Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society

Daughters in My Kingdom The History and Work of Relief Society This book provides a historical view of the grand scope of the work of the Relief Society Through historical accounts personal experiences scriptures and words of latter day prophets and Relief Soc

This book provides a historical view of the grand scope of the work of the Relief Society Through historical accounts, personal experiences, scriptures, and words of latter day prophets and Relief Society leaders, it teaches about the responsibilities and opportunities Latter day Saint women are given in Heavenly Father s plan of happiness.

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Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society

  1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society book, this is one of the most wanted The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints author readers around the world.

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  1. I was very excited to get this book and start reading it, because I think women in the LDS church desperately need resources like this book where they can look to examples of strong, inspiring women I loved the chapters about the beginning of Relief Society and the chapter on Visiting Teaching, however I was disappointed with the later chapters on Women and the Priesthood and Women in the Home In the Priesthood chapter, the authors try to make the case that Relief Society is equal to the Priesth [...]

  2. This is a wonderful book about the purpose and destiny of women We are pretty amazing We are lovely, feminine, powerful, faithful, motherly, and full of love and charity.If you are interested in a little detail of our great history, take a look at my blog about the history of the Relief Society ldswomenofgod blog

  3. This book was a missed opportunity When the anecdotes are actual excerpts from the women s own diaries, we find powerful and intelligent voices, but the historical narrative they are embedded within is very problematic for the way it flattens out controversial points, notably the Priesthood issues The Joseph Smith Translation notes that the Priesthood is an Order without father or mother , and this book does, in fact, have the quotes from Joseph Smith in which he desires women to be ordained int [...]

  4. It took me a few chapters to start feeling this book, but by the end I was quite weepy reading it What an amazing organization Relief Society is I gained such a sense of pride in being a part of it and so much respect for all the women who have made it great I had no idea the Relief Society sent women back east to medical school so they could come back to SLC and start a nursing school and a hospital They were active in international and national women s organizations They were at the forefront [...]

  5. I was VERY excited for this book to come out and I was plenty satisfied with the excellent publishing effort of the book Reminding myself that this was not intended for academic study, I was pleased with the quality of research and writing within it It is filled with spiritual and uplifting stories and is a wonderful and broad look at Relief Society through its history.My problem was with the chapter on the priesthood I am not a woman with a hang up about men having the priesthood However, the c [...]

  6. This book inspired me in so many ways It increased my testimony of the relief society program and my love for it as well I learned a lot about what it means to be a woman and how to improve myself in so many aspects of the gospel and life in general We can always do better God has a hand in our lives and I know that just like the many stories shared in this book, real happiness comes from selfless service and action Through our hard work and efforts, God magnifies us This book is a great reminde [...]

  7. I am not a great lover of history, so this book was a slow read for me, that I started in January It was my new years goal to finish it, and I did I love the artwork at the beginning of each of the chapters It has wonderful inspirational stories and is a great teaching resource My favorite chapter was the last one I think the greatness of the RS can be summed up in a quote from a story of tragedy in the book, It will be alright, the Mormon Women are here

  8. We were given a copy of this book in Relief Society and I set a goal to read it I probably wouldn t have stuck with it without that goal but I m glad I did Very inspirational.

  9. This book was distributed to women in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints It can be downloaded for free here lds relief society daughte or purchased for 3 through the LDS distribution center It s a full color, paperback book I found it to be a quick read, I read it one day a day when both of my children miraculously took long naps at the same time It is full of stories of LDS women throughout the history of the church and quotes about LDS women given by prophets and apostles It follo [...]

  10. I re read this one in preparation for a presentation I have to make today in church and it was better the second time through I came away feeling grateful for this organization and the good that has been done over the years.

  11. I love that the Church is encouraging the study of the history of Relief Society and of women in the Church generally Quick side note if you haven t taken a look at the fantastic Joseph Smith Papers project, go google it now and read, among other things, the original minutes of the first Relief Society meeting It s amazing I went through four years of seminary, four years of religious education at a church university, additional Institute classes and countless Sunday School lessons of mostly wom [...]

  12. What a wonderful gift Thank you to the General Relief Society Board of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, for this book I loved so much of it I loved the physical feel and look of the book The pages are so pretty The art work in it was just as inspiring as the written word I have many favorite quotes, but here are just a few Okay, so as I was thumbing through my beautiful book there are WAY too many quotes that I love to narrow it down My absolute most favorite piece of art in ther [...]

  13. When the publication of this volume was announced at the General Relief Society Meeting in September I was anxious to read it, hoping to learn lots of new things about this organization that I have always loved I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed not so much in the quality of the book, but in the obvious intent of it I was hoping for something academic, but I realize now that what the church has produced has a higher purpose than educating me about the detailed history of Relief Society [...]

  14. An inspiring and inspired book written specifically for Latter day Saint Mormon women, Daughters in My Kingdom describes the history and work of the Relief Society Organized by themes for example, charity, visiting teaching, and Guardians of the Hearth this book reads rather chronologically, beginning from New Testament origins and moving to the 21st century Reading this book really made me feel like I am privileged to be part of this society for women I loved the quotes from Relief Society lead [...]

  15. This is a must read for every Husband and father in the LDS Church I know that may sound hard, especially since this book was written and designed for the women of the Church, but in reading it I have found myself left with a sense of awe and extremely grateful for a loving Father in Heaven and His plan for our families.I learned some new things about what the Relief Society has done through the years and it made me proud.This book covers the inherent strengths and talents all women have.Divided [...]

  16. This is a WONDERFUL book It tells the history of Relief Society God s organization for women in His Church, where they learn and serve as His disciples to increase faith and personal righteousness, strengthen families and homes, and seek out and give relief to those in need I am so grateful for this organization and its mission and vision to serve and bless and love being a part of it I know this is God s plan for His daughters I feel humbled, empowered, loved, trusted, responsible and grateful [...]

  17. I decided to read this book cover to cover and really enjoyed it It is beautifully presented The artwork and graphics are lovely The quotes on the sides of pages and front of chapters were chosen carefully and add to the information being presented The history of Relief Society was presented within the context of gospel topics, I loved that I especially loved the chapter on Visiting Teaching It strengthened my testimony of the importance of that responsibility The main thing I learned from the h [...]

  18. This book is about the history and purpose of the Relief Society, a society of woman within the LDS church I admit, I was worried it would be a little dry and that is why I have put off reading it for so long I decided to just plow through it and I am so glad I did This book is amazing It reminded me of my place in the world and instilled a new desire to have and show greater charity The history of the relief society surprised me as well I had no idea of the many accomplishments of the Relief So [...]

  19. This was a very inspiring book I read the book to give a 10 minute presentation at our Ward s Relief Society birthday dinner The overwhelming theme, which I based my presentation on, is that as daughters of God, we can become women of faith and we can do hard things The women quoted and discussed in the book have overcome overwhelming personal challenges with faith and trust in our Heavenly Father And they have selflessly reached out to aid those around them who are suffering, thus lifting perso [...]

  20. I just finished reading this and it was nice to get an overview of how the Relief Society has progressed throughout the years since the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was restored on the earth I definitely learned some new things about RS that I wasn t aware of i.e that RS used to collect money for the church s welfare, that the RS Presidency used to belong to a nationwide organization as well, etc It was good to read about the stability also of the program and that it has never wai [...]

  21. I m inspired to become a much better visiting teacher and to get to know my sisters on a much deeper and intimate level I m determined to lighten their loads, ease their burdens, and brighten their lives I know they must need those things because I am always in need of those things from a caring, loving person, no matter how great someone may think my life might be Therefore, if I m feeling that way, others MUST be in need as well Most of us just don t want to walk around with a sign on our for [...]

  22. This is a wonderful history of the Relief Society with ten chapters that teach the importance of the role of women There are many touching stories of women who have served, taught, and sacrificed This book inspires me to do and be better I am so thankful that I belong to this wonderful women s organization I am so thankful for all the Relief Society sisters who have nurtured me in eight states and one foreign country where I ve lived as well as the sweethearts I ve met when visiting other wards [...]

  23. I was so excited when it was announced that this history of the Relief Society would be produced, and was even pleased when I was handed this lovely little volume by my Relief Society president It is a feast for the eyes as well as the heart I loved the personal examples and stories throughout My only wish would be that there might be MORE of it But I m very pleased to have this little book on my bookshelf.

  24. This book reminded me that when you put God first, you have enough to do all that is required of you By seeking to perform every duty you will find that your capacity will increase, and you will be astonished at what you can accomplish It truly is a privilege to be a part of this extraordinary group of worldwide women that from it s inception in 1842 has done its upmost to change the world, and lived by it s motto Charity Never Faileth

  25. A combination of chronological history and principle centered chapters, Daughters in My Kingdom is a fantastic resource for women of our time Getting both the overall history and individual stories or gospel topics, one can clearly see many ways in which the Lord has worked in the lives of women in the last dispensation.

  26. I m really glad that the Relief Society decided that this book should be written It is an uplifting and fast read There was some history that I did know, but a lot of stuff was new to me I mostly enjoyed the incredible stories about women from all over the world I felt that a lot of the coverage was very surface, and would like to find other resources to learn .

  27. Personally, reading this helped me to appreciate stay at home moms and homemakers They do simple things that the world doesn t esteem to be great but are actually pretty important yo They may not get recognition in history books for changing the world or get awards or money but they are still amazing.

  28. This book not only taught me about who I am, but who I have always been I am an important part of a worldwide sisterhood and I want to live up to my privilege By small and simple things, great things can come to pass I know it can do the same for you

  29. Meh, too boring Read the first few chapters of Women and the Priesthood by Sheri Dew Goes over a lot of what the Relief Society was recognized for and awesome at doing, while being much interesting and brief.

  30. If it wasn t for Roberta Garner giving us a colouring page, I probably would have never finished this book Which would have been a shame, as there were times when I felt the words than read the words Has given me a greater respect understanding of the value of Relief Society.

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