....Și la sfârșit a mai rămas coșmarul (...And Then The Nightmare Came At Last)

i la sf r it a mai r mas co marul And Then The Nightmare Came At Last In the Castle of the Last Towers the things are going really Bad Invited at a stranger s wedding in a castle supposed to be haunted by the devil the fallen noble Arthur de Seragens finds himself tr

In the Castle of the Last Towers, the things are going really Bad.Invited at a stranger s wedding, in a castle supposed to be haunted by the devil, the fallen noble Arthur de Seragens finds himself trapped in a dangerous net of insanity, betrayal and murder While the guests are brutally murdered by an inhuman enemy, the hero discovers in terror the target may be his loveIn the Castle of the Last Towers, the things are going really Bad.Invited at a stranger s wedding, in a castle supposed to be haunted by the devil, the fallen noble Arthur de Seragens finds himself trapped in a dangerous net of insanity, betrayal and murder While the guests are brutally murdered by an inhuman enemy, the hero discovers in terror the target may be his love interest, the beautiful Adrianna de Valois, young daughter of the dark chief of Police Panicked and desperate, Arthur is forced to make an ellusive pact with the most powerful survivers the viscount of Vincennes, his friend, also a logician an intrigue expert the beautiful and imoral italian countess Giulianna Sellini, a supposed poisoner and a necromancer Huguet de Castlenove, an ex priest, now a dangerous killer and swordsman manipulated by his mysterious lover the handsome, cruel and violent master of the land, Duke of Chalais and many other, including the man who is feared by them all Albert de Guy, from the Holy Inquisition.But who is the mysterious assaillant A vampire A werewolf A serial killer A mad incubus Or maybe all of them Violence, savagery, beauty, love and passion, logic and mystery an inquiry in the dark.

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....Și la sfârșit a mai rămas coșmarul (...And Then The Nightmare Came At Last)

  1. OLIVIU CR ZNIC is a Romanian Transylvanian national and international awarded novelist, poet, translator, literary critic, anthologist, conferee, current member of Imagicopter The Author Artist Cooperative and legal advisor Born in 1978 his parents, Oliviu and Dorothea, are both certified and distinguished Romanian Language and Literature teachers He graduated from Faculty of Law University of Bucharest with a thesis on Forensic Science 2001 and from Pro Medierea Association s Conflict Resolution course 2008 His literary career began in 2010, when he published the celebrated Gothic novel And Then the Nightmare Came at Last Vremea Publishing House His short stories and novellettes were published alongside those of famous contemporary George R.R Martin or classic Algernon Blackwood, Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert E Howard, Rudyard Kipling, H.P Lovecraft, Guy de Maupassant, Saki writers In 2015, he published the acclaimed short story collection The Witching Hour Crux Publishing House He is mentioned in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction J Clute, P Nicholls and literary analysis on his works appeared in academic journals such as Equinox Journal Faculty of Letters, Babe Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca, Romania He appeared in Ciprian Mitoceanu s novellette The Redemption as a literary character and on the Travel Channel show Expedition Unknown as a vampire expert He was invited to speak on various literary themes and topics at Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature University of Bucharest, at Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University alongside Ana Maria Negril , PhD , and at Romanian Academy Romanian Committee for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology He acted as the moderator of Bucharest International Literature Festival special Science Fiction Fantasy evening 2014 and led alongside literary critic and writer Alexandra Medaru the public lecture The Impact of Fantasy From Gilgamesh to Game of Thrones 2016 Author s Official Facebook Page facebook oliviucrazni Oliviu Cr znic is a true Romantic, a character descended form his own extraordinary and spectacular prose, a melange of Baudelaire, Edgar Allan Poe and Walter Scott, crafting his art under the scrutinizing eyes of Bram Stoker and H.P Lovecraft Read his novel, read his stories, and you will completely understand my statement t Ghidoveanu, Radio Rom nia Cultural s Science Fiction and Fantasy specialist, in Galileo Online, Nov 2012

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  1. Un foarte bun roman gotic multipremiat cu ac iune captivant i personaje memorabile Recomandat Pentru o recenzie detaliat , v invit s mi vizita i blogul aici tesatorul 2011 09

  2. mi este foarte greu s mi adun g ndurile i s scriu recenzia, s retr iesc din nou povestea i toate emo iile mixte pe care mi le a oferit, de la regret i durere, pentru c niciun personaj nu se afl n siguran sau este complet nevinovat, la team i nelini te, pentru c am tr it timp de c teva ore ntr un castel b ntuit, n care nu tiam n cine s am ncredere, dac voi primi toate r spunsurile de care am nevoie la final sau urma s fiu l sat n ne tiin , cu un mister rezolvat i alte secrete de descoperit singur [...]

  3. First read Sep 2011.A practical and theoretical guide on how to write a professional Romanian gothic horror Influenced perhaps by Poe, M Shelley and Walpole and even De Sade and containing a strong epic doom and gothic metal subcurrent MDB, Theater of Tragedy, Lacrimas Profundere and even HIM , a good knowledge of magick and esoteric practices a bit of Meyrink also , Craznic s novel deserves to be translated in English, its witty and dark effects on the readers being mesmerizing I would have pub [...]

  4. A very good bookI love it although in Romania I have not seen good books in a whilewhat i can say is congrats to the author and we are waiting from him

  5. A fost o poveste intriganta, plina de suspans Modul in care eu, ca cititor, am privit povestea a fost unul destul de obiectiv, mai mult fiind curioasa si fascinata, decat ingrozita sau speriata de ceea ce avea sa urmeze Personajele sunt foarte frumos construite, preferatul meu fiind Vincennes M a impresionat si Postfata scrisa de insusi autorul romanului, unde am descoperit ca ma incadrez in prima categorie de cititori carora le este adresata cartea, adica acei oameni ,,care nu considera ca toat [...]

  6. Poate v ntreba i ce ascunde titlul Nu ascunde Seduce, spune arat E nceputul i finalul pove tii Chiar i atunci c nd ntorci ultima pagin , dup ce ne lu m r mas bun de la personaje, r m ne co marul R m ne n r nile personajelor, sigur, dar r m ne i cu cititorul Cum am mai spus, eu am citit romanul mai mult noaptea Atmosfera nu are mult de suferit dac te la i r pit de ac iune ziua, dar noaptea are un farmec aparte Atunci po i intra cu adev rat n pielea personajelor Sau po i p i al turi de ele, cum do [...]

  7. Femei frumoase, b rba i de vaz i multe secrete, nt mpl ri care sfideaz ra iunea, acuza ii, contradic ii i o boal suspect , magie, mituri i religie Toate acestea sunt elemente pe care Oliviu Cr znic le mplete te n romanul s u gothic Putea s ias o poveste banal despre vampiri, dar a ie it mai mult O carte de care era nevoie, pe o pia saturat de pove ti siropoase cu vampiri, care s au ndep rtat mult prea mult de origine, transform nd ntunericul n ceva atr g tor.Recenzia mea completa o puteti citi a [...]

  8. Pot sa zic ca romanul m a prins Ce i drept am ramas si eu in Castel pana la final Din acest motiv acord nota 4 pentru roman si o nota de 3 pentru postfata acestuia De ce Pentru ca mai exista si alte cronici in afara de cele rusesti si germane Atat autorul cat si cei ce au citit cartea si postfata stiu exact la ce personaj ma refer Deoarece sistemul de notare nu permite virgule sau jumatati, ofer cu indulgenta 4, pentru un roman de debut.

  9. Now that was brilliant Dark and really scary, yet beautiful And quite sad Anyway, a must read You should read it, especially now that Halloween is almost here

  10. I loved the way this book deals with the idea of Evil We all know that Good and Evil exists, but they are generally abstract concepts This book reminds us that Evil is part of our lives and we should never forget this thing, because it rushes in our lives in an instant and when we expect it less Oliviu Craznic s story deals with the uglyest face of Evil the Devil itself I chose itself because I m not sure about the Devil s nature male or female D, on the other hand, it may be both, I guess D Her [...]

  11. M tot l udam n ultimii doi ani, c mi am schimbat stilul favorit, c am devenit mai dark, c am nceput s apreciez literatura horror de calitate Am citit c teva c r i de o factur ndoielnic care m au f cut s caut cu mai mult s rg calitatea, iar volumul de fa nu m a dezam git Dac ar fi s descriu n c teva cuvinte, e un horror clasic, cu accente medievale i tu e fine din sfera religiei Mi a pl cut u urin a prin care ineai pasul cu personajele, f r mpotmoliri i istorii obositoare Ritmul alert m a f cut s [...]

  12. Aceasta este a 2 a carte horror pe care o citesc, dac nu m n el,prima a fost Co mar de nchiriat, care mi a pl cut foarte mult, i aceast carte este una foarte reu it , plin de suspans, care merit toate laudele.Personajul principal este Arthur,un nobil dec zut, care prime te o scrisoare prin care este invitat s participe la nunta unei prietene vechi Josephine El accept invita ia, urm nd s plece ntr o c l torie spre Castelul Ultimelor Turnuri, locul unde va avea loc nunta La nceput cartea abund n p [...]

  13. There aren t many Romanian horror writers There never have been It s not like there wasn t a fertile field there because the local folklore tells a different story But lately, the social and political realities haven t give it much opportunity.And then, there is Oliviu Craznic A young writer who took it upon himself to change the face of Romanian horror forever.His first novel, and at the end there still was the Nightmare , a genuine gothic macabre, takes place in a late medieval France with an [...]

  14. The first thing that I learn about myself after I finish this book is never be a cop You re not good at it Now, what I have to say about this novel I was surprize by the writing style, I don t know why but I ve this classic vibe every time I open the book to read There where descriptions and complexe characters, that I enjoyed This book shows France in the medieval era when the Inquisition tried to get rid of the evil hauting the population, we don t have a specific year of time period It was an [...]

  15. Citind elucubratiile din profilul autorului de pe GR Lupeni, ziua mortilor, ce inseamna craznic pornisem deja cu ideea ca va fi o carte proasta, ceea ce s a dovedit, in mare parte, fals Cartea este destul de buna Autorul are talent de povestitor Se cam lungeste, dar e un roman de debut Nu mi a placut ca a ales sa nu localizeze temporal actiunea, creand astfel un talmes balmes medievalo iluminist In schimb, este prima data cand dau peste o carte cu poza muzei autorului pe contracoperta.O carte bu [...]

  16. This was the most wonderful surprise this year, a dark romantic story on my very taste I loved the myths in this book, the sense of fear, the twists and turns, the action, the tragic vampirism, the tribulations of Arthur and Adriana, and all I also loved the Inquisitor, he was very determined SPOILER The dinner scene with the full moon rising and the killing at the dinner table was absolute tremendous Worth re reading I am proud a Romanian wrote that Well done, OC We are waiting for the next boo [...]

  17. Absolutely gorgeous, especially the dark romantic atmosphere and the way author uses character s feeling to change their faith I loved the way the weak, ruined Arthur became the tragic, deterined hero inspired by his love and lust for Adrianne, the way Chalais used his own vanity, ego and arrogance in a positive way, and the slow descent of the perfect Vincennes, once he decided not to trust his own heart towards Josephine A true suspansful gothic love story, spiced with twists and shock.

  18. Ce ncepe prost o nunt la un castel damnat cu ni te invita i plini de p cate se termina R u Dac ar fi ecranizat, romanul ar lua forma unui a a zis claustrophobic thriller , genul de film n care ac iunea se desf oar ntr o cas , ntr o camer , ntr un avion etc De asta dat avem de a face cu Castelul Ultimelor Turnuri, locul unde personajele iau via , ca mai apoi s mai bine afla i din paginile c r ii

  19. Excellent vampire story, even better than Anne Rice Lots of twists, shocks, suspense and even romance Great job

  20. Recenzie initial postat pe blogul meu justfantasybooksadis Povestea incepe cand protagonistul cartii, Arthur de Seragens, este invitat la nunta marchizei Josephine Alaturi de curajosul si inteligentul lui prieten din copilarie, Raoul de Vincennes acesta se indreapta spre Castelul Ultimelor Turnuri Insa curand afla nimic nu e ceea ce pare si nu a fost chemat acolo pentru a bea vin si pentru a sarbatori imediat dupa nunta, oamenii incep sa se imbolnaveasca Le apar umflaturi mari pe tot corpul si l [...]

  21. Destul de multa lume se plange ca, in ultimii ani, vampirii, varcolacii si toate celelate creaturi mitice rele au fost transformate in eroi, pirezandu se esenta lor faptul ca sunt rele Oliviu Craznic a luat problema in maini si a scris o carte in care a respectat izvoarele medievale si in care fiecare creatura a noptii e cu adevarat un produs al Raului La polul opus, respectand in continuare atmosfera medievala, se afla Religia, Biserica, Dumnezeu, care insa are putine sanse de izbanda.Si asta e [...]

  22. The haunting settings, the bleak atmosphere, the strong characters remember only Adriana or the duke of Chalais , the terror around each corner of the dark Last Towers Castle, but, most of all, the tragedy, the mystery and the unexpected, are placing this book on the must read shelf for anyone who s into Gothic, Vampires, Werewolves or Fantasy Also, the Modern Romanticism of Oliviu s wonderful tale reminds me rather of Lord Byron than of Mircea Eliade, rather of X Files than of True Blood, and I [...]

  23. Nu ma asteptam sa o termin asa repede Nu incape indoiala ca m a prins rapid.Merita toti banii DMai multe detalii in urmatorul articol de pe blog Ce sper sa l realizez cat mai curind.

  24. Una din cele mai stranii i mai ie ite din comun c r i pe care le am citit vreodat Asta nu nseamn neap rat c volumul lui Cr znic e ceva cu totul unic habar nu am n ce m sur e sau nu , fiindc nu sunt o fan a horrorului i citesc sau m uit la a a ceva destul de rar, de regul nt mpl tor n orice caz, se deta eaz puternic de proza fantastic contemporan cu care m am nt lnit p n acum.Povestea debuteaz cu sentimentul foarte puternic de stranietate i de nenatural, at t datorit evenimentelor invita ia la nu [...]

  25. An interesting attempt at a modern Gothic novel A disparate group of people is invited to the wedding of a noblewoman who is the subject of much scandalous gossip The guests include, strangely, the chief law enforcement officer of the area, the haughty duke who reigns over the region, and a fearsome leader of the Catholic Inquisition Why would anyone want a torturing inquisitor at their wedding Meanwhile, the groom has apparently invited not a single guest, aside from a baron he met at a pub on [...]

  26. i la sf r it a mai r mas co marulUn roman pe care, intriga i de titlu, ne dorim s l citim, pentru ca apoi s devin , cu certitudine, cartea noastra de c p t i M bucur c am avut ocazia s descop r acest scriitor genial al genera iei noastre l consider astfel pentru c mbin rafinamentul i complexitatea unui clasic al zilelor noastre , cu o explozie de spectacular pe m sura expectativei at t de mari a noii genera ii n acest sens Atmosfera de epoc este at t de bine conturat , nc t ne absoarbe, f c nd s [...]

  27. Aceast carte, este o poveste plin de suspans, bazat pe cronici medievale, un roman gothic dark fantasy , nglob nd ntre ale sale file elemente precum, dragostea, moartea, intriga, misterul i creaturile mitice.A adar n lucrarea de fa se dore te o ntoarcere la origini, la vremurile c nd pove tile de groaz ne ngrozeau i nu ne f ceau s r dem, la vremurile c nd faptele reale nu erau private cu prea mult u urin Pe scurt, totul ncepe c nd, protagonistul c r ii, Arthur de Seranges, accept invita ia la nu [...]

  28. I feel I had to come back to this book and explain why I didn t give it a 5 stars reviewFirst of all, after I read about the book some time back I searched for it for some time, as I don t live in Romania any First, I asked my friends to look for it, they didn t find the bookBig disappointment Then, luckily we went to Romania in the summer of 2012 and after looking in every damned bookshop in Cluj, I was able to buy the much sought after book I love Gothic literature and vampires and scary thin [...]

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