Ouija Be My Friend?

Ouija Be My Friend When twin sisters are stuck trying to entertain themselves while visiting with their grandfather at a nursing home they find there is far to an old Ouija board then just a fun time

When twin sisters are stuck trying to entertain themselves while visiting with their grandfather at a nursing home, they find there is far to an old Ouija board then just a fun time.

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Ouija Be My Friend?

  1. Tarrin P Lupo is best known for being the author the historical fiction novel Pirates of Savannah The novel is currently the highest rated historical fiction and is 1 on He is also known for his animal activism and his children s book Catch that Collie Mr Lupo is also a full time liberty activist who runs a news service called The Low Country Liberty Report He is nationally known for co hosting the wildly popular Wheels off Liberty show and guest hosting other acclaimed national podcasts Tarrin has successfully written six other books He currently resides in Savannah Georgia and is a member of the Free State Project, spending time in New Hampshire promoting the ideas of Freedom and Liberty.

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  1. First a word of warning Don t, and I mean don t, read this book at midnight and then plan on sleeping Mr Lupo scared the life out of me with this short story and, yes, I did read it at midnight Actually, I should be going to bed now but honestly I would rather sit here in my kitchen with all the lights on writing this review than go upstairs where it is dark and scary Ok, so an owl hooting outside just made me jump, not to mention the bats that are flying around out there Time to draw the curtai [...]

  2. The premise of this short story is fun I enjoyed the use of a Ouija board and found the plot creepy a murderous ghost haunting a nursing home and speaking to the main characters through the game Nice.Unfortunately I found the characters a bit flat I didn t connect with them or like them I also have a very hard time with the dialog used for Catherine and Rita It was forced and actually comical at times times that weren t meant to be funny I feel the author was trying too hard to make the tween gi [...]

  3. A short tale where twin teen girls act like obnoxious little brats and treat their grandfather like garbage with visiting with him at the nursing home When they find a Ouija board on a game shelf and decide to use it to pass the time, they get a little than they d bargained for I unfortunately found the characters both flat and typical, and the writing mediocre.Now, if grandpa had killed the little twits with the Ouija board at the end, THAT would have been a story.

  4. this was free on for my kindle i read it in an hour, the twin girls were bitchy and unlikable, the story was meh tweens looking for a quick scary story might like it but it really wasn t great.

  5. This short story was just that Short If anything it was too short for my liking If this could be reworked into a longer piece I think it could be something special It was well written, and entertaining, which I guess is the name of the game I don t want to give away any spoilers, but I would have like to have seen the other characters fleshed out a little The nurse, the grandfather How Jake was caught etc This story was certainly enjoyable, but I feel could have been made even better by being l [...]

  6. This was a freebie from , and a very quick read It was a decent story, aimed completely at young adults But the main characters attitudes and swearing got on my nerves There was no need for it The editing for Kindle was also a little off Paragraph breaks and whatnot to signify that it was the next day next week were not very clear, and both characters dialogue ran into each other a few times.It was a nice although a little predictable story, which could be found in one of those collection of sca [...]

  7. One seriously spooky read Ouija Be My Friend is a quick, spine tingling read that s rich with the flavor of the Georgia Lowcountry Twins bored with spending time with their paralyzed grandfather each week at the nursing home entertain themselves with a ouija board The secrets they discover on the other side spill into their lives in a deadly way.

  8. This is a very simple book It would be good for YYA s as a horror story I found it interesting but the plot needs to be developed a bit I would love to read a longer version of this book Maybe get some Character developement going I will look for other books by T P Lupo.

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