How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age

How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age AN UP TO THE MINUTE ADAPTATI ON OF DALE CARNEGIE S TI MELE SS PRESCRIPTI ONS FOR THE DIGITAL AGE DALE CARNEGIE s commonsense approach to communicating has endured for a century touching millions and

AN UP TO THE MINUTE ADAPTATI ON OF DALE CARNEGIE S TI MELE SS PRESCRIPTI ONS FOR THE DIGITAL AGE DALE CARNEGIE s commonsense approach to communicating has endured for a century, touching millions and millions of readers The only diploma that hangs in Warren Buffett s office is his certificate from Dale Carnegie Training Lee Iacocca credits Carnegie for giving him the cAN UP TO THE MINUTE ADAPTATI ON OF DALE CARNEGIE S TI MELE SS PRESCRIPTI ONS FOR THE DIGITAL AGE DALE CARNEGIE s commonsense approach to communicating has endured for a century, touching millions and millions of readers The only diploma that hangs in Warren Buffett s office is his certificate from Dale Carnegie Training Lee Iacocca credits Carnegie for giving him the courage to speak in public Dilbert creator Scott Adams called Carnegie s teachings life changing In today s world, where and of our communication takes place across wires and screens, Carnegie s lessons have not only lasted but become all the critical Though he never could have predicted technology s trajectory, Carnegie proves a wise and helpful teacher in this digital landscape To demonstrate the many ways his lessons remain relevant, Dale Carnegie Associates, Inc has reimagined his prescriptions and his advice for this difficult digital age We may communicate today with different tools and with greater speed, but Carnegie s advice on how to communicate, lead, and work efficiently remains priceless across the ages.

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How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age

  1. Dale Breckenridge Carnegie originally Carnagey until 1922 and possibly somewhat later November 24, 1888 November 1, 1955 was an American writer and lecturer and the developer of famous courses in self improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking and interpersonal skills Born in poverty on a farm in Missouri, he was the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, first published in 1936, a massive bestseller that remains popular today He also wrote a biography of Abraham Lincoln, titled Lincoln the Unknown, as well as several other books.Carnegie was an early proponent of what is now called responsibility assumption, although this only appears minutely in his written work One of the core ideas in his books is that it is possible to change other people s behavior by changing one s reaction to them.Born in 1888 in Maryville, Missouri, Carnegie was a poor farmer s boy, the second son of James William Carnagey and wife Amanda Elizabeth Harbison b Missouri, February 1858 living 1910 In his teens, though still having to get up at 4 a.m every day to milk his parents cows, he managed to get educated at the State Teacher s College in Warrensburg His first job after college was selling correspondence courses to ranchers then he moved on to selling bacon, soap and lard for Armour Company He was successful to the point of making his sales territory of South Omaha, Nebraska the national leader for the firm.After saving 500, Carnegie quit sales in 1911 in order to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a Chautauqua lecturer He ended up instead attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, but found little success as an actor, though it is written that he played the role of Dr Hartley in a road show of Polly of the Circus citation needed When the production ended, he returned to New York, unemployed, nearly broke, and living at the YMCA on 125th Street It was there that he got the idea to teach public speaking, and he persuaded the Y manager to allow him to instruct a class in return for 80% of the net proceeds In his first session, he had run out of material improvising, he suggested that students speak about something that made them angry , and discovered that the technique made speakers unafraid to address a public audience From this 1912 debut, the Dale Carnegie Course evolved Carnegie had tapped into the average American s desire to have self confidence, and by 1914, he was earning 500 the equivalent of nearly 10,000 now every week.Perhaps one of Carnegie s most successful marketing moves was to change the spelling of his last name from Carnegey to Carnegie, at a time when Andrew Carnegie unrelated was a widely revered and recognized name By 1916, Dale was able to rent Carnegie Hall itself for a lecture to a packed house Carnegie s first collection of his writings was Public Speaking a Practical Course for Business Men 1926 , later entitled Public Speaking and Influencing Men in Business 1932 His crowning achievement, however, was when Simon Schuster published How to Win Friends and Influence People The book was a bestseller from its debut in 1937, in its 17th printing within a few months By the time of Carnegie s death, the book had sold five million copies in 31 languages, and there had been 450,000 graduates of his Dale Carnegie Institute It has been stated in the book that he had critiqued over 150,000 speeches in his participation of the adult education movement of the time During World War I he served in the U.S Army.His first marriage ended in divorce in 1931 On November 5, 1944, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he married Dorothy Price Vanderpool, who also had been divorced Vanderpool had two daughters Rosemary, from her first marriage, and Donna Dale from their marriage together.Carnegie died at Forest Hills, New York, and was buried in the Belton, Cass County, Missouri cemetery The official biography fro

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  1. Picked this up after hearing a positive review from a friend to see if this book has any insight I could use in my social media interactions While I agree with and appreciate the principles in this book, it is full of stories and examples that drive home WHY certain tactics work or don t work, but it lacks practical advice on HOW to implement most of the strategies It s like look at all this research and these people who prove that X is the right thing to do Now go do it when in many cases it is [...]

  2. Simple advice Listen Remember people s names Smile And yet, I forget My only criticism I would have liked examples that related to the digital realm If I d read the original How to Win Friends , I may not have found enough new information to be satisfied Favorite TidbitsYou can make friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you The two highest levels of influence are achieved when 1 people follow you because of [...]

  3. The original Carnegie classic How to to Win Friends and Influence People is a 10 out of 10 of classic books How to Stop Worrying and Start Living was a pick me up I read when I was 23, and influenced me greatly.So why the low score here Well, the big thing that is missing is the Carnegie voice The stories here are relevant to our era rival directors at a fortune 100 company, using the King s Speech as a movie to reference overcoming strugglebut it doesn t ring as authentic or inspriing as Carne [...]

  4. This book is absolutely fantastic You have to read it Since there are a great too many things to say, I will try to summarize those most important quotes advices teachings in short phrases so that you can have a general idea of it For me, the most important lessons from Dale s revealing book are 1 NOBODY IS EVER GUILTY NOT EVEN SERIAL KILLERS , so, don t expect self condemnation from anyone If you need to call someone s attention for some wrong doing, and bring the person to your side, don t sco [...]

  5. This is the classic information Even though it claims to be updated for the digital age It isn t.The contents tells the story essentials of engagement bury your boomerangsaffirm what s goodconnect with core desires6 ways to make a lasting impression take interest in others interestssmilereign with the nameslisten longerdiscuss what matters to themleave others a little bit betterto merit and maintain trust never say you are wrongadmit faults quickly and emphaticallybegin in a friendly wayaccess a [...]

  6. Most of this is common sense, but that s not to say that everyone practices common sense especially in the digital age so it definitely has its use I love that all the points made in the original book still apply today, because at the end of the day it s about people not the form of communication I haven t read the original, but from what I understand this version isn t really any different other than the examples being set on social media and email While most people could still read the origina [...]

  7. Theres some minority of good data with mostly filler words to surround them I guess the original book is much better, the one without the digital age.

  8. After reading Carnegie s original, I was hoping to see a considerable update in this book digital age applications Maybe because it s already 6 years old and we ve moved so beyond even 2011 technology, it didn t have the level of how to I was expecting.Like the original, a whole lot of old boys club references and not enough modern era anecdotes for my liking.

  9. I find the wording and perspective interesting on, essentially, the same thing that the book written by Dale Carnegie shared Here is an overview of this book s Contents Part OneEssentials of Engagement1 Bury Your Boomerangs2 Affirm What s Good3 Connect with Core DesiresPart TwoSix Ways to Make a Lasting Impression1 Take Interest in Others Interests2 Smile3 Reign with Names4 Listen Longer5 Discuss What Matters to Them6 Leave Others a Little BetterPart ThreeHow to Merit and Maintain Others Trust1 [...]

  10. Overall great book It can help you get things done faster While the title seems manipulative, it s really about making a positive change, where everyone can mutually benefit It s just a matter of how you use this new found knowledge Business leaders can spur on their corporations with this, teachers can spur on their students with this Basically, it s applicable to EVERYONE.I ve borrow this from the library to see if it s worth buying Now, it will definitely be sitting on the shelves of my perso [...]

  11. great advice for, not only business, but also for private life it just shows you how to care , be friendly and non judmental with its consequences, i.e when people react to the affirmative and sincere you.

  12. How to Win Friends1 Smile2 Listen3 Remember names.4 Ask questions 5 See how you can help others 6 Encourage real deeper interactions 7 Temper your criticism never say you re wrong 8 Aim to leave each person you meet a bit better than before you met them Don t necessarily think how do I sell this but instead how can I make their lives easier.9 If you re wrong admit it immediately and emphatically.10 Initiate conversation in a friendly manner 11 Create affinity connection with someone so that they [...]

  13. I ve never yet read the original, having had a cynical view of what I perceived to be subtle American manipulation do these tricks for results My public library had only this updated version however, and I am glad I read it The approach is positive, the tone genuine and grounded in the wisdom literature I have taken extensive notes which I need to apply in lots of human interaction, not just digtally Here s one gem always remember that what motivates you to win friends is rarely what motivates o [...]

  14. This book was pleasant enough and had a few common helpful hints However, what really got it a 1 star review was towards the end when the author tells the story of women in the workforce after WWII These women had stepped up and had responsible jobs that they had performed well in, but were set aside for the returning soldiers The one example the author gave was in restaurants, where women who had been cooks were demoted to the lower paying positions of waitresses There was quite a bit of acrimo [...]

  15. Summary FUNDAMENTAL TECHNIQUES IN HANDLING PEOPLE1 Don t criticize, condemn, or complain Criticism always return home, and the person who we are going to correct or condemn will probably justify itself and condemn us in return Wrongdoers blame anybody but themselves2 Give honest and sincere appreciation The only way I can get you to do anything is by giving you what you want List of most desired things Health and the preservation of life Food Sleep Money Life in hereafter Sexual gratification We [...]

  16. It s easy to get social media wrong When you re sitting behind you re keyboard, you can forget that you re writing something that will be read by a real person and not a machine.To get social media right requires the same relating skills that you need when dealing with people face to face This modern era version of the classic book on connecting to people teaches the core principles of engaging with anyone, how to make a lasting impression, how to gain and keep trust, and how to inspire change.T [...]

  17. The original book published in 1936 held many truths that appeared evident but were rarely consciously noticed or followed This book continues in to provide many useful ideas and advice What this book arguably lacks in the folksy wisdom and examples of the original book and its limited focus on social media and communication is balanced by the book not limiting itself to purely digital communication and examples and demonstrating that the points transcend the digital age.The points made in this [...]

  18. With the speed and instant gratification of technology, there are times that the finer points of communication and connection are lost This book offered many reminders about what it takes to win friends and influence people but mostly about how to maintain those relationships during the digital age It comes down to the golden rule treat others as you want to be treated.

  19. I was a teenager when my father recommended Mr Carnegie s original book to me, and at 48 I finally got around to reading this version I m glad that I did, as it was well worth the time I would recommend this book to absolutely anyone who deals with other humans in any capacity at all And yes, I ll be suggesting it to my own daughter right away.

  20. This book was recommended to me by my publicist Great refresher on what s important when you re working with others Also some good advice when dealing with social media Giving it to my teenage daughter to help promote interpersonal skills

  21. Great book with many ideas to put into play I wish all entrepreneurs and business owners would take the time to read this They d have a much productive workforce if they could only apply a few of these techniques I know for myself, I will most definitely be listening to it again.

  22. To me, this was a feeble attempt to modernize an old classic, by throwing in a few references to twitter and other social media I had to read it for work and it was a job just to get through it.

  23. I listened to the audio version It was well done and had lots of great points that would be helpful to people struggling Favourite parts You can make friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.The two highest levels of influence are achieved when 1 person follows because of your influence and 2 person follows you because of who you are.Face to face WAS the expectation now it is the exception Always begin and [...]

  24. I remember first hearing about this book and wondering who the target audience was Perhaps sociopaths Psychopaths Maybe those who wish to scheme and achieve things through the usage of people Instead, when I picked it up and read it, I realised that this book would be far important to me than most books I ve read.Before I dive in, I just want to say that most of this book is fairly obvious and based on common sense At least in my opinion So when I read this book, it felt like affirmations and [...]

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