Power of Face Reading

Power of Face Reading Book by Rose Rosetree

Book by Rose Rosetree

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  1. Rose Rosetree can help you to enjoy the healing, delight, and competitive advantage of using energy literacy She has pioneered techniques and holds the only American trademarks for methods for Aura Reading Through All Your Senses R 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment R Empath Empowerment TM Face Reading Secrets R Learn at rose rosetree

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  1. The Power of Face reading is a great defense against boring situations fruitless meetings, waiting in lines, disappointing movies I now notice people s most outstanding facial features and either enjoy interpreting them or can t wait to look them up It s a new level of people watching.

  2. I met Rose Rosetree and had my face read by her and was astounded at how accurate she was about me, she pointed things out and explained things to me about the make up of my face and I must say she was spot on with everything she said So I bought this book and I must say I have amused many of my friends with reading their faces and they all say they will get the book too Really enjoyed the book and think the author is a lovely lady D

  3. A fun, interactive and interesting book that you will gain so much valuable and practical lessons from If you re all about working with people and getting to know them and what people are like then grab a copy of this book now you ll love it

  4. This book gives us the tools to face physical characters that denote psychological aspects It is interesting and revealing

  5. The books I don t finish in one month, I ll move them to the Unfinished shelfd I couldn t finish this one in Feb 2010rhaps in another month

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