Wilderness: The Lost Writings, Vol. 1

Wilderness The Lost Writings Vol Listen real poetry doesn t say anything it just ticks off the possibilities Opens all the doors You can walk through any one that suits you Jim MorrisonAs the lead singer and song writer for The Doo

Listen, real poetry doesn t say anything, it just ticks off the possibilities Opens all the doors You can walk through any one that suits you Jim MorrisonAs the lead singer and song writer for The Doors, Jim Morrison brought the poetry of the damned to rock n roll As a poet, he infused verse with the wild lyricism and mesmerizing beat of rock By the time of his d Listen, real poetry doesn t say anything, it just ticks off the possibilities Opens all the doors You can walk through any one that suits you Jim MorrisonAs the lead singer and song writer for The Doors, Jim Morrison brought the poetry of the damned to rock n roll As a poet, he infused verse with the wild lyricism and mesmerizing beat of rock By the time of his death in 1971, Morrison had become one of the most haunting voices in the collective unconscious of America, echoed by performers such as Patti Smith.This book, compiled from the Morrison literary estate by his beloved friends, presents Morrison s unpublished work for the first time poems that celebrate the juju of sex, the touring musician s labyrinth of highways, airports, and motel corridors, and the shamanistic power of rock n roll, as well as photographs, drawings, facsimiles from Morrison s diaries, and a self interview that reveals him as he has never been revealed before A genuine literary event, Wilderness is the last testament of a writer of liberating ferocity and tenderness whose tremendous impact on an entire generation is still being felt.Cover photo by Frank LisciandroCover design by Wendy Bass

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Wilderness: The Lost Writings, Vol. 1

  1. James Douglas Morrison was an American singer, poet, songwriter, writer, and film director He is best known as the lead singer and lyricist of The Doors, and is widely considered to be one of the most charismatic and influential frontmen in rock music He was also the author of several books of poetry and the director of a documentary and short film.

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  1. I rate Jim Morrison s poetry the way I do John Lennon s famous doodles Technically they re borderline atrocious to fair with the occasional flicker of craft and insight However, it s their creator that makes them so intriguing Replete with copies of Morrison s handwritten work and photos, Wilderness The Lost Writings is a collection of simple but enigmatic phrasings made interesting due to the writer s fame and infamy This is best read by Morrison fans, especially if they re still young and sti [...]

  2. People need connectors Writers, heroes, stars, leadersTo give life form I have been a Doors fan since the late 1970s when rock music first started to speak to me as than just music The Doors were an influence not only on me but people I soon came to listen too, like Patti Smith Even now, at work and being the old guy in the shop, its good to hear Millennials putting The Doors on the shop stereo There is little doubt that Ray Manzarek was a musical genius, but he could not hold the band together [...]

  3. Jim Morrison changed my life in college Ironically, he was dead at the time, but it s true I love so many of the poems in this volume but one stands out right now, after I ve experienced fall and am experiencing winter for the first time in years A man rakes leaves intoa heap in his yard, a pile, leans on his rake burns them utterly.The fragrance fills the forest children pause heed thesmell, which will becomenostalgia in several years

  4. While flipping though the pages of Wilderness at a local book store, I found these lines I am troubled, immeasurablyby your eyes I am struck by the featherof your soft reply.The sound of glassspeaks quick, disdainand concealswhat your eyes fightto explain Morrison is an amazing poet, a legend, a rascal, a prophet.

  5. I guess I m a biased reviewer here I am a passionate Doors fan If you re a casual Doors listener, you ll find Morrison s writing rough sledding But if you re like me, you ll love this collection of previously unpublished poems and ephemera.Perhaps Jim wasn t the most polished poet in the world His work often smacks of the high school English star drunk on words But he s got some wonderful imagery in here, and seems to be aware of the wonderful SOUND words can make when they re played off each ot [...]

  6. I have been a fan of the Doors since watching Oliver Stone s biopic and I ve since been intrigued by the persona of Jim Morrison While Stone s film and other critics often view Morrison as a drunken buffoon, I could see there was to him I ve read a handful of biographies and it has only helped increase my awe and respect of the 60 s music icon The man was a genius and had great appreciation for art, hoping to segue his music career into that as a writer poet filmmaker Wilderness is the first vo [...]

  7. Like The American Night The Writings of Jim Morrison Volume 2, Wilderness provides readers with the inspiring, albeit often confusing, hallucinatory poetry of Morrison The rhythm of the pieces often themselves intoxicating, one can almost feel as if the phonemic structure of Morrison s work has an underlying pattern that the average person just cannot quite articulate For aspiring poets, this collection of poems is an extraordinary example of the affects of sound on poetry and how important it i [...]

  8. If you think you know Jim Morrison from the classic rock station and the Oliver Stone movie, think again Some deep stuff here.

  9. I bought this volume of Jim Morrison s poetry at Starrlight Books, a great shop in Flagstaff, Arizona I ve been fascinated with Morrison since I first started listened to the Doors back in high school in the 80s This is a wonderful collection that goes, in my opinion, far beyond his writings with that band I m so glad to have picked it up and will place it among my other treasured books.I read this volume straight through it on the plane ride home a few days later A few of my recent reading sele [...]

  10. Though it may be difficult for some readers to understand where Jim was coming from in his poems, they were overall visionary and beautiful in their own right Some poems were purely observation, but that was what he saw in society from his perspective While some may shudder at the grotesque and scoff at the pedestrian poems, that is his artistic expression in its rawest form I feel his poems are the lyrics that didn t quite cut it for the rest of the doors A marvelous read for any Doors or moder [...]

  11. This book was amazing It was the first poetry book by Jim Morrison that I have read and it really was an enjoyable read The book was appropriately titled Wilderness because Jim often used the word in his poems, and allot of his poems featured themes of the wild Most the poems focused on his opinions of life, Death, Music, and modern America from 1968 71 Because this book was released after his death there are a few unfinished poems in the book Allot of the poems are also not titled, but many poe [...]

  12. The grand highway is crowded with lovers searchers leavers so eager to please forget Wilderness.How to rate someones poetry and quotes other than five stars I loved every page and every words and every feeling that it gaved me Comefor all the world lies hushed fallengreen ships dangle on the surface ofOcean sky birdsglide smugly among the planesGaunt crippled housesStrangle the cliffsIn the East, in the citiesa hum of lifebegins, now come.Morrison 3

  13. I suppose if I died today and some bunch of jackasses published my notebooks full of unpolished, rambling or snippets poetry, I d be embarrassed as hell, but I d hope they would have the profound affect on someone that these did on me Obsessed as a teen, I am still haunted today by his words, and he probably influenced my writing style than any other poet.

  14. Delving into the mind of a person or presence like that of Jim Morrison is a privilege I only wish artists writers would be so bold as to do the same This is one of my personal favorites.I am troubledImmeasurablyBy your eyesI am struckBy the featherOf your softReplyThe sound of glassSpeaks quickDisdainAnd concealsWhat your eyes fightTo explain

  15. I will always love Jim Morrison and his poetry He was a genius and he will be remembered That is if the world survives nehnehdo you think maybe 5 thousand years from now people might still read him maybe maybe not he couldn t help who he was how he lived and how he died can you I can t can anyone I think he is one of the finest poets this country ever produced.

  16. A great collection of offbeat poetry written by a brilliant mind in Jim Morrison I would highly recommend checking it out for anyone who is a fan of The Doors or just really strange but intriguing poetry Definitely a good read

  17. His poetry W.B Yeats meets Frank O Hara.All of them need reading over and over again Another favorite book of poetry

  18. I had high expections on this poetry book and was disappointed that it wasn t that great I love Jim Morrison and the Doors but a lot of his poetry and writings in this book didn t quite make sense to me and seemed boring to me I am disappointed that I wasted my money on this.

  19. The self interview, right at the beginning of the book, gives us a glimpse of what to expect Jim was not only a singer but a writer or, as he prefers to define himself, a poet actually He read great writers I m kinda jealous of the amount of stuff he read and owned and has been influenced by them The rebellious Jim was highly influenced by poets like Rimbaud and his poetry is portrayed with critics to institutions as church, society and family, and to himself, as well He depicts himself in a neg [...]

  20. JIM Why do all the good guys have to croak I love this man so much He writes like a drugged out god, which is exactly what it is Some might interpret this as the ramblings of some freak high off his ass, but it is only obvious to the faithful that it is much than that, this is the writing of a man, in touch with a high intelligence, whether that connection was found in drugs or just Jim s sheer intellect is inconsequential, it is simply the state of being with Morrison, he knows what he s doing [...]

  21. This isn t poetry in the traditional sense of the word This is like beat poetry mixed with Rock n Roll I enjoy a lot of the imagery that is used I wish American Prayer was available without the background music Anyone know if that is available

  22. What a sophisticated man You won t find meaningful poetry and at the same time obscure It is truly amazing poetry from a truly amazing man You will not seem confused at times, and you will not feel put together at times.

  23. I grew up listening to a lot of classic rock thanks to my parents so listening to The Doors is pretty nostalgic for me Some of the poetry in this book is very out there but there are also quite a few beautiful and philosophical entries.

  24. This was a hard book to read Morrison was a fine poet, by turns funny, deep, and most of all honest with himself I read that he wanted to be a poet than a rocker that was his goal in life as rock stardom died down If only

  25. You re too young to be old.You don t need to be told, You want to see things as they are.You know exactly what I do.Everything.

  26. Interesting This collection shows how deep Morrison was and how hard he work to perfect his writings Thats all i can really say.

  27. Absolutely amazing and magical poetry Masterfully playing with the right words which are directly hitting the subconsciousness Love it.

  28. Jim Morrison was, above all else, a writer During his short 27 years, he wrote a little of everything poetry, prose, song lyrics, film scripts, plays, you name it Here we have a collection of his poetry.This is a book that I picked up in Raleigh back when I was a student at NCSU I can t quite remember, but I think this might have been the first book I ever purchased from Edward McCay s the first of so, so many It fell into my stacks of unread books until just recently.Even before reading the aft [...]

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