The First Time

The First Time YA authors writing about Firsts first kisses first loves first zombie slayings first realizations

25 YA authors writing about Firsts first kisses, first loves, first zombie slayings, first realizations

  • The First Time Best Read || [Jessica Verday Cyn Balog Lauren Bjorkman Leigh Brescia Jennifer Brown Kirstin Cronn-Mills Janet Gurtler Teri Hall]
    152 Jessica Verday Cyn Balog Lauren Bjorkman Leigh Brescia Jennifer Brown Kirstin Cronn-Mills Janet Gurtler Teri Hall
The First Time

  1. Jessica Verday Cyn Balog Lauren Bjorkman Leigh Brescia Jennifer Brown Kirstin Cronn-Mills Janet Gurtler Teri Hall says:
    Jessica Verday is the New York Times bestselling author of The Hollow Trilogy, published by Simon Schuster Simon Pulse She wrote the first draft of THE HOLLOW by hand, using thirteen spiral bound notebooks and fifteen black pens The first draft of THE HAUNTED took fifteen spiral bound notebooks and twenty black pens THE HIDDEN took too many notebooks and too many pens to count Find out at jessicaverday.

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  1. I loved this book The title doesn t like this book is all about firsts The authors emotions via the characters come through beautifully The reader will get to know and like the characters in a very short story that takes skill, usually it would take the reader roughly 6 7 chapters before taking a true liking to a character The characters as a whole were likable The love interests varied from author to author, the reader will not be disappointed The differents quirks and traits of the characters [...]

  2. I picked up this book because I thought it was a fantasy collection, the girl on the cover looks like a princess However, it turns out it is not Don t get me wrong, there are a couple stories that would be considered fantasy or science fiction, one dystopian future short in particular caught me, The Sweet Truth by Stacey Jay The world was fascinating, but the story was too short Looking Through One Eye by Jon Skovron was also an interesting story, very well told, but again too short Perfect Firs [...]

  3. The First Time, edited by Jessica Verday with Rhonda Stapleton is a collection of amazing shorts stories by twenty six amazing authors.I was so surprised how much I loved these stories about various first times from first loves to first arrests to first murders.My two favorites were Premeditated Cat by C Lee McKenzie and Looking Through One Eye by Jon Skovron.Without giving it away, let me say that the title is a brilliant piece of advertising Fans who have read McKenzie s YA novels, Sliding on [...]

  4. Originally posted at aurorareviews 201What do a zombie apocalypse, a cart princess and a goldfish have in common They are three of the twenty five themes represented in this intensely compelling anthology that delves into the experiences of The First Time.There s something here to satisfy almost anyone s preference when these twenty five super talented young adult writers collaborated on this seductive literary work I say seductive because once you start reading you won t want to put it down The [...]

  5. Oh man, I gotta write this all fast so I won t lose it.That s what this book is like Each story is a temporal joy, a penultimate example of escapism That s what makes short stories great, really, and adding the fast paced, attention sucking power of YA flick lit to the mix only helps There were times than I can count over the last week where I found myself having to allot time to this anthology and routinely running over said allotted time , or else I d just plow through the whole thing at once [...]

  6. I found this anthology completely by accident when I browsing the digital shelves of Barnes Noble And I m glad I did This anthology is filled with delightful stories about all sorts of first times Each author does an amazing job in such a few short pages, and you can t beat the price at 2.99 There is such a great mix within the anthology as well There are the contemporaries, the fantastical, and the supernatural Pretty much something for everyone Some authors write in worlds which may be familia [...]

  7. As with most anthologies, this one was hit and miss Some stories I really loved, some I skipped, and others were just so so Pretty sure any YA fan could find a story or two to enjoy here though.

  8. 25 stories about firsts by 25 authors.Cart Princess by Kristina Springer First work romance First broken heart Ronnie starts working at a grocery store where inter department romances are forbidden She s a bag girl and she falls in love with a produce guy So stupid She says things like Amen, sister and mama likes Gross Her Skechers shoes are spelled with a T Ugh And there is a person called Kristen and Kristin That is just annoying.Sweet Truth by Stacey Jay First kiss.Angel like aliens reforming [...]

  9. I really enjoyed reading the 25 short stories in this book Some of the stories were really good 5 stars and I would love if the other made a book off their short story Others I became bored with and it made me glad it was a quick short story Overall, they were good and left me happy.

  10. A few of the stories were amazing, some were decent and a couple I couldn t get through All and all this is a good book to pick up for moments when you want to read a short story or two in full just before bed.

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