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Usher s Passing go inside Books There were dark blue hollows beneath his eyes his lips were gray and slack and the cheap brown suit he wore was blotched with mud and mildew The front of his whit

Usher's Passing go inside Books ”There were dark blue hollows beneath his eyes, his lips were gray and slack, and the cheap brown suit he wore was blotched with mud and mildew. The front of his white linen shirt and his tattered black ascot was dappled with sherry stains; his frayed cuffs shot out of the coat like a poor schoolboy’s. He radiated the heat of fever, and as he shivered in a sudden chill he lay down his pen and put a trembling hand to his brow; his dark hair was damp with sweat, and tiny beads of moisture in his thin dark mustache glinted with yellow lamplight. Poe gave a deep, rattling cough. ‘Forgive me,’ he said. ‘I’ve been ill.’”When Edgar Allan Poe conceived the Usher Malady, in his famous short story, I do wonder if he wasn’t describing an affliction that he himself had suffered from in some form or fashion. When I read of him, he is never vigorous but always on the point of collapse. Though his body may be wracked with fever or with cold sweats, there is little doubt that any blight he is suffering from originates from the melancholy that hangs like a foggy curtain in all the corners of his mind. Poe told us about Roderick and Madeline Usher, but he never mentioned there was another brother Hudson. After much searching through dusty archives and long lost references, Robert R. McCammon discovered the missing connections and found that the Usher’s are alive and well...well...maybe not all that well. Walen Usher is dying, and though Rix had swore he would never return to Usherland, he finds himself irresistibly drawn back into the madness of his family. His brother Boone and his sister Katt are also part of their father’s death vigil. The Usher’s have been in the armament business, and the various arms races going on around the world have been very good to the family. In fact, ten billion dollars good. Rix doesn’t want anything to do with the family business; actually, he was arrested protesting the war, much to the embarrassment of his family. He is a struggling horror writer. Part of his struggle comes from the fact that he refuses to use his family name, but instead writes under a pseudonym. More marketing dollars would be available, and more interest generated, if the reading public knew his books were being written by an Usher. He doesn’t want anything to do with the name of Usher. Still...ten billion dollars. ”--no more hassles no more books no more agents’ dirty looks--”Boone is a gambling fool, a puffed shirt really, a bully, and completely unsuited to take over as patriarch of the Usher family. Katt has the inside track with a beautiful face and a beautiful mind to go with it. Still, no woman has ever wielded the cane, the family sceptre for which some unknown power seems to exude. The Usher Malady is hereditary, and it has been passed down faithfully to each new generation. Walen was a vigorous, healthy man just weeks before, but now his body seems to be melting from within and without. The reek from his decomposition permeates the house and becomes a constant reminder of what the Malady will eventually do to all the Usher siblings. Rix, out of desperation with the added bonus of being disloyal to his father, decides that he will write a history of the Usher family. His father had brought boxes of diaries, letters, and papers from the Usher archives to the library intending to study them, but now, with revelation after revelation, they fan the flames of Rix’s ambition. There is more at stake than he knew, and as his investigations take him deeper into the family secrets, other powerful forces are trying to shape the course of events and the future of the Usher name. Raven Dunstan-- the crusading reporter who wants to know the truth about the Usher family. The Mountain King--”His complexion was a chalky yellow. She stared at the network of scars that covered almost all of his face; the right eye was gone. The left eye, though covered with a thin gray film, was pale green and held a gleam of crafty intelligence.”The Pumpkin Man--”He wore a funeral suit of black velvet and a black top hat. His face was as yellow as spoiled milk. He carried a scythe that glowed electric blue in the moonlight, and with a wave of one skeletal hand he parted the underbrush before him. Those who had seen him and lived to tell the tale said his eyes shone like green lamps, his face was split by a cunning grin, his teeth sharpened to tiny points.”The Pumpkin Man, as if he isn’t scary enough, has a sidekick, a black panther like no other. ”Greediguts’ eyes were golden-green lamps in the dark. Slowly the monster emerged...first its blood-smeared maw, then its black skull with the lightning-streak burn across it--.... Its muscular body blocked the tunnel, and its leathery, scaled tail rose up and snapped brutally in the air.”It becomes difficult for Rix to decipher who has the real power. The true agendas of all involved are hidden under generations of secrecy and misleading information. Is the sceptre the key to everything, or is there something much more diabolical at work in the House of Usher?I had started reading this book, and within a few pages I set it aside and pulled my Library of America Collected Tales of Poe from the shelf. I was becoming uneasy that McCammon would throw some wonderful references to the original story in this novel, and I would miss them simply because too much time had passed since I’d read The Fall of the House of Usher. I’m so glad I did reread the Poe story and would certainly recommend the same course of action to anyone considering reading this book. To those who love Poe this is a must read. To those who are looking for a gothic horror fix this certainly fits the bill. To those that appreciate a fast paced, yet thoughtful, thrilling, reading experience this book will certainly fire your imagination and keep you entertained deep into the darkest part of the night. My The Fall of the House of Usher ReviewIf you wish to see more of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit http://www.jeffreykeeten.comI also have a Facebook blogger page at: In this most gothic of Robert McCammon s novels, setting is key the continuing saga of the Usher family descended from the brother of Roderick and Madeline of Edgar Poe s Fall of the House of Usher takes place in the weird and picturesque heart of the North Carolina mountains The haughty, aristocratic Ushers live in a mansion near Asheville the poor but crafty mountIn this most gothic of Robert McCammon s novels, setting is key the continuing saga of the Usher family descended from the brother of Roderick and Madeline of Edgar Poe s Fall of the House of Usher takes place in the weird and picturesque heart of the North Carolina mountains The haughty, aristocratic Ushers live in a mansion near Asheville the poor but crafty mountain folk whose families are just as ancient live on Briartop Mountain nearby At harvest time, when the book s action unfolds, the mountains are a blaze of color Add to the mixture a sinister history of mountain kids disappearing every year, a journalist investigating those disappearances, a monster called The Pumpkin Man, moldy books and paintings in a huge old library at the Usher estate, and a secret chamber with a strange device involving a brass pendulum and tuning forks and you ve got a splendid recipe for atmospheric horror.Originally published New York Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1984.. Popular Book Usher's Passing Well this was one bizarre and creepy book! Rix Usher comes back home because his father is dying. He's been away from some years writing horror stories under a pen name. He hasn't wanted anything to do with his wacko family. Rix sister Katt is there but she comes as goes as she's a model making her own fortune. His brother Boone lives there with his wife Puddin'. Boone is an arse btw. And they all live in the house with their mother and father. The Usher's are rich beyond reason as they own Usher Armaments that make weapons for the military, weapons of mass destruction at that. They own the whole mountaintop and there are people they let live around the mountain. But there is something freaky in those woods and you want to stay away from it. And stay away from the old Usher Mansion on the little island. They call him Pumpkin Man and his side kick the panther thing, Greediguts. I thought the book was really good! I loved finding out all of these horrible secrets about the Usher's. Rix is wanting to write a book about them and the stuff he finds out is a little nutzy cuckoo! Oh and I have to mention that I hate the character Logan, they could have set him on fire for all I cared. Anyhoo, there are many revelations in this book and it's creepy vipe was just great for a Halloween read. There is also a little boy named New in the book and the Pumpkin Man gets his brother Nathan. There is something different about New, something in his genes that makes him one cool little dude. I also loved the character of Raven, she owns the local paper. She gets in with Rix and they with the help of New work to bring down the evilness in the woods! There are other weird and creepy things that go on but you can read the book and decide for yourself. =) *insert creepy music*MY BLOG: Melissa Martin's Reading List
Usher s Passing by Robert R McCammon Shelves horror Usher s Passing is one of Robert McCammon s finest early novels I was captivated by the story and characters, as well as the homage paid to Edgar Allan Poe in a few different ways I also loved how McCammon chronicled the history of the Usher family. Usher s Passing McCammon Jun , Having said that, Usher s Passing did not disappoint It was an interesting and imaginative tale In this world, the Usher family is one of the wealthiest in the world, with their fortune tied to the sale of arms Rix Usher is the outcast of the family. Usher s Passing by Robert McCammon, Paperback Barnes Jun , Usher s Passing is about descendants of the Usher family from Edgar Allan Poe s short story The Fall of the House of Usher The house of usher is built on death itself and now it has a new master For generations the House of Usher has grown wealthier and powerful on the invention and sale of murderous military weapons. Robert McCammon Robert R McCammon s USHER S PASSING Usher s Passing Usher s Passing is a Gothic historical fiction novel by American writer Robert McCammon It was published in by Holt, Rinehart, and Winston It focuses on the divide between an aristocratic family the Ushers much like the Vanderbilts and a community of Usher s Passing Robert McCammon read online free Read Usher s Passing online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile Usher s Passing is a Horror novel by Robert McCammon. Usher s Passing Cemetery Dance Publications In Usher s Passing, each generation has a tale to tell, and their stories move across time to lead Rix Usher into the haunted heart of Usherland, where he must face both who he is and what he is Usher s Passing grew out of love for both the craft of horror fiction and its master, Edgar Allan Poe. USHER S PASSING by Robert R McCammon Kirkus Reviews While waiting for Walen to die, then, Rix starts burrowing into Usher history, with help from upright family retainer Edwin Bodane who is training his creepy, animal slaying grand nephew Logan to take over as estate manager Unsurprisingly, the Usher clan secrets seem to include insanity, murder, and the unexplained death of assorted siblings. Read Usher s Passing online free by Robert McCammon Usher s Passing Read Online List Chapter In this most gothic of Robert McCammon s novels, setting is key the continuing saga of the Usher family descended from the brother of Roderick and Madeline of Edgar Poe s Fall of the House of Usher takes place in the weird and picturesque heart of the North Carolina mountains. Usher s Passing Chapter novels Usher s Passing Chapter I VE KILLED MY OWN SON, THE MOUNTAIN KING HAD SAID New Tharpe sat in the clinic s waiting room with the old man s cane across his knees.

  1. Robert Rick McCammon was a full time horror writer for many years After taking a hiatus for his family, he returned to writing with an interest in historical fiction.The sixth book in his Matthew Corbett historical fiction series, Freedom of the Mask, was published in May 2016.The second book in the Trevor Lawson I Travel by Night series, Last Train from Perdition, was published in October 2016.His next novel, a standalone book called The Listener, will be published in February 2018 by Cemetery Dance.McCammon resides in Birmingham, Alabama He is currently working on the seventh Matthew Corbett novel, Cardinal Black.

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  1. There were dark blue hollows beneath his eyes, his lips were gray and slack, and the cheap brown suit he wore was blotched with mud and mildew The front of his white linen shirt and his tattered black ascot was dappled with sherry stains his frayed cuffs shot out of the coat like a poor schoolboy s He radiated the heat of fever, and as he shivered in a sudden chill he lay down his pen and put a trembling hand to his brow his dark hair was damp with sweat, and tiny beads of moisture in his thin d [...]

  2. Well this was one bizarre and creepy book Rix Usher comes back home because his father is dying He s been away from some years writing horror stories under a pen name He hasn t wanted anything to do with his wacko family Rix sister Katt is there but she comes as goes as she s a model making her own fortune His brother Boone lives there with his wife Puddin Boone is an arse btw And they all live in the house with their mother and father The Usher s are rich beyond reason as they own Usher Armamen [...]

  3. Okay, this book made me a fan of this author I was sort of convinced by his previous material, and thought this book was okay for the first half, but then it took off I mean it really took off The ending felt like it moved faster and faster with surprise punch after surprise Nothing was what I thought it was going to be.What began as a trip down Fall of the House of Usher memory lane for Poe fans quickly spiraled into something else entirely Rix, the protagonist, travels home to his family as th [...]

  4. This book is so, so, so good The story is so suspenseful The characters are great and the background of the Ushers is so awesome It s a hard one to put down once you get into it.

  5. There are so many things that I could comment on with Robert McCammon s books I think what stands out the most, is the fact that his endings never disappoint they live up to the expectations set during the course of the entire storyline Absolutely riveting book that will remain a constant on my favorites shelves Latest reading ended October 1st, 2016 although technically our October group read, I spent most of the past week in doctor s offices hospitals with the kiddos, so much reading was done [...]

  6. Cover of the 1985 Ballantine mass market I have But I prefer the later editions with the Rowena Morrill J Thiesen art My friends keep informing me that there s something deeply, deeply wrong with me since I m kind of meh on the McCammon I ve read other than Boy s Life , so I figured that if this southern gothic seeming novel taking place in a mansion in the North Carolina mountains doesn t work for me, nothing of his will.

  7. This is a book about a very dysfunctional family and the curses that they lived with The main focus of the story deals with Rix Usher Rix is a horror writer, who wants to make it on his own Rix is a outcast of his family and wants nothing to do with the family fortune Rix, is called back to Usherland, because his father is dying You add some creepy monsters and a scary abandon house, which holds many dark secrets and much McCammon, pulls everything together, weaving the past and the present tog [...]

  8. Spiritual darkness Moral darkness Blasphemy and decay His eyes closed Poe s tale may have been fiction, Rix, but it cut very close to the bone The Ushers have everything Everything But they are dead in their souls This was supposed to be part of my Halloween Reads 2017 but missed the October dateline by a whole week, due to the shortage of time and the book s length 416 pages, not exactly a doorstopper but this kind of length takes me one or two weeks depending on free time available Usher s Pas [...]

  9. Robert McCammon, Where have you been all my life I know, forgive me, I just found out how fucking amazing Robert McCammon is as a writer He s literally Astounding His style is a no nonsense, pull you in And keep you wanting .Even though Ushers passing is the first and only book of his I ve ever read in my life I m a new fan and will be looking for of his book s in the future I love the cover works to the paperbacks in the original late 1970s 1980s vibe I m a total sucker for that.Usher s Passin [...]

  10. Usher s Passing was a fun drive in movie If gentle reader, you know what a drive in movie means, then maybe you are as ancient as me and maybe we both are out of the range of the age group who would enjoy this book I found the book lacking in one area the writing For me, it was too pedestrian However, the gothic plot was full of mystery and scares It is a grand October read, perfect for creating the mood before going to a Halloween Haunted House An ancient unsavory family, skeletons in the close [...]

  11. So all in all I wish I had liked this book I loved Robert McCammon s other work I read, Boy s Life I thought this book would be like that, instead it was not as engaging and I ultimately did not feel connected to one character in this book.Usher s Passing starts off with an Usher confronting Edgar Allen Poe and how that man came close to revealing the secret of the Ushers I got to the ending and I am still at a lost everyone how Poe was anywhere near the reveal that was the ending in this book [...]

  12. As one famous review of Sense and Sensibility once read This novel is goth as fuck I might be misremembering that, but THIS novel, by the always reliable Robert McCammon, is indeed gothic as fuck Inspired by a famous Poe story check Huge old mansion in a deep rural area check Which sits next to a huge, scary, lodge filled with secret passages, hidden rooms, and dead ends, and Which sits next to a burned out zoo AND a graveyard on the mountainside Which sit below a comet blasted, possibly haunte [...]

  13. Robert R McCammon has got to be one of the greatest storytellers I ve ever had the pleasure of being introduced to The quality of his work never ceases to amaze me the way he can just draw you right in and create such realistic characters and sweeping dramas that don t feel like it s taking as long to get through as the book actually is especially when you re listening to the audiobook version It s amazing to me As a writer, I m humbled, astounded with admiration, and intimidated by this man s t [...]

  14. Un gran bel racconto di orrore gotico che parte dall idea iniziale che la famiglia Usher, descritta da Edgar Allan Poe nel suo stupendo La caduta della casa degli Usher , fortunatamente presente ad inizio volume e che stato un vero piacere rileggere dopo pi di vent anni, sia esistita realmente Dopo un prologo iniziale in cui il fratello di Roderick e Madeline Usher rintraccia in una bettola Poe e lo accusa di avere gettato fango sulla sua famiglia, il racconto fa un salto in avanti nel presente [...]

  15. This was quite a ride I m not sure how McCammon came up with all of this from reading Poe s story, but I have to give him tons of credit for his imagination as he really crafted a great story here.The twists and turns never stopped coming, and that ending was not predictable at all Well, part of it was simply from reading the original Poe story, but the big revelations were not There were a few things I was curious about, such as the origins of the good magic, and a little backstory on the pant [...]

  16. The Fall of the House of Usher is arguably one of Poe s most Gothic stories, a tale of hereditary doom that might be tricky for the reader to get into but also quite likely to haunt the imagination thereafter McCammon takes a risk in crafting a story so obviously inspired by Poe s classic story but he succeeds in crafting a contemporary Gothic tale with strong horror elements.The first chapter of the novel starts things on a strong note, presenting a fascinatingly sinister picture of one of the [...]

  17. Wow really, that s all I can say just as I finished my first McCammon novel Wow What a brilliant story teller There was so much going on, but the author kept it simple yet complex McCammon writes so effortlessly, weaving a brilliant and intricate tale with several story lines and flashbacks, all with a perfect pitch and level of interest and mystery I love the mountain lore and concept of the Pumpkin Man Every single one of his characters evolves throughout the novel, each carrying his or her ow [...]

  18. Written as a sort of sequel to The Fall of the House of Usher, Poe s tale, while not being an account of actual events, comes so close that Roderick Usher s brother accuses Poe of copying the true events.Fast Forward to the 1980s and near Asheville, NC the location of the Usher estate, known simply as The Lodge, where the Ushers have lived for centuries The location is reminiscent of the Bilt estate in Asheville although only as the location for the tale.The horror writer Rix Usher obviously McC [...]

  19. I finally skimmed the last 100 pages or so It wasn t bad but I wouldn t recommend it when there are so many 4 5 star novels out there If you re looking for a McCammon read, don t start with this one Pick up Boy s Life or Swan Song.

  20. Robert R McCammon uses the word phantasmagoric no less than three times in this book This is a word that I wasn t readily familiar with, but my husband, who was a horror book nut in the late 70 s and all through the 80 s, knew this word well It must have been part of trend of the time.For those two of you out there that may not recognize this word, let me enlighten you from Merriam Webster Full Definition of PHANTASMAGORIA1 an exhibition of optical effects and illusions 2 a a constantly shifting [...]

  21. I have loved McCammon s book I find they read so beautifully But for some unfathomable reason I had never picked up UP The tale follows the story of the Usher family, made so famous in Poe s haunting story.This book is written so well, and manages to flip between different time periods and different protagonists stories in a way that truly enhances a wonderful story The characters are written so well, fully formed and manage to surprise.I absolutely loved this book, and can t recommend highly en [...]

  22. Great horror story Picking up right after The Fall of the House of Usher , it covers the next hundred years through flashbacks while taking place in present time This book had witches, warlocks, mountain people, a black panther, a haunted house rotting corpses, blood, guts, a freakshow agent, howitzers, a magic stick, a maserati, pies, and even a word processor I almost gave it a 5 star A Goodread.

  23. I couldn t have picked a better book to read around Halloween This one just has that perfect combination of a spooky old mansion, a tie in to a Poe novel, a villain called the Pumpkin Man, a man eating beast that roams the forest surrounding our spooky mansion, witcheswarlocksyou name it it s there and all placed in a beautifully described Gothic setting that only McCammon can pull off I enjoyed this one quite a bit My only complaint is that it slows down a bit in the middle and I found myself s [...]

  24. The year is 1847, and a man s search for Edgar Allen Poe sets the stage for the story s connection to Poe s Fall of the House of Usher The man is Hudson Usher, brother to the deceased Roderick of Fall fame He is looking for the author in order to ascertain how much Poe truly knows about his family Poe, sick, drunk, near to death, recalls that he may have read something of the family s misfortunes, but the story mirrors things in his own mind and soul Hudson leaves, satisfied that his family s se [...]

  25. McCammon takes Poe s eerie, atmospheric story, THE FALL OF THE HOUSE O OF USHER and builds upon it, creating a fine homage to one of the pillars of genre fiction The Poe story is thin on action and contains no backstory on the Ushers or the peculiar malady that afflicts them McCammon supplies this in USHER S PASSING and rereading Poe s classic tale after reading McCammon s novel improves the experience of reading that 160 year old story.McCammon builds a plausible, modern story around the Usher [...]

  26. This was one of my favorite books in middle school Would like to find a copy to reread It s an interesting twist on the Poe story, The Fall of the House of Usher, which I also love.

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