Sweet Sofie

Sweet Sofie Her entire life Sofia Moreno has dealt with her overprotective brothers With three overbearing brothers always lurking no boy would dare reach out to her Luckily for Sofia the one boy she s got her h

Her entire life Sofia Moreno has dealt with her overprotective brothers With three overbearing brothers always lurking, no boy would dare reach out to her Luckily for Sofia the one boy she s got her heart set on has always been within reach her brothers best friend Eric Even though his loyalty to her brothers runs deep, Sofia knows there is only so much he can do beforHer entire life Sofia Moreno has dealt with her overprotective brothers With three overbearing brothers always lurking, no boy would dare reach out to her Luckily for Sofia the one boy she s got her heart set on has always been within reach her brothers best friend Eric Even though his loyalty to her brothers runs deep, Sofia knows there is only so much he can do before giving in to her.Two years older than her, Eric Diego has always known there would be hell to pay if he messed with his best friend s kid sister Sofia Through the years he watches as she blooms into a beautiful young lady right before his eyes With teenage hormones raging and Sofia than willing, Eric agrees to the unthinkable A forbidden secret romance Feeling emotions and a feverish passion that s new to them both, neither is ready for how quickly their romance spins out of control.

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Sweet Sofie

  1. Elizabeth Reyes is a USA Today Best Selling Author of The Moreno Brothers, 5th Street, Fate and Desert Heat romance series.Join the fun and become a royal member of TeamReyes and enjoy the perks of early announcements,cover reveals teasers, including exclusive teasers shared only the group Along with exclusive team,giveaways,discussions, trivia, Secret Santa and much much Moreno Brothers Forever Mine New Adult Mature YASweet Sofie New Adult Mature YAForever Yours New Adult Angel and Sarah s follow up college story When You Were Mine A prequel novella to Always Been Mine New AdultAlways Been Mine Adult contemporaryRomero New Adult Adult contemporaryMaking You Mine New Adult with bonus Angel and Sarah short Only 8 days Tangled A Moreno Brothers holiday novella Featuring Romero and Izzy5th Street Noah Adult ContemporaryGio New AdultHector New AdultAbel Adult Contemporary Felix 5th Street 5 New Adult Fate series Fate New AdultBreaking Brandon New AdultSuspicious Minds Adult contemporaryAgain New Adult Adult ContemporaryRage Adult contemporaryHis To Guard Adult contemporaryUninvited Adult contemporaryComing in early 2017Brand new series Boyle Heights a spinoff of 5th Street First in the series LilaFor up to date info visit my blog at ElizabethReyes

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  1. Here I am, once again reviewing a story from the mind of Elizabeth Reyes The biggest rule in writing is to write what you know With that in mind, I m frightened by the things Ms Reyes knows Sweet Sofie is a novella attached to the Moreno Brothers series which consists of two full length books dealing, respectively, with the relationships of Sofia s older brothers Angel and Alex In Forever Mine, I got my first glimpse of the way Sofia was treated by her older brothers, and was thoroughly disguste [...]

  2. WARNING There is some swearing due to frustration that could only be expressed in this way This book is one of the worst hypocritical books I have ever read Seriously the amount of double standards in this book was monumental I actually cringed each time the Hero was justifying his hypocritical behavior and I wanted to punch him in the face to shake his lying conceiving a I really liked Eric and Sofia from the first book and was intrigued to read their story, but I did not expected such double s [...]

  3. I loved it The glimpses we get from Sofia s and Eric s past, how they fell in love were wonderful I ve adored Eric since reading Forever Mine Angel s story and I m glad to say I love him even now I also really liked how we read some scenes from Forever Mine in Sofia s and Eric s POV It gave me my much needed Angel fix.I devoured this book from beginning to end in one sitting Now I m sleep deprived but it was worth it Sweet Sofie is a delicious read for anyone who s a fan of an forever and ever [...]

  4. I can t get enough of these books Sofie and Eric s story was just as intense and emotional as her bothers You could see from the beginning that these two belonged together.I love that we get to see Sofie every so many years growing up and how her relationship with Eric blossomed I had so much fun watching Sofie push Eric to his hormonal limits when they were in high school He was always so careful and patient when it came to her but she was not having it Having her three BIG older bothers, one b [...]

  5. What can I say Elizabeth Reyes has once again blown me away I loved Sofie s novel and her and Eric are just meant to be I was super happy when I saw this had been released on sad that I will even say this but I did a happy dance I can t wait to read the next two books in the amazing series.

  6. I won t even bother to write a review because it won t express my feelings as good as this reviewer did review show

  7. Bk 3 is shorter than a full story but seemed too long to be considered a novella Even with the shorter length this bk kept my interest throughout the story, had depth and came to a good ending without seeming rushed I even liked the format for this bk which told Sophie s story in increments beginning at age 5 through age 21 Each book advances the story of not only the main characters Sophie and Eric but the others as well Angel Sarah, Alex Val, Romero Isabelle and Sal Another great story but had [...]

  8. 4.75This is my favorite one yet in this series I laughed soo much with Romero in the beginning when they were kids I love Eric and Sophie s story Love early child teen crushes that turn into romance You can identify with both Eric and Sophie s POV that you just can t be upset for him her acting the way they did I felt for Brandon and I never thought he was playing Sophie Do we get a story on him If not, why What I love about this series is the memories it brings back Thank you Elizabeth for intr [...]

  9. I went into Sweet Sofie thinking I already knew their story from reading Forever Mine and Always Been Mine Asking myself, What can be left to say However, I was still excited to read it out of my love for the former books and my new ever growing loyalty for their author But I was so wrong Elizabeth Reyes took this story to an incredible height, that I did not see coming Eric and Sofia are absolutely amazing together There is not a dislikable character in this book Nor, is there a thing to be ch [...]

  10. Where to beginI know, he slipped his hand into hers the same sentence to be read, repeatedly, in ALL of Elizabeth Reyes books.So, we have Sofie She ain t sweet And we have Eric, who is, at first He is so nice and loyal to the Moreno family that his feelings for Sofie baby Moreno and only girl of the Alpha Clan make him a pussy He finally mans up to tell her brother s that he wants her to be his date to prom Sweet Sofie is happy, so happy she basically rapes him on prom night Seriously, he keeps [...]

  11. I really really enjoyed Sofia and Eric s story i like how it went back to show how they were close friends in childhood The romance sizzled i think mainly b cuz it was forbidden Sofia s overprotective older brothers had some scenes heart pounding with me thinking they ll be caught Book Summary from Her entire life Sofia Moreno has dealt with her overprotective brothers With three overbearing brothers always lurking, no boy would dare reach out to her Luckily for Sofia the one boy she s got her h [...]

  12. Eric and Sophia s story has been building from the start, and it was about time they had center stage This novel was a fun read The book starts out at a very young age, and highlights various memories at different ages Many of them are situations and altercations that we have experienced in the previous to books giving Sweet Sofie a nice memory lane feel Once I got into the main course it was a very heart felt and romantic read, but readers will find themselves frustrated with Sophie choices As [...]

  13. One of the best Moreno Brothers books yet Sweet Sofie allows the reader to see the growth of Eric and Sofia s relationship over time This books starts in childhood and follows the couple through several emotional growing pains Eric such a sweet guy who has loved Sofie since childhood He treats her so well and is slightly less possessive than the Moreno Brothers Sofie tends to be the Fiery tempered one in the relationship Eric does get over emotional when Sofie kisses a childhood acquaintence He [...]

  14. I don t like this book but I don t hate it either I had fun when I read it but sometimes I got bored I smiled and annoyed when they were together And now I m confused by the feeling toward this book Maybe it s okay is what it is.The first time when I saw the story of the book I thought Sofia must be a sweet, adorable and innocent little girl who was protected under her brothers wings However after I read it, I was kind of shocked by her behavior She was not what I thought at all For Eric, Sofia [...]

  15. This book gave me knots in my stomach because of all the contention and secrets between Sofie and Eric The main reason it did not get 5 stars is because I didn t think it was right that Sofie got so much grief for what she did but Eric didn t even tell her what happened while he was away I just think it should have been totally settled no secrets Ahhhh But over all I loved reading about all of these characters and the overprotective brothers I always wanted brothers so the could over protect me [...]

  16. Sweet Sofie is almost like a sugary sweet glimpse into a young girls secret diary I almost felt bad I was reading it but in a good way because I fell in love with her and wanted to pick her out my kindle and put her in my pocket 0 I loved getting Eric and Sofie s story from the beginning and how gorgeous was their journey The brothers, well I totally got their protection issue I found itwell sweet This whole book was SWEET Elizabeth Reyes YOU ARE SWEET

  17. oh my what a beautiful story this was an enjoyable and romantic read If you are wanting to read a good old romance novel, try this one It was so good I had to finish it in one sitting Sophie was great, I do not know how ER did it, but her characters where just wonderful, you where gripped in from the begining Well worth a read for any romantic young or old

  18. I absolutely LOVE the Moreno brothers and their sister Sofie s story did not dissapoint at all I loved how the story started when Sofie was a young girl and you watch her grow and her relationship with Eric grow as well Such a good story and of course love all the supporting characters, such as the brothers and Romero, and even Sarah I look forward to reading Romero s story and Sal s too

  19. Eric and Sofie s love story is fantastic I love the Brandon thingy, Eric is super cute whenever he get jealous I agree with the no brothers Sofie is naive She acts like a baby sometimes But all in all I really enjoyed it Five twinkling stars for you Ms Elizabeth Reyes

  20. Ok, how can Eric be SO obsessed about a KISS when he spent an entire week in another country with another girl who he went out with multiple times, who had grabbed his croch, kissed him, and then he licked her lips Absolute nonsense

  21. Sweet Sophie by Elizabeth Reyes The third book in the Moreno Brothers Series, only this one is a Moreno sister Forever Mine is Angel Moreno, Always Been Mine is Alex Moreno There are two stories in the series that are not out yet Romero s story, Angel s friend and then the story for the oldest brother Sal I found this book to be the most emotional Many of the conversations were in the previous books and now we see in depth what happened from Sophie and Eric s view.Sophie Moreno s story starts [...]

  22. Wow this one was a little harder to read The last half of the book was sort of painful I loved how Reyes went back to the beginning of Sofie and Eric s story Starting from the very beginning, when they were little kids She followed their story through the years with significant times in their past at different ages I loved that I loved watching Sofia and Eric realize their love for each other.I was left feeling a little angry about one thing Eric was mad at Sofie for kissing Brandon and he made [...]

  23. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFThis series makes me so happy Sofia Moreno has three older brothers Sal untitled , Alex Always Been Mine and Angel Forever Mine Her entire life they have protected and sheltered her from danger and boys If having three older brothers weren t enough protection, Romero and Eric, Angel s two best friends also think it s their job to protect Sofia, especially Eric He wants to keep all the boys away from Sofie because he s [...]

  24. Our sweet Sofie gone wild Hmm, not entirely but it is really curiosity Not much to say, but a smooth flow story that will make stay on track of reading it The story plot went back on how The Moreno Brother s, Eric and Romero along with Sofie became friends This sequel will let us understand how Eric and Sofie became close to each other and when they realize they were in love with each other Sweet Sofie will also let us read on how does Sofie felt about having all brother 2 being protective to th [...]

  25. I was not expecting this one to be good, since it was only a novella I don t normally read novellas to the series and it was also supposed to explore back 10 years in Sofie s life, but it was great Probably not as good as Alex s story but IMO I think it ranks right up there with Angel and Sarah In this story we sort of get the back story to how Sofie s life was growing up as the youngest of three older very protecting brothers And although Eric and Sofie s relationship is touched on in Alex s st [...]

  26. The Moreno Brothers series is really an amazing series i loved it so much this is the last one that i read, the cover is ugly i mean the girl with the flower in her hair is so not what i imagined Sofia to be like but there is another cover which in it the girl is so sexy i loved that onw i didn t stick to an order but really you don t need an order to read them all , the whole series brought that element of possessiveness and protectiveness and hard core temper all the things that makes me likes [...]

  27. Sweet Sofie brought a lot of aww and Seriously out of me I have to say, Sofia is crazy brave or just crazy to do some of the things she does considering how her older brothers are I m not sure I would be quite so willing to be reckless with those three older brothers breathing down my neck I love that she stands up for herself She s a lot stronger than they give her credit for.Yeah, I love me some Eric He has some of the same macho attitude that the Moreno brothers have, but he s not quite so up [...]

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