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The Survivors Praise for THE SURVIVORS Series Havard effortlessly melds historical facts with spellbinding fiction in this compelling debut of THE SURVIVORS series The US Review Havard s triumphant debut will leave

Praise for THE SURVIVORS Series Havard effortlessly melds historical facts with spellbinding fiction in this compelling debut of THE SURVIVORS series The US Review Havard s triumphant debut will leave readers hanging on each page, anxious for the next chapter of Sadie s story RT Book Review Havard had me absolutely falling in love a stunning debut th Praise for THE SURVIVORS Series Havard effortlessly melds historical facts with spellbinding fiction in this compelling debut of THE SURVIVORS series The US Review Havard s triumphant debut will leave readers hanging on each page, anxious for the next chapter of Sadie s story RT Book Review Havard had me absolutely falling in love a stunning debut that will be sure to captivate readers The Book CellarAwards Eric Hoffer Award 1st Runner Up YA , Independent Publisher Editor s Choice Award, Moonbeam Children s Book Award Book 1 in THE SURVIVORS Series POINT OF ORIGIN Book 2 available now BODY BLOOD Book 3 coming July 23rd In 1692, when witch trials gripped the community of Salem, Massachusetts, twenty six children were accused as witches, exiled, and left for dead Fourteen of them survived.The Survivors is the first installment of the tantalizing tales of the fourteen ill fated Survivors and their descendants, who have been content in hiding for over three centuries Isolated on a Montana mountainside, only Sadie, the rogue daughter, dares to abandon the family s sacred hiding place But no matter how far Sadie runs, something always pulls her back.On a muggy summer night in Tennessee, she witnesses a shocking scene that will change her life forever It is the first in a sequence of events that will drag her from the human world she s sought to belong to for over a century and send her back to her Puritanical family and into an u

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The Survivors

  1. Amanda Havard thinks in stories She writes books and songs, tells stories to people over coffee or in elaborate iPad apps, in short films or subtle photographs Stories are her life She is the author of the supernatural young adult series, The Survivors, a transmedia franchise with an online following of over 4.5 million readers Originally from Dallas, Texas, she now lives in Nashville, Tennessee She is a pioneer of the future of storytelling The inventor of the Immersedition , patent pending interactive book, an app that reinvents the reading experience, Havard is always looking for the next best story and the most innovative way to tell it.

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  1. A group of people accused as witches in Salem was banished and sent West to die 14 of these people survived, gaining strange powers and ceasing to age, which was also passed on to their children One of these children, Sadie, an awkward girl with jaw dropping, supermodel like looks and a super smart brain she can read a book in about 25 minutes , decides it s time for her to strike out on her own No one else has done this in the 350 years of her people, so not everyone is happy with her being an [...]

  2. Yay I won this thru First Reads here on Good Reads What an interesting story The idea I had about the book from the jacket blurb was far different from the reality And the reality was much better probably explains why I am a reader and not a writer.The writing story brought many questions to mind that had me patiently waiting for the answersd they did get answered I think that is what I enjoyed the most about Amanda s writinge teased a lot Bits of info kind of thrown out, almost in passing, that [...]

  3. In general, the novel was interesting and I rounded up what I thought was a solid 3.5 I really wish the beginning had been thinned out a bit cause it really dragged out I understand now, after reading the novel, that the author wanted us to see how Sadie s powers developed as she exposed herself to humans But it was seventy pages of how awkward she felt in society, how she obsessed over every little movement she made and every word that came out of her mouth and how much she just wanted to die a [...]

  4. I snagged this book at the library and didn t know what to expect I have a few complaints, namely the inordinate amount of name dropping Havard does Yes, I get it, Sadie has money, but I do not care about her Fendi bag and Diane Von Furstenburg coat or what they cost Such descriptions are sprinkled throughout the book and it is obnoxious.Initially, I found the story incredibly intriguing Sadie and family have mysterious roots Exiled from Salem following the witch trials, Sadie s ancestors ultima [...]

  5. My complaints about this book can be summarized as follows number 1 false advertising I assumed fool me that the book would be about the Salem witch trialsd not about Twilight esque romance which leads me to complaint 2, which is that the prose in this book is SO PURPLE that I fear my fingertips may be permanently stained indigo from it Finally, 3 it reads like Creative Writing 101, in that all of the protagonist s clothing, vehicles, accessories, etc must be carefully labelled, i.e I slung my [...]

  6. There are books out there right now that are being reviewed, tweeted about constantly, and altogether hyped up Amanda Havard s The Survivors is not one of those books It s published by a smaller, indie press called Chafie Press, and it hasn t gotten the type of hype I believe it deserves But don t let that keep you from reading this book Once you start reading, you won t want to put it down If you re like me, you ll NEED to know just what in the world you are dealing with You ll think, no BELIEV [...]

  7. At first glance, The Survivors seems like a simple ish story about a girl who is a descended from a line of witches dating back to the Salem Witch Trials And for the first third of the book, it is But once you really delve into the book It becomes so much I love when a book takes me by surprise The Survivors is that book.The Survivors begins with a prologue set in 1692, the height of the Salem Witch Trials Twenty six children were exiled, taken out West in the dead of winter, and left for dead [...]

  8. Originally posted at Fragments of Life.I found Sadie likable She was trying to fit in among humans after than a century of being protected and hidden behind the gates of her family s secret city in Montana After being isolated for so many years, she was right in the middle of humanity, being able to sense their feelings and observe their behavior firsthand I loved her narration Despite being immortal, she did not boast about it Unlike most heroines, she was aware of her charm and her beauty but [...]

  9. Never has a book taken me by surprise SO much I really hadn t expected The Survivors to be anything out of the ordinary, but, whoa, it was amazing The whole book in general is so ridiculously awesome that I still cannot fathom the fact that it s over I really regret underestimating the degree of its appeal.With very developed characters and an intricate plot line, The Survivors keeps readers hooked on from page 1 You re probably going to hear this sentence a lot in other reviews of this book, bu [...]

  10. I read somewhere that if you liked The Hunger Games, you d like this book I don t know why There are no similarities whatsoever This book was not bad but I didn t really love it The premise was fantastic, the plot fell a bit short The main character was incredibly annoying at times She constantly blamed herself for everything gone wrong with anyone in her life It s great to accept and admit when you ve done something wrong or to accept blame if your actions have caused undesired results But it j [...]

  11. Talk about a pleasant surprise The story opens with the Salem witch trials in the late seventeenth century, when over two dozen children are exiled to fend for themselves or die Fourteen children survived, thrived and isolated themselves from the rest of the world They ceased to age, did not die and acquired magical powers.Forever 21, beautiful Sadie Matthau is determined to learn about the human world and leaves her family against their wishes As she travels from place to place, she becomes fas [...]

  12. First off, I feel the need to say this This book might be a bit of a slow starter Something that might deter most readers, but believe me, it s worth the read Push through the beginning and get to the brilliance that follows I will admit, after reading this book, I m a bit tempted to buy name brand clothing If only I didn t spend so much money on book buying of course lol Three words made this book a must read for me Salem Witch Trials I m game The Survivors turned out to be so much than that [...]

  13. Ms Havard s writing is clear, descriptive, and rather fluid, making the story easy to read and follow To me, there wasn t a ton of dialogue, but since Sadie is on her own for most of the story, this was fine because Ms Havard lets readers into Sadie s thoughts, which helps round out her character.What I love most about the book is the unique take on the Salem witches and trials I m a diehard Charmed fan, so I ve always liked stories about witches and how they came to be The mythology takes some [...]

  14. This is a FABULOUS read It s a captivating story for all ages with well developed characters to whom you can relateAND it s well written which some of us grammar freaks appreciate The historical and geographical accuracy blurs the boundary between fact and fiction, bringing the characters to life Amanda Havard has talent

  15. This was not what I expected For some reason I forgot what the book was about and was thinking it was a future dystopian It s obviously not, and if you read the description you can definitely tell that It was so good I loved it Recommended to anyone who loves a good book that contains all kinda of mythical and magical creatures Can t wait for the sequel.

  16. I m not sure what I was expecting from THE SURVIVORS, but it certainly wasn t this There s very little plot, next to no forward momentum and character motivation, next to no character growth I felt like I was reading story fodder that had no business being published because it was the author working out the kinks in her story and finding out where the real story was I mean I guess you could say it s a character based story, but there s hardly any character development The only character developm [...]

  17. This past year Christi and I stopped at an interesting publisher booth at Book Expo We were drawn by a book that was clearly supernatural in theme and, from talking with the people at the booth, had something to do with a twist on the Salem Witchcraft Trial That was pretty much all it took for the two of us to give them our full attention They were giving away print copies of the second book in the series, but what I found most interesting about them was the ebook version they had their books Th [...]

  18. Do you know all those books about vampires, witches and other supernatural creatures full of cliches you are tired of Well, this book has none of it Well, it has abitof it.This story brings a new perspective of the supernatural, starting from Salem s witch trials The idea behind the book witches accused in the trials survive and live recluse in a hidden city, it s awesome However,the amount of supernatural species and different offspring it s a bit too much.I read the Wattpad version of it, so I [...]

  19. The GOOD The idea behind the story This book has an interesting premise some of the accused witches in the Salem Witch Trials were actually witches, as well as devout worshipers of God They are completely devoted to one another as a family of Survivors, but one isn t content with just the family, excluded from the outside world for eternity, and leaves.Romance Sophie encounters two men with whom the romance could be intriguing These are the most enthralling parts of the book The BAD Product plac [...]

  20. I enjoyed this book so much Right off the bat, the prologue and first chapter had me hooked The writing was amazing smooth, descriptive and vivid The memoir sections were so intriguing It was a great way to reveal background information, without overwhelming the reader These sections were interesting and insightful.Sadie was a fascinating character The way she viewed herself, the way she viewed the world She s mysterious and aloof in the beginning, but as her story unfolds, we learn about her a [...]

  21. Survivors by Amanda Havard Sometimes I need a good Slap in the face to remind myself not to always judge a book by it s cover Since I pride myself on being honest in reviews I will do just that by saying, I do not like this cover After reading the entire story I can now use the reason It doesn t do the story justice The Survivors by Amanda Harvard is rich and interesting, heartbreaking AND heartwarming It had me eagerly turning the pages to see just what would happen next The first few chapters [...]

  22. The Survivors is the first book in a promising series with the same name Full of unique paranormal lore and a variety of paranormal characters with a wide range of abilities, Amanda Havard does a great job at introducing readers to her intriguing world I loved that this series starts out with the Salem Witch trials There s been little YA books that have their stories tied to this historical event, and I thought Amanda did an incredible job with creating a series that starts off with this horrifi [...]

  23. This book surprised me in every way I didn t read the entire blurb I hardly ever do for fear of it giving to much away , so I really thought it was a book about 14 survivors of the Salem Witch Trials, but it was so much It was the story of one woman s struggles to find herself One woman who dared to ask questions, who dared to want , even if that meant finding the key to her own mortality.I quickly came to expect the unexpected There was never a moment when I could surmise what would happen nex [...]

  24. I first heard of this series last year at BEA I picked up the ARC of the second book in the series and met Amanda very briefly while I was perusing the exhibit hall But it was the second book in a series, so it languished on my shelf for well ever I had the best intentions of picking up the first one and reading them both, but it just never really happened.Until Amanda s awesome marketing for book three happened this year, that is I couldn t look at Twitter or Facebook without being reminded tha [...]

  25. spoilers Okay, for my general intense interest in the story I want to give it four stars but there were too many things I had to intentionally overlook.As an overall concept it is really cool I found the the writing style somewhat flat and dry though Even that wasn t a huge deal over all, but there were other issues.The details of the Survivors universe weren t tight enough for me, including traits and abilities of the main character Sadie She is supposedly capable of blending into human society [...]

  26. The Survivors by Amanda Havard was one of those books for which I had to force myself to keep going, to ignore the little annoyances, and hope with my fingers crossed that it would get better I usually wouldn t review a book I didn tenjoy, but as it turns out, this book ends up getting better and presenting some extreme potential for itself.I began this book with a certain mindset, thinking it would be about the witch trials of Salem however, the book only covers this era briefly, shooting forw [...]

  27. THOUGHTS OPINION The book was slow and confusing at parts then at other parts it was information overload HOLY CRAP There were times I was flipping back through the pages hoping I could remember where that quote was and MY GOD at the end I was so lost and yet so interested I basically had to re read half the story all over again But, that is a good thing b c usually when a book is slow I lose interest This book however, had it all love, mythology, magic, action, mystery, and travel Who could ask [...]

  28. One word A M A Z I N G.I can t describe how much i loved the book It was so calm and easy to read it Going smoothly all the time and with little twists now and then The book belongs to the young adult category but still it s something adult y in a way The writing has a serious tone than at most young adult books with being light in a different way And the characters are around 20 25 and they are not so light headed but still you can see a teen in them.The author gets her time explaining the st [...]

  29. The Survivors began slowly for me I needed a few chapters before I was really invested in the read Once I got into the story I found myself with question after question However, this questioning is not in any way a negative thing Amanda Harvard has quite the imagination This is a great fantasy story.Amanda Harvard kept stride throughout the first half of the story she kept me on my toes by giving me just enough to keep wondering what the heck was going on, but not so little that I d lose interes [...]

  30. Summary Sadie is one of The Survivors a group of people who have been gifted with immortality and other supernatural abilities The Survivors refuse to interact with the world outside, but eventually Sadie tires of isolation and leaves Years later, Sadie discovers that there are others in the world with abilities similar to hers and they re not friendly Now she must return to the family she abandoned and warn them of the incoming threat The Survivors is an extremely creative take on the supernatu [...]

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