Osama Lavie Tidhar was in Dar es Salaam during the American embassy bombings in and stayed in the same hotel as the Al Qaeda operatives in Nairobi Since then he and his now wife have narrowly avoided

Lavie Tidhar was in Dar es Salaam during the American embassy bombings in 1998, and stayed in the same hotel as the Al Qaeda operatives in Nairobi Since then he and his now wife have narrowly avoided both the 2005 King s Cross and 2004 Sinai attacks experiences that led first to his memorable short story My Travels with Al Qaeda and later to the creation of Osama In aLavie Tidhar was in Dar es Salaam during the American embassy bombings in 1998, and stayed in the same hotel as the Al Qaeda operatives in Nairobi Since then he and his now wife have narrowly avoided both the 2005 King s Cross and 2004 Sinai attacks experiences that led first to his memorable short story My Travels with Al Qaeda and later to the creation of Osama In a world without global terrorism Joe, a private detective, is hired by a mysterious woman to find a man the obscure author of pulp fiction novels featuring one Osama Bin Laden Vigilante Joe s quest to find the man takes him across the world, from the backwaters of Asia to the European Capitals of Paris and London, and as the mystery deepens around him there is one question he is trying hard not to ask who is he, really, and how much of the books is fiction Chased by unknown assailants, Joe s identity slowly fragments as he discovers the shadowy world of the refugees, ghostly entities haunting the world in which he lives Where do they come from And what do they want Joe knows how the story should end, but even he is not ready for the truths he ll find in New York and, finally, on top a quiet hill above Kabul nor for the choice he will at last have to make

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  1. Lavie Tidhar was raised on a kibbutz in Israel He has travelled extensively since he was a teenager, living in South Africa, the UK, Laos, and the small island nation of Vanuatu.Tidhar began publishing with a poetry collection in Hebrew in 1998, but soon moved to fiction, becoming a prolific author of short stories early in the 21st century.Temporal Spiders, Spatial Webs won the 2003 Clarke Bradbury competition, sponsored by the European Space Agency, while The Night Train 2010 was a Sturgeon Award finalist.Linked story collection HebrewPunk 2007 contains stories of Jewish pulp fantasy.He co wrote dark fantasy novel The Tel Aviv Dossier 2009 with Nir Yaniv The Bookman Histories series, combining literary and historical characters with steampunk elements, includes The Bookman 2010 , Camera Obscura 2011 , and The Great Game 2012.Standalone novel Osama 2011 combines pulp adventure with a sophisticated look at the impact of terrorism It won the 2012 World Fantasy Award, and was a finalist for the Campbell Memorial Award, British Science Fiction Award, and a Kitschie.His latest novels are Martian Sands and The Violent Century.Much of Tidhar s best work is done at novella length, including An Occupation of Angels 2005 , Cloud Permutations 2010 , British Fantasy Award winner Gorel and the Pot Bellied God 2011 , and Jesus the Eightfold Path 2011.Tidhar advocates bringing international SF to a wider audience, and has edited The Apex Book of World SF 2009 and The Apex Book of World SF 2 2012.He is also editor in chief of the World SF Blog , and in 2011 was a finalist for a World Fantasy Award for his work there.He also edited A Dick and Jane Primer for Adults 2008 wrote Michael Marshall Smith The Annotated Bibliography 2004 wrote weird picture book Going to The Moon 2012, with artist Paul McCaffery and scripted one shot comic Adolf Hitler s I Dream of Ants 2012, with artist Neil Struthers.Tidhar lives with his wife in London.

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  1. Novel n de Tidhar Primero que leo, y no el ltimo.Con un inicio que explota los clich s detectivescos hasta la n usea, explora ideas que estremecen, y expone ideas sobre el terrorismo y pol tica de una manera muy peculiar.Si bien es cierto que su estilo puede hacer que algunas mentes se pierdan un poco el final me cost un poco , la veo muy recomendable para aquellas personas que buscan historias poco usuales, donde no se exponen los hechos de forma n tida y dejan mucho a la interpretaci n, donde [...]

  2. Osama was the surprise winner of the 2012 World Fantasy award for best novel beating out both Stephen King and George R.R Martin Its premise involves a quest to find the writer of a series of pulp thrillers featuring a vigilante named Osama Bin Laden In Tidhar s alternate reality tale, we have a world in which there is no war on terror and no World Trade Center Joe just Joe is a private investigator hired by a mysterious woman Is there any other kind in this type of story to search and find the [...]

  3. What I really dug about this book was the sense of diminishment it left me with the diminishment of Osama as a man the diminishment of Osama as an idea the diminishment of the attack on the WTC the diminishment of terrorism in general the diminishment of the US government and its war machine the diminishment of violence and our rationalized motivations for violence the diminishment of humanity the diminishment of our own little tragedies And it did this while celebrating knowledge and love It to [...]

  4. Wishing Terrorism Was Only FictionMany people have compared the novel Osama by Lavie Tidhar to books by Phillip K Dick It is similar in that the main characters come to realize that reality is not at all what it seems, and that there are those who would stop them from learning the truth However, Osama is much beautifully written, and without the heightened paranoia of many of Dick s works.This is not a difficult book to read, but it is a very difficult book to discuss I finished it over a month [...]

  5. Detective noir with comic book flavor, hints of alternate worlds, a vein of historical journalism, and light, heart tugging sentimentality Better than any prime time comic news show, Tidhar brilliantly conveys just how ridiculous and pulpy our tragic violence might appear to a world without the GWoT, while at the same time levelling blame at the proper parties Bravo

  6. I ve been avoiding reading Osama for a while, as I didn t really feel tempted by the summary, but I ended up picking it up in the library because that can never hurt and really enjoying it, as it happens Rather than the books that Lavie Tidhar wrote for Angry Robot, actually, even though superficially they might seem up my street.I think a fair amount of the trouble people have reading this is that they re expecting the wrong thing A classically noirish detective story, a thriller, something s [...]

  7. It galls me to write this, because Lavie s a friend and frankly is unlikely to let me hear the end of it, but this is a seriously good book Beautifully written, spare but not short or lightweight as I find some novels of this ilk are It s an unsettling story reminiscent Paul Auster, but with substance in the place of narcissism The PKD similarity is clear, but I was also put in mind of The City and the City the ending of which I found a massive disappointment Osama didn t disappoint and I think [...]

  8. I thought that this wonderful novel about our identities in this world will be like The Man in the High Castle and less like Ubik, but it is the other way around and I like it And fortunately, the writing is so much better than anything Philip K Dick ever put on paper.

  9. Este libro en realidad requiere dos valoraciones El estilo es absolutamente fascinante, creando una atm sfera envolvente, pero la historia en si no me ha llegado y el giro final ya est muy visto.

  10. review first appeared at skullsaladreviews In the interest of full disclosure, I admit Lavie s someone I know and interact with online I received an electronic review copy straight from the author himself That said, Tidhar s new novel, Osama PS Publishing, 2011 , is a difficult novel to review without spoilers I will do my best here But let me just say upfront that I loved, loved this book Sometimes when getting a book from a friend or acquaintance, there s a hesitance to review it because of th [...]

  11. This is the book that won the 2012 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel, beating out four other finalists, including my own first effort, Those Across the River If only the rest of life s small disappointments seemed so just Mine is a horror novel, and, I think, a good one but this Osama is a fable, an opium dream, a prose poem, a meaningful contemplation on life s fragility and the absurdity of violence, containing perhaps the best articulation of Purgatory I have ever read My favorite detail a p [...]

  12. I really liked this book It completely sucked me in I read the last half in a single sitting.And, frankly, I have no idea what I just read Maybe there s a part of me that doesn t grok the big picture metaphors going on in books and it s why I hate critical literature but I ve been sitting here for an hour after I finished this book, and I still don t know what the hell happened.But I do know I enjoyed it quite a bit.Go figure.And Mike Longshott is a GREAT pseudonym for a purveyor of terrorism po [...]

  13. This is an interesting reaction to current events, digging down to mess about in the collective unconscious There are some striking moments the interstitial chapters describing terrorists balance journalistic precision with a poetic eye for detail and Joe s imprisonment by the mysterious CPD is rich with irony, taking the Man in the High Castle elements to a new level.I d rate this one a 3 1 2 I would like to have rated this thoughtful book higher, but some elements didn t quite gel for me In pa [...]

  14. nwhytevejournal 1891438ml return return return return An alternate history novel where the War on Terror never happened, but instead the history of our world is experience in a series of pulp novels about Osama Bin Laden the plot concerns the central character s quest for the author of these stories, which takes him on a long journey including a brief step into our timeline So it s basically The Man In The High Castle recast for today, though with lots of added literary allusions to the noir gen [...]

  15. It reads like a detective crime thriller with lots of clouds mishmashed together, all beyond any recognition There are clouds of conspiracy theories, America s many insurgency plots, opium bars, sleazy hotels and a bit of Afghanistan which seems alien to the whole story I expected Osama to emerge fro New York instead of Kabul Maybe its just me with my Muslim background who expected some serious treatment of the War against terror which has turned out to be a completely one way as far as the West [...]

  16. Modernity, or post modernity, or the difference, or whatever that thing we re in now is Very precisely, very elegantly, theres an evocation of a stylized, graceful past, though the setting is nominally the present A world of phone booths and opium dens, fedoras, travel agents, zippo lighters, Parisian cafes and London pubs populated by beautiful, sad eyed prostitutes where smoking indoors is always allowed Cons where people still read mimeographed fanzines Our world intrudes as a crude, pointles [...]

  17. This one starts off simply enough as a noir detective story with a private investigator hired to find the creator of the fictional character, Osama Bin Laden However, those looking for a quick, mystery plot will be disappointed as the story quickly becomes a surreal journey as the main character struggles to understand how this fictional world, which is really our world, a world of terrorists, suicide bombers, and other things, can possibly exist There are even suggestions that our world and the [...]

  18. An interesting experiment, but a flawed one The characters such as they are are intentionally cardboard cutouts, the action is purposefully repetitive, and the plot twist is telegraphed nearly from the start But there s something of worth here, flipping history and science fiction to show the absurdity of a War on Terror The hardboiled prose and short chapters were agreeable even when the ham handed cultural references weren t Look, it s Casablanca The Wizard of Oz Alice in Wonderland Aren t I c [...]

  19. The book had a promising start but eventually it turned out to be a disappointment It s like a noir novel set in a paralel universe where the protagonist, a private detective, is in search of Osama bin Laden, who exists only as a fictional character Actually, it s the author of the Osama bin Laden novels that s the target of the investigation While the atmosphere and the dialogues are good, they are not good enough to save the book, provided that there is not much going on Overall, it was a slow [...]

  20. Osama es la atrevida historia de un detective privado que un buen d a recibe el encargo de encontrar a un popular escritor de novelas polic acas, probablemente el libro que con m s ganas he esperado en lo que llevamos de temporada Con un particular estilo atiborrado de silencios inc modos, gran dominio del lenguaje y una magn fica prosa impregnada de sutileza, Lavie Tidhar ha conseguido plasmar un relato ciertamente estremecedor sobre la violencia terrorista y la psicosis que genera.

  21. Hmmm Cannot decide whether this is a very clever meta commentary on the state of the modern world via genre tropes or a series of rather random international musings that don t amount to much in the long run Like the book, you can never be sure Is that the point Did I miss the point Is there a point Why do I need a point

  22. I have a lot of respect for what this book is trying to accomplish, but unfortunately it reinforces the lesson I learned from reading Something More Than Night no matter how metafictional or ironic, I find noir prose tedious as fuck So a good book, but not one I enjoyed reading I wish it had been a movie I like the visual style of noir just fine.

  23. Spoilers, yo.The deliberate internet contrarians who are starting to pop up notwithstanding, I think the comparisons to The Man in the High Castle you see in many of the reviews here are dead on.Joe s reality at the beginning of the book has simply unraveled by the end of it, and if that ain t Dickian, I don t know what is.I enjoyed Osama than I enjoy most of PKD s fiction, and the reason is interesting to me Dick, for all the gobsmacking he does, for all the times when he turns the reader s ex [...]

  24. This novel s actually between a 7 and an 8 out of 10 for me as rated on my blog I ve given it 4 on GoodReads I nearly didn t give it any stars at all not because it doesn t deserve them, but because I can t make up my mind about it.It s an interesting, enigmatic, Noir ish novel which is beautifully written It reminded me a lot of some novels by Jon Courtenay Grimwood, particularly End of the World Blues for some reason At its most basic, it s an alternate history novel about a series of alternat [...]

  25. I am having the hardest time processing this book.Basic plot Joe is a detective He s living and working in Laos when a mysterious woman comes to him and asks him to find an author Someone who is writing about a fictional vigilante named Osama bin Laden Chances are, if you ve gotten to my review, you already know that.This world is an alternate reality maybe It s a very classic detective noir novel maybe , with your typical cardboard cut out detective stereotype maybe , and standard cardboard bad [...]

  26. 3.5 5The thing about terrorism is that it implicates us all Your fear is the terrorist s weapon It is an intrinsically memetic act the terrorism of the 2010s doesn t require the organised bank robberies of the 1970s or even the underground networks of the 1990s and early 2000s I read this as Omar Mateen murdered 49 people and ascribed it to an ISIS he d never been a member of, like a young punk learning three chords, starting a band in his basement and somehow feeling a part of a movement, like [...]

  27. Joe, a 40 something chain smoking, hard drinking private detective in provincial Vientiane in southeast Asia, is visited at his office by a mysterious woman, who hires him to find the author of a series of pulp novels about a terrorist vigilante, Osama bin Laden, and the truth lying behind them Osama, as it turns out, has gained quite a cult following in a world without war or global terrorism, where opium is legally smoked everywhere, a terrorist who blows up embassies and tube stations and cra [...]

  28. Joe is a private detective based in Vietnam One of his guilty pleasures is reading a popular series of trashy pulp novels featuring Osama bin Laden Vigilante From the excerpts we get, these novels seem to parallel most of the major terrorist acts of the recent past Joe s world is not our world Terrorism is an outrageous, thrilling plot line for popular fiction In Joe s world, such things simply do not happen.Since this is a detective novel, within a few pages Joe has been hired by a beautiful, m [...]

  29. Meet Joe, an archetypal low rent private detective living in Southeast Asia Except, in Joe s world, 9 11 and other terrorist attacks never took place Instead, they re just plot elements in a semi popular series of pulp novels called Osama bin Laden, Vigilante , which even has a yearly fan convention devoted to it.This matters to Joe because a mysterious woman appears at his office and hires him to track down the author of those same novels Soon, as he travels the world, he finds himself running [...]

  30. This is a 3.5, and it probably deserves two different ratings The first rating would be much closer to a 5, and that s for the atmosphere of the book This novel haunted me for a time after I read it The subtly wrong world, the mysterious disappearing people, the men who wanted to stop Joe the private investigator The writing was an examination of violence and what experiencing violence does to people It was frankly a little creepy, disturbing, and memorable The second rating, which would be lowe [...]

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