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    265 Oriana Fallaci لیلی گلستان
زندگی جنگ و دیگر هیچ

  1. Fallaci was born in Florence, Italy During World War II, she joined the resistance despite her youth, in the democratic armed group Giustizia e Libert Her father Edoardo Fallaci, a cabinet maker in Florence, was a political activist struggling to put an end to the dictatorship of Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini It was during this period that Fallaci was first exposed to the atrocities of war.Fallaci began her journalistic career in her teens, becoming a special correspondent for the Italian paper Il mattino dell Italia centrale in 1946 Since 1967 she worked as a war correspondent, in Vietnam, for the Indo Pakistani War, in the Middle East and in South America For many years, Fallaci was a special correspondent for the political magazine L Europeo and wrote for a number of leading newspapers and Epoca magazine During the 1968 Tlatelolco massacre prior to the 1968 Summer Olympics, Fallaci was shot three times, dragged down stairs by her hair, and left for dead by Mexican forces According to The New Yorker, her former support of the student activists devolved into a dislike of Mexicans The demonstrations by immigrants in the United States these past few months disgust her, especially when protesters displayed the Mexican flag I don t love the Mexicans, Fallaci said, invoking her nasty treatment at the hands of Mexican police in 1968 If you hold a gun and say, Choose who is worse between the Muslims and the Mexicans, I have a moment of hesitation Then I choose the Muslims, because they have broken my balls In the late 1970s, she had an affair with the subject of one of her interviews, Alexandros Panagoulis, who had been a solitary figure in the Greek resistance against the 1967 dictatorship, having been captured, heavily tortured and imprisoned for his unsuccessful assassination attempt against dictator and ex Colonel Georgios Papadopoulos Panagoulis died in 1976, under controversial circumstances, in a road accident Fallaci maintained that Panagoulis was assassinated by remnants of the Greek military junta and her book Un Uomo A Man was inspired by the life of Panagoulis.During her 1972 interview with Henry Kissinger, Kissinger agreed that the Vietnam War was a useless war and compared himself to the cowboy who leads the wagon train by riding ahead alone on his horse.Kissinger later wrote that it was the single most disastrous conversation I have ever had with any member of the press She has written several novels uncomfortably close to raw reality which have been bestsellers in Italy and widely translated Fallaci, a fully emancipated and successful woman in the man s world of international political and battlefront journalism, has antagonized many feminists by her outright individualism, her championship of motherhood, and her idolization of heroic manhood In journalism, her critics have felt that she has outraged the conventions of interviewing and reporting As a novelist, she shatters the invisible diaphragm of literariness, and is accused of betraying, or simply failing literature Fallaci has twice received the St Vincent Prize for journalism, as well as the Bancarella Prize 1971 for Nothing, and So Be It Viareggio Prize 1979 , for Un uomo Romanzo and Prix Antibes, 1993, for Inshallah She received a D.Litt from Columbia College Chicago She has lectured at the University of Chicago, Yale University, Harvard University, and Columbia University citation needed Fallaci s writings have been translated into 21 languages including English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Greek, Swedish, Polish, Croatian and Slovenian.Fallaci was a life long heavy smoker She died on September 15, 2006 in her native Florence from breast cancer.

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  1. Niente e cos sia Nothing And Amen, Oriana Fallaci 1972 1350 429 1356 1381 1383 1386 1393 1961 1975 20 1970

  2. Non facile commentare un libro come questo.Riletto dopo tanti anni, credo di averlo veramente capito solo oggi.Al momento riesco a definirlo con un unica parola straordinario.E che nessuno venga a dirmi che la Fallaci con l et cambiata, impazzita, rincitrullita Qui ci sono lo stesso rispetto per l Uomo, lo stesso orrore per la violenza e la guerra, lo stesso a per la vita che si ritrovano nelle opere della maturit Per accorgersene, basta leggerle.

  3. Il primo libro che ho letto della signora Fallaci stato Niente e cos sia, nel 1970 Avevo 14 anni Mi fanno ridere, ma proprio tanto ridere coloro che l accusano di razzismo Proprio vero che la gente parla solo perch ha la bocca Basterebbe leggere questo diario, che racconta della sua esperienza in Vietnam e, alla fine, dell episodio che l ha vista coinvolta in Messico, assieme agli studenti, nella sparatoria nella Piazza delle tre culture, per capire chi questa donna Non certo una che dice le cos [...]

  4. Libro strepitoso e illuminato Una lucidit che lascia esterrefatti, soprattutto valutando oggi pagine di 40 anni fa E poi scritto da dio Solo per la forma dell italiano, per la dinamica fulminante e sobria dei periodi, questo libro andrebbe letto nei licei In assoluto il testo della Fallaci che preferisco.

  5. .The translaton of Fallaci w work into Farsi is very beautiful which makes their reading very enjoyable experience.

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