Endless Love will kill us all Angels are real They aren t always kind Violet Eden is certain of all this because she is Grigori part angel part human She has felt the influence of both light and dark When He

Love will kill us all.Angels are real They aren t always kind Violet Eden is certain of all this because she is Grigori part angel, part human She has felt the influence of both light and dark When Hell unleashes its worst, Violet must embrace every facet of her angel self to save the people she cares about and the world as she knows it But death is not the worst thLove will kill us all.Angels are real They aren t always kind Violet Eden is certain of all this because she is Grigori part angel, part human She has felt the influence of both light and dark When Hell unleashes its worst, Violet must embrace every facet of her angel self to save the people she cares about and the world as she knows it But death is not the worst thing that Violet will face For her, the endless question Can love conquer all will finally be answered.

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  1. Jessica Shirvington is the author of THE VIOLET EDEN CHAPTERS also known as THE EMBRACE SERIES, stand alone novel, BETWEEN THE LIVES and has an exciting new duology called DISRUPTION on the way in 2014.An entrepreneur, author, and mother living in Sydney, Australia, Jessica is also a 2011 2012 finalist for Cosmopolitan s annual Fun, Fearless Female Award She s also one of the lucky few who met the love of her life at age seventeen Matt Shirvington, a former Olympian and current sports broadcaster for Foxtel and Fox Sports Married for twleve years with two beautiful daughters, Sienna and Winter, Jessica knows her early age romance and its longevity has definitely contributed to how she tackles relationships in her YA novels.

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  1. Fact 1 Its 6 in the morning and I just finished Fact 2 I havent stop crying the entire 10 chaptersFact 3 I am still cryingFact 4 Why Phoenix Why on hell you did what you did Fact 5 and most improtant factorW.H.Y W.H.Y WHYYYY Why Violet why you didnt even give a FREAKIN chance to Linc The torture for the next book has just started and oh boy view spoiler Nothing is endless.I know that now.Let me go.V hide spoiler

  2. WHY I mean reallyOctober This is too long for me to wait BEST SERIES EVER and I have to wait to read it This better be one quick year because I want need to read Endless Fingers crossed that Vi and Linc finally get their happily ever after editI love love love this cover I think it look better than all the other ones in the series I just want to read this now Hurry up October edit I have just finished it and WOW I don t know whether to cry or jump up and down There will be another book, but now [...]

  3. Oh My God I said this over and over and OVER again every time I turned the page From the elevator shaft to the church, from the lillies and the cabin the the arrows I was crying so hard at the end I was so upset about the choice Violet made I just dont understand why Why didn t she rebond with Lincoln, why did she say it was for the best From my personal opinion I thought Linc and Vi would be okay She d found his soul her eyes were back and everything was going to work out But I guess not There [...]

  4. Everything is about to end, isn t it I askedLincoln stroked my hair and ran his hands down my arms before kissing me just a light kiss on my lips, but one heavy with his love and I soaked it up Not us, Vi Everything else may end, but not us What we have We re endless With a title such as Endless you would expect that this would be the final stop for Violet, but as Jessica has informed me many times before, there will be another two books in the Violet Eden Chapters because after the concluding p [...]

  5. WOW This book was just amazing Violet.Lincoln.Pheonix Did somebody say love triangle Because I sure did see one just then.What I loved about this book the most is that it was full of action, suspense, violence and romance Violet gets her mother back but they both have trust issues that they need to deal with Violet, her dad,Evelyn, Lincoln, Griffin, Spence, and Zoe all get sent to the Academey since they don t fully trust the powers of Evelyn and Violet.Fast forwardViolet and Lincoln are on the [...]

  6. Everything else may end, but not us What we have We re endless You hear that It s the sound of me ugly crying in the corner of my room because I have so many feels This is my favourite book in the Embrace series and it was my favourite book up until I read A Court of Mist and Fury There s just so many feels in this book and I m so so in love with this story, this world and these characters This book ends on a very very evil cliffhanger One of the worst I ve ever read actually To make matters wor [...]

  7. I m reading this for Phoenix only.Please please please let there be chapters in his POV fingers crossed

  8. Oh dear lord, why do I read these books The fact that I have read three angel books in the last two weeks is going to require me to add an angel category to my shelves, which will throw them all offl I can say for myself is that this blasted series kind of snuck up on me and I d be lying if I said I wasn t enjoying it.Before I go further, I should mention that there are several things about this series that would make discerning readers want to toss these books into the recycle bin The heroine [...]

  9. I am probably going to be in the minority with this book BUT, I have to say after reading the books in a 4 day time span because I was totally HOOKED into the story and these characters That while I did LOVE the ending for Phoenix, PERFECT I HATE the ending for Violet and Linc and really all of the rest of the characters except her parents OMG, REALLY I hope there is another book because if not, I may have to come back and change my stars Am I the only one that thought Violet s decision to leave [...]

  10. OMG Jessica I don t think I have cried so much reading a book not an ending I expected loved every heartbreaking minute of this final book but why UGHHHHHH I have always loved Phoenix in the other books but I fell in love with Linc in this one What This may not be the last book Oh relief Ok all is good I am happy with that

  11. I just finished Emblaze and when I saw that the next installment is not to be released till next October next year firstly I died a little inside but then I just know it will be worth the wait

  12. Seriously SERIOUSLY I cried REAL tears when I finished this book Had to come and review it immediately I am still shakingill have the I could cry any minute feeling in the back of my throat Oh don t worry peeps, it s not a spoiler it s just because I have finished Endless which quite frankly wasn t endless because I have finished it in under 2 days Sheesh Anyway, I am now sad as I have a l o n g wait for the next book and the of course, Jessica Shirvington has left us with a holy mother of a cli [...]

  13. Review originally posted in forget8me8not Cover I like how the girl in the cover really represents Violet Violet often ties her hair in ponytail and wears black shirt like the girl in the cover Plus, I like the blue colour theme of the cover too Story Is love endless Endless is one beautiful and exhilarating ride While I really enjoyed Embrace, Entice and Emblazed, the first 3 books in the series, Endless is the strongest book out of the whole series I can ensure myself that even though I have t [...]

  14. I don t even know how to rate this book.So many emotions I want to scream.I cannot breath I am shattered.It cannot end like this I have not been so devastated by a book since reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver.This is my reaction for the last 1 4 of the book No,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,nooooooooooooooooooo This book Ok, so the writing was really good and i was drawn in quickly and found it hard to put down I have really enjoyed this series so far and this was one of the bet [...]

  15. AFTER Really loved it But, the ending Can t wait for the next book BEFORE October Really I mean, REALLY That s like a life time away Can t wait for action, and bad ass exile butt whippin I need it now Let s hope Vi and Lincoln can fiiiinnnnallly get together Their frustrating dilemma is leaving me tearing out my hair By the time it comes out, I ll probably be bald Well, now that s out of my system, I need to find another series to get addicted to TTFN

  16. Okay, I love that Phoenix got his redemption in the end, the fact that they ve ridden of Lilith for good, also Violet s parent are okay now, but I hate that Violet didn t even give Lincoln a chance BUT I have a theory about the exile that took Violet s blood that there might be a chance that the author must have an idea of creating another series I don t know maybe it s just wishful thinking that the author would continue the series and maybe Violet and Lincoln would have a happy ending there.So [...]

  17. 4.5 SOBBING STARS Having read this book for 5 hours straight and sobbed and cried like a baby for the last hour I can safely say that I NEED the last book HOLY MOTHER OF PHOENIX I don t even know where to begin It s a bloody brilliant read, gripping, intense, plot twists, love and the fate of loved ones in peril Phoenix, baby, what are you doing to me Violet STOP IT YOURE KILLING ME Lincoln Omg I don t think this will be a coherent review but the emotions and feels are just too much I need answe [...]

  18. What just happened Ok, I m in again I said in the last book that if Violet and Lincoln didn t end up together that I would boycott Welp EVERYTHING happened in this book and not what you are thinking This plot got tricky My throat still hurts from swallowing my heart multiple times along the way It was so action packed and heart warming, and heart breaking that I don t know what to do with myself now These characters are such a family now, and Spencebuddy Phoenixnnn LincolnARGH That s all I have [...]


  20. Lincoln and Violet Really are you kidding me What is this craziness Personally, I m on team Phoenix Bad boy fallen angel absolutely hilarious Who is that Lincoln guy again Anyway, I can t wait for book 5

  21. Rating 5 stars But if I could, I would give it infinite stars This is the fourth installment of the series, and, holy macaroons, I think I ve died.Like, my emotional capability when it comes to fangirling over books and hot book guys has expanded and imploded Leaving little ol me hyperventilating and crying on the floor.What is my life Out of all the series I have ever, ever read, this one takes the cake Easily Forget the Hush, Hush and the Fallen and even the Harry Potter yes, I m going there [...]

  22. Major venting so don t read unless you have read the book or don t care about me ruining your experience of doing so Okay as soon as I finshed this book I wanted to rip in it half.I initially gave it 1 star Now I m reconsidering only because there is hope for a another book If the series ends with this book my rate will go back to 1 star and Shirvington will be recieving a very heavy and raging letter I usually hate being associated with supernatual romance, but I have a soft spot for this serie [...]

  23. What to say about Endless The writing was superb as always Jessica Shirvington is as flawless as ever The writing flows seamlessly If I had one gripe about this book, it was that the first half seemed slow.You start off right where the last book stopped Lilith is back as well as Evelyn, Violet s long thought dead mother Violet not only has to work through her emotions of dealing with her Mom, but there is the EVER present tension between Vi and Linc Should we or shouldn t we bond UGH That part f [...]

  24. After flooding my family room with tears, I am so devastated and demented after reading this book All that is coming out of me right now is fumeady to torch someone who crosses my path Jessica Shirvington has really stirred up my emotion I feel like my heart has been pulverized I can t believe the ending It is worst than the classic Romeo and Juliet Gah I hate Vi for what she has done to Lincoln She doesn t deserve him She should have just left him the way he was Why even bother resurrecting him [...]

  25. Just finished reading and I don t think I can pick up another book It just set the bar so high The love I have for both Lincoln and Phoenix Wow Saying I m speechless would be an understatement Re read ASAP

  26. This was such a good book It was hard to put down The books in this series just keep getting better Great story It is one of those series where when you finish one book, you have a hard time not thinking about where the next book will take you.

  27. You all below me should be happy you get it October 12th I m in the U.S so unless I want to spend 50 which its well worth it I have to wait an extra year for all the books I loooove this series and if Link and Vi don t get their happily ever after I m going to be so sad

  28. Soooooo amped to read this October cant come fast enough God i wish violet and lincoln would just say screw it and just hook up already lolOmg just finished, the second half was so intense This is going to be torture waiting till the next book

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