Musashi: The Way of the Sword

Musashi The Way of the Sword In a moment of swift and silent violence Miyamoto Musashi spilled the best blood of the powerful House of Yoshioka Now the Yoshiokas are fighting for their future and Musashi must face his most diff

In a moment of swift and silent violence, Miyamoto Musashi spilled the best blood of the powerful House of Yoshioka Now the Yoshiokas are fighting for their future, and Musashi must face his most difficult contest in a battle that will change his life forever Previously published by Harper Row.

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Musashi: The Way of the Sword

  1. Pen name of Yoshikawa Hidetsugu Yoshikawa is well known for his work as a Japanese historical fiction novelist, and a number of re makes have been spawned off his work.In 1960, he received the Order of Cultural Merit.Eiji Yoshikawa , August 11, 1892 September 7, 1962 was a Japanese historical novelist Among his best known novels, most are revisions of older classics He was mainly influenced by classics such as The Tale of the Heike, Tale of Genji, Outlaws of the Marsh, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms, many of which he retold in his own style As an example, the original manuscript of Taiko is 15 volumes Yoshikawa took up to retell it in a accessible tone, and reduced it to only two volumes His other books also serve similar purposes and, although most of his novels are not original works, he created a huge amount of work and a renewed interest in the past He was awarded the Cultural Order of Merit in 1960 the highest award for a man of letters in Japan , the Order of the Sacred Treasure and the Mainichi Art Award just before his death from cancer in 1962 He is cited as one of the best historical novelists in Japan.

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  2. Las 5 estrellas son porque el final hizo que valiera la pena todo Todos las secciones tediosas, variedad de nombres, tres vol menes Al final, una maravillosa pelea que encerr el sentimiento de todos los personajes.

  3. La espada, m s que un arma, ha de ser una filosof a, una respuesta al interrogante de la vida.Con este tercer libro doy por finalizada la historia de Musashi, narraci n de Yoshikawa, que ha enriquecido su relato con detalles fant sticos o sorprendentemente espirituales y datos hist ricos reales, factores que han logrado llevar sus obras a ser aclamadas tanto por amantes de aventuras como a seguidores de la historia nipona.Miyamoto Musashi si bien fue un personaje hist rico, Yoshikawa teji alrede [...]

  4. Podemos considerarlo como un final correcto para la saga El libro da demasiadas vueltas al principio, pero cuando se centra en el ltimo arco, acaba con gracia Los personajes evolucionan coherentemente, a pesar de que Jotaro Iori se parecen demasiado para mi gusto Asimismo, se lee muy f cil, manteniendo el lirismo que ha caracterizado a los libros anteriores Aunque seguro gustar a los nimos de aventuras de capa y espada, sigue siendo inferior a la primera parte pero a grandes rasgos, superior a l [...]

  5. Another fantastic addition to the series I really cannot find any flaw to the book, or the series in general The ending to the book made me immediately begin the next in the series.The Charles S Terry translation is a beautiful thing to experience for both the casual reader and a student of foreign language.

  6. La batalla m s esperada durante el curso de estos tres vol menes escrita en solo tres p ginas Yo quer a m s lloro A n as el libro es fenomenal.

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