Desejos de Chocolate

Desejos de Chocolate Na perfeita aldeia de Sticklepond Lancashire Chloe faz e vende chocolates deliciosos e inspiradores que cont m uma previs o ou uma frase encorajadora para cada cliente Se a sua vida fosse t o f cil

Na perfeita aldeia de Sticklepond, Lancashire, Chloe faz e vende chocolates deliciosos e inspiradores, que cont m uma previs o ou uma frase encorajadora para cada cliente Se a sua vida fosse t o f cil de prever, talvez Chloe pudesse ter visto que iria ser abandonada junto ao altar Mas quando um novo vig rio chega aldeia, os rus aumentam de intensidade Para al m deNa perfeita aldeia de Sticklepond, Lancashire, Chloe faz e vende chocolates deliciosos e inspiradores, que cont m uma previs o ou uma frase encorajadora para cada cliente Se a sua vida fosse t o f cil de prever, talvez Chloe pudesse ter visto que iria ser abandonada junto ao altar Mas quando um novo vig rio chega aldeia, os rus aumentam de intensidade Para al m de ser o carism tico ex l der da banda rock Mortal Ruin, Raffy Sinclair tamb m o primeiro amor de Chloe e o homem que lhe destro ou o cora o Por mais que tente, Chloe n o consegue ignorar aquela apari o do seu passado Poder ter chegado agora o momento de pedir um desejo e atrever se a acreditar que este se pode transformar em realidade Uma hero na simp tica que faz chocolates, um irm o adolescente e g tico , um av escritor que tamb m feiticeiro, uma tia cigana que l cartas de tar e folhas de ch , um her i invulgar e lindo e uma aldeia cheia de personagens exc ntricas e ador veis s o os ingredientes deste encantador romance de Trisha Ashley, autora publicada pela primeira vez em Portugal pela Quinta Ess ncia.

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Desejos de Chocolate

  1. Trisha Ashley is now a full time novelist, but she has been known to work for stained glass makers and or plumbers She likes to paint, eat, drink, and read literary biographies Her previous hobbies included getting divorced and packing to move She claims to have once actually eaten Bronte burgers at the Branwell caf , but her publisher declines to verify this She lives in North Wales.

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  1. This was a fun character story without a lot of surprises, but with enough charm to make it very enjoyable Ashley does a good job with small town British life, bringing both the central family and surrounding neighbors to life in a way that s organic and yet still serves the story.This is only my second of her books, and already I sense a pattern Witches and vicars and good friends and goofy families and solidly middle aged women who think they re past their romance years So far, those are merel [...]

  2. I really wasn t impressed by this book With the main subjects being love, magic and chocolate, I thought that this would be a nice, easy chick lit book that I d be able to get through easily However, I found the writing pretty annoying with complete overuse of the exclamation mark it REALLY stared to annoy me It didn t really interest me at any point and for the most part of the book nothing of importance really seemed to happen This certainly isn t a book that I d want read again or recommend A [...]

  3. Overall this was just an okay read for me, very predictable I usually really love sweet light romances, however I found this story to be lacking a bit of personality Don t get me wrong, this is a cute book, but it was just okay.

  4. I like Trisha Ashley.I like her capable, tireless, domestic heroines I like her detailed descriptions of their cleaning cooking gardening chocolate making skills delete as appropriate for book under discussion I love her cosy rural settings with just the right amount of weirdness going on in the background I even like her brooding yet loveable heroes although I m not entirely sure I read these books for the romance.I am aware that by concentrating so firmly on the domestic side of life, Ms Ashle [...]

  5. 3.75 stars A very charming story Very English and a bit eccentric It had a tendency to run on a bit be slow but that was also part of its charm Liked the main character of Chloe along with her friends Felix Poppy Filled with eccentric characters living in BBC type English village The story revolves around Chloe, her chocolate business, her eccentric pagan family her past loves that includes the new vicar.

  6. 3.5 stars This was a predictable semi romance with chocolate making overtones while most of the plot twists were rather telegraphed and obvious, it was still enjoyable, but there was never a sense of drama, or a story unfolding and building up, and to my mind, it moved along rather slowly, especially in the first half of the book.

  7. Chocolate maker Chloe Lyon has recently moved to Sticklepond along with her grandfather Grumps, brother Jake and Zillah, her Grandmother s cousin Her business Chocolate Wishes is going from strength to strength and the only part of Chloe s life that isn t perfect is her love life Her heart was broken as a teenager by Raffy Sinclair, who went on to become a huge rock star, and then years later, Chloe found herself being jilted practically at the altar However, when a new vicar arrives in town, it [...]

  8. Chloe lives fairly quietly with her teenage brother, eccentric grandfather and aunt in a pretty Lancashire village She makes gorgeous chocolate wishes in the shape of angels, acts a PA to her grandfather, goes to the pub with her two best friends and very little else She s been unlucky in love jilted by her fianc just before the wedding and in the dim distant past she was badly let down by Raffy, the love of her life, when she had to leave university to look after her brother Chloe is getting on [...]

  9. I just closed the book Chocolate Wishes by Trisha Ashley with a sad heart that it ended This book brought me back to the village of Sticklepond after my first visit in her book A Winter s Tale.Chloe has spent her life raising her little brother Jake One Easter, she makes him chocolate Easter eggs bringing an idea to her mind of creating chocolate wishes They are winged hearts with a message inside much like a fortune cookie She has thrown herself into a thriving online chocolate business and lef [...]

  10. Chocolate Wishes is a wonderfully warm book that has an addictive plot and very likeable characters.Chloe lives with her grandfather and half brother in the village of Sticklepond Happy with her job as a chocolate maker, her life is suddenly turned upside down when the new Vicar arrives in the village Finding out the new arrival is her ex boyfriend, Raffy, who she believed abandoned her for a music career, isn t the best news especially as she has unresolved feelings about her relationship Howev [...]

  11. Eu estava desejosa de ler este livro, andei atras dele a ver se algu m queria trocar comigo para o ler, e agora que li fiquei completamente destro ada o que vale que j tenho uma vitima para troca comigo lol mas agora a s rio o livro muito chato Eu tinha aquele desejo de ler por isto, primeiro fala de chocolate e depois de amor, e pelo que me deu a perceber de paganismo, coisa que n o esta nada, mesma nada bem resolvida, e tem aquela coisa dos anjos A personagem com quem me ria mais at era com a [...]

  12. continuing my trend of finding smart, funny romances by authors who go on to disappoint A lot But made lots of allowances for this one the next doesn t get them because a I listened to the audiobook and loved the narrator, so it was enjoyable for that, and b I LOVED the relationship between Chloe and her brother half brother, really and virtually her adopted son On the other hand, I hated something that happens in other Ashley books, and was especially nasty here Spoilers, though only being supe [...]

  13. This book took far longer to read than it should have I chose it because I wanted something light and chick litty for when I was away that was easily digestible, quick to read and easy to read and finish I have no idea why this didn t happen with this book On the surface it ticked a lot of boxes chick lit, romance, chocolate shop tick, tick, tick but even with that it was just hard work The story was decent, the characters were okay and there was no reason it should have taken weeks to finish bu [...]

  14. Love this book.The writing is amazing, the plot is great and the characters are awesome The writing was very flowing so it was a quick read and it s mistly light hearted and I found myself laughing aloud at most of it.Was really drawn in by this story, although it has alot of things going on in it, it really ties in nice and snugly and flows well.A great book to read at any time of year, great if you need a little pick me up and also helped me get out of a bit of a reading slump.Would highly rec [...]

  15. A must read very easy going and enjoyable characters and you want to find out what happens next Chloe lives with her brother and grandfather in a small village and Chloe is going along great with her chocolate wishes making and selling them on but only her love life isn t as simple When a new vicar is moving to the area little does Chloe know that life will change forever as he s one of her lovers from university days and she never thought she would see him again An enjoyable read.

  16. A bit of magic, lots of chocolate, and Chloe is having her life turned upside down once again as she makes the move to a new home in Sticklepond There she meets up with her friends, Poppy and Felix Added to that old loves show up announced and her life becomes complicated A cute romance, but it starts a bit slow however, like fine chocolate, it is ultimately satisfying This was the first I have read this author, but suspect it won t be the last.

  17. Slow reading and would have liked to have seen of the magic The characters were quite interesting, but could see ahead what would happen Still I enjoyed the book.

  18. Ca s annon ait bien un petit village anglais, une intrigue gourmande puisque l h ro ne fait des chocolats, une ambiance cozyMais tout tait t l phon , trop fleur bleue, on voit l auteure arriver avec ses gros sabots de l autre c t du village, dans les relations des personnages, dans leurs pens es, dans ce qui va se passerPour finir, le c t sot rique apport par le grand p re m est pass compl tement au dessus de la t te Bref, une grosse d ception.

  19. This book was the 3rd I have read by Trisha Ashley, and I have not been disappointed by any of them They are so well written, they have made me laugh out loud and this was left me wanting for chocolate so be warned Her stories are entertaining and great love stories in one This one had the interesting twists of are witches real so enjoy

  20. The story was good however the writing was not that incredible I ve struggled a little in the beginning, it was a lot of information that make me confuse and nothing happening but ok, I ve passed through this And the plot with raffy was a little obvious that would happen.I give 4 stars because the story made me anxious and curious about how chloe would feel and deal with everything

  21. Its what I would call an easy read It s entertaining but it s one of those books where you can really tell where it is going after a few chapters But nonetheless I enjoyed reading it just as a way to relax

  22. I have two favourite things in life and that is a good book and a bar of chocolate This is why I decided to pick up the book Chocolate Wishes by Trisha Ashley The cover of the book is your typical style for a chick lit book with a cosy little chocolate shop on the front with Chocolate Wishes in big pink writing so as you can tell this is hard to miss whilst looking for a book on the shelf I had fallen in love with the book before I had started to read it and I had high expectations Plot The book [...]

  23. Und so war es also gekommen, dass ich meinen Freund wie einen Bruder liebte, meinen Bruder wie einen Sohn und meine Mutter berhaupt nicht War es ein Wunder, dass ich Beziehungsprobleme hatte Seite 44Inhalt Chloe Lyon hat sich voll und ganz der Schokolade verschrieben Besser gesagt, dem Herstellen von filigranen Schokoladenengeln, die mit esoterischen Botschaften auf kleinen Zetteln gef llt sind Seit sie von ihrem Gro vater Gregory Warlock, von ihr liebevoll Brummbart genannt, und seineszeichen H [...]

  24. Chloe wohnt in einer kleinen englischen Stadt zusammen mit ihrem Gro vater, der sich selbst als Hexenmeister bezeichnet, ihrer Tante und ihrem Bruder Seitdem ihre Mutter von zu Hause abgehauen ist als Chloe an der Uni war und sie ihr Studium abbrechen musste um ihren Bruder aufzuziehen, verdient sie ihr Geld mit selbstgemachter Schokolade und ist damit inzwischen recht erfolgreich Als die Familie ein gr eres Haus im Nachbarort bezieht bekommt sie endlich die Chance einen eigenen Laden zu er ffne [...]

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