Chataine's Guardian

Chataine s Guardian On the tenth birthday of Chataine Dierdre her father Karel appoints a guardian for her Roman a captain of the guard Karel is aware of the Lystran law that at age Chataine must choose the man

On the tenth birthday of Chataine Dierdre, her father, Karel, appoints a guardian for her Roman, a captain of the guard Karel is aware of the Lystran law that, at age 17, Chataine must choose the man she will marry But he never dreams her choice might be Roman, the homely soldier who calls himself a Christian.

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  1. Robin Hardy Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Chataine's Guardian book, this is one of the most wanted Robin Hardy author readers around the world.

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  1. I really liked this book There is some great characters and setting in history with romance that was very clean there is some kissing and it is a little bit descriptive but not like crazy and the romance is slow because the main girl is only 10 when she meets the love interest who is WAY then a love interest character and she is not betrothed to him or anything at 10 There is some spiritual warfare stuff and that was pretty cool but could be creepy for some people there are witches and spell ca [...]

  2. At the age of 10, Chataine Deirdre was assigned a soldier Guardian named Roman At first the two despised each other and Deirdre looked for ways to get her young guard in trouble But as the years wore on and the young princess grew into a beautiful young lady, she began to have deeper, and forbidden feelings for her protector, and he for her Now, in the midst of an all out war, Deirdre must decide her course of action, knowing full well how it will effect those she loves.This is a touching and un [...]

  3. Read this several times growing up and read it to my girls when they were old enough for longer stories.It s the basic story about a princess who finds her prince charming where she least expects it It also has a Christian element, but doesn t get preachy about it.So often, the early Christian fiction was concerned about moral lessons.This novel, on the other hand, is a story first and a good one , that just happens to have a Christian element.I would recommend this to anyone who dreams of a kn [...]

  4. My favorite book of ALL TIME Every person MUST READ THIS AMAZING BOOK I am recommending it 100 thumbs up and a trillion praises Appropriate and okay for children above 10.

  5. I loved this book when I was a teenager my siblings and I all did I still remember my joy at the unfolding story, my delight in the unexpected romance and my amazement at the ending Love it, love it.

  6. In this beautifully written tale, Deirdre, daughter to the ruler of the country of Lystra, grows up under the care of a Christian soldier Roman who is appointed her guardian.The relationship between the at first immature and headstrong Deirdre and the ever restrained Roman is tense from the beginning We see their relationship grow as Deirdre ages from a girl to a young woman and has to choose a husband among a myriad of well to do suitors All this happens in a story line where bits and pieces of [...]

  7. My friend lent me this book in 2015 In 2016, I got myself my own copy I love this story It s completely amazing The Continent is to me as Middle Earth is to a Lord of the Rings fan Nothing else needs to be said on the matter.

  8. This was my favourite Christian fantasy as a teenager This book has everything romance, high adventure, intrigue and a gripping plot The story centres around a young female child called Deirdre who is the heir called The Chataine of the kingdom of Lystra Deirdre is assigned a soldier called Roman to be her bodyguard to keep her safe She resents Roman s presence as she longs for freedom Likewise Roman longs to be in active duty on the battlefield and resents being a nursemaid to a spoilt girl In [...]

  9. I first read this book about fifteen years ago and LOVED it I have read it twice over the years and liked it a little less with each re reading, yet it remains on my shelf Roman and Deirdre are extreme characters,yet they work for the allegorical content of the story such as it is She is extremely vain and selfish and not very lovable, yet he loves her devotedly, as a picture of Christ s love for each of us Eventually she learns to appreciate and return his love.To be honest, I think the subseq [...]

  10. A must read for all My grand daughter age17 loved it also I tell her all boyfriends have to measure up to Roman

  11. Read this when I was 12 and many times since True test of faith that God is with you always and no matter how hard things can get, he is always by your side.

  12. I enjoyed the twists and turns of the story and the time setting of it Not my usual genre but enjoyed this book very much.

  13. This is one of my favorite books of all time I first read the Chataine s Guardian when I was 11 or 12 and quickly fell in love with the Annals of Lystra series I was beyond excited when Robin Hardy later continued the story in the Latter Annals Any time that I find myself in a dry book spell, I can pick up this story and still be as engaged as the first time I read it I completely wore through my first copy to the point that the pages fell out, and my current copy shows a lot of love as well I a [...]

  14. I ve been reading some Christian best selling fiction, and been disappointed by many of them In contrast, I am really enjoying this book, especially at first However, as I read on, I was bothered by the book s lack of internal consistency At first it s hard to tell if this is historical fiction or fantasy If it is fantasy, I wish the main character had not been called Roman, which is distracting, making one think he is nicknamed this based on his ancestry Also he is referred to as being a follow [...]

  15. 1 of 3 books228p I am assigning a Guardian to ward you His name is Roman Thus begins Surchatain Karel s explanation to his daughter, ten year old Chataine Deirdre, as to why her life is about to change dramatically Karel s small country, Lystra, possesses the only navigable river on the southern coast of the Continent The provinces that surround Lystra want its river trade, and will do anything to gain it even kill the heir to the throne So Karel places her life in the keeping of the most capabl [...]

  16. Hardy brings you into another world smoothly, allowing you to fully relate to this world of Lystra with rules slightly different from our own Within this context, she takes you through the entire young life of Deirdre, the equivalent of a princess Even though the time spans over a decade, Hardy writes fluidly enough that you won t feel jerked around and will feel fulfilled with what who Dierdre has become by the end The most charming aspect of this novel even above the conspiracies that naturall [...]

  17. This is the first in the series of the Annals of Lystra I have read this book at least 3 4 times since I received it in the mail when it first came out I have the first edition.Deidre is the chataine of Lystra, a small province surrounded by other states Her father, the Surchatain is worried that someone will harm her so he sets up a guardian to protect her That guardian is Roman, a Christian believer Roman has his hands full with Deidre who is very headstrong Despite the age difference 12 years [...]

  18. I really liked this one It had me on my toes for some of it, and it had it s cute moments I really enjoyed the historical part of it Thanks unnamed friend who will never see this for lending it to me

  19. Last week I pulled this one off my shelf and re read it for the bazillionth time Why Because it s a stinkin great story The writing style is kind of dated head hopping and all but the story is sweet I love this whole series.

  20. There was a good outline of a story, but no real depth I felt we didn t get a real feel of the characters, and the story jumped around a lot You start out with Deirdre at 10, and then all of the sudden she s 18, yet there isn t a real segway from that age to

  21. I read this many many years ago, but I still remember loving it and attempting to write like Robin Hardyread June 5 10, 2016

  22. This one, like the book I read before this, felt like the Cliff s notes version of the book Good story, but it needed .

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