Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again Buckle your seatbelt for the first ever follow up to Ian Fleming s only children s story When the Tooting family finds an old engine and fits it to their camper van they have no idea what kind of adv

Buckle your seatbelt for the first ever follow up to Ian Fleming s only children s story.When the Tooting family finds an old engine and fits it to their camper van, they have no idea what kind of adventure lies ahead The engine used to belong to an extraordinary car and it wants its bodywork back But as the Tootings hurtle across the world rebuilding the originalBuckle your seatbelt for the first ever follow up to Ian Fleming s only children s story.When the Tooting family finds an old engine and fits it to their camper van, they have no idea what kind of adventure lies ahead The engine used to belong to an extraordinary car and it wants its bodywork back But as the Tootings hurtle across the world rebuilding the original Chitty, a sinister baddie is on their trail one who will stop at nothing to get the magnificent car for himself.Fueled by wry humor, this much anticipated sequel to the children s classic by Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond featuring a contemporary family and a camper van with a mind of its own is driven by best selling, award winning author Frank Cottrell Boyce and revved up by Joe Berger s black and white illustrations.

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again

  1. Frank Cottrell Boyce is a British screenwriter, novelist and occasional actor.In addition to original scripts, Cottrell Boyce has also adapted novels for the screen and written children s fiction, winning the 2004 Carnegie Medal for his debut, Millions, based on his own screenplay for the film of the same name.His novel Framed was shortlisted for the Whitbread Book of the Year as well as the Carnegie Medal.He adapted the novel into a screenplay for a 2009 BBC television film His 2009 novel Cosmic has also been shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal.He is married and the father of seven children.

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  1. Having begun this series with the Ian Fleming classic, I thought it a good idea to continue on, under the guidance of Frank Cottrell Boyce Moving the story into the present day, the young reader is introduced to the Tooting Family, with a mom and dad, as well as Lucy, Jeremy, and baby Harry When Mr Tooting announces that he has major news, he shares that he s been sacked from his job, which means the family is without a vehicle Noting the crossroad in their lives, Mr and Mrs Tooting agree to tak [...]

  2. By Frank Cottrell Boyce Grade A.Everyone s favorite flying car shifts into another dimension as the intrepid Tooting family zooms back and forth through time.When the Tootings return to Zobrowski Terrace at the end of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again, they find that home is looking a lot like Jurassic Park But this is no theme park a very real and very hungry T rex is charging them Thanks to Dad s inadvertent yanking of Chitty s Chronojuster lever, the spirited car has ushered them back to pr [...]

  3. Rereading, April 2015, as a home read aloud.I don t usually post reviews directly on , but I won a copy of this book, so I ll post both here and on the TMCE Guys Read Blog Have you ever read a book and wished there was to the story Some characters and stories are so fun that we wish they could last forever, that we could keep having adventures with them I think that s what Frank Cottrell Boyce was thinking when he wrote this book.The original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was written by Ian Fleming i [...]

  4. In 1967 one of my favorite Christmas presents was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Ian Flemming I loved the Potts I loved the whistling sweets I thought Joe the Monster and his gang were terribly wonderful crooks And of course, I loved Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with her first two CHITTY sneezes and the two soft BANGS, the bangs ran on and into each other so as to make a delicious purring rumble I thought her amazing dashboard with knobs that glow and flash urgently as the need arose had just the perfect [...]

  5. The Tooting family finds itself in a position that many families are experiencing these days the father has lost his job Since he is clever and upbeat, he has decided this is an Opportunity and takes to unemployment with a flourish, but his family decides he needs a project They get an old camper van which the mother thinks can t possibly be fixed, and tell the father that when it is fixed, they will travel around the world Of course, he does fix it, so Jem, Lucy, little Harry and the parents ta [...]

  6. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was one in a stack of favorite books that I read over and over while growing up And now I need to read it again Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again brought back such fond memories I thoroughly enjoyed it Frank Cottrell Boyce did a wonderful job of staying true to the original yet adding some new and fresh elements of his own Now I look forward to reading the other sequels Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Race Against Time and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Over the Moon.This is a [...]

  7. I m a big fan of the original Chitty and a big fan of Frank Cottrell Boyce, so I went into mild raptures when I saw this at my local bookstore a few days ago.I read it in a few sittings, and it was just as good, if not better, than I expected I can t wait to read the original and this new sequel aloud to my kids.

  8. I was prepared to hate this, since it s a modern sequel written by a completely different author, but I was pleasantly surprised It has a lot of different hilarious moments in it, a mystery that slowly reveals itself but isn t solved yet , and a family that may be typically modern but just this side of cliched They are loveable and nuanced and juicy , as audiobook reader David Tennant puts it I would definitely be willing to read .The weirdest thing is that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang doesn t get he [...]

  9. We thought this was a continuation of the first Chitty Chitty Bang Bang book but it is a different family and different car We were disappointed at first but we kept reading So glad It was a great story I had to translate some of the British words for my daughter but very enjoyable.

  10. My take I loved this book I did not realize till I found this on NetGalley as a digital ARC that the first Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was written by Ian Fleming his only children s book I have seen the movie which, I have heard, is very different from the book and now plan to read that book as well In this story, Chitty begins her life with the Tootings as just her engine The Tootings are a charming, energetic, modern family a mix of wonderful characters cheerful and optimistic dad, calm mom, the G [...]

  11. This could be regarded as the sequel to Ian Fleming s novel This time however Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a van made from old scraps of other vehicles, such as an engine found in a tree in a scrap yard and an awning that allows Chitty to fly, that somehow gives the van a magical edge Put together by the Tooting family during the school summer holidays, they subsequently take off literally on an adventure that includes flying across the Channel to France and having various adventures on the Eiffel [...]

  12. I have to admit, I m a little fuzzy in my memories of the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang I vaguely recall seeing the movie, and I m not even sure if I read the original story by Ian Fleming But I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this modern day sequel to the original 1964 classic All three Tootings children, Lucy, Jem, and Little Harry, as well as their parents, were well drawn out and entertaining After Dad loses his job, he really needs an outlet to nurture his creative side otherwise all hi [...]

  13. Before starting in on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again by Frank Cottrell Boyce , read the introduction Boyce explains why he wrote this sequel and why he wrote it the way he did Boyce, like I think many people of our generation, saw the movie before reading the book, and was shocked by how little the movie resembled Ian Fleming s book The only thing the book and the movie agreed on was the make of the car and the fact that it could fly of its own accord.Boyce goes one further deciding that it [...]

  14. Jem Tooting s father has been sacked from his job making Very Small Parts for Very Big Machines And Tooting Sr s mechanical genius and free time need to be invested in the perfect D.I.Y project before he drives his family completely crazy Enter a rusted 1966 Camper Van that tends to fall apart at the slightest nudge or tweak.Soon, the father son duo is spending many a happy greasy day licking the beat up ol camper van into shape And along the way they find an engine for their van Not an ordinary [...]

  15. I have never seen, watched or read the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, I ve seen the odd tv clip and song played but not enough to really know what it is about And to be honest I ve never been that bothered to find out.However, I got sent a Proof copy of this book from my librarian and I knew straight away that I would read it, purely because it is by Frank Cottrell Boyce the man is a genius and I love his work so I couldn t resist.This is aimed at the sort of 9 age, and you can tell it s writ [...]

  16. Not exactly a continuation of the Chitty saga, but it is meant to be the same car Though Cottrell Boyce isn t trying to emulate Fleming s story or characters, he s creating a new thread to the car s story.It s not the time of Caractacus Potts any it s contemporary England A family need a new car, and their out of work fix it Dad decides to put an old car engine inside a camper van, you know the sort of story you are in for.The Tooting family plan to see the world in their new motor, with emo got [...]

  17. Who better than Frank Cottrell Boyce to write the continuing story of Ian Fleming s 1964 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang This time, a contemporary family of five called the Tootings are on the receiving end of Chitty s love of adventure Dad, recently laid off from the Very Small Parts for Very Big Machines Company, is at loose ends After his efforts at home improvement are a flop, Mom brings home an old 1966 camper for him to restore Together, he and Jem get it running again, but things really start hap [...]

  18. Reason for Reading I love Fleming s original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang book and have read it several times as a kid and as read alouds to my own kids It s always been a favourite I ve never been much of a fan of the movie, though, probably because of the drastic changes to plot I don t usually read these kind of sequels to classic books but this was commissioned by the Fleming estate and Fleming did only write the one book, so I decided to try this and see if it recaptured the magic of the origina [...]

  19. While parts of this book are brilliant, so much of it is just wrong Sadly, I think it just needed some better editing.I know the book is essentially about a camper van that can fly, but there is so much where it got difficult to believe Little things about day to day life do matter when you want your reader to believe big things like flying cars The best example I can give is that on the first 24 hours of the father s unemployment he manages to fix too many things Even if you are the handiest [...]

  20. I received my copy of this book for free through a giveaway All opinions are my own.Normally, I m a fan of young ish readers literature, but I ve got to say that this one was a bit disappointing I ve never read the original book, so I don t have anything to compare it to in that sense I ve seen the movie, but, as the intro to the book says, the original book and movie don t have much in common anyway, so , but I ve read a lot of other children s books, and this one didn t seem like it translated [...]

  21. I have never read the book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang However, I did love the movie when I was younger And I still find myself singing the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang song whenever I hear people talk about the book So when I heard about this book, I decided I needed to read it.The Tooting family has an opportunity to go on an adventure Mum bought an old camper van that Dad and Jem fixed up But when they fixed it up Dad put in an old engine that he found at a scrap yard And the engine starts to make the [...]

  22. Take a lively ride in the first follow up to the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang book by Ian Fleming The Tooting family have hit hard times, Mr Tooting has lost his job But they don t stay down hearted for long, deciding that they should take a trip around the world Mrs Tooting brings home a very old and worn camping van that Mr Tooting and Jem slowly rebuild together after taking it entirely apart When they go looking for parts at a local junkyard, they discover an amazing racing engine and mo [...]

  23. So far this is such a wonderful package I love the speedometer chapter headings and the illustrations are so reminiscent of Quintin Blake My husband could probably tell you whether all the vehicles referred to on pages 37 40 were real or make believe I love the illustration when Jem this book is very British I didn t know Jem was a nickname for Jeremy and Dad meet Hornblower Bucklwing XI OK I finished it, but it was a struggle Forced me to change from 4 to 3 stars because I had such a hard time [...]

  24. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again is the first of three books about this famous car Haven t read Ian Fleming s original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Don t worry This book stands on its own.The Tootings have 3 children 15 year old Lucy, who dresses completely in black and likes to spend a lot of time in her room Jem, a good mechanic and the middle child and Little Harry, who hates to be strapped into his car seat After Jem and his dad refurbish the bucket of rust in the shape of a van , the Tooting [...]

  25. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang flies again is a sequel to the well known book by Ian Flemings Why did I pick up this book Who knows, but I do not regret itI love children s book , their so fun and good to read When I opened the book the first chapter has already put a smile on my face This book is soo adorable and cute The characters were so fun, different and just plain lovable No matter how old you are you would enjoy this book It is an easy read and being a children s novel does not require much tho [...]

  26. This sequel, written 47 years after the first book and by a different author, is a very satisfying adventure Both books are great for younger readers, and were greatly enjoyed by my middle school daughter.Without spoiling too much of the plot, this book seems to be completely separate from the second book, but grows towards it as certain parts are revealed I thought the father and son working together on the van was well done, and the nod to Ian Fleming s other, slightly famous creation was exc [...]

  27. Frank Cottrell Boyce is one of my favorite children s authors so when I saw he had written a new chapter in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang s life I couldn t wait to read it The original is one of the first movies I ever loved with one of my favorite actors, Dick Van Dyke How can this not be one of my favorite books I love that he continued the story and he put it a modern setting I love that he kept the family togetherness and love as a big theme but also gave the children a chance to be independent an [...]

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