The Treasure of Silver Lake

The Treasure of Silver Lake The Treasure of Silver Lake is a literary treasure Written by Karl May in when he was at the peak of his creativity It was read by millions of avid adventure lovers and has never been out of pri

The Treasure of Silver Lake is a literary treasure Written by Karl May in 1891, when he was at the peak of his creativity It was read by millions of avid adventure lovers and has never been out of print in its native language Now you may enjoy this gripping adventure in English, thanks to the efforts of Herbert Windolf.

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The Treasure of Silver Lake

  1. Karl Friedrich May also Karol May was one of the best selling German writers of all time, noted mainly for books set in the American Old West, best known for the characters of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand and similar books set in the Orient and Middle East In addition, he wrote stories set in his native Germany, in China and in South America.May also wrote poetry and several plays, as well as composing music he was proficient with several musical instruments May s musical version of Ave Maria became very well known.

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  1. Danas je mo da ne bih ocenila peticom, ali prvih deset puta kad sam je itala jo kako bih, pa nema ni smisla da omladinsku knji evnost ocenjujem iz sada nje matore perspektive Obo avala sam je iako je neujedna ena smenjuju se izuzetno uzbudljiva poglavlja i neke pri e koje su se slobodno mogle i izostaviti , a vidim da nije izgubila dra ni za sada nje klince sinak ita bez daha, nosi u krevet da ita bar dok ne zavr i poglavlje, a sutradan vidimo na podu izniklo indijansko selo, tatine figurice kau [...]

  2. I don t know why it works again after almost 45 years but it does I couldn t say what the book s or its author s secret is, nevertheless it still is an excellent read.

  3. This was a good occasion with this book to recall my favorite novels from childhood Winnetou, Old Surehand and other such stories from the wild west, written by the master of this genre, Karl May, were all part of my first few novels I have read And of course I have loved them and like many children, I imagine myself sometimes even playing with my brother and other children how it is to be Winnetou or a white hunter in the Great Plains.The premise is extremely simple and usual for children novel [...]

  4. Mit Der Schatz im Silbersee von 1955 wird nun nach Winnetou die zweite gro artige Produktion des Westdeutschen Rundfunks in dieser Reihe ver ffentlicht Die beiden Blutsbr der Winnetou und Old Shatterhand jagen hinter Cornel Brinkley her Der skrupellose Ganove versucht mit aller Macht, den Schatz im Silbersee zu finden, und um an den Geheimplan des Schatzes zu kommen, geht er ber Leichen Winnetou und Old Shatterhand werden bei ihrer Verfolgungsjagd immer wieder von verfeindeten Indianerst mmen au [...]

  5. Puedo entender la importancia de este libro para los j venes alemanes o centroeuropeos que crecieron con May entonces y ahora pero lo cierto es que las cosas que hab an funcionado para m en otros libros cl sicos de aventuras no carburan en este Las descripciones del terreno son farragosas yo dir a que s que se nota lo de que nunca estuvo en el Oeste y las de los personajes tan exageradas que bordean lo rid culo cada uno de los protagonistas que presenta May es, m gicamente, una persona tan famos [...]

  6. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to read Native American advanture stories in my childhood giving them up after 50 pages or so I was completely convinced they are not for me Browsing my Kindle a few weeks ago I decided to give it one try and to my own biggest surprise, I found this particular novel quite entertaining My only problem was I think there were waaay to many minor, yet important characters in the story to follow, but other than this, in my opinion it s completely entertaining.

  7. Insgesamt eine solide Abenteuergeschichte ohne L ngen und ab der zweiten H lfte, in der die Gruppen endlich in den einsamen Gegenden des Wilden Westens angekommen sind, wieder absolut nach meinem Geschmack Insbesondere die Reise durch die Berge besticht wieder durch zauberhafte Landschaftsbeschreibungen.Der Hobble Frank ist hier deutlich ertr glicher als im B renj ger, und auch sonst f llt mir kaum etwas Negatives ein.

  8. The story is good, but this was translated by a non English speaker The grammar is not quite English sometimes Nevertheless, I ll be looking for Karl May books.

  9. Karl May va ramane intotdeauna autorul meu preferat de romane de aventura Indiferent de unde, in ce timp are loc actiune, cu cine si in ce fel, cartile lui sunt spectaculoase.

  10. As a modern reader, I ve found several faults with this book.For one, it is heavily plotted versus naturally developing , and thus the author had to rely on a heavy dosage of deus ex machina The characterization is overly black and white There is only one female character in the cast, placed there to fulfil the damsel in distress role on a couple of occasions HoweverI liked it How so Indeed, the novel abounds in convenient coincidences always playing into the protagonists hands, but it is done s [...]

  11. I was really happy to see that, after twenty or maybe even thirty years, they finally decided to reprint Karl May s books in Croatia Although, so far, I am only aware of this one, I m hoping there will be others so I can renew my collection some of the older ones are really worn out.I was even happier to see that they decided to go with old translation because modern translations of books to Croatian are very often criminally bad I haven t read this book before, but I ve read some of Karl May s [...]

  12. I had read this book twenty times by the time I finished fourth grade It still brings back such sweet memories of sleepless reading nights during school vacation, followed by mornings when I waited for my parents to leave to work, so that I could add a hot sandwich to the joy of reading, while the sun marked a new and promising day Oh those were the days I loved the adventure, the characters, the story, the good old romanticism of good vs bad.Heartily recommended to kids and even nostalgic adult [...]

  13. Nog een Winnetou Old Shatterhand boekje dat menig avond als voorleesboek de kinderkamer opluisterde Iets minder vlot snel spannend dan winnetou het opperhoofd der apachen , maar toch weer zeer vermakelijk met zijn algoede protagonisten en alslechte antagonisten Howhg

  14. German writer who wrote about the Wild West Janice at Loveland library mentioned this writer when we discussed Last Bus to Freedom

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