Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone The first title in The Negotiator series Attorney Margrit Knight has found the perfect man except he is a gargoyle wanted for murder When Alban Kround comes to Margrit for help to help clear his name

The first title in The Negotiator series Attorney Margrit Knight has found the perfect man except he is a gargoyle wanted for murder When Alban Kround comes to Margrit for help to help clear his name, he reveals he is one of a handful of Old Races gargoyles, vampires, selkies, and djinn left living in the human world Original.

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Heart of Stone

  1. C.E Murphy is a writer of fantasy novels and short stories She also writes action adventure romance novels under the pseudonym Cate Dermody, which was her grandmother s maiden name.

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  1. Margrit Grit Knight ugh, the name is a public defender with too little time and too much courage A chance encounter with a handsome stranger in Central Park entangles her in a web of lies, power games and revenge And not all the people pulling the strings are humanI m torn in how I feel about this book On the one hand, it s not well written The plot rests on a precarious tower of coincidences, each unlikely than the last The dialog is like what middle schoolers think hard bitten adults in the b [...]

  2. This one s a great variant on the modern fantasy genre Not because the world is unusual it s completely stock supernatural races in hiding in the world and our female protagonist discovers them and falls instantly in lust with the one trustworthy one in the lot but because of the strength of the protagonist.Our protag isn t beautiful well, she probably is they all are , she isn t strong physically, mentally, psychically, or magically although she has some cojones and she s in good shape as a run [...]

  3. 3.5 rounded up to 4.I wasn t really sure what to expect from this book as the Negotiator trilogy isn t one that I hear mentioned very often in my book reading circles in comparison to her popular Walker Papers series So I was a bit nervous about starting it wondering if the reason there was no buzz was simply because it wasn t very good But I have to say that while the book didn t blow my mind, I definitely did enjoy it for the most part I particularly enjoyed the audiobook narration so that ma [...]

  4. Heart Of Stone is the first novel in a new contemporary fantasy trilogy by C E Murphy It s also the first book I ve read by Murphy before She s mostly known for her Urban Shaman fantasy trilogy, which I have yet to read also First in a trilogy called The Negotiator, I found this book fantastic Lately I ve been reading new books from series I ve previously read, but I couldn t find a great new series to start Then I picked up Heart of Stone , because the storyline was compelling, and I really lik [...]

  5. First and foremost, I understand that this is a Harlequin production That means, de rigeur, a certain amount of sexual tension is to be expected That said, I get extremely frustrated with an author who can t have a male character interact with her protagonist unless he s got a hard on for her I ve known gorgeous, very feminine women who go through their lives without half the amount of domineering sexual attention Margrit gets from the males around her in just a week or so It s narrative choices [...]

  6. I normally don t like female protagonists in urban fantasy books After one book where the beautiful than can even be described woman who has a multitude of skills and an unbelievable physical prowess solves a mystery with her wit, sexual banter, and vagina usually in that order , you ve seen them all Plus, they all have really stupid names Where are all the strippers who mothered these children However, I was really impressed with this book I liked the protagonist a lot Yes, she s pretty with p [...]

  7. 2.5 starsI m afraid that the latest books I ve chosen to read all suffer from the same problem Identity Crisis This tends to happen when a story you re reading is supposed to be something else entirely, but the plot and characters end up taking a completely different path, leaving the reader completely dumbfounded and unsure of what he she is reading.Is this urban fantasy No, it has too many paranormal romance traits like lusting after a guy while you re walking through a sewer So, it s paranorm [...]

  8. 2 1 2I m a bit late catching up on some of the popular urban fantasy books of today After taking a break from the paranormal genre, I m slowly dipping my feet in a little at a time.Heart of Stone is apart of my book discussion group and I ve been meaning to check it out I thought this was as good a time as any to dive into this series and check out Harlequin s Luna line as well.This first entry of the Negotiator series focuses on hardcore lawyer Margrit Knight During a night jog in Central Park [...]

  9. I love the C.E Murphy Urban Shaman series so I picked up this one It lacked the punch and witty commentary that I found in that series I ll leave you to read the synopsis as so many other reviewers have summed it up very nicely.Some of the things I liked 1 The mythology behind the Old Races is very unique and I thought it was well laid out2 I really liked Alban He seems very old world, kind and considerate.3 I liked Margrit but thought that she has a definite chip on her shoulder She was gutsy, [...]

  10. It is painfully evident as to why this series is called The Negotiator Trilogy Our heroine, Margrit Knight, is a world class negotiator Her skills are ridiculously sick Superior even She s a lawyer, which makes a lot of sense, and basically finds a way to BS her way into the lives of the people of the Old Races Well, I can t say that she completely BS d her way into their lives when somethings basically landed at her doorstep.Heart Of Stone is a play on a gargoyle, Alban, who finds himself suspe [...]

  11. I can t stand this woman Running in the Park at night doesn t make her brave, just TSTL, specially when she probably does it everyday, at the same time and running a similar route Has it never occurred to her that a group of thugs can ambush her What would her speed do for her there And that idea that I know I could outrun this person is ridiculous You should never assume anything about a person you don t know.DNF

  12. Overall, I m just gonna give this book an Eh I liked Alban, but could live without pretty everyone else They all just seemed flat to me I did think the mythology behind the gargoyles was interesting, although I m not sure that I would go flying with Alby I m not the best with heights I might revisit this series some day, but it ll probably be a while.

  13. Margrit Knight, skilled attorney for legal aid by day and daring foolishly so woman by night, finds herself pulled into a world she never knew existed Old Races gargoyles, dragons, vampires, djinn, and selkie live amongst the unsuspecting humanity, trying desperately to keep their presence secret However when a very manly and beautiful gargoyle asks Margrit for help, she can t refuse She s a woman of risk, after all Now facing off dragons and vampires, as well as being attracted to her client , [...]

  14. Posted to my Livejournal in April 2008, saved here for posterity I really enjoyed Heart of Stone I liked the mixture of crime drama and supernatural romance, though I see it appealing to women then to men Lawyer Margrit Knight tests her mettle by running through Central Park after dark each night, aware but uncaring of the danger There is someone watching her, however, every night she runs, and he s been watching her for years not to hurt, but to protect His name is Alban, and he appears to her [...]

  15. I picked up this trilogy secondhand after enjoying the start of The Walker Papers series but I really didn t enjoy this at all My first big issue was the MC Margrit who I took an instant dislike to Despite the fears of her friends she likes to go running at night in Central Park, with the it ll never happen to me smug attitude that grated on my nerves She seems to think she is superior because she is all brave and better than all the scared people Of course she is also in a dispute with her on o [...]

  16. Basic story Margrit Grit is a legal aid defense lawyer of mixed race, she s diminutive in height size, confrontational, has balls of steel who uses her negotiation skills with a sharp intelligence, intuition, that is enough maybe to give a dragon a run for his money And boy oh boy does she need it Women of the same hair eye colouring are being murdered Al a gargoyle is the chief suspect who wants Grit to trust him figure out who is the real murderer act for him Grits on off boyfriend who is head [...]

  17. DNF around 60% through A largely unobjectionable if boring urban fantasy about the lawyer who encounters the supernatural while out jogging at night But you know how we all have these specific things that a book has to get right Like, the author can invent a magical creature out of nowhere, no problem, but she better get the details of how the heroine bakes biscuits exactly correct Well, it turns out one of mine is poverty legal services Who knew And this book gets that so completely and offensi [...]

  18. Heart of Stone Negotiator Trilogy Old Races Universe 1Loved this.Margrit Knight, a lawyer and negotiator in New York City gets involved with a world she never knew existed when she meets Alban a gargoyle and one of the Old Races Someone is killing women in Central Park and Alban has been framed Who and why That s the big question Margrit s homicide detective off on lover, Tony, thinks he has the answer Margrit helped to give it to him, but when she listens to Alban s side of the story she realis [...]

  19. A very enjoyable start to the Negotiator trilogy, with interesting, well sketched and realistic characters Margrit s a likeable heroine with plenty of guts particularly refreshing because she survives by her abilities as an attorney, not by some latent super ability , and Alban is surprisingly sweet not exactly expected of a gargoyle, but it s a nice and unusual take The bad guys are awesome, and you ll find yourself liking all the side characters as well The only problem I had was that Margrit [...]

  20. I really enjoyed this book I felt that having gargoyles was a unique twist and the main character in the book wasn t a carbon copy of all the other kick n butt and taking names heroines that seem to be quite proliferant all of a sudden While she is tough, she s brain tough instead of guns, knives, and hunky back up tough Being a lawyer too makes things a little fun I m sincerely glad that this book was a beginning for a series because that s what it felt like One long introducing you around, t [...]

  21. A lot of UF features a strong female protaganist who can fight with magic, swords, teeth and occaisionly claws Heart of Stone is different Margrit Knight s strength lies not in the physical or magical, but the mental As a lawyer with Legal Aide, she s learned the value of determination, stubborness and negotiating Suddenly thrust into a world with Gargolyes, Dragons, Djinn, Selkies and Vampires, Margrit s heritage and experience give her an interesting perspective in dealing with the five Old Ra [...]

  22. I read the first three books of this series in quick succession, mostly because I had to know that happened next to Margrit and the rest Catie Murphy is a master storyteller, and phenomenal writer She is also, in the interests of full disclosure, a colleague and friend The magical world she has imagined for this series is complex, fascinating, and ultimately deeply satisfying Her characters are engaging, her prose is, as always, lovely and flowing, and the tension she creates throughout the seri [...]

  23. I liked her idea I thought it was vampires, but she chose something else to work with i thought it was a good idea, but i did not feel that she executed the idea all the way through there were questions and things left unanswered, even though it is a series, there were things that should have been answered in this book It s worth reading though, as i said, i liked her approach on the supernatural world However, her attire in New York City for the middle of January was way off She was not wearing [...]

  24. I tried reading this a year ago I got to five chapters and just put the book down It was boring with a capitol B I mean really how long was the freakin gargoyal going to stare at her from a far then he gets her and its just flat.

  25. I ve read a lot of paranormal and fantasy literature in the last couple of years What was refreshing about this book was the main other species was a gargoyle and the protagonist wasn t endowed with any magical or paranormal powers She is just a kick ass human woman Its an excellent book

  26. Okay, so jogging through Central Park after midnight wasn t a bright idea But Margrit Knight never thought she d encounter a dark new world filled with magical beings not to mention a dying woman and a mysterious stranger with blood on his hands Her logical, lawyer instincts told her it couldn t all be real but she could hardly deny what she d seen and touched.The mystery man, Alban, was a gargoyle One of the fabled Old Races who had hidden their existence for centuries Now he was a murder suspe [...]

  27. 4.5 Stars Start Looking UpHis life is lived in shadows, exiled from his own kind and alone in the world but for her, the woman he protects every night He doesn t know her name He doesn t know what she does for a living He s never broken through the racial boundaries and dared speak to her, his human ward.Though he wants to Aches to with a need that grows by the year, by the night.He is Alban Korund He is gargoyle.Most of Margrit Knight s friends joke about her having a death wish, and while thos [...]

  28. This was a long show kick off to the series Lots of world building and character introduction If was slow enough to frustrate me but the characters and story are very interesting and I m looking forward to reading further in the series.The main character is just cool Someone I would totally be friends with if she were a real person I love that she s African American for two reasons One, minority women are sadly underrepresented in literature but perhaps especially urban fantasy I ve read urban f [...]

  29. There is no doubt that this is a good book However, I couldn t finish it I read the old race collection first and the writing style changed to much for me To me it lost a lot of it s core fantasy I was very excited to read this after the old race collections and was disappointed to find out what had become of the main characters The redeeming value I guess for some would be the book is still very descriptive and still contained an element of fantasy To me it just wasn t comparable to the old rac [...]

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