Marshmallows for Breakfast

Marshmallows for Breakfast When Kendra Tamale returns to England from Australia she rents a room from Kyle a divorced father of two and begins a new job She s looking forward to a fresh start and a simple life Then she bumps

When Kendra Tamale returns to England from Australia she rents a room from Kyle, a divorced father of two, and begins a new job She s looking forward to a fresh start and a simple life Then she bumps into the man who shares her awful secret, and things fall apart The only way to fix things is to confess to the terrible mistake she made.

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Marshmallows for Breakfast

  1. Hello, my name s Dorothy Koomson and I ll try to make this bit that s all about me as interesting as possible.I wrote my first novel called There s A Thin Line Between Love And Hate when I was 13 I used to write a chapter every night then pass it around to my fellow convent school pupils every morning, and they seemed to love it.I grew up in London and then grew up again in Leeds when I went to university I eventually returned to London to study for my masters degree and stayed put for the following years I took up various temping jobs and eventually got my big break writing, editing and subbing for various women s magazines and national papers.Fiction and storytelling were still a HUGE passion of mine and I continued to write short stories and novels every spare moment that I got In 2001 I had the idea for The Cupid Effect and my career as a published novelist began And it s been fantastic In 2006, third novel, My Best Friend s Girl was published It was incredibly successful selling nearly 90,000 copies within its first few weeks on sale Six weeks later, it was selected for the Richard Judy Summer Reads Book Club and the book went on to sell over 500,000 copies Oh, there I go again, this is meant to be about me, not my novels.Okay, back to me I recently spent two years living in Sydney Australia, and now I m back in England But I can t say for how long I ll be in the UK for because I ve been well and truly bitten by the travel bug

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  1. Na momente jako tu no, ali svakako predivno Volim na in na koji Dorothy pi e, na in na koji vodi radnju Jako kvalitetno i vrijedno itanja.

  2. This was a tricky one It started off good, however, by the middle of the book I was very upset with the main characters They were so whiny and just emotionally inept and couldn t handle almost anything.I felt the author really missed the mark with this one Good story concept, but bad characters I won t even say badcharacters so much as they were just unrealistic in how they handled their emotional lives.

  3. I forced myself to complete this one, but I would not recommend it to otherso many great books out there to spend valuable minutes reading this one I kept thinking Kendra was going to shed her victim mentality which she rightly desrved, but it got old and irritating a few chapters in and embrace the good people around her She never did she continued to wallow selfishly throughout and then tried to play the I m sacrificing my life and no one realizes my gift card.

  4. Zanimljiva pri a o Kendri, koja se, progonjena vlastitim demonima pro losti, na e u sredi tu ivotne drame privla nog stanodavca Kyla, koji ostaje sa dvoje djece nakon to ga je napustila supruga Malo po malo, ali ba malo po malo, raspetljava se jedna po jedna od pri a koje je Koomson zapetljala u ovom romanu Tu ide moja prva zamjerka, roman je mogao biti kra i barem za stotinu stranica, bespotrebno razvla enje otkrivanja jedne po jedne tajne, ina e karakteristi no za Koomson, u ovom romanu mi je [...]

  5. Com personagens t o interessantes e dramas t o realistas, uma pena que Dorothy Koomson n o tenha preenchido e rematado melhor este Peda os de Ternura da forma como sabemos que consegue.Enquanto os adultos tentam lidar com os seus problemas da melhor forma que sabem sem, no entanto, garantirem os melhores resultados , os g meos Summer e Jaxon vivem no meio do turbilh o provocado pelo div rcio dos pais, servindo muitas vezes como arma de chantagem e sofrendo imenso com isso N o , portanto, de estr [...]

  6. The candy pink, white and blue cover of this novel seems to suggest it is a light chick lit read, which was what I expected You couldn t be wrong Although there are some elements of that, this novel covers some serious issues No, I m not going to tell you what they are as that would give too much of the plot away Suffice to say, Kendra Tamale is looking for a new start, after having left Australia and returned to England and her old job She rents a room and, before she realises quite how it hap [...]

  7. Kendra Tamale is looking for a fresh start and a simple life when she rents a room from Kyle Gadsborough This is from the front flap Well, you know that s not how things are going to go, right Trying to hide out, after the mess she left behind in Australia, Kendra s settling down in the English village of Kent is sure to provide her with the respite she needs Right Wrong Almost immediately, she is thrust into the daily life of the single father and his adorable, yet feisty, six year old twins It [...]

  8. Peda os de Ternura foi o primeiro livro que li da inglesa Dorothy Koomson, mas decerto n o vai ser o ltimo.Kendra Tamale regressa a Inglaterra, o seu pa s natal, vinda da Austr lia, fugindo mais uma vez da nuvem negra que tem pairado sobre a sua vida No seu regresso, aluga uma casa a um rec m separado que tem a seu cargo um par de g meos muito especial, Summer e Jaxon, ambos com seis anos de idade E aqui que Kendra, que tenta ao m ximo resguardar se do envolvimento sentimental devido a traumas e [...]

  9. I read this author s previous book My Friend s Girl, and rated it three stars, but this one was not as good The plot involved both alcoholism and rape a real fun fest , but the subject matter was not the problem The writing style here was very clinical, as if the author had read alot of information about these problems and then put it into the book without really distilling it It comes out in the protagonist s omniscient observations about the motives of the people around her, even though she se [...]

  10. Bem o primeiro livro de Dorothy que leio impelida pelas boas opini es que tenho lido dela e n o sei porqu estava decidida a que este livro fosse um romance puro, talvez tenha sido a sinopse que me agradou imenso e o meu c rebro delineou automaticamente um romance impl cito D N o o sendo, pelo menos n o achei, uma hist ria lind ssima de como acontecimentos terr veis podem acontecer, como isso mesmo nos pode envolver e quaseee, um grande quaseee, destruir e mesmo assim no ltimo momento termos a pr [...]

  11. Mais uma vez Dorothy Koomson surpreende os leitores com um livro que pode sensibilizar muita gente.Quando comecei a ler o livro pensei que estava a ler sobre um caso de viol ncia dom stica e isso fez me ficar de p atr s um tema muito sens vel e que me deixa fora de mim quando leio sobre eleMas n o era disso que se tratava N o posso dizer que a viol ncia dom stica seja pior ou melhor do que a viola o mas, na minha opini o, a viol ncia dom stica est num patamar acima no que diz respeito viola o.Ke [...]

  12. Dorothy Koomson is definitely on the very top of my favorite authors list, tho I haven t really read that much by her which says alot about her talent.To make a long review short, the story was written so beautifully, I didn t want the story to end The characters were very well developed and written I just loved this book Koomson has this way of writing that not only makes you like or relate with the characters, you alsocare for them like right at the this second I can t help but thinking if the [...]

  13. Achei pertinentes os dois principais temas abordados, mas este livro n o me tocou como esperava que o fizesse, como os outros dois livros da autora que j li Para mim, as crian as foram, sem d vida, as melhores personagens criadoras nesta hist ria e as suas interven es aquelas que mais me cativaram O romance de Kendra e Will foi uma personagem muito pouco explorada a meu ver n o me convenceu, pois n o teve grandes destaque na narra o, percebo que podia n o ser esse o principal foco da autora, mas [...]

  14. Segundo livro da autora que leio e n o poderia estar mais viciada Estou rendida escrita da Dorothy Um erro inocente foi um pouco melhor mas este tamb m foi muito bom S pecou pelo final Queria algo mais Estou desejosa de ler mais obras da autora

  15. My favourite audio book so far Beautifully read by Adjoa Andoh who really drew you into the story Will definitely listen again made the daily journey home from work a pleasure.

  16. labirinto livros 2 Kendra Tamale uma jovem de trinta e tr s anos que tem uma hist ria emocionante para nos contar A sua vida nem sempre tem sido repleta de alegrias e ela tem um segredo que insiste em esconder de toda a gente e a que atormenta todos os dias da sua vida Ap s ter sa do da faculdade em Leeds e ter ganho algum dinheiro com o seu primeiro emprego em recrutamento de trabalhadores tempor rios, Kendra decide mudar se para a Austr lia A , encontra o amor da sua vida, Will No entanto, a r [...]

  17. 3.5 5 Dorothy Koomson desde muito cedo se mostrou uma apaixonada pelas letras, tendo escrito o seu primeiro romance com 13 anos, There s a thin line between love and hate Contendo uma licenciatura em Psicologia e Jornalismo, pela Universidade de Leeds, a escritora inglesa lan a a sua primeira obra em 2003, O Amor est no Ar Peda os de Ternura a quarta obra desta escritora, que se tornou uma das mais adoradas das leitoras portuguesas, tendo sido lan ada inicialmente em 2007 Kendra Tamale regressa [...]

  18. I feel bad giving two stars when I did think the story line was reasonably good and maybe deserved three I picked up this book from the library as I had watched the TV dramatisation of Ice Cream Girls and found that story quite powerful The main problem I had was the plot was so slow moving The book needed a massive condensing job I have no problem with books where very little happens but you can enjoy the main character s voice With this book, however, it was hard sympathising with Kendra until [...]

  19. N o consigo perceber porque este livro considerado o mais fraco e menos apreciado de Dorothy Koomson, mas assim s o os gostos.Sendo assim, est visto que adorei este livro A delicadeza com que Dorothy Koomson tratou o trauma de Kendra, a sua forma de sobreviver e lidar se que o chegou a fazer com o que lhe aconteceu quando era mais nova, comoveu me profundamente claro que n o nos logo dito o que aconteceu, a informa o vem aos poucos, como pe as de puzzle mas s quando Kendra decide, finalmente, co [...]

  20. Este o segundo livro que leio de Dorothy Koomson, o primeiro foi A Filha da Minha Melhor Amiga, e apesar de ter gostado deste confesso que gostei mais do primeiro.Como o outro que li, este livro aborda diversos assuntos do dia a dia, assuntos que podem estar relacionados connosco numa ou outra fase da nossa vida, como alcoolismo, viola o, div rcio, poder paternal E, na minha opini o, n o qualquer escritor que consegue escrever sobre todos os temas, como Dorothy consegue, que cria uma hist ria co [...]

  21. Maybe two and half stars I did like it but me and my buts I liked some aspects and not others The topic of rape not really spoiling anything there is a tricky one and I think she did show very well, the difficulty of coming to terms with that or not coming to terms with it as the case may be But unfortunately that leaves the reader with little sympathy for a woman who clearly has issues but won t face them and in not facing them, ends up hurting other people I didn t like the Will story line suc [...]

  22. I got this book from a virtual bookbox, and it seems to me there were a number of books by this author up for grabs I just took one, and it was a while before I picked it up off the TBR pile I m not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn t really this I suppose denial is one of the big themes in this story, and I appreciated how the author dealt with it I know some other readers have ranted a bit how Kendra should have confronted her nemesis, but I found her reaction disturbingly credible, and w [...]

  23. I kept seeing this book in Target, but never bought it When I was at the library, I saw it on the shelf and decided to check it out I was bawling by the very end of the book Having gone through a similar incident that the main character went through you learn towards the end of the story what happened , Koomson has somehow found a way to express the feelings and thoughts that someone in those shoes has, but like me, struggled to vocalize By the end of the story, I believe you can understand why [...]

  24. Skumfiduser til morgenmad er et bombardemant p f lelsesregisteret S de m nd slemme m nd, gte veninder gte bitches, den nysgerrige nabo, b rnene, EKS en Jeg elsker de dejlige b rn, som er skildret med den rette m ngde nysgerrighed, naivitet og rlighed Og Kendra som kommer til med lige pr cis den m ngde overskud, uvidenhed, t lmodighed og mod, som kun en ikke mor besidder.Det er et mudderbad af grimme, skjulte f lelser og oplevelser Alkoholisme og overgreb, der er blev forn gtet og skjult af voksn [...]

  25. This book can be very powerful to some people I think that, unfortunately, some of the things are very predictable, which takes some intensity to the book But at the same time, I have a way of thinking similar to the main character not about everything, obviously It s a nice reading, but not the best one Also, I wish the end was diferent I guess I can make my own ending by imagining what happened then after the last words, but still it s only in my mind, which makes me think it isn t entirely tr [...]

  26. Nunca nenhum livro me tinha deixado t o incomodada como este Incomodada numa bom sentido, obviamente Este livro levou as minhas emo es ao extremo, num momento estava encantada com a rela o de Kendie com os g meos como no momento seguinte estava com uma ang stia enorme devido s situa es enfrentadas.Dorothy conseguiu, de uma maneira brilhante, prender me da primeira ltima p gina Apesar de o fim n o ser o esperado, at este me deixou satisfeita porque possivelmente foi o fim mais justo para todos.

  27. This book had a unique feel.I really enjoyed reading this book It had moments of real sadness.I was also, as a mother, very impressed by Kendra s ingenuity when dealing with the children and their needs.Komson paints such vivid images while writing this book, that even though it has been at least a year since I read this book, I can still envision certain images clearly Such as, when Kendra first meets the children.These charachters are all flawed, however, they are all likable and I found mysel [...]

  28. I read about 80 pages I just couldn t with this one Dorothy Koomson is a really good writer, but the story didn t interest me at all I read a few spoilers saying the start is good, but slows down in the middle and crappy ending Well, I was already struggling with the beginning, so time to quit it I do find I either love Dorothy s books or I can t get through them It really does depend what she s writing about.

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