The Lords and the New Creatures

The Lords and the New Creatures Originally self published as two separate volumes in The Lords Notes on Vision which Morrison described as a thesis on film aesthetics and The New Creatures a surreal portrait of modern existe

Originally self published as two separate volumes in 1969 The Lords Notes on Vision, which Morrison described as a thesis on film aesthetics, and The New Creatures, a surreal portrait of modern existence , the late singer s first published volume of poetry gives a revealing glimpse of an era and the man whose songs and savage performances have left an indelible impressiOriginally self published as two separate volumes in 1969 The Lords Notes on Vision, which Morrison described as a thesis on film aesthetics, and The New Creatures, a surreal portrait of modern existence , the late singer s first published volume of poetry gives a revealing glimpse of an era and the man whose songs and savage performances have left an indelible impression on our culture This collection, born out of the tumultuous social and political landscape of the late sixties, is as intense, sensual, and compelling as Jim Morrison s persona was during the Doors peak His fast life and mysterious death remain controversial than forty years later.

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The Lords and the New Creatures

  1. James Douglas Morrison was an American singer, poet, songwriter, writer, and film director He is best known as the lead singer and lyricist of The Doors, and is widely considered to be one of the most charismatic and influential frontmen in rock music He was also the author of several books of poetry and the director of a documentary and short film.

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  1. So sad that we lost him so soon I think he would have produced many important songs and poems if he had had the time.

  2. I first bought a copy of this book in 1982 and still had pages marked with cut up strips of post it notes I went looking for this book the other day and I could not find it anywhere It was weird that a book that I carried abound the military in with several moves suddenly was gone I ordered another copy and re read it for the first time in several years Perhaps knowing about poetry than I did then might change what I thought about this book The Lords I read with new interest The themes are easi [...]

  3. In that year there wasan intense visitation of energy.I left school went downto the beach to live.I slept on a roofAt night the moon becamea woman s face.I met the Spirit of Music JDM

  4. I m Highly Biased as his employee friend, I nevertheless found the work to be Fascinatingly Intelligent, VERY Well Written Retrospective Observation Fittingly, the LONGER the interval of TIME, the his insights become relevant reflective of the forecast reality WE HAVE BECOME nevermind Ed Cayce Noster Great Dame Us Jimbo WAS X The Man with the X Ray Eyes the tragic incarnation of the discarded uncredited upon Bradbury s insistence short story for a pulp Sci Fi mag later made a film w Ray Milland [...]

  5. Funnily enough, you should be able to get a good idea of what you re getting here before you start reading This collection combines the only two books of poetry that were published during Jim Morrison s turbulent lifetime.

  6. he is one of the most inteligent and sensitive human beings that ever walked on earth i think this says it all his poetry really resembles rimbaud, i think he was his most notorious influence.i prefer to listen to his poems through music or spoken words, but 5 stars for the lizard king, he sure can do anything.

  7. Morrison s writing brings up so many emotions, it s impossible not to feel something when reading his work Especially the section titled The Lords, I began to feel anxious, malicious, spaced out, and feelings as if the edge were encroaching upon me An absolutely wonderful and quick read.

  8. Do you daredeny mypotencymy kindnessmy forgiveness Just tryyou will frylike the restin holiness RIP, Lizard King.

  9. I just found this 1970 edition at a thrift store for a buck It has the day glo green pages and some tripper s handwritten notes inside I read this years ago and it s just as silly as I remember He self published this, obviously So cocky he thought he didn t need an editor.It s dated yet I think it s still modern for each generation I m a fan but as poetry it works much better with that badass Ray Manzarek Hammond in the back Here s one of Jim s stand alone lyrics and is as true today as in 68 pi [...]

  10. These early Morrison poems are tremendous The collection simmers with the influences that I don t think would ever cohere into a coherent vision But what makes it so important is that it shows Morrison s intellectual and passionate engagement with his influences and, perhaps controversially, show that he probably wasn t cut out to be a rock frontman and Bozo Dionysus but a poet.Influences Nietzsche, shamanism, Rimbaud, Burroughs, Blake, a host of avant garde filmmakers.Morrison tries to amalgam [...]

  11. Oh, this is a tough one to review At times I felt I needed to be on LSD or Mescaline to really feel what big Jim was trying to show me Some of the content struck me as pretty lame But there are just a few lines in here that really touched me they are just so profound, inspiring even I m glad I read this.

  12. The first part of this book is like thoughts and musings than poems they re unusual and thought provoking The voyeur, the peeper, the Peeping Tom, is a darkcomedian He is repulsive in his dark anonymity, in his secret invasion He is pitifully alone.But, strangely, he is able through this same silenceand concealment to make unknowing partner of anyonewithin his eye s range This is his threat andpower.There are no glass houses The shades are drawnand real life begins Some activities are impossibl [...]

  13. All games contain the idea of death Just one of many insightful lines of Jim Morrison s The Lords and The New Creatures a collection I was delighted to find recently in a used book store and to revisit after a twenty year hiatus We all live in the city.The city forms often physically, but inevitably psychically a circle A Game A ring of death with sex at its center Drive towards outskirts of city suburbs At the edge discover zones ofsophisticated vice and boredom, child prosti tution But in the [...]

  14. The Lord s, And the New CreaturesAuthor Jim MorrisonReviewed by Adam MichaelisA man that had the power to change a generation, He made music with a band that had a great impact on the scene He was a poetic man and with his controversial words and experience of life itself he wrote The Lord s and The New Creatures This book will seduce you with its hypnotic words and will change the perspective of everything after it is read Before this book we as people were blind This book opens the true light [...]

  15. The Doors, and in particular Morrison, were an important cultural infuence in my novel on the so called silent generation, The Duke Don t Dance Morrison spoke to both the disaffected younger generation at home as well as those enmired in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, where the Doors recordings were highly popular, or perhaps better described as addictive He appealed to both the simple despair of those who summarized the continuous stream of casualties in the words it don t mean nothin a [...]

  16. The Lords features some interesting thoughts by Jim Morrison on the art of cinema The New Creatures is far less interesting This is a fairly quick read and can easily be finished within one sitting.

  17. Meh For die hard Doors fans only, and I m a die hard Doors fan and still don t find much worth out of this collection other than that it s nice to have on my shelf.

  18. Jim Morrison is famous as the Doors lead vocalist and a member of the 27 Club But he was also a talented song writer with a strong intellect So whenever I read his poetry I wonder why it isn t better.The Lords is the superior of the two sections It s coherent, accessible He drops a lot of knowledge about cinema theater Morrison met Doors keyboard player Ray Manzarek while they were attending UCLA s film school The New Creatures, as alluded to above, is less accessible and less coherent then th [...]

  19. Morrison is a clumsy, drug addled pop culture reference, and his poetry is suitable for gleaning general trivia about Jim Morrison, rather than actual reading It s abstract, certainly, though not because he uses abstraction and absurdism, but because he s really, really high.

  20. Kauniilla sanoillaei mit n merkityst kaikki kantautuutyhjyydelle jossainkaukopuheluvalheidenonnettomuuksien onnellisuudessa.Mahdottoman mahtavaa, kiitos Jim.Kunnioittaen suuresti, MaiPs Sulla oli syntt rit just, onnea sinne jonnekin, rirajojen ulkopuolelle

  21. This isn t Shakespeare or Edgar Allan Poe This can t be regarded in the same light These writings are from a well read rock n roll singer I enjoy the images he uses and the journey his words take me on It doesn t always make sense but is entertaining and at times thought provoking.

  22. 5 stars for The Lords 3 for The New Creatures, which had many strong aspects but often its potential didn t fully pull together in a way I could follow.

  23. This book is a cohesively put together collection of early poems centered around Jim Morrison s world A 1960 s California rock and roll world filled with sex, drugs, fame, death and an obsession with native american mysticism These often hallucinatory images make for some 4 star poems while others are throw aways I still think his best and most consistently compelling words were for the Doors, but you can see how much of that came from his poetry I dug it enough to go ahead and tackle The Americ [...]

  24. I read this when I was in high school and thought it was terrible I read it again when I was at University and thought it was terrible I ve read it again now, and still think it s terrible I shan t be reading it again.

  25. Sometimes stimulating, e.g The body exists for the sake of the eyes it becomes a dry stalk to support these two soft insatiable jewels The Lords, page 52 In any case, not a dense read you can zip through this in an afternoon.

  26. This is nothing than a collection of ramblings and descriptions The poems aren t even titled or marked to indicate where one begins or where one ends.

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