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The Outcasts Viral Book John Flanagan s Rangers Apprentice series The Ruins of Gorlan was my favourite childhood series I even reread the books now and love them to pieces Naturally I thought I d en

The Outcasts Viral Book John Flanagan's Rangers Apprentice series: The Ruins of Gorlan was my favourite childhood series! I even reread the books now and love them to pieces.Naturally I thought I'd enjoy Brotherband. Well no. But the reasons I liked John Flanagan's books are:- humour- medieval action adventure- unlikely heroes- awesome female heroines- awesome and varied world buildingI expected these things (normal, nice and awesome things) to carry onto the new series. They did not. In fact, Brotherband: The Outcasts went and did some appalling things that I'm still seething about. Reading it, I honestly wanted to ask, "Is this the same author?!"It's horribly sexist.I don't think the author meant to be so despairingly sexist. Because Rangers Apprentice was a brilliant series for giving female characters starring roles and awesome attitude. But Brotherband? Oh help.Any time a girl or women was mentioned it was attached to them either working in a kitchen or laundry or being something to be owned. I'm not even kidding. The "love-interest" who is literally in the book for less than 3 pages, is Hal's impossible's crush. The first time we meet her and she talks to Hal, her jealous boyfriend looms up with the, "Step away from my girl" line. The girl rebuffs, but...but...THAT'S IT. She's no longer in the story. Oh, except for when she kisses Hal for his win at the end. Because that's totally what girls are for. Laundry and romance.I get that the "brotherband" training was JUST for boys, but it doesn't cancel the fact that women in the Skandian culture were treated as lesser beings. And that concept was never punched by anyone. It's understandable (and historically accurate) to have a sexist Men-Ruling worlds in books. But in this day and age? I think it's demeaning to do so and not at least have ONE character be against it.It's demeaning towards disabilities.This just makes me angry. Disabilities are not something to be ashamed about or mocked or have the person be treated as stupid or slow. The book is offensive and ableist.There are two characters with physical disabilities in Brotherband. First is Thorn, who has one hand (he lost the author at sea). Second is Ingvar who is very near-sighted. Obviously, in a modern setting, Ingvar would get glasses and have no issues at all. But noooooo. In Brotherband, Ingvar is stupid and everybody treats him like their pet almost, because he has useful strength...but he never knows what's going on and make slow-witted statements. Sure he doesn't have to be a bright button, but I personally found it really angering that a person with a sight impairment would automatically be "stupid" because he simply can't see what's going on. And EVERYBODY says Ingvar is slow! Even his friends. Even the adults.Which leads me to: The entire "brotherband" idea was flawed. Think of Vikings. Think of Viking kids training to become Scary Warrior Vikings. Got it? Well they call the training "brotherband", and everyone splits into teams and competes for a) becoming a Real Viking, and b) being the best team. THIS IS FLAWED.There is so much emphasis being on everyone working as a team, down to they have all these tests, but most of the tests involve them putting their best man forward. Wrestling? Each team puts picks ONE contender to represent the team. Same with races, ship handling, navigation, etc. Sure this develops really strong teams who know each other's strengths and weaknesses...but it also makes sure you have groups of trained warriors who CANNOT FIGHT ALONE.What happens when there's wars and battles? What happens when one person (maybe the strong one!) on the team dies? No one else knows how to take his place.The logic of the training system had gaping holes. Why didn't they at least try to train everyone?I felt dumbed down by the writing. I know the author has an affinity for adverbs and over-explaining. That was in Rangers Apprentice. I was fully prepared for that! But this time, because of the big cast, every. single. time a character was mentioned, their "defining feature" was repeated. Oh look, there's Thorn, the shabby old drunk. There's Stig! He has a bad temper. There's Ingvar! He can't see anything. Blind as a bat.They weren't introduced this way. EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY WERE MENTIONED, I TELL YOU.Ships and sailing...everywhere. This is purely just me. Ranger's Apprentice detailed how to shoot a longbow. "Awesome," I thought. But Brotherband detailed how to sail a ship. "Not so useful," I thought. I mean the likelihood of me shooting someone with an arrow is WAY higher than me running them over with a ship. All the ship jargon was boring to me.The details contradicted the ones in Ranger's Apprentice. These Vikings are called Skandians. We first meet them in RA, as pirates and raiders, who (actually) kidnap the protagonist of RA and sell him as a slave. Woot. Awesome. They're big people who wield axes and aren't terribly bright. Okay, okay, I can deal. BUT. It's like Brotherband didn't read RA. These Skandians a) don't raid anymore, b) don't have slaves, c) have fully detailed training programs soooo wasn't the case in RA, d) don't even have much snow, e) are totally honourable good people. Everything I remembered of Skandians from RA was discontinued to make them a more "nobler" race, I suppose. But that's ridiculous. You can't do that!? Oh and "raiding" and "pirates" are different. Yes, yes they are. See in Brotherband, the antagonist is a slinky pirate ship. Everyone hates them! Wants to see them brought to justice! They're despicable!But actually, in RA, these Viking/Skandians were introduced as slave-traders and raiders. Which same thing as pirates.It just wasn't funny. No humour? Why? Why was there no humour in this one?! I also listened to it on audio with Bolinda.I can't recommend the narrator. He did fine reading and had an awesome voice...but every time he got to dialogue he slowed it waaaaay doooooown. I don't understand why he did this. Hal spoke normally. But no one else. I was infuriating.I can't believe this book was so lax in so many areas.. From the author of the global phenomenon Ranger s Apprentice They are outcasts Hal, Stig, and the others they are the boys the others want no part of Skandians, as any reader of Ranger s Apprentice could tell you, are known for their size and strength Not these boys Yet that doesn t mean they don t have skills And courage which they will need every ounce of to doFrom the author of the global phenomenon Ranger s Apprentice They are outcasts Hal, Stig, and the others they are the boys the others want no part of Skandians, as any reader of Ranger s Apprentice could tell you, are known for their size and strength Not these boys Yet that doesn t mean they don t have skills And courage which they will need every ounce of to do battle at sea against the other bands, the Wolves and the Sharks, in the ultimate race The icy waters make for a treacherous playing field especially when not everyone thinks of it as playing John Flanagan, author of the international phenomenon Ranger s Apprentice, creates a new cast of characters to populate his world of Skandians and Araluens, a world millions of young readers around the world have come to know and admire Full of seafaring adventures and epic battles, Book 1 of The Brotherband Chronicles is sure to thrill readers of Ranger s Apprentice while enticing a whole new generation just now discovering the books.Perfect for fans of J.R.R Tolkien s Lord of the Rings, T.H White s The Sword in the Stone, Christopher Paolini s Eragon series, and George R R Martin s Game of Thrones A Song of Ice and Fire series.. Popular Kindle The Outcasts As a fan of John Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice series I was not sure what to expect with the first in his The Outcasts series. However I soon settled into this novel and came to appreciate and enjoy what he had written. Of course while his work is aimed predominantly at older children and younger teens it can be enjoyed by various age levels in my opinion. There was a reasonable amount of various nautical terms floated around but nothing too technical. Flanagan does do an excellent job of helping the reader experience this almost historical world (after all his fantasy world is based on past civilisations) through the finer details without overloading them with information. But what really sells his work is the care he applies to his characters.Each character is no stereotype even though they may at times appear that way. And it would be easy for him to fall into using stereotypes. However he fleshes out each character as a unique and interesting creation in a very humble manner that's incredibly accessible to the reader. Flanagan's world is never kept too distant from the reader, his down to earth writing allowing reader's the chance to fall in love with what they read. Certainly some element of cliche exists in his work and he is no world-builder like Tolkien but what he does well is balance out the elements to create a story perfect for his target audience. He creates likeable characters, just enough details to realistically portray this as a real world and moreover adds warmth and passion to his writing. The characters and world come alive because the writer believes them to be and clearly loves writing for children and young teenagers.That all said I fully enjoyed this and look forward to seeing if he can develop this series into one equally as interesting as The Ranger's Apprentice. And do I encourage you to read this? Certainly and not only because John Flanagan is an Aussie with a nice down-to-earth manner of writing. I recommend this because I see that he writes books that subscribe to the perfect children's writer manual: they are accessible at ten and equally accessible at 15, 20, 30, 40 and so on. So read them simply to enjoy the storytelling ability and life of the books.
The Outcasts Feb , A relatable journey about finding where you belong in a world where you re hastily defined by your peers, THE OUTCASTS turns the teenage experience upside down with humor, wit, empathy, and a lot of fun Written by Clarius Entertainment Plot Summary Add Synopsis The Outcasts TV Series Sep , A bounty hunter who was a Confederate Officer teams up with an ex slave who was a Union Soldier during the Civil War They are the Outcasts. The Outcasts Rotten Tomatoes Frequently fun and generally harmless, The Outcasts doesn t bring anything new to the teen comedy, but that s the nice thing about the sub genre for its viewers. The Outcasts American TV series The Outcasts film The Outcasts Discography Discogs Irish punk band formed in early in Belfast by the Cowan brothers and Colin Getty Getwood They played their first gig in May . The Outcasts Full Cast Crew The Outcasts cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and . The Outcasts Movie Review commonsensemedia Apr , THE OUTCASTS follows two best friends music geek Jodi Victoria Justice and science nerd Mindy Eden Sher who are finally ready, in their senior year, to branch out and attend a party hosted by the popular crowd But during the party, queen bee Whitney Claudia Lee plays an awful prank on Jodi, and Mindy vows to get revenge. The Outcasts Belfast band The Outcasts are a punk rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland formed in . Star Trek The Next Generation The Outcast TV Episode Mar , Directed by Robert Scheerer With Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn While aiding an androgynous race who lost a couple of members in an unmapped region of space, Riker falls for one of them, which can lead to trouble if detected, since the alien race does not endorse gender specificity.

  1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.For mysteries by this same author, see John A Flanagan.John Flanagan grew up in Sydney, Australia, hoping to be a writer It wasn t until he wrote a highly uncomplimentary poem about a senior executive at the agency where he worked, however, that his talent was revealed It turned out one of the company directors agreed with John s assessment of the executive, and happily agreed to train John in copywriting After writing advertising copy for the next two decades, John teamed with an old friend to develop a television sitcom, Hey Dad , which went on to air for eight years John began writing Ranger s Apprentice for his son, Michael, ten years ago, and is still hard at work on the series He currently lives in a suburb of Manly, Australia, with his wife In addition to their son, they have two grown daughters and four grandsons.

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  1. John Flanagan s Rangers Apprentice series The Ruins of Gorlan was my favourite childhood series I even reread the books now and love them to pieces.Naturally I thought I d enjoy Brotherband Well no But the reasons I liked John Flanagan s books are humour medieval action adventure unlikely heroes awesome female heroines awesome and varied world buildingI expected these things normal, nice and awesome things to carry onto the new series They did not In fact, Brotherband The Outcasts went and did s [...]

  2. As a fan of John Flanagan s Ranger s Apprentice series I was not sure what to expect with the first in his The Outcasts series However I soon settled into this novel and came to appreciate and enjoy what he had written Of course while his work is aimed predominantly at older children and younger teens it can be enjoyed by various age levels in my opinion There was a reasonable amount of various nautical terms floated around but nothing too technical Flanagan does do an excellent job of helping t [...]

  3. HERE BE SPOILERSWhy, oh why, John Flanagan, must you create another wonderful book series and leave us on tenterhooks in a cliffhanger ending Ugh, I loved this book It was very reminiscent of Ranger s Apprentice in the brotherly comradeship, and of course, some of the characters like Erak are recycled Hal is very much like Will Both are outcasts and have different talents than most people, but they find their place and turn out to have much talent This is both good and bad, as I loved Will and H [...]

  4. I really enjoyed the Ranger s Apprentice series and when I noticed that Flanagan had written a spin off series based on the Skandians I thought that I might give it a read I have been so disappointed in spin offs before that I wasn t expecting much.I just finished The Outcasts, which is the first book of the Brotherband Chronicles, and I have to admit I was really pleased The story revolves around a group of outcast teen boys and how they cope and compete in the Skandian society If you ve ever b [...]

  5. I m sorry to say I didn t enjoy this book.This is a young adult book, I understand, but I couldn t help but feel insulted by the writing It was all function and nothing else, and worse than that it had so many repetitions and explanations of gestures that it made me think John Flanagan thought his readers would be idiots who didn t understand that when a character nodded it meant they agreed with something Everything is told, nothing shown I was TOLD that someone was angry or confused or happy, [...]

  6. Another brilliant adventure from the author of the Ranger s Apprentice series, for boys 9 14 and anyone else who loves historical action adventure I thought it was great The scene setting in the initial chapters may be the only challenge for reluctant readers, but from chapter five the action begins when the boys are divided into brotherbands who must compete for the ultimate championship Each challenge is bigger than the last, and among the unevenly matched teams we desperately hold out for the [...]

  7. HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP THIS BOOK WAS SO AWESOME i cannot believe he ended like that no john flanagan u must not do this to us nooooooooooooooooooo how long must i wait for the next how long how long must i suffer ok so anyway, i am calm now to any who was just thinking about reading this book, let me give you a basic run down of what to expect the book opens to a scene where erak and his crew r raiding some village it is ridiculously easy, which makes it funny, but by some bad luck, mikke [...]

  8. Hal, an outcast mentored by an outcast, befriend by outcasts, is a well written character in the midst of a somehwat expected plot Yet, for all the familiarity of the plot, and even some of the characters, I thoroughly enjoyed this book Flanagan has a way of taking some familiar characters and giving them a new look and a new way of dealing with tough situations At first, it seems that Hal is up against his entire society, but we find that he has unexpected allies, and his wits serve him well th [...]

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  10. Have I reviewed the Ranger s Apprentice series No Wait What Seriously I can t believe that I haven t reviewed Ranger s Apprentice I really really need to review that series It is like the best series ever But, I am not reviewing that series right now I am reviewing the first book in the Brotherband Chronicles, The Outcasts I really enjoyed this book It was super good and intriguing Hal was a great main character, but do you know who I liked even Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Thorn Thorn [...]

  11. First in the Brotherband Chronicles children s adventure fantasy series revolving around eight young men of Hallasholm who are anxious to prove themselves to their peers and countrymen This story is set several years after the events in The Battle for Skandia, 4, in the Ranger s Apprentice series.In 2012, The Outcasts was nominated for the The Inky Awards for Gold Inky.My TakeThe prologue is half finished which made a reveal later in the story a bit confusing I m not really sure why Flanagan bot [...]

  12. This review was also posted at Books are stories.The Ranger s Apprentice series is one of my favorite middle grade series Although I loved that series I was a bit hesitant to start the Brotherband Chronicles, because this series would not have rangers as main characters and because of that I didn t think I would like this series as much I did indeed enjoy the first Ranger s Apprentice book than I enjoyed this first book, but it was a lot fun than I expected it to be Like the main character of [...]

  13. If you think Vikings on boot camp then that s pretty much what this book is.The book begins with a guide to sailing terms with definitions to terms such as starboard and yardarm Well, personally I would have put this at the end Anyone picking this up and reading from the beginning might plough through this technical bit before giving up because it is a little bit of a chore, or was for me at least, and that would be a real shame.After that false start the book follows 16 year old Hal, a thinker, [...]

  14. This is the type of book that makes you happy as you re reading it It is a tale of adventure, courage, and brotherhood The outcasts in the Skandian society band together and form an inseparable group based on shared experiences and because of the fact that they re all outcasts They make mistakes, but eventually realize the need for forgiveness They don t get carried away with winning so much that they don t help out a fellow brotherband when they re in need And they use all of their talents to t [...]

  15. I was hoping John Flanagan would never end The Ranger s Apprentice and was sad when he did, but then I saw this book was coming out and I immediately thought, I have to read that I am somewhat learned when it comes to sailing which made this book all the enjoyable, with the sailor term dictionary at the front of the book helping me along the way.I love the way Hal is portrayed, he reminds me of Will I think these new characters will definetly take some getting used to, after all, it is only th [...]

  16. John Flanagan s The Outcasts is a wonderful book It s great for boys age around 10 13, but I enjoyed it very much as an adult reader and plan to continue with the series I d previously read the first Ranger s Apprentice novel, and enjoyed that very much, but skipped ahead to The Outcasts rather than stay with that series I will go back and read the other Ranger s Apprentice at some point too, I m sure These are great adventure stories in a fun so far low magic fantasy world Recommended.

  17. I received this book as part of GoodReads First ReadsThis book was so slow to start I think it took me a year to get anywhere interesting in the storyline because I kept putting it down out of boredom Once the story gets moving though it s really good and it s much easier to read The characters are interesting and are easy to stick with Although the story ended up being very good the slow start really ruined my view of the book and that s why I ve knocked off two stars.

  18. In Skandia worden alle 15 jarige jongens ingedeeld bij een broederband Hal leidt de broederband van de outsiders, de jongens die niemand in zijn team wil Spannende teamopdrachten volgen.Het boek begin met een aantal losse passages, die later netjes op hun plek vallen, maar waardoor het verhaal wel erg traag op gang komt Het einde is echter veelbelovend op naar deel 2

  19. This book is about Skandians , basically it s a tribe that is almost immortal and deadly wielding Dangerous axes Which makes it a very good book, it s another series by the author that wrote Ranger s apprentice I thought this book was very adventurous and exhilarating I hope to read of it s series later

  20. I read this book in 2 days it was so good It takes place in Skandia 2 years before the tenth Ranger s Apprentice book It features Hal a half Araluen boy who is bullied because of it and is cornered into leading those who share his fate in Hallasholm If your looking for an exciting book to read this is it.

  21. 3.4 starsIt was okay The thing is, it feels like Ranger s Apprentice fanfiction Some authors can use the same formula for every book they write and it works But this time, I just kept thinking how similar everyone is to the RA characters I kept thinking about when this took place in relation to RA I found out yesterday This is two years prior to book 10 I ll be comparing to this to RA Probably not the best idea since I should be judging this for what it is But I can t really do that There are so [...]

  22. As someone who read the entire Ranger s Apprentice series, I enjoyed this book immensely and plan to read the others as well It is similar to The Ranger s Apprentice in many aspects, but contains a completely different style of life, as it takes place in Skandia and not Araluen From the very beginning we see Hal, as he is the main character, and his mentality on life He is sort of negative due to the fact that he stays away from the other kids and tends to keep to himself, Stig, or Thorn At a yo [...]

  23. Hal, the son of a Skandian warrior and an Arabian slave, he is an outcast from birth, especially because his father was killed in a raid and unable to help and provide for him But now Hal is sixteen, and is starting Brotherband training But when Hal ends up the leader of one of the brotherbands, not only is he the underdog, but his team is made up of all the misfits that the other two teams didn t want But if Hal can pull this band of outcasts together to work as a team, they may just prove ever [...]

  24. Very good book, I thought it was very well written I read a lot of books, and this one isn t the best I ve ever read, but I really liked the plot and the characters Bit of a cliffhanger though, but that just means I ll have to read the next book too I would recommend this to Boys ages 10 16.

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