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Good Kindle Dear Enemy release Nurse Annie Rawlings has seen the atrocities of war and believes as do most Americans

Good Kindle Dear Enemy release Nurse Annie Rawlings has seen the atrocities of war and believes, as do most Americans, in the inhumane depravity of the enemy the Germans But when a rogue rescue mission ends in tragedy, Annie finds herself behind enemy lines, captured and alone with a wounded German soldier Through shared danger, faith, and a love of music, the two forge a bond that will be tested byNurse Annie Rawlings has seen the atrocities of war and believes, as do most Americans, in the inhumane depravity of the enemy the Germans But when a rogue rescue mission ends in tragedy, Annie finds herself behind enemy lines, captured and alone with a wounded German soldier Through shared danger, faith, and a love of music, the two forge a bond that will be tested by prejudice and the separations of time and continents When Karl is sent to a prisoner of war camp, their fragile relationship seems at an end Annie searches for Karl, but friends and a new suitor urge her to get on with her life.Will she ever see her Dear Enemy again. The best Kindle Dear Enemy WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.This just IS a five-star read. It was - simply put -amazing. 1. It's set during WW2. :-) Stuff like Glenn Miller / Clark Gable / Moonlight Serenade are mentioned... gah, you know I love that time period. My heart might or might not belong there always.2. I normally don't read many books that have a ton of fast-paced action. Why? Because I generally don't enjoy those kinds of books. But THIS ONE. :-)3. The writing. It's... (warning: I'm going to use the word again and bold it)amazing.Jack Cavanaugh knows how to keep me turning the pages; suffice to say. The writing style reminded me a bit of the style in 'Violins of Autumn', but then even better.4. Annie. I really love her. I loved Mouse even more though but... we didn't have much of her. SO SAD.5. SO SAD ABOUT KEITH TOO. And I didn't even love him that much. (Why didn't they have the Paris honeymoon. That's just ridiculously sad.)6. I loved that the entire story was told to Celia, and that it was revealed to us in the form of one big flashback.7. KARL. I MEAN JUST. AHHH. Stories about 'enemies' becoming friends... they are SO powerful. I cried when they talked about Keith and Mouse together. And Hank. They had killed each others friends in circumstances of war... but yet they became friends.It was so powerful. One thing I didn't like was the ending. I MEAN. HOW. WHAT.WHO?!!!!!!!!!!!!(I JOLLY WELL HOPE KARL.)It was amazing. So glad I got it for Christmas - thank you Eva, for the recommendation. :-)
Dear Enemy Kindle edition by Callihan, Kristen Dear Enemy Kindle edition by Callihan, Kristen Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks . Dear Enemy by Kristen Callihan Dear Enemy is a sweet, fast paced contemporary romance novel, with an enemy to lovers trope one of my favourites The characters are in their twenties which is always a plus for me , and the book alternates between present time and flashbacks, as well as point of views A lady friend once t Dear Enemy TV Series Nov , With Vanessa Knox Mawer, Patrick Malahide, Gabrielle Daye, Jean Rimmer. Dear Enemy novel Dear Enemy band

  1. Jack Cavanaugh is an award winning, full time freelance author with twenty five published novels to his credit His nine volume American Family Portrait series spans the history of a nation from 1630 to the present and is still in print nearly fifteen years following its release.A student of the novel for than a quarter of a century, Jack takes his craft seriously, continuing to study and teach at Christian writers conferences He is the former pastor of three churches in San Diego County and draws upon his theological background for the spiritual elements of his plots and characters.His novels have been translated into a dozen foreign languages, largely because of the universal scope of his topics Jack has not only written about American history, but about South Africa, banned English Bibles, German Christians in the days of Hitler and Communism, revivals in America, and angelic warfare.Jack s current writing schedule includes motion picture screenplays and e book serial fiction with Internet distribution His novel Death Watch has been optioned to be made into a motion picture by Out Cold Entertainment, Inc.Jack has three grown children and lives with his wife in Southern CaliforniaARDS Silver Medallion Award 1995 , Christian Booksellers Association Christy Award 2002, 2003 , Excellence in Christian Fiction Silver Angel Award 2002 , Excellence in Media Gold Medal, Best Historical 2001 , ForeWord Magazine Best Historical Novel 1994 , San Diego Literary Society Best Novel 1995, 1996, 2005 , San Diego Christian Writers Guild

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  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.This just IS a five star read It was simply put amazing 1 It s set during WW2 Stuff like Glenn Miller Clark Gable Moonlight Serenade are mentioned gah, you know I love that time period My heart might or might not belong there always.2 I normally don t read many books that have a ton of fast paced action Why Because I generally don t enjoy those kinds of books But THIS ONE 3 The writing It s warning I m going to use the word again and bold it amazing.Jack Cavanaugh knows how to k [...]

  2. It captured my attention and kept me so engaged that I finished the book in one sitting It s well written and very easy to read However, the story itself felt flat and the characters were too one dimensional All except for Karl, the main protagonist.I loved the whole concept of right and wrong, and that people can t easily fit into the category of enemy or hero This could have been a ten star read had the author drove deeper into each event and created than a superficial connection between the [...]

  3. I m reviewing this book for In The Bookcase s Literary Christmas Challenge of 2017 inthebookcase 2017While Dear Enemy is not strictly a Christmas book , it is set mostly around Christmastime and the scene with the Christmas candle and then the chocolate bar are two of my favorite fictional Christmas moments ever Jack Cavanaugh weaves an engrossing story and a believable relationship between Karl and Annie Love it.

  4. I enjoyed this book than I originally thought I would.Isn t that kind of a backward thing to say I haven t read a good, formal historical fiction in a long time and this book definitely delivered The Battle of the Bulge has always been interesting to me my Great Grandfather was fighting in the Ardennes on December 28th 1944 when my grandma and her twin were born, and was later wounded in that battle , but this was a story I quite honestly was not expecting.Karl was not the character I imagined [...]

  5. OH MY GOODNESS That ending Augh Amazing book When it keeps my up this late, err, early, then it s good No, it s outstanding I ll write a full review later.when I can sort out all my thoughts and feelings.

  6. It was difficult to put down, and quite absorbing, though the main characters felt a little flat to me The overall plot was one I d been hunting to find for quite a long time, and I think my own personal expectations where too high if I can t find a book that has everything I want, then I should write it myself Well written with good dialogue, but the ending simply left me feeling horrible It felt as though the author had written a wonderfully satisfying and poignant conclusion, then suddenly le [...]

  7. I think that he is an amazing author with one slight problemhe can t end a story well One of my favorite fiction books is While Mortals Sleep by him , but he should have stopped with that one instead of adding those two last books Seriously the third one was one of my worst books in the world So I guess ours is a love hate relationship All that to say, I really liked this Dear Enemy book until the end He could have come up with something much better Well that s my humble opinion on the subject.

  8. I love this book I would totally recommend this book to someone who wants to read a story that you can snuggle into bed and read it into all hours of the night It was a very touching story and I really love how the author portrayed the main character as someone who learned something from experience and acted upon it We should have books like this because it wasn t just a history lesson, but it was a story with life like people and real life problems It was a really good book Five stars to Jack [...]

  9. Well written and fast paced read with a captivating storyline My only gripe is that the characters weren t very developed I think this could have been a 5 star book had effort been put into the characters, especially Annie and Karl I found Karl especially intriguing and really wanted to know about him I thought the ending was rather abrupt as well Overall, not a totally disappointing read, but nothing groundbreaking.

  10. I really liked the story flow in this intense tale of survival in war torn France and the coming together of two people from very different worlds The author has a gift for telling a gripping narrative that keeps the reader going, scene from scene, without any slow gaps of extensive exposition or over intense scenes of war battles.I was really touched by the primary theme as well The idea that individual people can t be judged by their overall society or by their government is a powerful one tha [...]

  11. Dear Enemy by Jack Cavanaugh was an incredible book Set during WWII, Annie Mitchell is an Army nurse engaged to an officer Annie is assigned to a military hospital on the front lines, showing a unique perspective of the war Her unusual encounter with a German officer and all that transpired from that kept me continually guessing what would be next As always with this author s books, I could not put it down.

  12. I adored this book while the ending is completely up in the air, it is one of the most beautiful stories of life, love, forgiveness and overcoming prejudice I have ever read.Jack Cavanuagh remains firmly in my top 5 favorite authors

  13. What an amazing book I read it in one day and it s just as good as his other books I teared up in parts, the beginning was so sad It s definitely a must read I loved it

  14. This book was mostly what I was looking for It was a love story set in WWII, and it was well written The story is fairly simple, but the characters were well enough developed and the story kept my interest the whole time It s an easy read, and, like I said, if you re looking for a simple love story set during WWII, I think this book does a fine job Only preference would have been a little less about God I don t want to mislead There is not a lot about God in this book, but when God is mentioned, [...]

  15. Average Interesting event towards the middle of the story as our main protagonists although enemies, collide in the Ardennes Forest with awful consequences for our nurse Found the rest of it a little unbelievable, and the ending rushed.

  16. DISCLAIMER I normally avoid the clich couldn t put it down like the plague Therefore, please be advised that if you encounter it, or something like it, in this review, it will be for the simple reason that it was true Dear Enemy is a quick read It s not a quick read because it s particularly short, but because it s particularly good.Okay, maybe part of the reason for my enthusiasm is a fascination for the Greatest Generation era As horrific as World War II was, there was an ambient romanticism n [...]

  17. Plot Summary What happens, When Where, Central Characters, Major Conflicts return Nurse Annie Mitchell is disappointed when her honeymoon leave is cut short by a German offensive Worse yet, after the rest of the nurses are evacuated, Annie volunteers to stay behind only to find out that her husband is trapped and wounded in no mans land With no one around to rescue him, Annie and one of her best friends commandeer an ambulance and go after him Annie does find her husband alive, but her friend is [...]

  18. I loved this book, one of my favorites, I have read it many times and I never find myself disappointed by Jack Cavanaugh s book I love the characters, especially Karl, he is such a plot twister and as you get to know him alongside Annie you can t help but love him and respect him for who he is and his thoughts on life, this particular character makes you rethink the way one would perceive a German during this time or anyone for that reason Yes they could be abominable but not all of them are mon [...]

  19. Originally publishedhereThis was a surprising read for me Even though I have always enjoyed most of Cavanaugh s works, this is one of my favorite ones.By and large, I really like how distinct Dear Enemy is In its sui generis plot, it brings a whole new dimension to typical WW2 fiction novels.I also appreciate how Cavanaugh tackles sensitive questions about WW2 Germany The two characters discuss touchy topics without making the reader too uncomfortable.One of my favorite things about Dear Enemy i [...]

  20. Set during the Battle of the Bulge during World War II, Dear Enemy is a work of Christian historical fiction with the main characters being an army nurse and a German soldier Nurse Annie Rawlins finds herself behind enemy lines, when she becomes captured by a wounded German soldier Her initial feeling of hatred towards her enemy, changes as she gets to know him Eventually, she must come to terms with the reality that it is possible to love and respect someone who is fighting for the other side.T [...]

  21. Wow This was an excellent book I think it s the first book I ve ever read about this particular time and location Belgium, Ardennes Forest, 1940 s, World War II The book had some pretty intense moments, the characters were well portrayed, especially Karl, and the book was realistic for its setting Not only was it well written, but it showed how your enemy isn t always who you think they are I did wonder, though, how with all the traipsing around in the snow, there was only one mention of being w [...]

  22. Nov and Dec of 2012 were really good months for reading for me I read several books that I would like to recommend for book club and this is one of them This was an easy read, but very good It is about an American nurse in France during WW II She has an understandable hatred for the German army Through a set of circumsatances she is thrown into a situation and has to rely on a German soldier for her life She also finds out that to her surprise he is a human being with the same hopes and dreams a [...]

  23. This story has a lot of promise and the possibility of Annie coming to love the enemy, a German is quite intriguing This could have been much longer with greater involvement and connection with Annie The ending was very much rushed The last two chapters were insufficient and I was concerned as I was getting closer to the end that there were only a few pages left as the story required a longer and developed ending Disappointed I wouldn t recommend anyone wasting their time on this read as the e [...]

  24. This book took me on a journey, from prejudice to anger to pain to acceptance and finally left me wondering and asking what next Based on the blurb, it s a story that s told by Annie who tells of being a nurse during a war, and losing her friend and husband on the same day, to the enemy It s well told and the dialogues are interesting I loved where Karl the soldier who killed Annie s husband asks her why Marcy s parents named her after a rodent, because she had called her Mouse It s been a beaut [...]

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