irritated with the author s tone throughou [...]

  16. This is a fun book, and I did get some good ideas from it If you ve watched her shows, there s not much new information in here Also, I found the blue blood theme running though the book to be annoying after a while And while the book is only about three year s old, some of the website information is a little out of date.This is a good book to pick up if you need a little design inspiration.

  17. I was disappointed in this book I should have trusted the reviews on and It was horribly written She couldn t seem to find another synonym for blue bloods as she used it so many times it was nauseating The one thing I did like about the book was the recommendation about visiting yard sales in older neighborhoods to find the good stuff I tend to go to the newer suburbs and am disappointed I did love her show on HGTV though.

  18. I could have lost all respect for author Lara Spencer in choosing Kathy Griffin as her intro author Leave it to Kathy to take something as innocent as going to a yard sale and make it dirty While this book was very fun to look at, it is another difficult to implement decorating book Cute graphics on pages make it easy to read her helpful hints regarding the art of yard sale ing But I long for a decorating book that I can actually transfer easily into my own home.

  19. Full of glossy pretty photos and short spurts of blurb caption style text that made it fun to flip through like a magazine, but I didn t realize it was all about interior design finds, 90% of which are furniture so not my thing Plus it took me half the book to stop laughing at the prices she bragged about, many of which were what I would pay for a brand new piece one I didn t have to then spend extra money and time fixing.

  20. An inspiring and helpful book for those interested in repurposing, upcycling and interior design Lara Spencer knows her way around a flea market and isn t afraid to brag about her secondhand finds It s not so much a how to book as it a visual stimulus for creative ideas Still, I d say that for any secondhand treasure hunter looking to turn their humble abode into a fashionable and functioning place to liveis book has a lot to offer.

  21. The book itself is stylishly designed and fun to look at, and Lara Spencer has a great cheery outlook to go along with her excellent taste, but ultimately, there weren t enough basic, overall Concepts Of Thrifting or specific examples of projects to make it a worthwhile book to do than look through a single time.

  22. I really enjoyed seeing all the design choices Lara made in this book I also liked all the tips she gave for haggling, flea market shopping, and just basic tips on what to look for in antiques.I do wish she would have provided resources on places to shop There are handful listed, but really not much listed in the midwest.

  23. This book had some very pretty re purposed decor in it, but I was hoping that it would show you how to do the same projects as the author did I was also hoping for some better yard sale, thrift store, flea market tips The advice that the author gave was accurate and helpful for those who have never shopped that way before, but for those who have, it was nothing new.

  24. I love watching Lara Spencer on Good Morning America and when she does segments on converting the pieces she finds at flea markets or dumpster diving, I just had to read this book It is a fun read and offers great ideas I don t think I have such a creative eye If I had the money, I would opt to hire Lara Spencer Still, the book is a great read.

  25. Non Fiction Home Improvement3 starsWhile she has some great ideas, I have never seen any of the things she is finding at yard sales in my area Not to mention that she is in a whole different league when it comes to spending.Maybe it should have been called, Yard Sales of the Rich and Famous LOL

  26. Unlike many books of this kind, I was pleased with the way this one handled the subject I often feel that an author is just showing off all their wonderful finds, which you, of course, will never be able to re create or even imitate While she certainly shares some success stories, Lara also gives some quite useful tips and manages to communicate a little of the fun of the hunt.

  27. I usually love this kind of book I enjoy flea markets and love to use items for other than intended purposes This book was almost strange in that she s going to flea markets, seems like she enjoys them but still manages an almost condescending tone.I m really sad that after reading it, I don t think I can view her show the same again.

  28. Despite a few good tips, the book is really light on usable content for the average Joe Jane Most of us don t have gargantuan houses on both coasts, three car garages in which to refinish store our finds, or the funds to mix refurbished and new high end pieces I m glad I borrowed it from the library but, I won t need to refer to it again and again.

  29. Helpful GuideThis book was a great mix of visual inspiration and practical information Lara s passion for saleing is apparent in her writing and makes me want to run to the nearest flea market to start hunting My only complaint is the format of the book on my kindle made the visuals hard to see and sometimes seemed as though a page was missing.

  30. Some good tips and bits of inspiration, and a fun relaxed tone, but overall fairly one notewe see photos of the same rooms in Spencer s and Kathy Griffin s houses multiple times when other houses and styles might have provided insight and variety But as an avid yard saler, I appreciated the tips on how to discern high quality furniture amidst the clutter.

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