Hitman: my real life in the cartoon world of wrestling

Hitman my real life in the cartoon world of wrestling Amazingly detailed and meticulously crafted Hitman will stand the test of time as one of the definitive wrestling biographies Publishers Weekly Bret Hart still makes me believe that wrestling is good

Amazingly detailed and meticulously crafted Hitman will stand the test of time as one of the definitive wrestling biographies Publishers Weekly Bret Hart still makes me believe that wrestling is good Hulk Hogan Packed with drugs, sex, vicious family in fighting and tales of life on the road Hart names names and lays it all bare in his own words Globe and MailA Amazingly detailed and meticulously crafted Hitman will stand the test of time as one of the definitive wrestling biographies Publishers Weekly Bret Hart still makes me believe that wrestling is good Hulk Hogan Packed with drugs, sex, vicious family in fighting and tales of life on the road Hart names names and lays it all bare in his own words Globe and MailA story of death, sex, betrayal and revenge sweat, steroids and duplicity wrestler Bret Hart lifts the lid on the wacky, mythic, secretive word of pro wrestling in this epic tell all.

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Hitman: my real life in the cartoon world of wrestling

  1. Bret Hart Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hitman: my real life in the cartoon world of wrestling book, this is one of the most wanted Bret Hart author readers around the world.

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  1. Hitman My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling is the autobiography of former wrestler Bret Hitman Hart.For a great portion of my wrestling fandom, Bret Hart was my favorite wrestler He wasn t very big or very flashy but his matches were always the most believable on the card Surprisingly, it took me quite a few years to actually pick this up but I m glad I did.For a wrestling book, this is a pretty hefty tome at close to 600 pages Heavy enough to bludgeon another wrestler to death when t [...]

  2. Once again, a pro wrestling autobiography delivers the Schadenfreude like no other work can Bret Hart is a narrator who is always willing to give himself the benefit of the doubt, while still assuming the worst about other people s intentions For example, other wrestlers took steroids because they wanted a quick path to the top Hart did it because he hurt his knee and needed to keep working to feed his family And his many, many, many extra marital indiscretions covered in enthusiastic detail, of [...]

  3. Bret Hart is Best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be , can be also said where this belongs with the other wrestling related books Mick Foleys Have A Nice Day A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks wins only for the one count, being a funniest wrestling autobiography Bret Hart give s a honest and fascinating look of behind the scenes of a crazy world WWF WCW and other promotions, i especially liked the 80s steroid boosted era related stories Chapters leading to the Montreal Scr [...]

  4. SO SO good and very well written Bret Hart is actually a really well read person and writes this himself, without help from another author or ghostwriter This book is awesome especially if, like me, you re a hardcore Hitman fan and total WWE wresting mark fan I have been watching WWE since I was about 7 years old watched my 1st match at the home of cousins in the 80 s It was a Macho Man Randy Savage match That was IT Since then, I have spent 25 years screaming at the TV, spending on merchandise, [...]

  5. Favorite quote something to the effect of Wrestling is as real and as fake as you think it is First of all, from a writing standpoint, Bret Hart s memoir was mesmerizing I couldn t put it down, and that s what, to me, makes a great read By the end of the work I totally buy his allusions to Dante and Hemingway I think he s probably much well read and well rounded than anybody assumes he is I would truly give this five stars with a bullet if I could It s a fascinating, gripping account of a life [...]

  6. Bret Hart was my childhood idol, so I might have enjoyed this book than the average person There were than a few things that shocked me mostly the actions of his family members but ultimately, it s a great companion to the stellar 3 disc DVD collection released in 2005 It could have used just a little background on his WCW days but when you spent 12 years working for one company and 2 and a half working for another, you re going to concentrate less on the latter.

  7. Very good book Bret is now with the WWE and McMahon again If things were so bad why does he keep going back He seems like the spouse that calls the cops to report their spouse for abuse and then refuses to divorce the spouse He seems to like the drama I don t believe that he was always this way As time and injuries have caught up with him, his options have sort of run out.Bret has money Bret has the ability to speak and write well He was a hero to many because he always stayed true to himself I [...]

  8. Simply speaking, this is the best wrestling autobiography ever written At almost 600 pages, it is incredibly detailed thanks to Bret Hart keeping diaries and voice recorded journals throughout his career The book also encompasses other aspects of his life besides wrestling Such as the tragic history of his family, drugs, adultery, marriage, having children, etc After reading the book, one gets the feeling that Hart is honest than most of his colleagues With other books written by Hulk Hogan or [...]

  9. Once upon a time, from 6th through about 9th grade approximately 1990 1994 , I was a pro wrestling fan Not just a fan, but a fanatic In fact, you could say my obsession became a significant tool I used to survive junior high purgatory Despite and possibly because of shameless gimmicks and ridiculous storylines, I was hooked Call it moronic, call it fake, or stupid, or juvenile you could never say it was boring And one of the greatest ever to grace a leotard was Bret Hitman Hart He brought actual [...]

  10. The sport of professional wrestling, or business, has always been a mystery Even in this day and age where it is an open secret and popular form of entertainment for television, pro wrestling is still a mystery that baffles many people While the UFC and the sport of mixed martial arts now rivals pro wrestling and delivers legitimate and unscripted bouts, the WWE and pro wrestling in the USA still aim to deliver scripted but nonetheless physical matches designed purely to entertain, rather than b [...]

  11. This review also appears on FingerFlow, a site for review and discussion of creative works Hitman My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling describes in great detail the life of one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, as written by himself Bret Hart paints a vivid picture of living at the legendary Hart house what it was like to grow up poor in a huge family whose financial fortune was slowly sinking due to an unprofitable wrestling promotion that daddy Stu Hart wouldn t clo [...]

  12. Bret Hart is my favorite wrestler, but I would never tag him as a particularly gifted speaker Imagine my surprise, then, that his memoir which, despite the blurred reality surrounding wrestling, everyone insists he wrote entirely himself is so fluid, engaging and impassioned Hart offers copious anecdotes of growing up in a hot headed clan of 12 siblings all placed in the crucible of local notoriety and domestic hyperreality as the son of a legendary wrestling promoter and trainer the chapters on [...]

  13. Excellent book about wrestling and about Bret himself I was riveted through most of this, knowing a lot of the ground he would cover going into it The Montreal Screwjob, WCW, Owen s Death, Davey Boy Smith s death, etc made for a number of amazing stories Although a platform sometimes to blast people he was pissed at like Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels, you can overlook that as his view at that point in time He is a critic where criticism is needed This was one of the best wrestling books I hav [...]

  14. Bret Hart s account of his career in professional wrestling is not only an outstanding autobiography of an icon in the sport, but also of the history of pro wrestling period.Bret Hart grew up in a wrestling family His father, Stu Hart, was a pioneer in the sport, promoting wrestling matches in Canada through the late 1940 s through most of the rest of his life Up to the 1990 s wrestling was largely controlled by regional promoters who respected each other s territories and shared wrestling talen [...]

  15. It my have taken me 8 years to get to this book and a trip to Canada to get a chance to get a proper start but its all worth it.Fantastic read Bret truly is the best there is, the best that was and the best there eve will be.

  16. What I thought was a book about pro wrestling turned out to be a book about life, family and loss I always respected Bret Hart, though to be honest, he was never my favorite wrestler He is now.

  17. Hmmm I don t know how to start with This is my third post on a wrestling book It started when I got my hands on Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley followed by Bret Hart Pink soldier HITMAN was positioned in my mind with Pink Lowers, black Jacket and amazing sunglasses which I always wanted I still remember when I used to play trump cards my friend said that HITMAN is a hero and loves kids At that time jargons of wrestling like baby face and heels were an alien concept to me To clear things baby face is a he [...]

  18. A show of excellence of execution in how to write a autobiography Bret Hart, one of twelve brother and sisters born to Stu and Helen becomes one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time This is his story of what happened from his childhood to a life in the ring As a kid I watched this guy rise from a jobber slang for someone who always loses to a world champion I loved his intensity and no shit attitude What I never knew was what made him the wrestler he was It s an extremely honest if [...]

  19. The world of professional wrestling, or as it is now, sports entertainment is a rather odd and ambiguous beast A multi billion dollar enterprise that started out as a very different entity before the greed and money grabbing world of the 80s kicked in and Bret The Hitman Hart is the one man throughout the whole process that has lived and breathed the entire business like nobody else Often called The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be , the existence and career of t [...]

  20. The best there is, The best there was, and the best there ever will be a big tag line, but after reading this book you ll know that Bret Hart has the personality to just about pull it off Whether you like wrestling or not, if you go into this book with an open mind you ll find a world which is not too unlike that of a circus From his early days in pro wrestling, travelling in a clapped out van with a giant, Mexican midgets and 4 brothers, to the heady heights of the WWF E it s hard not to become [...]

  21. There are egomaniacs in all walks of life There are people that are arrogant despite the fact that they re failures There are people who are arrogant but have accomplished quite a bit So the first thing you need to know about the book is that Bret is very, very much his own biggest fan, but considering everything he s done with his life, he s earned it.Bret s memoirs are an impressive recollection of the events of his life, and, intentionally or not, a revelation of his priorities and his values [...]

  22. This is a tough one to rate because Bret Hart comes across as an egocentric philanderer but still manages to be likable for the most part It covers everything you d want if you re a fan his early days in Stampede Wrestling, the move to the WWF and the Hart Foundation, the New Generation where he began to emerge as one of the brightest stars, the Montreal Screwjob, and his anti climatic run in WCW The problem with all of this is that Bret sees himself as an innocent that never wrongs anyone and t [...]

  23. A good man trying to make his way through a crazy world, what a story the HItman s life makes People gobble up globe hopping rockstars biographies while foolishly missing the real kings of chaos who spend their lives travelling the world the pro wrestler, infinitely fucked up by nature, and boosted up on steroids to boot Hart s story is all an ode to the past a type of childhood that would never exist any, buses of strange characters joining together to hit the road just to chase another dollar [...]

  24. An excellent autobiography and one of the longest wrestling related ones I ever read I found it to be not only a fascinating read, but also something of a morality play Hart exposes the in fighting and seedy underbelly of prowrestling, but the whole time I was reading about this wrestler or booker or promoter playing political games, I couldn t help but be reminded of the grinding, soul numbing bullshit I have to deal with every single day at work So maybe this is a look in the seedy underbelly [...]

  25. My favorite wrestler of all time finally puts pen to paper and recounts his greatest triumphs and tragedies If it wasn t for an arrant kick delivered by Bill Goldberg during a championship match there is a chance he could still be active he may not have had a stroke and may have been able to finish his career with dignity His fascinating stories about life on the road and the battles he endured in and out of the ring had me on the edge of my seat My favorite part of the book was when he recounte [...]

  26. I have been a total Bret Hart mark since the 80 s Lacking a certain amount of charisma, he became huge by being a superb athlete and by playing a character The Hitman as a fighter who never gave up.Born into Canada s most famous wrestling family dad was a promotor owner, brothers all wrestled, and all his sisters married wrestlers , Bret eventually went on to work for Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation for 15 years The sad and dramatic end of that business relationship was document [...]

  27. Simply amazing Bret s vivid depiction of his formative years in life and in his father Stu Hart s wrestling promotion are touching, funny, shocking, and poignant Bret has been accused of being an egotistical guy who took this fake business far too seriously The Bret Hart I found in the book is a man who loved his work and gave everything he had to be the best, often with heartbreaking consequences Have the great ones ever done it any other way The eulogy he gave at Stu s funeral brought me to te [...]

  28. Wow This book is amazing The first 150 pages or so took me the better part of a month to read because in my opinion they were dry Of course, this is before we knew about Bret Hart The last 350 pages took me a little less than a week It s an extremely real, if not depressing, read I d be curious to read a post afterword about the supposed make up between Bret and Sean, but who knows if that s a work This book is a great read, not just for a wrestling fan, but for someone interested in seeing some [...]

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