Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark

Sidney Sheldon s Angel of the Dark Once again author Tilly Bagshawe takes up the mantle of the late great Sidney Sheldon and again she succeeds magnificently Written in the inimitable Sheldon style and based on extensive never befo

Once again, author Tilly Bagshawe takes up the mantle of the late, great Sidney Sheldon and again, she succeeds magnificently Written in the inimitable Sheldon style and based on extensive, never before published material from his private archives, Sidney Sheldon s Angel of the Dark is a thrilling tale of murder, lies, and lust that the master storyteller the bestsellinOnce again, author Tilly Bagshawe takes up the mantle of the late, great Sidney Sheldon and again, she succeeds magnificently Written in the inimitable Sheldon style and based on extensive, never before published material from his private archives, Sidney Sheldon s Angel of the Dark is a thrilling tale of murder, lies, and lust that the master storyteller the bestselling author of Master of the Game, The Other Side of Midnight, and so many other beloved classics would have been proud to have called his own With Sidney Sheldon s Angel of the Dark, a gripping, stylish, sexy and surprising story of a son s globe hopping hunt for answers about his wealthy father s brutal death, confirmed Sheldon fans have good reason to rejoice The legacy truly lives on.

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Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark

  1. Matilda Emily N Bagshawe was born on 12 June 1973 in England, UK She attended local all girls Catholic schools near her family home in Surrey She was a single mother at 17, but she won a place at Cambridge University and took Persephone, her ten month old baby daughter with her As a journalist, she went on to enjoy a successful career in London, and contributed regularly to The Sunday Times, Daily Mail and Evening Standard, before turning her hand to novels Her first book, Adored as Tilly Bagshawe, was a smash hit on both sides of the Atlantic in 2005, and she hasn t looked back since.Tilly is married Robin Nydes, a US businessman, and the couple have two sons together, Zac and Theo The family divide their time between their homes in London and Los Angeles Tilly is also the sister of the writer and politician Louise Bagshawe.

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  1. Reading serial killer thrillers is a guilty pleasure for me, and for the better or worse, I often indulge in it I simply love the thrills and the fear that such books offer.Anyway the book has been authored by Tilly Bagshawe But, Sidney Sheldon s name appears in very large face on the cover.The story started out well A lone policeman responds to a call what he thought was probably about domestic violence Now I stop I leave the rest to your imagination.A serial killer, code named Azrael the Angel [...]

  2. Disappointed This is how i sum up this book In my opinion, i have questions than answers after i read this book The storyline is very predictable and i could figure out the whole story including the MPD stuff halfway through the book.A lots of stuff goes unanswered 1 What happened to the Victorian Era Paintings that were stolen from the Jakes place The detective follows it up to a certain extent and then lets go and we never know what happened.2 Why were they funneling the money into children s [...]

  3. Dear authors aka Tilly Bagshawe 1 Sidney Sheldon is dead It s a loss but stop trying to claim to be his re incarnation.2 If you re claiming to set part of the story in a fucking fabulous city, GET IT RIGHT Hong Kong does not have a DLR, it s the MTR It runs on time than most other public transport in most major cities DO NOT CUT DOWN HK PUBLIC TRANSPORT Your story is not set in Brisbane.3 STOP WRITING Sidney Sheldon BOOKS YOU FUCKING HACK

  4. A few weeks ago I picked up a book in one of those shops that sell unsold items at very low prices The book was only worth a few dollars, but the title attracted my attention and it had been published by Harper Collins, so I thought it couldn t be that bad The title of the book was created and written in a way to deceive people and make them believe they were buying a book from Sidney Sheldon, the well known writer If you went below the title however Sidney Sheldon s Angel of the Dark you could [...]

  5. An amusing read, it must be said A baffling delight and an unsolved wrongdoing are catnip an intense universal criminologist can t help it At the point when LAPD analyst Danny Maguire touches base at a wrongdoing scene, his life is always showed signs of change The merciless murder of craftsmanship merchant Andrew Jakes is whimsical a portion of the undeniable plunder is left, while various uncommon miniatures are stolen Be that as it may, it s Jakes dowager, the dazzling Angela Jakes, who gets [...]

  6. Please don t let me hate her, Please don t let me hate her I was saying this throughout the book and you know what, I do hate her now Four men in different countries are murdered within 10 years time The only common things about those murders are, they are all billionaires, are murdered in the same way and they all have a beautiful wife who is lot younger than them Determined to find out about the mystery death of his biological father, a son Matt Daley of one of the victims gets obsessed about [...]

  7. In 1996 LAPD Homicide Detective Danny McGuire gets a case that will change his life forever The wealthy Andrew Jakes is murdered and his much younger wife Angela was brutally raped Haunted by the look in Angela s eyes Danny works at solving the brutal murder When Danny finds out Angela lied about a something small he goes back to confront her and finds out Angela disappeared All of Andrew s money was donated to children s charities and she s no where to be found Now 10 years later Danny is worki [...]

  8. OkI ll say it s a 3.5but then, considering Till is filling the shoes of one of the most read authors, to come up with what she did, makes her deserve a 4I can t say it s a page turnerere are few places, where you just want to leave itn then moments when you can t stop yourself from stealing 2 minutes n go through yet another pageI guess I read it somewhere that this novel had the research n notes left behind by Sidney himselft really sured unlike his novels, this one was low on the sexual conte [...]

  9. I love Sheldon, don t get me wrong I love his works so much that when I found out he died way back 2007 I think my literary heart shriveled.But this book A work that s combination of Sidney Sheldon and Tilly Bagshawe s work,I love it I hate it It reminds me of Sheldon s work well, duh And it irritates me that he s not around any.I m a fan of Miss Bagshawe, but I gotta ask this.Sidney Sheldon, other than known as the Master of the Unexpected is also well known as the type of author who knows the [...]

  10. I have read all of Sidney Sheldon s books and I m a huge fan of his work Once I finished reading all of his books, I didn t know where else to start Luckily, Tilly continued his work But we can t expect her to completely fill Sidney s shoes But she has done a very good job This story is about a series of four murders across the world and the chase for the murderers by LAPD turned Interpol Detective Danny McGuire and Matt Daley, one of the victim s son After the first quarter of the book, the end [...]

  11. I have a problem with an author trying to write like a deceased author, and then marketing the book under both their names That seems cheap to me I didn t realize that was what had happened here til after I read the book I figured that perhaps old manuscripts had been found posthumously and were then polished and printed, but that is not the case So, I am irritated by this book.The story, however, was a good one that I enjoyed very much If Tilly Bagshawe had just published it herself, I d give i [...]

  12. Po etak je bio stvarno dobar Mislila sam da e ova knjiga postati jedna od mojih omiljenih Na alost, jako sam se razo arala Knjiga je jako predvidljiva, ostavila je dosta pitanja ije odgovore mogu samo da naga am, a jo epilog samo me je zbunio

  13. It was his first big murder case and one of the bloodiest and most violent crimes LAPD detective Danny McGuire would ever encounter Andrew Jakes, an elderly multimillionaire art dealer, had been brutally murdered in his Hollywood home, his lifeless body tied to his naked young wife Raped and beaten, the lovely Angela Jakes had barely survived the attack herself Gazing into her deep, soulful eyes, Danny swore that he d find the psychopath behind this barbarous act But the investigation didn t tur [...]

  14. Very disappointing indeed Unlike the original Sheldon books where every page is filled with excitement with an extra serving of thrill And the readers aren t left scratching their heads but blissfully satisfied with his booksSo many loose ends and loop holes that it feels like you are banging your head just trying to make sense of the ending.1 If both Frankie and Sofia pinned blame on each other who was really guilty of manipulation Was it really Sofia who was the mastermind behind the killings [...]

  15. 1 Sidney Sheldon s Angel of the Dark2 Tilly Bagshawe3 Danny McGuire, a Los Angeles detective, was called to a scene with a millionaire harshly killed and his wife raped The person who committed the crime couldn t be found Several years later, multiple cases very similar to this one was occurring all over the world One of the victim s sons, Matt Daley, and Danny McGuire make it a mission to solve this case and find whoever committed these crimes along with what happened to all the wives who myste [...]

  16. A little bit questions and curious will kept in my mind after I finished the book Anyway, it was a good book to read.

  17. I don t want to be a spoiler, but the ending of this book really made me mad It could of ended perfectly, but nooooo, take it a little farther I actually gave it four stars for the ending I felt it was a little draggy at the beginning It was a good book, but the ending Argh

  18. Sidney Sheldon s Angel of the Dark When I first saw this book, I was like, What But I thought Sidney was gone And as I looked closely, there was another name, Tilly Bagshawe I realized that this was NOT by Sheldon, but by another person that I didn t knew of Sorry Sidney Sheldon Fans, but this isn t his writing here.First of all, the cover Yes, the name Sidney Sheldon got me, and the way the title goes Angel of the Dark I immediately grabbed the book and read the text at the back, not knowing th [...]

  19. It was his first major murder case and one of the bloodiest and most violent crimes LAPD detective Danny McGuire would ever encounter Andrew Jakes, an elderly multimillonaire art dealer, had been brutally murdered in his Hollywood home, his lifeless body tied to his naked young wife Raped and beaten, the lovely Angela Jakes had barely survived the attack herself Gazing into her fathomless, soulful eyes, Danny swore that he would find the psychopath responsible for such a barbarous act However, t [...]

  20. Received for ReviewOverall Rating 2.75A little different break down than I normally do I am a total ender aka the end of the book can make me look at the whole book differently I think that should be noted and I want to be fair.First 3 4 of the Story Overall Rating 4.00Thriller Rating 4.50Character Rating 3.50Last 1 4 of the Story Overall Rating 1.75Thriller Rating 2.00Character Rating 1.50First Thought when finished Can we rewind a few chapters and just end there, please What I Loved The first [...]

  21. 2.5 Judging this book independently, I d have to say that I liked this one It was a quick and captivating read but with a crappy ending HOWEVER, this is NO Sheldon I don t understand how a random chick gets to write under the legendary name of Sydney Sheldon She is nowhere good enough to be doing that and I find that it misleads the readers hugely While a good idea, the mystery was somewhat obvious from the start view spoiler the wives were all the same person and in on the murders hide spoiler [...]

  22. Truely an Angel of the DarkThe last Sydney Sheldon I read was almost 6 years ago Seemed that I had exhausted all he had to offer, and with no new titles coming up, I moved on to other authors.Tilly has done justice to Sheldon s story, to a certain extent As written below, by many other readers, that there is not much of a suspense left after a few chapters, and you can kind of guess who the culprits are, but it still intrigues you, as to why they are doing so, and how will they be caught, or if [...]

  23. Rating 3.25 out of 5I visited a book fair recently It was awesome and I found many good reads there Ha.This was one of them.I have read about four Sidney Sheldon s books and I found them interesting This one, despite its title, is not fully written by Sidney Sheldon Its author is Tilly Bagshawe She built this story on some unpublished work of Sidney Sheldon But this story is not disappointing at all.The story begins when a very old very rich man, Andrew Jakes is murdered in cold blood and his wi [...]

  24. 2.5 bintang untuk buku ini Tapi ngga tega kalau harus memajang cuma 2 bintang, jadilah naik 3 bintang, itupun karena embel2 nama Sidney Sheldon Sidney Sheldon is one of my fave author ever Dan rasanya ngga bisa dan ngga tega ngasih bintang cuma 2 utk buku yg memajang nama Sidney Sheldon lebih gede dari tulisan nama Tilly Bagshawe sendiri di covernya Cuma pengen bilang, please Ms.Tilly, jangan selalu bawa2 nama Sidney di buku2 anda, he s dead already Biarkan kami para pembaca setia Mr.Sheldon men [...]

  25. Recommended to NO ONEThis book is frustrating I cannot imagine how beautiful and sexy this Angel of the Dark is that every guy deeply falls in love with her I do not like Sofia Basta Hence, I like Frankie than her Can you seeeeeeee that this girl is sick And WHAT IS IT WITH YOUUUUUU MATT At first he said that his old life is buried He found a new life Then Sofia came again and he said that his old life is burried again I can t understand him I hate him I hate them all for being so dumb and blin [...]

  26. Even though, this novel has references to Sidney s Are you afraid of the dark , the plot goes global and happens in varied time span.In my opinion, the characters are not convincing at many points Angela Jakes stays high out of the rest The Court trial at the end seems to be dragging to some extent One would enjoy the exotic read few bullets the Angel of Death s identity confusion This is bullshit, it s a fucking performance Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drinkHe was as Indian as the [...]

  27. I have read the other sidney sheldon novel written by tilly bagshaw and I didnt like it But this novel was better than the last one Although since the time when she tells the story of sofia and frances for the first time in the novel I knew who was behind the murders but the ending and a few twists and turns kept me going on to finish the novel The ending where everything is revealed was really interesting and the last 2 chapters were totally unexpected I would rate the novel 3.5 stars It was a [...]

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