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The best Kindle The Once and Futu

The best Kindle The Once and Future King (The Once and Future King, #1-5) release T.H White s masterful retelling of the Arthurian legend is an abiding classic The Once and Future King, contains all five books about the early life of King Arthur The Sword in the Stone The Witch in the Wood The Ill Made Knight The Candle in the Wind The Book of Merlyn Exquisite comedy offsets the tradegy of Arthur s personal doom as White brings to life the majoT.H White s masterful retelling of the Arthurian legend is an abiding classic The Once and Future King, contains all five books about the early life of King Arthur The Sword in the Stone The Witch in the Wood The Ill Made Knight The Candle in the Wind The Book of Merlyn Exquisite comedy offsets the tradegy of Arthur s personal doom as White brings to life the major British epic of all time with brilliance, grandeur, warmth and charm.. Popular Kindle The Once and Future King (The Once and Future King, #1-5) I feel like it would be quite unfair to judge all five books as a whole, even if they are bound this way, but "What, What?""See, some things turn out this way, see? Even classics, see?" What, What?I honestly went through many changes while reading this work, but that may be entirely because I keep seeing how it has changed the world, our perceptions, and especially it's influence on so many of the cultural set pieces we enjoy across a wide, wide canvas.I was thrown, willy-nilly, into a purely Disney Sword In Stone cartoon for the first book. Hell, no matter how I wanted to pry myself from that version, I couldn't. Wart., I.E., Arthur, and the doddering old English fool, Merlin, were perfect caricatures of themselves even as they turned into all the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea and taught valuable lessons of what it would be to be a Knight. What, what?Okay, I WAS thrown off my game a little bit with the introduction of the Encyclopedia Britannica and at LEAST two references to Guy Fawkes, until I finally decided to turn off my brain and let this belated realization of a kid's story have its nefarious way with me. What, what?I quickly realized, by style and attempted humor, that a certain author by the name Terry Pratchett took all the specialized elements of this book and made something with a much more comprehensive world and better timing on the comedy and odd juxtapositions. He owed a debt to this old YA classic, absolutely, and the borrowed style is as plain as day. I wound up liking it just fine once I managed my expectations, but I still prefer Mr. Pratchett. :) But what the hell was up with Robin Hood and Tuck, What, What?Things got slightly better by book two, with the darker "M" themes, with witchcraft and Fae, adventure and even a bit of knightly heroism. I got into it, but let me be perfectly honest: I've been spoiled by these characters through The Mists of Avalon, so it's hard to want less depth, less straight comprehensibility.But, like the previous book, I took a lesser critical view, and with book three and book four, I was utterly delighted to find out that most of our modern shiny knights in clean halls, bursting with honor, utter fair play, and utter moral christian virtue came from T. H. White. I wondered where the hell it all went wrong, or why such amazing and widespread departures from reality and history got introduced into our public mind like the great whitewashing of our time, and now I know.Yes, yes, I know that the Arthurian legend has always been the sock puppet for each culture that re-appropriated it, but I'll always be partial to the popular incarnation of this from the times of the crusades. (I don't care which you choose. Early, middle or late, they're all charming.) Worse, I'm truly upset with the loss of the hidden messages wrapped in metaphors and anagrams. Hell, I would have given anything for just a HINT of a Rosicrucian chemical wedding. But no, this modern incarnation is all about modern social mores, being a good christian, and bringing out the great club of politics, as was seen MOST PERFECTLY in book five.I can't say I disagree with some of his sentiments. I hate war, too. I probably would have done everything in my power to be a pacifist, too, which is quite fun to pull out INSIDE a book ostensibly about war, domination, civil-war, and enough personal strife and tragedy to choke a war-horse.Instead, I come away with the shiniest patina of High Nobility, hell paved with good intentions, and impossibly wise Englishmen who don't really know what the hell they're talking about. Book five. OMG. Were you expecting an old Arthur getting it on as a goose and being subject to a political treatise on capitalism and communism? Or a truly unfair slight against ants?Yeah. Me either.What I took away from this? Monty Python and the Search For The Holy Grail. Book three, especially. That movie is an almost perfect counterpoint to book three. I think I'm gonna pop my dvd in my player right now.Do I sound like I don't like this work? No. Or at least, I don't dislike it. It's clear and bright and it fairly pipes the British Anthem on every page. I've never been much for patriotism, but I'm almost propagandized into the tradition.Oh, and yeah, deep sea diving is an almost perfect way to explain to the reader the difficulties of wearing armor. And Merlin was a poor boy in modern England. What, what? See? See?I recommend to you, dear reader, if you like your legends light and Disney, full of talking animals and lots of anachronistic conversations. Contains all of the most popular modern imaginings of the Arthurian legend, sans the deep discourses, the deeper understanding of the Holy Blood and the secrets therein.But of course, there's always the many maidens trying to take the pure knight's virginity. That never gets old, what, what?

  1. Born in Bombay to English parents, Terence Hanbury White was educated at Cambridge and taught for some time at Stowe before deciding to write full time White moved to Ireland in 1939 as a conscientious objector to WWII, and lived out his years there White is best known for his sequence of Arthurian novels, The Once and Future King , first published together in 1958.

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  1. I feel like it would be quite unfair to judge all five books as a whole, even if they are bound this way, but What, What See, some things turn out this way, see Even classics, see What, What I honestly went through many changes while reading this work, but that may be entirely because I keep seeing how it has changed the world, our perceptions, and especially it s influence on so many of the cultural set pieces we enjoy across a wide, wide canvas.I was thrown, willy nilly, into a purely Disney S [...]

  2. The first time I tried this long book, in my twenties, I foundered on the whimsy near the beginning and quit Steeped in Morte d Arthur and a later retelling, The Boy s King Arthur by Sidney Lanier, The Boy s King Arthur Sir Thomas Malory s History of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table I couldn t accept the to be King Arthur as Wart nor White s fanciful account of castle life A later retry revealed the magic and majesty and human ness that fill this amazing book, which I ve since read [...]

  3. There are some books which, when you flip the final page, overwhelm you with emotion You wish for , for the universe you ve been immersed in to continue and take you along with it For just one page of adventure.This was not one of those books.White took one of the most classic, long lived stories and made it boring This should have been a gripping epic of romance, drama, and sword fighting It had knights Treachery Magic Forbidden love What could you ask for in story fodder Apparently, in White [...]

  4. Arthur, regele Camelotului T.H WHITE, The Once and Future King, 1958 The Book of Merlyn, 1977 stilul func ional beletristic curentul literar fabulism NOTE, 5 genul literar epic specia literar ciclu romanesc fantastic subspecia literar fantastic histrionic medieval n Anglia medieval i anacronic , t n rul entuziast i neexperimentat Arthur devine, cu ajutorul nv turilor vr jitorului Merlyn care tr ie te Timpul invers , eroul civilizator destinat s devin Titlul original al ciclului este inspirat de [...]

  5. Some of the most successful works of fantasy have been those that grew beyond their author s original intentions The essence of fantasy is world building, and having created a convincing secondary world, even if only as an amusement for children, it is inevitable that a good author will want to widen and deepen that world, and even find herself discovering parts of it that she had not originally considered This is certainly true of Lord of the Rings, the Gormenghast books, the Earthsea trilogies [...]

  6. This summer, my parents and I went on holiday to Cornwall and visited Tintagel Castle, which was supposedly the place where King Arthur was conceived It s a popular tourist attraction, surrounded by gift shops where you can buy your kids a toy Excalibur or Merlin s pointy hat Since I love to buy books in the place where they are set or were written, I decided to buy a copy of T.H White s The Once and Future King and a beautiful hardcover edition of Daphne du Maurier s Rebecca I knew that it told [...]

  7. The Sword in the Stone 3One of my bookish pet peeves is when the meaning of the title comes clear too late in the book In this one 15 pages before the end out of 232 Of course I saw the movie, so I knew where it was going, but still.I was very surprised to see that some of the whimsical aspects of the movie were originally present in the book.The Witch in the Wood 2.25So Not that much Arthur, eh I switched to an audio version because I m not that into it I don t know if that was a good decision [...]

  8. This might contain mild spoilers if you re not familiar with the story of Arthur, but if you re not I don t think this would be the best book to start out with.Sometimes it is hard to imagine this was written in the 20st century With all of Merlyn s fourth wall breaking and references Though at times it is very obviously from another time, since references don t always hold up Especially when they involve names from that time and not Arthurian legends.Eventhough I took a long time reading this a [...]

  9. I have to say writing a review about this series is a bit difficult I have been taken through a whole series of thoughts, ideas, emotions, and ideas From childish to quite deep and complex issues This series covers so much territory, it makes it quite hard to cover it all.I began this series with Author as a child being taught by Merlin I was immediately taken mentally, to the Walt Disney cartoon version of this book As I read it, all that came to mind was the animated Disney movie I remember fr [...]

  10. Audio 6 6 This story is delightful a lot of fun to listen to while jogging Jan 14 Still listening to this Just finished Book 3 the story of Lancelot Great story In the audio, its hard to tell when one book ends another begins I m really enjoying how this story is told from so many viewpoints to tell all the sides Lots of references to Mallory s Le Morte d Arthur King Arthur and the Legends of the Round Table.I may need to dust off my copy.I like the attitude philosophy of the geese the point of [...]

  11. I ve been really loving Arthurian legend related stuff recently, so I of course had to pick up this book It was fantastic I loved it so very much.This book consists of 5 stories each one following the life of King Arthur and his knights throughout his life The first two are a lot lighter and humorous, but the last few are a lot heavier and darker, but just as wonderful These stories were beautifully written The setting was described so vividly, the characters were fantastic and very real, and th [...]

  12. Fantastic story A traditional yet unique take on Arthurian legends follows the life of Wart Arthur forwards, the life of Merlin backwards, and makes the story personal.The original legends of Arthur were scattered texts, morality tales, and in the worst cases, miscellaneous word droppings sold by unemployable hacks What TH White does is unite them coherently, making only limited references to the extraneous tales, and develop a cogent and powerful storyline White showcases how Arthur excels as [...]

  13. This book is a bit between like and really like for me It started out great with the Sword in the Stone passed to slightly disturbing in the next book quite interesting in the Ill made knight but after than I sort of went on because I wanted to finish it than anything elseQuite possibly it was because I simply felt like reading something else by then, but I also think that with each book the story became heavier and political and personaly I m not particularly interested in politics so It got [...]

  14. I recognize that Arthurian Legends are not everyone s cup of tea, so to speak, but really, one should give this a try, forgetting Disney and Broadway and killer bunny rabbits.Consider White s prose, after drawing out the family lines of Arthur Even if you have to read it twice, like something in a history lesson, this pedigree is a vital part of the tragedy of King Arthur It is why Sir Thomas Malory called his very long book the Death of King Arthur Although nine tenths of the story seems to be [...]

  15. I really do not understand how anybody could have enjoyed this series It is terrible, the first book is entertaining though after a while the characters grow stale and become increasingly annoying There are pages and pages of what can only be described as random philosophical mumblings about nothing and anything.This book is almost impossible to actually get into and follow I have read 30 40 pages of this without actually being able to recall what has happened To top it off the ending is just at [...]

  16. If you want the happily ever after ending you won t get it here A mix of history, romance, tragedy, fiction, war and wisdom Arthur is an inspiring character who shows total faith in those he loves He simply believes in people This is his greatest triumph and the cause of his ruin I like this book a lot it is also a good musical known as Camelot

  17. The Sword in the Stone 3.5 5 starsI don t know what I was expecting from this, but it wasn t what I got In a good way T.H White s stories of King Arthur and his gaggle of knights are fantasy classics, and I suppose in my head I expected them to be like the others I ve read Not so White s writing style takes a little getting used to and at times his prose is almost poetic, I really enjoyed it and it was fairly easy to read The only parts I struggled with were when during dialogue words were writt [...]

  18. Good gosh, that was a slog.I set out so excited by the prospect of this book Arthurian legend King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, Guenevere, Lancelot, Merlin, Morgana Bring it on The first book was thoroughly enjoyable, bringing back strong memories of the Disney adaptation, with fun and quirky stories and an entrancing character in Merlin However, as the story developed, I found myself a bit adrift in the tales related Basically none of which were even vaguely familiar to me Where was [...]

  19. This book at first glance is a simple rewriting of the story of King Arthur adding and elaborating on what already was written by Sir Thomas Mallory These elaborations at first seem to be just a succession of irrelevant events, but in the end they all converge I would say that the purpose of writing this book on King Arthur, adding another to already numerous retellings, is political The book is filled with anachronisms, about references to communism, political parties, etc The political intent [...]

  20. 1.5 starsThis was supposed to represent a collection of five books, but the titles didn t seem to be announced or I kept missing them so they all just blurred together I liked the first book, The Sword in the Stone, and I d give that one 3 stars because although I liked it the animal stories became a bit repetitive That covers Arthur s childhood I d recommend stopping after that because the rest just seemed long Stop after he becomes king, anyway, at whichever book it is It seems like it s impos [...]

  21. Hmm, ikke som jeg forventet Jeg hadde vel sett for meg en bedre skrevet fantasy serie, men fikk i stedet en halvgrei skrevet serie med utgangspunkt i legenden om Kong Arthur Det er noe litt uferdig med karakterene og skrivestilen p en m te mangler det litt logikk i det som skjer Samtidig pr ver White forklare hvordan tidene var, og hvorfor det som skjer, skjer Jeg er vel ikke helt overbevist, selv om det var g y endelig f lest The Sword in the Stone Det er mye blablabla i boka, lange avsnitt med [...]

  22. The book was about half treatise of one sort or another, and the Book of Merlin was so boring with it that I barely finished Besides that, once you got past the part that had been made into the beloved Disney film, it became so depressing you almost didn t want to know what would happen next.The first part of the story was charming Watching Wart grow up gave a depth to the wonderful old Sword in the Stone movie.

  23. A clear classic The characters are well developed, and the theme s are interesting The story is at times funny and other times reflective I could have done without the lists, and think I would find the series compelling if the posthumously published final novel wasn t published although I m conflicted because I really like the story of the geese.

  24. Writing about classics tends to be a thankless job Most everything there is to be said has already been said Nevertheless, I ll give it a shot.The Once and Future King is probably the most important retelling of the tale of Arthur from the 20th century the next two places being in my mind occupied by Monty Python and the Holy Grail and The Mists of Avalon It inspired Disney s The Sword in the Stone and that musical with Richard Harris Its view of Arthur s childhood has or less become the defaul [...]

  25. One of my favourite works of fiction, and one I ve delved into a couple times now though this collected edition offered me a piece I d never read before White s posthumously published Book of Merlyn Apparently his real intended ending for the book.What I say now is likely to at least mildly rankle White s hardcore fans I preferred the story without it.Don t get me wrong, I love the tale White has a gift for humanizing the characters through humour, and his love for them all is quite apparent Eve [...]

  26. It s very hard to rate the collection as a whole The Ill Made Knight as the longest installment is top notch, almost flawless aside from its complimentary flaw of drawing such simply human portraits from archetypal characters that its fairy tale conventions become less credible blights I m not talking about magic coexisting with realism as much as the trappings and misunderstandings feeling too foolish for thicker than fabled personalities to fall into, even when the classic tale obviously mount [...]

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