Beautiful Outlaw: Experiencing the Playful, Disruptive, Extravagant Personality of Jesus

Beautiful Outlaw Experiencing the Playful Disruptive Extravagant Personality of Jesus Reading the Gospels without knowing the personality of Jesus is like watching television with the sound turned off The result is a dry two dimensional person doing strange undecipherable things In B

Reading the Gospels without knowing the personality of Jesus is like watching television with the sound turned off The result is a dry, two dimensional person doing strange, undecipherable things In BEAUTIFUL OUTLAW, John Eldredge removes the religious varnish to help readers discover stunning new insights into the humanity of Jesus He was accused of breaking the law, kReading the Gospels without knowing the personality of Jesus is like watching television with the sound turned off The result is a dry, two dimensional person doing strange, undecipherable things In BEAUTIFUL OUTLAW, John Eldredge removes the religious varnish to help readers discover stunning new insights into the humanity of Jesus He was accused of breaking the law, keeping bad company, heavy drinking Of being the devil himself He was so compelling and dangerous they had to kill him But others loved him passionately He had a sense of humor His generosity was scandalous His anger made enemies tremble He d say the most outrageous things He was definitely not the Jesus of the stained glass In the author s winsome, narrative approach, he breaks Jesus out of the typical stereotypes, just as he set masculinity free in his book, Wild at Heart By uncovering the real Jesus, readers are welcomed into the rich emotional life of Christ All of the remarkable qualities of Jesus burst like fireworks with color and brilliance because of his humanity Eldredge goes on to show readers how they can experience this Jesus in their lives every day This book will quicken readers worship, and deepen their intimacy with Jesus.

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Beautiful Outlaw: Experiencing the Playful, Disruptive, Extravagant Personality of Jesus

  1. John Eldredge is an author you probably figured that out , a counselor, and teacher He is also president of Ransomed Heart, a ministry devoted to helping people discover the heart of God, recover their own heart in his love, and learn to live in his Kingdom John grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles which he hated , and spent his boyhood summers on his grandfather s cattle ranch in eastern Oregon which he loved John met his wife Stasi in high school in drama class But their romance did not begin until they each came to faith in Christ, after high school John earned his undergraduate degree in Theater at Cal Poly, and directed a theater company in Los Angeles for several years before moving to Colorado with Focus on the Family, where he taught at the Focus on the Family Institute.John earned his master s degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University, under the direction of Larry Crabb and Dan Allender He worked as a counselor in private practice before launching Ransomed Heart in 2000 John and Stasi live in Colorado Springs with their three sons Samuel, Blaine and Luke , their golden retriever Oban , and two horses Whistle and Kokolo While all of this is factually true, it somehow misses describing an actual person He loves the outdoors passionately, and all beauty, Shakespeare, bow hunting, a good cigar, anything having to do with adventure, poetry, March Madness, working in the shop, fly fishing, classic rock, the Tetons, fish tacos, George MacDonald, green tea, buffalo steaks, dark chocolate, wild and open places, horses running, and too much to name He also uses the expression far out way too much.

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  1. John Eldredge has been an incredible influence on both me personally and on my ministry Wild at Heart and Waking the Dead are two of the most powerful books I ve ever read I use both regularly in my teaching and have encouraged many other people to read them While his others books aren t quite on the level of those two, I consider most of what he s done while a bit repetitive at times to be excellent and highly recommended.In some ways Beautiful Outlaw continues that trend There are parts of the [...]

  2. If I could give 6 stars I would This may be the most impactful book outside of the Bible that I have read It s a book about the personality of Jesus.If you re looking for theology principles, like how God could become man or the Trinity, this isn t where you would get that There are many fine books for that This is about the personality the character qualities and values of the person of Jesus It s about his playfulness, his ferocity, his wild disregard for looking proper , and his cunning.It s [...]

  3. John Eldredge, the manly man s author of Wild At Heart and Captivating, has written quite a manly work on Jesus It s a frustrating, if at times well written and unique journey, into the life of the most famous person in the history of the world Such a daunting task is not lost on Eldredge, who bypasses the scholarly doctrine and gets right at the heart of Jesus, not always successfully.We often project our own personality onto Jesus himself, as argued by Scot McKnight and counter argued by N.T W [...]

  4. There were some good features about this book, but overall it was seriously marred by issues related to style, content and manner of argument.On the plus side there were 3 particular areas of strength 1 He validly challenged two widely accepted misunderstandings that can have profound affects on the possibility of developing deep relationships with God Firstly, the often anaemic, uninspiring remote vision of Jesus created by a failure to appreciate and represent the full and authentic reality of [...]

  5. In this newest book by John Eldredge, Beautiful Outlaw , he takes the life of Jesus and puts it all into context for us He gives us who Jesus really is, than just saying he is both God and human Eldredge lays out that Jesus was not only human, but had real feelings, and was just like you and me I absolutely love how Eldredge uses the scripture and intertwines the stories and brings out the hidden treasures He brings up a point in one chapter that when something is written, something behind thos [...]

  6. Beautiful Outlaw, by John Eldredge is almost like two books in one The first half takes you through different personality traits of Jesus, emphasizing how human he was and how loveable his personality is The second half is about us, how we can respond to this Jesus and live fully through Him Sprinkled throughout are Bible versus that help support what he is saying illustrating While I enjoyed the first chapters, the chapter about Jesus Disruptive Honesty really stuck out for me Especially in th [...]

  7. This is one of the most important books I ve ever read, and possibly THE most important book Eldredge captures the person of Jesus in a way I ve never seen or heard from the church He dispels common misconceptions about who Jesus is to us The book triumphs with an appeal to look at reading stories about Jesus within the context of his real personality Otherwise we struggle to absorb a number of separated stories that cause our view of Jesus to be one of confusion Picturing Jesus with a real pers [...]

  8. Let me start by saying that I have always had a problem with Jesus Historically, I read Him as being a little snippy I preferred the Old Testament to the New Old Testament God made sense to me He said no, we did it anyway, we got blasted Fair enough Jesus, on the other hand, is much unpredictable I just didn t really know what to do with Him This is not to say that I didn t read the New Testament, I just did so with a little trepidation and not as much open enjoyment I heard John Eldredge speak [...]

  9. Eldredge s Beautiful Outlaw is a one of many recent books that likes to emphasize that Jesus was counter cultural Blessed are the poor, the meek, etc , subversive in Mark Jesus heals but then proclaims, don t tell anyone what I have done , and Scandalous he had dinner with thieves and tax collectors and allowed a prostitute to wash his feet with her hair So this is a long line of progressive evangelical books that focus on Jesus and deemphasize religion or otherwise known as Emergent Christiani [...]

  10. Very good book Challenges Christians to live authentic Christian lives by moving away from religion and into a relationship Eldridge encourages the reader to take a fresh look at how Jesus related to people as a part of his incarnation He wants the believer to be rid of the stereotypical Jesus that is often depicted in so much of Christian art that tends to make him unapproachable or aloof Conversely, as one reads this book he must remember that Eldridge only relates the humanity of Jesus After [...]

  11. I just finished writing a detailed review of this and the site froze and I lost it So here goes the bulleted form Love Eldredge s heart in this book The message of knowing the true Jesus personally rather than following rote religion is near and dear to my heart Eldredge draws out aspects of Jesus that have long been neglected by the majority of the church I think there is an unintentional sense of out with the old, in with the new in this book There is a tone of flippancy when cliche aspects of [...]

  12. As John Eldredge illustrates in his book Beautiful Outlaw, Jesus is God And he is Man That makes everything he did, is doing, and will do, so amazing When he says, there s not anything you could face that I haven t dealt with, he s not joking, or talking in some lofty God above it all way He s really been there.Check out the rest of my review reaction to Chapter 5 The Most Human Face of All at Tatter d Pages

  13. What an amazing book If Jesus Christ is important to you and you want to know him, this is a wonderful book that can help you It doesn t matter what church you go to or what religion you are If you truly want to know Jesus and not just know of him If you want to learn how to have him in a intimate, daily part of your life, then I would suggest this book This is one that will definitely get read than once.

  14. Beautiful, Passionate, and Life giving I especially loved the chapter which addressed many of the religious mindsets that actually hinder us from experiencing Jesus A GREAT read

  15. this is john s best effort yet Reading the Gospels without the personality of Jesus is like watching television with the sound turned off The ravages of sin, neglect, abuse, and a thousand addictions have left us all a shadow of what we were meant to be Jesus is humanity in its truest form His favorite title for himself was the Son of Man Not of God of man Sadly, for too many people, the Christ they know is too religios to love, too distant to experience and too rigid to be a source of life It e [...]

  16. Chapters 1 13 are incredibly valuable for any person s walk with Christ I would recommend to anyone.But chapters 14 16 need to be read with a lot of discernment This is where the book began to go downhill for me Some misinterpretation of Scripture too much emphasis and foundation built upon extremely subjective experiences with Christ instead of built upon Scripture downplaying of the role of the Church, the collective body of Christ these chapters became rather painful to read, honestly Chapter [...]

  17. A wonderful, amazing glimpse into the heart of Jesus I just finished this book last night What an amazing reflection on the personality and heart of Jesus I plan to reread this book many times to absorb all the wonderful, thought provoking, heart changing content I have been challenged in my view of who Jesus is, and I have found myself falling in love with Him in new ways.If you are a Jesus follower, this book will help you in becoming a solid, dedicated, in love with Him follower If you are a [...]

  18. I have to search for words to really explain what this book has done for me It is broken into two parts the first half of the book is an exploration of the personality of Jesus the second half is a practical, hands on how of sorts on letting Jesus be himself in your life Both parts of the book are excellent However, for me, it was the first half of the book that reignited my love for Jesus It made him come alive to me in ways I had never noticed before while reading scripture His playfulness, h [...]

  19. Don t get me wrong John Eldredge gets on his soapboxny times But, if you read through that, his points about who Jesus is and his place in your life is encouraging, uplifting, and powerful Also, the first three of four chapters were a bit laborious for me Luckily, Violet had read it and said to keep going because it gets better So, in the end, I m glad I did not give up Even near the end though, I was having trouble with the take aways for my life util the epilogue, which wrapped things up in th [...]

  20. Excellent LOVE this book So good It really takes that boring picture that we may have on our walls of Jesus And transforms it in our minds and hearts as to who He really is He was human, he was funny, he was scandalous, he was fierce, and He IS calling us to His glory I really love that in this book you get to see so many aspects of his personality while he was walking on earth here Really changes your perspective in so many ways, as to how we think of Him Like taking a fresh look into the One w [...]

  21. John Eldredge s latest looks at the personality of Jesus It looks at the events as recorded in the Bible and he says now what kind of person would do that His answer is a playful, disruptive, and extravagant person Looking at Jesus personality, John goes on to say that He is someone we can fall in love with This book changed how I think of Jesus I no longer think of Him as an unapproachable God, but as God who wants me to know Him and to be friends with Him I now want Jesus to shine through my l [...]

  22. Is there a option for I quit on this book There should be Anyway, I quit on this book Eldredge is a good writer visual, poetic and he seems like a guy who enjoys life I bet he d be fun to hang out with But, he and I diverge sharply on a point of doctrine, and I can t get past it I like the basic premise of this book, that the personality of Jesus matters to the words of Jesus I also love this phrase Eldredge on what happens when our emails are read without our personalities in mind Disembodied w [...]

  23. This book removes the layers of fluff that humanity and even the church itself has put upon Jesus for decades and even centuries It cuts to the heart of Jesus and who Jesus really is God and Man John writes, The we grasp his humanity, the we will find him someone we can approach, know, love, trust, and adore This book will help uncover his true humanity and therefore lead you into a closer relationship with him Awesome

  24. My five stars are not because I think this book is perfect My five stars are because this book made me go out and discover Jesus again for the first time in years I may not agree with every little thing that is said, but I think it gives a good starting point for an awesome relationship with Christ.

  25. This was one of those all time enlightening books This moves the character of Jesus beyond that of, Jesus is love, to the true makeup of His character as both humanity and divinity It proved, through the various references, His playfulness, fierceness, generosity, humility, etcd ultimately challenges readers to take on these same characteristics in their lives.

  26. A great book for anyone who feels flat about their Christianity, or who is interested in the person Jesus but not the church Elder s always had a good take on the way Jesus is misrepresented by religion, he s especially critical of that here I don t agree with all of his conclusions, but I would comfortably share this book with anyone.

  27. What a great read Everyone of all ages needs to dive into this to better understand Jesus and how real he was then and still is today Many churches do not get it They make relating and talking to Jesus very difficult and sometimes out of reach This book opens up a new and vibrant perspective demonstrating how GOD wants us to engage with him It s so easy

  28. Beautiful outlaw Jesus is held highly but we forget to realize his humanity, we forget his personality, we forget to truly and deeply love him This book by Eldridge brings us back to the real unchanging Jesus Read it

  29. If the idea of religion turns you off, then this is the book for you John Eldredge brings to light the true personality of Jesus, not what many of us have believe due to religious influence This is truly a life changing book if you are seriously about an intimate relationship with God.

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