Return of the Guardian-King

Return of the Guardian King The powerful finale to the Christy Award winning novels in the LEGENDS OF THE GUARDIAN KING seriesBelieved dead by all but the handful of supporters who rescued him from his Mataian enemies Abramm Ka

The powerful finale to the Christy Award winning novels in the LEGENDS OF THE GUARDIAN KING seriesBelieved dead by all but the handful of supporters who rescued him from his Mataian enemies, Abramm Kalladorne has fled his homeland to the high mountains of northern Chesedh Traveling under a new name with a group of bitter and increasingly desperate fellow exiles, Abramm hoThe powerful finale to the Christy Award winning novels in the LEGENDS OF THE GUARDIAN KING seriesBelieved dead by all but the handful of supporters who rescued him from his Mataian enemies, Abramm Kalladorne has fled his homeland to the high mountains of northern Chesedh Traveling under a new name with a group of bitter and increasingly desperate fellow exiles, Abramm hopes to reunite with his wife in Chesedh, where he will offer his services to her father in fighting the invading armies of the Black Moon But with every step he is hindered, delayed, and diverted from the direction he desires to go, and it soon becomes clear Eidon has other plans for him.In the royal city of Fannath Rill, Maddie alone believes Abramm still lives But since she has no proof, her friends, family, and public opinion press her to remarry With its neighboring realms now under enemy control, Chesedh has become the last bastion of Eidon s Light Desperately overmatched, it cannot survive on its own Yet the rich, handsome eastern warlord who is openly courting Maddie has a vast fleet of galley ships that could turn the tide in Chesedh s favor.

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Return of the Guardian-King

  1. Karen Hancock Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Return of the Guardian-King book, this is one of the most wanted Karen Hancock author readers around the world.

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  1. This book and series is one of my all time favorite, and I highly recommend it The author does an amazing job showing the difference between the faith in Christ and faith in religion The knowledgeable you are about God, His Word, and church history, the things you ll recognize in this series But even if you re not that knowledgeable of them, you ll wind up learning a lot by the end as things will become clear The story is exciting, the characters so well developed you ll feel like you ve alway [...]

  2. I have a confession to make fitting isn t it I have read this book backward Started with the first part 4 in total and then went straight to the last and came back to the 1st part step by step.Crazy, one might think Perhaps Surely.But it was so difficult for me to bear Abramm s, Maddy s, Trap s, Carissa s, Simon s, Ian s ordeals I needed first to see how things ended for them all even for the villains I needed to be reassured whether I was or not eventually, I won t tell for the sake of not spoi [...]

  3. This book is a bit of a mixed bag but the good far outweighs the bad It s still a bit rambling, but the plotting is thankfully much tighter than the last installment The beginning is painfully slow, but as with all of Hancock s books, it picks up the pace for a truly epic finale Indeed, that has or less been my experience with this series slow bit, brilliance , slow bit, brilliance So the not so good parts are always worth wading through Even importantly, I have found myself profoundly touched [...]

  4. This whole series is really cool I think I liked it because of the characters and how they had to grow or sink I really liked the plot line I really loved these books and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in an extremely good read.

  5. This series started out okay, but I got supremely tired with the over the top message of Only this religion is the right one It felt preachy and the characters were extremely flat and whiny.

  6. The following contains spoilers for the entire series The final installment of a tetralogy, Return of the Guardian King certainly serves as a good conclusion to a good series But good is likely as far as it goes in that respect It certainly has moments where it shines above said descriptor, and perhaps some moments where it drops beneath it That being said, good becomes the best term, as it is the average of the book The series is an allegorical Christian fantasy dealing with a character, Abramm [...]

  7. Note 1 this should not be read without having read the rest of the series I did I had been given a review book without being told that it was the final installment in a series It s really hard to follow if you start with the last book of 4.Note 2 this should also not be read if you re not okay with heavy handed religion in your fiction.

  8. It s been so great to reread these to kick of this new year I realized as I read that while Hancock s analogies tend to be a little heavy handed, I still thoroughly enjoy the story and the characters, and even than that, the light she sheds on the bigger picture going on in my day to day walk with Christ.

  9. The culmination of the adventures of Abramm This book contains the ultimate test of his faith, his fight with the devil, and his greatest victories It was thrilling and sad, exciting, fascinating, and also a little unfinished feeling For instance, the visit to the dragon city felt kind of unexplained What happened to the dragons It was a fairly long book, but I would have liked to know what all happened on every front before it closed.Still an amazing story Four stars, for certain.

  10. As I read this book immediately following the third one, this is really just an extension of the review I did for Shadow Over Kiriath I gave the first three books four stars each, I thought they were excellent, but the heavy religious influence cast just enough of a pall over my experience with them to make me hesitate to give them five starts, which I try to reserve for books I love without reservation That said, I did really enjoy the series, so while I didn t necessarily enjoy this book than [...]

  11. Who does not love a hot guy protecting his woman and his kingdom from the forces of darkness The conclusion to this beautifully written series is as good, if not better, than the first The heartbreak, the futility, and then the final conquering let me breathless and wanting to start over and read it all over again.Overall, I had a few criticisms, SPOILER ALERT the ending was too quick and easily concluded After years and years of struggles and torments against it the Esurhites, the final battle [...]

  12. Following the traumatic events of the third book Abramm Kalladorne has been presumed dead and we follow him as he ainstakingly trys to be reunited with his family Also, Queen Madeleine is queen no , instead she is forced back to Chesedh and reverted to First Daughter station where she is continually pressured to remarry, specifically to an alluring Sorite lord As always, this book was great However, I do think I was expecting a bit out of it In all the other books I believe I enjoyed when the a [...]

  13. My family will be glad I m done reading these books because I ve been a little obsessed, but I will not be I wish the story continuedThere was much darkness and evil in this book than I remember in the others It was creepy at times and I put it down a few times to take a breather Still an amazing, action packed book Carissa Trap were really annoying in part of the book I wanted to shake them both.For some reason, the talking with God part of this book bothered me a little not that fact that Abr [...]

  14. Abramm is believed dead by all but the people who rescued him from his execution, but Maddie is reluctant to give into the public consensus Even her closest advisers are pressuring her to remarry for the good of Chesedh Meanwhile, Abramm must undertake a series of trials that will shake his faith and delay his homecoming.This was a satisfying end to the series, made even so by the events that occur between Trap and Carissa Honestly, Trap is perhaps my favorite character in these four books, so [...]

  15. I loved it A satisfactory ending to the series, although I want to know exactly what happens with Duke Simon and Gillard I despise loose ends, although one important thing with Duke Simon did get cleared up right near the end Note the rest of this paragraph is a spoiler I was so thrilled when Carissa and Meridon finally got their marriage worked out This was possibly the most agonizing love story I ve ever seen, and they needed to fix it Carissa s blatant flirting with her husband was positively [...]

  16. The fourth and final book of the Guardian King series is my favorite Return of the Guardian King has action, tension, and suspense Following the horrendous events that took place at the end of the third book, Abramm is desperately trying to rejoin his wife and children, but like Odysseus, he encounters obstacle after obstacle And like Job, Abramm must consent to lose everything He must allow himself to be brought low This remaking of Abramm is very important It is Eidon s doing, and it takes tim [...]

  17. Karen Hancock brings her tremendously satisfying Guardian King series to a worthy conclusion Return of the Guardian King gets off to a slow start, because Hancock must catch us up on everything that happened between the end of Book 3 and the beginning of Book 4 Once we are up to speed, the story proceeds apace through a dense maze of twists and turns Some of the twists are predicable the couple with a misunderstanding ignore the advice of their friends until it is almost but not entirely too lat [...]

  18. This was a stunning finale to Hancock s series, Legends of the Guardian King The blend of Biblical concepts and fantasy is wonderfully done, and the close of Abramm s story is inspiring I found the whole series to be very uplifting and would recommend this as a must read to anyone who is at least fourteen There is a fair amount of violence due to the war going on, and the book did contain adult concepts, although nothing inappropriate, but that is why I recommend that those under fourteen wait O [...]

  19. Return of the Guardian King echoes the biblical story of Job, as Abramm seeks to regain his lost family and throne and yet finds his efforts continually thwarted As his wife struggles to cope with the politics and creeping threats, Abramm is called to walk a path that very few men have survived Through mountains, desert, dragon cities, and at the foot of his Lord s throne, Abramm is continually reminded that nothing he once had was truly his And importantly, that it matters not who he is, but W [...]

  20. Another excellent book by Ms Hancock Her character journeys are well written and draw the reader through the store always turning the page and wanting to know what happens next The message of perseverance and placing your faith in Eidon comes across so strongly and resonates within the reader long after the book is closed I wanted , but not because she didn t finish the story or that it was lacking in something, but because it inspired me and left me wanting a closer relationship with God.

  21. Hancock takes this world full of dragons and other strange fantastic creatures to paint a picture of the struggle every christian faces Our battles may not have hair raising outcomes but they are no less dire and life changing It has been a joy to see life through the eyes of a world where black and white are so sharply contrasted it makes you realize that maybe we don t take our normal lives seriously enough.

  22. This is a great 4 part fantasy The Christian roots are developed well and they are edifying The story is fun and often exciting This is the weakest of the four We finally reached too much angst in the romances It became predictable and the workings of Eidon largely left their biblical roots But it is still an essential part of the series and needs to be read as a massive epilogue, if nothing else.

  23. Great EndingThe Fourth a Book in the series was by far my favorite It was a quicker read with movement and less internalizing It was also very faith promoting in a weird way The only thing I didn t like was the ending The author winds the book up too fast after all the time she spent getting there.

  24. I absolutely loved this series, and this last book I am so sad it has ended The books bring out such a spiritual reality of the forces of darkness at work all around us, and the different things that control us I loved the characters and love the depth at which the author allows us to know them Bravo

  25. I haven t finished this book for two reasons 1 I m at a part where one of the characters is doing something I don t like and while I know it s gonna work out in the end, I m not enjoying going through the trial and 2 I don t want the series to end I did the same thing with Man O War when I was a kid I ve still never finished that book.

  26. This series captivated me The series The Legend of the Guardian King has 4 books Each book has great characters, detailed descriptions, and plot twists You will love every word If you like fantasy, love stories, action, drama, politics, life at court, and Jesus, you will love this story.

  27. Not bad at all, but the ending should have been written with finality Too much room was left for another sequel, and at this point this series just needed to be put to bed I won t be reading if there s yet another sequel The ending wasn t bad at all, but it really needed to preempt the possibility of a fifth book.

  28. WOW what an EPIC finale to an awesome series I loved every single moment Tales and lessons from the Book of Job, the Odyssee, and Revelation all wrapped into one last adventure for Abramm and his loved ones.

  29. This was one of the best 4 book could not put down each one series I have ever read The romance was beautiful, not sullied by graphic descriptions, just a beautiful and wonderful forever romance, with danger, thriller and scary moments added.

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