Медной горы Хозяйка

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  • [PDF] Медной горы Хозяйка | by ☆ Pavel Bazhov Павел Бажов
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Медной горы Хозяйка

  1. Pavel Petrovich Bazhov Russian 27 January 1879 in Sysert 3 December 1950 in Moscow was a Russian writer.Bazhov is best known for his collection of fairy tale stories The Malachite Casket , based on the Urals folklore and published in the Soviet Union in 1939 In 1944, the translation of the collection into English was published in New York and London Later Sergei Prokofiev created the ballet The Tale of the Stone Flower based on one of the tales Bazhov was also the author of several books on the Russian Revolution and the Civil War The former Russian prime minister Yegor Gaidar was his grandson.

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