Star Wars: The National Public Radio Dramatization

Star Wars The National Public Radio Dramatization The original script of the National Public Radio Star Wars adaptation with than thirty all new scenes You ve seen the movie You ve read the book But you ve only heard half the story

The original script of the National Public Radio Star Wars adaptation with than thirty all new scenes You ve seen the movie You ve read the book But you ve only heard half the story .

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Star Wars: The National Public Radio Dramatization

  1. Brian was born in Englewood Hospital in Englewood, New Jersey on Dec 22, 1947 A blizzard kept him and his mother at the hospital over Christmas, and the nurses sang Away in a Manger to them His middle name is Charles He grew up in Rockleigh, NJ His mother s name was Myra and his father s name was Charles He has an older brother, David, and a younger sister, also named Myra He had no children of his own, but he was always great with his two nieces and four nephews He went to Nathan Hale Elementary School in Norwood, NJ, and a consolidated High School Northern Valley Regional High School in Old Tappan, NJ Brian loved to read, drive his 74 Corvette Stingray, spend summers with me on Martha s Vineyard, and travel to wild and exotic places like the jungles of Guatemala and Mexico, and the mountains of Nepal He said he wanted to write from an early age, about third grade He also read a LOT of science fiction as a kid, and that inspired him After he graduated from high school in 1965 he joined the army and went to Vietnam for a year s tour of duty Then he went to Berlin, Germany After the army he went to Jersey City State College, majoring in media While attending college and working as a waiter at a local steak house, he also wrote his first novel, Doomfarers of Coromande Del Rey Books accepted it and started him on his writing career The editor picked Brian s manuscript out of the slush pile unsolicited manuscripts because it was the most neatly typed, but it wasn t accepted right away The editor made Brian do a lot of re writing When the first STAR WARS movie came out Brian saw it, and he was elated He said he came out of the theater fundamentally changed His editor asked which character he would like to write about for a movie related novel Brian said he picked Han Solo because Han was the only one who made a moral decision he started out on the wrong side of the law, but joined with the good guys And to tell you the truth, Brian was a whole lot like Han, a maverick He died of pancreatic cancer in February of 1996 He had just turned 49 He wrote the adaptation for National Public Radio drama THE RETURN OF THE JEDI while he was undergoing chemotherapy He died at his house in Maryland the night the Jedi radio cast was toasting him at their wrap party, having finished the taping of the shows that day When they posted the notice of his death, messages began coming in from all over the world The gist of them was that his passing created a disturbance in the Force Brian Daley s first novel, The Doomfarers of Coramonde, was published on the first Del Rey list in 1977 It was an immediate success, and Brian went on to write its sequel, The Starfollowers of Coramonde, and many other successful novels A Tapestry of Magics, three volumes of The Adventures of Hobart Floyt and Alacrity Fitzhugh, and, under the shared pseudonym Jack McKinney , ten and one half of the twenty one Robotech novels He first conceived of the complex GammaL.A.W saga in Nepal, in 1984, and worked on its four volumes for the next twelve years, finishing it shortly before his death in 1996.

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  1. I recall gathering around the radio with my parents and listening to this radio adaptation for the first time, going wide eyed with delight as each all new scene added to my understanding of the Star Wars universe I ve lost count of the number of times I ve revisited this ambitious work, but I do know each time I return to it, I m impressed with its depth and quality From its depiction of Luke Skywalker s friendships and rivalries on Tatooine to its glimpses of behind the scenes politics on Alde [...]

  2. This was a lot of fun Instead of an audiobook, it s basically a radio play The movie balloons from 2ish hours to 4 hours, but it adds in a lot of backstory that gives some of the characters, especially Leia, a lot complexity I definitely recommend it

  3. Brian Daley added a lot to the Star Wars Universe but the radio dramas in general, and this one specifically, might be his greatest contribution Adapting anything for radio drama can be difficult, but he manages to avoid having characters describe their every move in an inane way like other audio dramas do and still keeps the narrating to a minimum Additionally, the voice work is impressive I usually don t like audio dramas because the vocal actors are sometimes difficult to distinguish from one [...]

  4. There is some really great stuff in this radio adaptation The film itself does not even begin until about halfway through the third episode Before that point, we get an introduction for C 3PO and R2 D2, Leia s interactions with her father and government related matters, and Luke s interactions with his friends on Tatooine I always wished that Biggs Darklighter had been given screentime, and similar fans may find their fix here There are just little things that I dislike, such as the slow and so [...]

  5. My parents taped this off the radio back in 1981 I still have the cassettes and listened to it a bunch of times over the years, especially in the days before home video so things like Luke and Biggs hanging out on Toschi Station and Luke threading the stone needle in Beggar s Canyon have always been part of my personal Star Wars canon In fact, these radio plays were considered official canon up until the Disney buyout.Anyway, these radio plays are excellently produced with full access to the Ben [...]

  6. A pretty dry, extended version of A New Hope Most of the additions are extra lines of dialogue to flesh out the scenes so they re easier to follow using only audio The most noticeable extensions are time with Luke on Tatooine prior to meeting Obi Wan, as well as time with Leia on Alderaan trying to slip the Death Star plans under the Imperials noses during some formalities involving her father They re not bad scenes, just unnecessary and it becomes apparent why they were cut from the film If y [...]

  7. I remember being so obsessed with getting every one of these episodes on tape back in 1981 that I carried my portable radio cassette player with me when I couldn t be home for the shows My dad insisted I get out of the van and play tennis during one taping, and I spent the whole time wondering if the tape was still recording

  8. I am not a fan of Star Wars in any way near the way I m a fan of Star Trek but the original film remains one of my all time favorites it was the near perfect recasting of the archetypal Western, at any rate hero myth into a science fiction setting For all its adumbrations of Lucas shortcomings as a director and writer, the film worked on every level for me Much of that success must be laid at the feet of the veteran actors Lucas managed to corral Alec Guinness, Peter Cushing and James Earl Jones [...]

  9. Alternativn herci Leia, Han, Vader se celkem sna a lov k si zvykne rychle.V etn roz en ho intra Biggs, parti ka na Tosche station a jedn z prvn ch verz jak se pl ny dostaly na Tantive IV.

  10. Excepting the absence of Harrison and Carrieis is better than the movie More detail, extra scenes, plenty of new to mix with the classic I especially loved getting to see of Luke s life on Tantooine as well as Leia acting as a princess.

  11. This production is amazing I don t even need to mention the tremendous boon that it is to have Mark Hamill and Antony Daniels reprise their roles for the radio show and if there s one thing Mark Hamill is, it s a great voice actor he s come a long way since he first acted in A New Hope, and he s definitely in fine form in this play When it comes to acting, almost all of the characters seem to be top of the line I ll admit that the Han Solo voice actor was not the best his Han Solo was less scoun [...]

  12. I had heard some good things about this radio show, but had not actually listened to it myself until recently I ve started listening to audiobooks and modern radio shows, so I decided to try out the original Star Wars trilogy radio shows I was pleasantly surprised Brian Daley adapted Star Wars A New Hope to the radio format very well What some people feel is padding, I see as character development Luke s friends back home and his relationship with Biggs barely touched on in the movie , Leia s li [...]

  13. Well, the best thing about the Radio Drama is that it has high production values The original music, a lot of the original sound effects, a good narrator and even Mark Hamill contribute to a well produced dramatization and expansion on the original story.But the longer I listened to this the ugh inducing it became Being that this was written long before George Lucas had shared his entire vision, a lot of the additional scenes do not ring true Luke Leia are much too romantically inclined for exa [...]

  14. Published by HighBridge Audio.Originally broadcast in 1981.Multicast performance.Duration approximately 6 hours.When Star Wars was at the height of its popularity in 1981, George Lucas gave a National Public Radio NPR affiliate permission to create a radio drama of the original movie, now known as Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope Sci fi author Brian Daley was tapped to adapt the movies since he had experience with the series having written a trilogy of Han Solo novels in 1979 and 1980.I have no i [...]

  15. I happened to search Mark Hamill s name on Audible and was very surprised to find that Star Wars had been given the radio drama treatment This radio drama is essentially a director s cut of Star Wars A New Hope After watching the movie again recently, I realized just how much backstory was taken out of the final movie In the radio version, we see of Luke s life on Tatooine, some of Leia s life on Alderaan and Vader s interrogation of Leia While few of the original movie cast members returned fo [...]

  16. This tells the story of A New Hope with a lot of extra background information found in the novel and not and additional dialogue The supporting story is wonderful and adds a lot There are times at which the cast narrates what they re doing, which is a tad irksome but makes a lot of sense some people may only be introduced to the franchise through the radio drama, and if on doesn t know what an action or scene looks like, it has to be explained in one way.My only irritation came from the cast The [...]

  17. I picked up this audio recording as an Audible special deal It was developed shortly after the original movie came out and is dramatized for radio, using the original movie soundtrack While only a couple of the actors from the movie are on the cast, they did a pretty good job with matching several other characters voices At first I was thrown by the additional back story that is provided in chapters 1 2 Then I realized that having that additional information provided character definition and wa [...]

  18. What a ride After a long time of ownership, I finally got to enjoy this audio drama With a superb production after a script by Brian Daley author of the Han Solo novels , we have Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker and Anthony Daniels C 3PO retake their characters in this expanded production which takes us to places than the movie does.We have additional scenes for Tatooine, with all of Luke s friends we travel to Alderaan and meet Lord Tion and as such, many expanded descriptions take us through 13 hal [...]

  19. An excellent retelling of Star Wars in radio drama form What I particularly liked is it focused on parts of the story that were missing from the movie For example, in the movie when Ben and Luke go into the cantina the movie focuses on Luke with Ben s conversation with the spacer going on in the background In this radio play, Luke is in the background and Ben s conversation is in the foreground It really helps to fill in some gaps and rounds out the characters a bit.My only complaint is that som [...]

  20. I vaguely remember this and possibly listened to this back when it aired in the early 80 s It was great fun to listen to It has the John Williams score, almost to the point of overkill, but how can you hate on that It has the original sound effects by Ben Burtt, and two original cast members, bless you Mark Hammill and Anthony Daniels for agreeing to do this It has added scenes where you get some bonus character depth and plot development My one nitpick was the voice actor for Han Solo was jarri [...]

  21. this was an amazing rendition there is so much in the script, which makes many of the scenes from opener thru to events on yavin 4 make SO MUCH MORE SENSE i did not think it possible for this classic story to be well better it even includes Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels oh and BWAHAHAHAHAHA no amount of digital manipulation was going to alter the truth about Han He not only shot first there was only one blaster fired in the cantina he is well known as a man who will shoot first you find this [...]

  22. This was lots of fun This is a full dramatic reading by a large cast and includes sound effects and a musical score Really enjoyed most of it There were one or two spots where it dragged out.Essentially this is all the details to the Star Wars movie plot that were left out When I first started listening to this I was taken aback because it covered a huge section of info that happens before what we see in the movie It was really cool to be able to get this back story, and made the details of the [...]

  23. Fans of the original Star Wars movie series will find this radio drama highly entertaining Older fans will enjoy the re creation of the movie Star Wars, and newbies will be introduced to the characters and the story The radio drama, complete with sound effects and actors, explains the story with additional narrative, replacing the visual action of the movie The end result is something the entire family will enjoy Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels reprise their roles as Luke Skywalker and C 3PO If [...]

  24. I don t know what I can possibly say in my review that has not been well said in the other reviews here on Audible Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels bring to this radio dramatization of Star Wars the reincarnation of the movie experience through the single sense of hearing Well directed, an excellent script, and the original music and excellent sound effects leave nothing to memory alone and feed to the imagination the imagery that the mind s eye supplies to any fan of the movie series Oh, did I f [...]

  25. I am not really a fan of Star Wars, I have watched the movies, but in terms of Sci fi, I find the story not that appealing, specially the latest movies.That being said, I did liked this radio series, probably because it only covers the story of the first movie the Episode IV which is the best movie in my opinion The radio series has the great movie sound effects and soundtrack, and is really well produced.

  26. It says I read this while it would be accurate to say I listened to it It was a free download from Audible and I listened to it while waiting for the books I had on my list to become available It was a fun diversion and I enjoyed it My biggest complaint is getting to listen to the Star Wars theme song every 15 minutes I have a 20 minute drive to work so I got to listen to the theme twice a day.

  27. This is one of the item I got because there s internet Most of my Star Wars books I order in the US or UK I love this extention to the film script As a matter of fact I also own the CD s of the Radio Dramatization There are a lot of extra s added to the original classic Star Wars A New Hope, especially because Mark Hamill my fav actor is performing the role of Luke Skywalker in the Radio play as well.

  28. I heard bits and pieces of this dramatization many years ago I was pleased to pickup the original trilogy as a set The audio book is a solid version of Star Wars in that it adds detail, color, and back stories to many of the characters that have minor roles in the Star Wars films Specifically, Biggs Darklighter s friendship with Luke Skywalker is explained in such a way that the reader understands the bond between the two I highly recommend this for Star Wars fans or potential fans.

  29. Grat dramatization of a beloved series The radio drama has music from the movies and sound effects that bring the CDs to life and makes listeng to the story that happened A long time ago in a galexy far far away so much fun They picked an excellent cast to do the voices they sound almost exactly the same as the cast from the triliogy Mark Hamel actually does the part of Luke Skywalker he s great If you love Star Wars listen to this you ll love it

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