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Popular Book Le Silence du rossignol the best work Au XIVe si cle dans un Japon m di val m

Popular Book Le Silence du rossignol the best work Au XIVe si cle, dans un Japon m di val mythique, le jeune Takeo grandit au sein d une communaut paisible qui condamne la violence, mais elle est massacr e par les hommes d Iida, chef du clan des Tohan Takeo, sauv par sire Shigeru, du clan des Otori, se trouve plong au c ur de luttes sanglantes entre les seigneurs de la guerre Il doit suivre son destin Mais qui est ilAu XIVe si cle, dans un Japon m di val mythique, le jeune Takeo grandit au sein d une communaut paisible qui condamne la violence, mais elle est massacr e par les hommes d Iida, chef du clan des Tohan Takeo, sauv par sire Shigeru, du clan des Otori, se trouve plong au c ur de luttes sanglantes entre les seigneurs de la guerre Il doit suivre son destin Mais qui est il Paysan, seigneur ou assassin D o tient il ses dons prodigieux Lorsqu il rencontre la belle Kaede, un amour fou na t entre les deux jeunes gens devra t il choisir entre cet amour, sa d votion sire Shigeru et son d sir de vengeance Sa qu te le m nera jusqu la forteresse d Inuyama, lorsqu il marchera sur le parquet du Rossignol Cette nuit l , le rossignol chantera t il. Popular Books Le Silence du rossignol Okay. I'll try to be as kind and heartfelt as possible. This book is insultingly bad. Normally a bad book is just that, but this book is actually infuriatingly bad.Firstly, it's a fantasy book set in feudal Japan. That's fine. I would think that it being set in Japan, Hearn would have learned anything about the place, but she apparently did not. This book is written as if Hearn simply googled Japan and then decided to write a book on it. I'll go down the list of failings.Religion Japan wasn't Christian. It persecuted Christianity in the same way that Rome did; it's teachings undermined the ruling order. But in Hearn's world everyone is predominantly Christian, or at least they worship a god an awful lot like the Christian god; like looking down on suicide, which was a part of the way of life in Japan. So, okay, Hearn didn't do that justice; base a book of a land and F up their religion, okay. But this is the least of her offenses.Language Other novels written about or in Japan (Shogun, to name one) have tried to successfully capture the way people spoke; saying one thing and meaning another. Hearn tries to do this... I think. It's hard to tell because it is so blunt but she implies that they are saying something else. I guess. Either way the dialogue is awful. There is a two-page dialogue about a characters past that is painfully bad. It isn't emotional, even the character seems to know this, and it isn't realistic. The conversations are flat and would fail if they were imitating normal conversation, in that they should be trying for feudal speech they fail astoundingly.Terrain/Geography/History This is pretty hard to F up but Hearn does it anyway. She apparently read somewhere that Japan gets a lot of earthquakes, so the characters experience them, constantly. This would be informative of the climate and area, but it isn't - it's irritating. All it does is randomly distract from the story. The characters are talking about something and then the author stops to make everything shake, then everyone has to acknowledge the quake, then we resume. Maybe that's real, but it's also retarded. Include the quakes in exposition, don't stop the story to put them in. Realism only goes so far in books. If we had to read every time a character took a piss it wouldn't be interesting either. Now there is the infamous battle of Yaegahara from her book... which is clearly just a ripoff of the real battle of Sekigahara. The infuriating thing is that she uses the feuds, anger, and tension that came from the battle of Sekigahara but apparently didn't want to learn anything about it. Yeah, spending an afternoon researching battles and actual lords would have been so tough. It's insulting to every reader that she would be so lazy as to simply slap a 'Yae' in front of gahara and imitate such an important battle. How about a Japanese person writes a story about America and they talk about the bombing of Mearl Harbor? Or the Bivil War? Gimme a break. If you don't put the time into the work you don't deserve to have the job. Nuff said.Culture I'll just sum up the undulating wave of crap that she wrote under this category as culture. Hearn mentions the tea ceremony and Sesshu to add some sense of where the crap we are, but fails in both. The tea ceremony is highly regarded and ceremonial. It is obvious to anyone that knows anything about it that Hearn has no clue about it. So she simply puts a few ideas in and then assumes job well done. Or not. She does the same with Sesshu, a feudal artist. She drops him in and then completely inaccurately describes his artwork. Secondly, the characters act in no way as they would befitting their setting. Evidently Hearn has no clue about the hierarchy in Japan or how much different it was there than most anywhere else. Peasants were dirt to samurai. Samurai were the dogs of their lords, or daimyo. Or not. Hearn has everyone acting as if they grew up during the 1960's in America and freedom of speech is going strong. People constantly belittle lords, sons of lords, and people of higher rank. Speaking of samurai - THEY ARE CALLED SAMURAI! Why is it Hearn refuses to use the proper names for half of the things she is writing about? She will use fief to describe a lords power despite the fact that the average reader has no idea what a fief is, yet she won't use words like samurai, ninja, ninpo, ninja-to, and ninjitsu even though it's what THE BOOK IS ABOUT. It's as if Hearn was struck by some bizarre fear of using the actual words for anything. Normally this would just irk me, but it is to the point where misunderstanding is common. For example: The wooden training sword is called a boken not a pole. Those are completely different things. Hearn's lack of ability to describe anything leaves the reader with only the words she gives them, so when she says 'two people fight with poles' that is what we see. If she actually meant everyone fights with poles then... ugh, she really would have no clue what she is talking about.Historical Fiction This is not. It is hardly set in Japan. It is set in a place where they use the names of people from Japan. That is about it. The rest of this is the same fantasy garbage that proliferates the genre. And really, if you are going to base a fantasy world off of Japan then it should be pretty similar to it, otherwise why do it? You just like everyone looking Asian?So, aside from the fact that Hearn fails terribly at representing the people she set out to, how's the rest of the book?The characters are weak with unoriginal histories that are not spiced up in the least bit. The love is 'at first sight' which is the trademark of lazy writing. Why bother having to develop feelings when you can just say it was at first sight? Gimme a break. The hero, despite being written in 1st person, is remarkably flat. The beginning has him discovering his destroyed village and yet he seems pretty unperturbed by it. Later he feels something. Sort of.So, crappy characters. What else? Oh, everyone knows things that would be impossible for them to know just to move the story along and build superficial tension. For example: How the hell does a monk living in a temple in the forest know that the main character has acute hearing? Another: How is it everyone and their mom knows the main character is part of some assassin tribe by looking at him? Was his dad Elvis Presley and he looks just like him? I'm pretty sure assassins thing is to be unseen, but I guess that wouldn't make things tense, right Hearn?The prose is weak and most of the story takes place in exposition. They traveled here, they did this, and we are witness to very few of the actual happenings. What results is nothing that anyone really cares about.The only thing that bothers me more about having actually read this book is that anyone thought it was well-written, and worse, that it was awarded with anything. This is an insult to literature and I have very little hope left if this is what most people find 'good'.
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  1. Lian Hearn s beloved Tales of the Otori series, set in an imagined feudal Japan, has sold than four million copies worldwide and has been translated into nearly forty languages It is comprised of five volumes ACROSS THE NIGHTINGALE FLOOR, GRASS FOR HIS PILLOW, BRILLIANCE OF THE MOON, THE HARSH CRY OF THE HERON and HEAVEN S NET IS WIDE The series was followed by two standalone novels, BLOSSOMS AND SHADOWS and THE STORYTELLER AND HIS THREE DAUGHTERS, also set in Japan Hearn s forthcoming series The Tale of Shikanoko will be published by FSG in 4 volumes in 2016 Book 1 will be EMPEROR OF EIGHT ISLANDS out in late April 2016, followed by book 2 AUTUMN PRINCESS, DRAGON CHILD June , book 3 LORD OF THE DARKWOOD August , and the final book 4 THE TENGU S GAME OF GO late Sept 2016 Lian has made many trips to Japan and has studied Japanese She read Modern Languages at Oxford and worked as an editor and film critic in England before immigrating to Australia.

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  1. Okay I ll try to be as kind and heartfelt as possible This book is insultingly bad Normally a bad book is just that, but this book is actually infuriatingly bad.Firstly, it s a fantasy book set in feudal Japan That s fine I would think that it being set in Japan, Hearn would have learned anything about the place, but she apparently did not This book is written as if Hearn simply googled Japan and then decided to write a book on it I ll go down the list of failings.Religion Japan wasn t Christian [...]

  2. _Across the nightingale floor_So i decided to share my personal story with this book I was about 15 16 years old and a classmate, a good friend of mine had lent me this book I read it, i loved it and then my brain completely erased all the data i had on the book I mean, literally, i remembered nothing apart from liking it Life happened and i forgot about it, but last year i was in a bookstore and i saw the second book of the series sitting on the self in front of me The title is Grass for his pi [...]

  3. 1 1 2In my review for Graceling I stated that I was a bit of a sucker for romance elements in action type stories I have, in the past, admitted to, probably, over rating certain books because the romance element gave me the warm squishies, even though other aspects of the book were lacking or, at times, downright annoying See Fire Study So it s a bit ironic that, for this book, I think the romance element between the two protagonists was the weakest aspect of the book It was so eye rollingly, gr [...]

  4. I was protesting the Chinese food place down the block today It s ridiculous None of their offered cuisine is truly Chinese If I want to eat American I ll go to Pizza Hut, thank you very much If that wasn t bad enough I later had lunch at the restaurant next door They had these little cookies If you break open the cookies there s a piece of paper that pops out with a message of something that might happen to you This time I didn t eat the paper first and read what it said The Tales of the Otori [...]

  5. It deserves a whole star just for that amazing title How could you not read a book called Across the Nightingale Floor So the title was great, the cover was good but how was the story Well it was pretty good I enjoyed the Japanese feel to it although by the end I was a little tired of all the honour which obliged people to do anything other than what they wanted to There were some good characters not all of whom made it to the end of the book a lot of heads rolled Altogether it was a good read a [...]

  6. This is a weird book for anyone who has than a passing knowledge of Japan.The author is a great fan of Japan, its culture and its history That s obvious just by looking at her name, Lian Hearn, which is a pseudonym According to , it s a contraction of heron, an important bird in the Tales of the Otori series, but it s also the surname of one of the most famous Western experts on Japan, Lafcadio Hearn She s gone to great lengths to instill Japanese culture into every part of this book, from the [...]

  7. I really enjoyed this one, and I regret avoiding it in bookstores for so long It was an engaging read with a great Japan inspired setting, and I liked the historical fiction plus fantasy elements feel to it It has its flaws and things did bother me particularly the insta love but I m looking forward to reading the sequels A few spoiler ish specific random thoughts view spoiler My favourite character was Shigeru I liked him from the beginning and his character had a lot of potential HAD His death [...]

  8. This book was great, I would love to see it made into a movie It was like reading the plot of a great Kung Fu movie, with a touch of Memoirs of a Geisha and some magic thrown in I will eagerly read the next book.

  9. This is actually a fantasy novel, but, for marketing purposes it s being sold as fiction Perhaps it s because the magical elements in this tale are very light and it focuses on a Japan that never existed Focus is on two character viewpoints only a teenage boy in first person and a teenage girl in third person The mix works and it s one of the first times I ve seen such a viewpoint mix, though, I m sure this author isn t the first to do it The boy, Tomasau Taeko, hops around with different names [...]

  10. Great epic pseudo historical fantasy with an amazing setting reminiscent of medieval Japan This first installment of the Tales of thr Otori managed something epic fantasy rarely does for me it captured me from the very first page When you take a look at the plotline, Across the Nightingale Floor has all the ingredients of an average epic fantasy We have the orphaned hero, who is rescued by a noble stranger and discovers he has special abilities We have the heroine, who is a pawn in her father s [...]

  11. Across the nightingale floor was a little step away from my usual reading material but the rave reviews intrigued me so I gave it a shot I rashly bought all 5 books in the series and now I m doubting the wisdom of that.Just because it s aimed at a lower age group, doesn t mean it has to be childish but if I m honest, I found it quite slow despite the killing and the violence and the love interest The lead character finds he isn t the person he thought he was and discovers special talents he didn [...]

  12. It took me only about four hours to finish this book I zoomed through it due to the gripping storyline and the vivid scenery and characters.In a land that is similar to feudal Japan, warlords are battling for power Takeo is caught in between, inadvertently, when his village is destroyed by the evil Lord Iida and he is taken under Lord Otori Shigeru s wing Not so surprisingly, Takeo has not manifested powers that come to light while living with Shigeru While training these powers, he realizes the [...]

  13. A great series about ancient Japan with its samurais and their conduct codes, ninja like fighters, Christians persecutions it has political scheming, interesting twists and turns, intriguing liaisons between characters, sword fights, love, treachery, friendship The characters are well developed, complex, with inner turmoil and weaknesses.The only thing that disappointed me was the romance element, exaggerated a tad too much in my opinion when she first laid eyes on him, she started trembling, be [...]

  14. I call Twilight on this one.Man, you can waste so many cool things just by adding magic into the story It removes any sense of struggle, any effort on the part of the characters Also, destiny is a dark and sometimes tragic thing, losing control over your own life not just a way to get everything from life without having to earn it The characters are flat, the language simplistic, the description basic and lackluster, the cultural coloring nothing beyond popculture crap, the plot contrived, the e [...]

  15. Interesting setting in a fantastical Japan Enjoyable story and characters I especially liked that Kaede, the female protagonist, was not simply a damsel in distress But I could have done without the instalove.

  16. I m really conflicted about what to grade this book I enjoyed it, but it was really depressing When I closed the book all I felt was the futility of these people trying to make their own decisions Someone is always there to take away their choice in one way or another.Takeo, who is the main character, was an interesting person to follow He seems strong in the sense that he is able to adapt to any new situation and still retain the core of who he is But, he also seems weak because he lets himself [...]

  17. Across the Nightingale Floor has a beautiful, concise writing style, good characterization, fast pace, and interesting plot It s main weakness is the ridiculousness of the love at first sight It makes the characters seem a bit shallow.Warning about the audiobook I listened to this book on CD There are two readers a man for the voice of Takeo, and a woman for the voice of Kaede The man is an excellent reader with a lovely voice he s got the oriental speech sounds just right I think his reading ma [...]

  18. The worst issue of this book is a promise of great historical fiction setting, that turns out to be a fantasy one, loosely inspired by the Japanese culture Another thing is the choice of protagonist and main plot the first one is a typical clich teenager who turns out be the most important in the entire world, who holds immense powers , the latter a quite predictable story of vengeance and rather cringing romance.It could still be an ok adventure story but there is just one unbearable thing the [...]

  19. When I finished Lian Hearn s Tales of the Otori series of which this is the first , I felt as though I d been eating Hershey s chocolate when I expected Valrhona or at least Lindt These much heralded books are set in a fantasy version of medieval Japan, and on the face of it, the story is promising Takeo is the lone survivor of the massacre of his village by an evil overlord He is rescued by the mysterious Lord Otori Shigeru, who adopts Takeo and brings him into his plans to overthrow the lord w [...]

  20. Quick thoughts stilted dialogue and flat characters dominate the book the pseudo Japanese aspects feel like lazy research and lack of care especially when the narrative misuses the importance and meaning of the tea service, the bowing social hierarchy that shaped Japan, etc the insertion of Christianity into even a faux version Japan is not awesome or accurate awkward tense shifts from third to first for different narrators the narrators each sound exactly the same ridiculous case of eyes meet [...]

  21. This is actually a fantasy novel, but, for marketing purposes it s being sold as fiction Perhaps it s because the magical elements in this tale are very light and it focuses on a Japan that never existed Focus is on two character viewpoints only a teenage boy in first person and a teenage girl in third person The mix works and it s one of the first times I ve seen such a viewpoint mix, though, I m sure this author isn t the first to do it The boy, Tomasau Taeko, hops around with different names [...]

  22. Very fast read, in part because it was so utterly gripping I nearly missed my bus stop because of it, then accidentally whapped the guy sitting across the way from me with my cello case in my hurry to get out Everything is beautifully detailed, and for this Legend of the Five Rings fan, it was an excellent addition to the mystical samurai sub genre My only quibbles were with the shifting narrative, which is fine if you keep it all from the same kind of viewpoint e.g consistently third person as [...]

  23. Right from the beginning, this book will grab you The characters and setting are so exotic and enticingyou will first want to be there, and then, as you read, start to feel that you are.I was so caught up in the fantastic descriptions and places that I wasn t even thinking as much about the plot There were a couple of twists and turns that left me gasping in disbelief A magnificent story in every aspect, can t wait to read the rest

  24. This wasn t bad at all I think I want to read book 2 I had a few issues with it but I think it had to do with my own ethnocentric views about the culture I totally get the entire loyalty thing, the submissive nature between servant which is everyone but the lords and the Lords, and the whole clan tribe thing but I still felt weird about it I needed resolution in the end, I don t know Still thinking about thisexcuse the rant.

  25. Assassins are cool Super powers, who wouldn t want some That this is set outside the US and the UK, a huge plus So what went wrong Early on I assumedAcross the Nightingale Floor had been translated due to inconsistent, simple and superficial language And I wasn t alone in my thinking However, a quick search revealed the author to have been born and raised a few miles from where I live in England Very little emotion is shown by Takeo, our hero, despite what should ve been some harrowing scenes in [...]

  26. Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn had been sitting on my to read shelf for a little over a year Having finally succumbed and read the book I was not let down by the superb storytelling on offer The world is familiar and yet at the same time distant, the characters are beautifully rendered with palpable emotion and the tale is intriguing In fact many of my favorite elements in any story were present In many ways this truly imaginative piece, set in a forged world serves to underline why [...]

  27. A beautiful storyDimana takeo bertemu dengan lord otori shigeru , diangkat anak dan bagaimana takeo yang ternyata merupakan keturunan kikuta memiliki kemampuan untuk membalaskan dendam lord otori shigeru dengan membunuh lord iida Ceritanya bagus menarik banget, dulu sampai ga sabar nunggu buku keduanya,, takeo jadi kayak kebagi antara dia seorang bangsawan pewaris shigeru dan seorang kikuta Dan takeo jatuh cinta sama kaede gadis bangsawan yang cantik banget yang dijodohin sama lord shigeru ayah [...]

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